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Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World 10 Chapter 10 - Ripped Off

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After getting close enough to the pedestal, Thomas could see that the small object was actually a ring. The ring seemed to have magic coursing through it; enough that even Thomas could sense it a few feet away. This made Thomas a bit scared to approach it but he continued on since--whatever magic was inside the ring--it didn't seem to be activated. Still, he was cautious and only moved slowly.

After reaching the pedestal, Thomas wasn't sure if he should touch the ring. Usually in a movie there'd be some sort of trap set for anybody that touched the treasure that was left on a pedestal, right? Surely something like that would also happen here. Thinking about it, Thomas remembered that his system said it could be used to scan things. {Can you scan this ring and the pedestal and let me know if there's a trap?}

<To scan an object, the User must be in close proximity to it>

<The System can detect what sort of magic is contained in an object>

<The System can not differentiate whether or not the magic is meant to be used as a trap>

<The User can manually add the magic into categories after they're scanned by the System>

<Analysis complete>

<Pedestal Scan: No Magic Found>

<Ring Scan: Magic Found>

<The ring contains a magic that allows it to store things inside a pocket dimension>

<The pocket dimension can not be used to store living things>

<The current size of the pocket dimension is 4.5 cubic meters>

<If absorbed as a material the System can add the magic to itself>

<If the magic is applied to the System then you can increase the size of the pocket dimension using points>

After getting confirmation that the pedestal and ring were safe, Thomas reached out to grab the ring. With the ring in hand, Thomas wanted to see if he could look inside of its pocket dimension but didn't know how to activate a magic device that didn't have a button. {Do you know how to activate the ring?}

<To activate a magic device you must supply magic to it and give it a command>

<Without the ability to control magic you can only rely on a mechanism that draws power from a magic stone>

<This magic device does not have a mechanism or magic stone>

<The magical device in your possession does not have a powerful enough magic stone to activate the magic contained in the ring>

With no way to activate the ring, it seemed that Thomas would need to feed it to his system. {If I let the system absorb the ring, will the things inside disappear?}


<The items inside the pocket dimension currently in the ring will be within the pocket dimension added to the System after the transfer>

<Master will be able to view and retrieve the items as soon as the process is complete>

<Would you like to absorb the ring now?>

{Absorb it.} The ring seemed to have melted into Thomas's skin after he gave the system the order to absorb it but Thomas didn't feel a thing from the process. Only the cold metal feeling of the ring itself was present and even that was soon gone as the item disappeared completely. {Can I upgrade the pocket dimension's size now?} Thomas turned his eyes to the mountain of gold beneath the platform. There's no way he'd leave it and let the bandits get their hands on it.


<The User can currently upgrade the pocket dimension's space>

{Can you calculate the size of all of the treasure in this room and determine how much space is needed to be added to the pocket dimension to store them all?} The system said it couldn't scan weapons and objects unless it was close to them but since it could read his mind it should be able to use his sight.

<The measurements can not be made with the current information>

<Please get closer and carefully look at all of the items you want to store>

Getting next to the edge of the platform, Thomas looked down at the treasure. Slowly scanning his eyes over the mountain of gold. Inside the piles of gold were accessories, small statues, and even a few garishly-designed weapons. Gold wasn't really a good metal to be used for weapons due to how soft it was so Thomas couldn't figure out why someone would craft them. Especially that polearm in the corner of the room. It'd definitely bend if someone tried to slash their enemy with it. The only thing it could be used as is a decoration.

Since the pillars blocked his view, Thomas walked down the set of stairs and looked leisurely at the treasure on both sides of the pathway. After reaching the end of the pathway, Thomas asked about the progress of measuring the treasure's volume. Finding out that some parts weren't mapped out yet, Thomas carefully climbed up onto the piles of gold to help the AI see every corner of the room.

<Measurements complete>

<The approximate space needed to store everything in this room is 192 cubic meters>

<You have enough points to add the necessary space to the pocket dimension>

<Would you like to purchase 192 cubic meters now?>

Points could be earned later in the future so using some now wouldn't be a problem. Right now Thomas just needed to make sure that this money was secured. It wasn't like he urgently needed the money but Thomas still felt a bit excited. 192 cubic meters worth of treasure? If that was solid gold it'd have to be measured in the tons. With that amount of gold he'd be able to dive into the pile of gold and swim around in it; provided he finds a way to prevent himself from breaking his neck when hitting it and then, after figuring that part out, finds out how to move around in the gold. It was an unrealistic thing to aim for so it's not like Thomas was actually planning on doing it. {Purchase the extra space to extend the size of the pocket dimension.}

<Purchase complete>

<96,000 points deducted>

<11,500 points remaining>

"Eh?" Thomas couldn't believe what he just heard. "96,000 points?" Thomas ended up speaking out loud instead of speaking to the system inside his head. "Why is it so many points?"

<Each cubic meter costs 500 points>

<Master authorized the purchase of 192 cubic meters>

Those numbers were outrageous but Thomas only had himself to blame for not asking the system's AI how much it would cost him. He should have learned last time when the AI didn't bother to tell him an important detail. It was his fault but he couldn't help but feel like the AI had ripped him off.
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