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"You really should have remained behind to watch, to see how marvelous Elder Yue's reaction had been at that moment." Squatting among the flowerbeds, Yue Ye did not turn her head around but just went on to open her mouth to say.

Jun Wu Xie treaded upon the moonlight as she looked at the tranquil little courtyard, and then gazed Yue Ye squatting among the flowerbeds, her hands filled with dirt and soil but seemingly in high spirits.

"Without even looking, I already know the kind of a reaction he would have." Jun Wu Xie said emotionlessly as she walked over to come beside the flowerbeds and squatted down herself to pick up a little shovel to help Yue Ye dig out those useless flowers in the beds.

Yue Ye turned her head to look at the side profile of Jun Wu Xie's face, her clear face smeared with some dirt but a sweet smile bloomed upon her lips, still a little green, but shining with brilliance.

"In so many years, it was the first time I saw his face looking so shocked and stunned, it was just exhilarating. Tell me, if he knows that you and I were already in collusion and had already prepared such a grand retaliation against him even before he sent me to go set you up, would he become so absolutely hopping mad with rage that he might just throw all caution to the wind to come pounce right onto us to kill us both?" The smile on Yue Ye's face intensified, her still rather puerile voice exhibiting a tinge of exhilaration.

That clear crisp voice, well reflected the mood she was feeling at that moment.

In fact, right after Jun Wu Xie and Yue Ye managed to align their goals, the two of them were already certain that this day would come, that Elder Yue would not hesitate to use Yue Ye, to set Jun Wu Xie up.

And all of that, had already been under Jun Wu Xie's and Yue Ye's complete control.

As Elder Yue's ploy progressed, he had already soundlessly without realizing it, fallen right into the trap that these two young ladies had dug out for him.

"It was his own stupidity, for being unable to see through your real nature." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently. As she spoke, she then replanted one of the clump of herbs into the flowerbeds at the same time, carefully covering up the roots with dirt.

If Yue Ye was truly such a naive and innocent little girl, how would she be able to follow Elder Yue's instructions to be able to act out her role so thoroughly brilliant in the set up of Jun Wu Xie? Elder Yue had been so intent in bringing down Jun Wu Xie but had overlooked Yue Ye's great acting ability, to have been able to play a victimized young child so flawlessly, so who could be certain that she was not putting on an act everyday as well?

Elder Yue had always been proud of his intelligence, but he had not even in his dreams ever thought that he would be played out so badly by Yue Ye whom he had brought up himself.

Yue Ye wrinkled up her nose and stared at Jun Wu Xie to ask: "Is that a compliment or is that an insult?" Upon saying that, Yue Ye raised up her dirt filled fingers to curl them into claws and waved them before Jun Wu Xie's face in mock ferocity.

"Do you believe that I will scratch out your face?"

"….." Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Ye, suddenly feeling that she was looking at a humanoid form of the little black cat, who always seemed to like to issue such tame threats…..

"Forget it. You've helped me a great deal this time and I'll take it as I owe you a debt of gratitude. And as you're also my elder brother's benefactor, that makes me owe you two debts of gratitude. But don't worry, I will definitely pay you back in future and I will keep my word." Yue Ye said as she wrinkled her nose, her tone adorably indignant, but it was not difficult to hear the gratitude in her voice.

A little goofus who was not good at expressing gratitude.

"That thing….. I still have to thank you….. Without you, I might not be unable to free myself from Elder Yue so quickly." Yue Ye's voice suddenly became softer, as she lowered her head bashfully.

No matter how intelligent she was, she was still just a twelve year old child. With Yue Yi and herself being manipulated and firmly held under Elder Yue's thumb, to want to break free, would not be an easy task at all.
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