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Elder Ying looked at Jun Wu Xie in incomprehension.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze fell casually upon the calm surface of the water. Blossoms of lily floated upon lily leaves upon the surface and suddenly, a white spot rose up to the surface, sending a ripple outwards.

It was a red koi, flipped over with its belly up on the water's surface, no longer breathing.

Elder Ying's eyes widened and as he watched, the koi in the pond floated up to the surface one after another, showing their bellies, killed soundlessly.

"What….. What is happening?" Elder Ying said as he pointed at the dead koi in the water, his face incredulous. The pond was looking perfectly fine and Jun Wu Xie had merely poured out that teapot, why…..

Jun Wu Xie looked at the dead koi and the corners of her mouth lifted. "Looks like you were all wrong."

"What?" Elder Ying still did not understand what was happening as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie's meals here were all prepared only by his most trusted disciples as he was afraid that Elder Yue would tamper with them but in the end, a problem had still occurred with the tea.

"It must be one of Elder Yue's schemes again! I will have all those people changed today." Elder Ying was greatly startled by this. His cooperation with Jun Wu Xie had just started and he could not allow anything to happen to Jun Wu Xie at this moment.

However, Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

"There is no need to go to such trouble. The problem does not lie with them."

"Not on them? Then what else could it be?" Elder Ying continued to look at Jun Wu Xie, feeling rather perplexed. 

Jun Wu Xie's gaze swept over the dead koi on the water surface and her eyes narrowed.

Things were becoming more and more interesting.

"It's nothing. You should go back first." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

Elder Ying was feeling that he must have overlooked something but even after thinking through everything he still did not find anything extraordinary about the whole affair. He had thought to suspect Yue Ye earlier but he had seen it clearly from inside the room. Although Yue Ye had touched the teacup but she had never once touched the teapot in anyway. Moreover she had merely sat there for awhile and she had been highly flustered and distracted the entire time, completely unlike a person who would be able to poison anyone.

Hence, Elder Ying had completely quashed the possibility that Yue Ye could have been responsible.

Although his spirit powers were not as powerful as Elder Yue's but he had at least possessed the powers of a Purple Spirit, which would make it impossible for him to be unable to clearly see the movements of a stiffened and nervous little girl.

Seeing Elder Ying leave the courtyard with the look on incomprehension on his face, Jun Wu Xie then slowly walked over to a stone stool at the side to sit down. She propped her chin up in one hand and stared at the empty teapot held in her other hand. She picked up the lid on the teapot to open it and poured the tea leaves out upon the stone table before she casually picked up two pieces from the pile to sniff at them with her nose.

The faint fragrance of tea filled inside her nose and besides that, there wasn't anything strange about them.

The little black cat suddenly slipped out and jumped onto the stone table, looking at the pile of tea leaves that had been soaked as it walked around it before it silently went a little closer to sniff at it with the tip of its nose.


[There's not even a scent?]

"Rather good, isn't it?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her eyebrow arched up.


[It doesn't seem like the right time for you to be applauding the other party does it? The poison seems to be rather lethal. It shouldn't be much of a problem for it to be able to kill a person instantly.]

The little black cat looked at its Mistress helplessly. This poisoned tea had almost gone into her mouth and she was not even showing the slightest reaction. Under the Heavens, she must be the only one person who would be able to look at the poison that had been used in an attempt to kill her in so calm a manner.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and looked at the little black cat's face that was filled with scorn. She suddenly pinched up a small bunch of tea leaves and before the little black cat was able to react, she stuffed it right into the little black cat's mouth!
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