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Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World 43 Chapter 43 - Gold and Axe

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The rest of the defense had fallen and the monster was destroying their home. Three heroes of vengeance rose up from the ashes and made a final stand. Eraton, Duratt, and Ratilda would rather die than allow this horrid creature to continue its reign of terror. The three prepared their weapons and charged into battle.

Red Dragon has Appeared!

Eraton uses Attack on Red Dragon

-0 HP vs Red Dragon

Red Dragon Counterattacks

-9999 HP vs Eraton

Eraton is down!

Red Dragon prepares Flame Breath

Duratt uses Cover Ally

Ratilda Defends

Red Dragon casts Flame Breath

Duratt covers Ratilda

-9999 HP vs Duratt

Duratt is down!

Flame Breath exceeds cover limit!

-9999 HP vs Ratilda

Ratilda is down!

Your party has been wiped out...

...game over.


Gren had a weird dream about Jasmine wiping out the rat colony. He was not sure why he had a dream like that from the rats' perspective or why it had become a JRPG.

Gren tried to move his own body but someone stopped him. "Your body's not in good shape. Don't push yourself." Jessica could be seen sitting by his side. "You made everybody quite worried with your reckless actions. You can't just run off like that."

"How long was I asleep?" Gren noticed that the sun's light was dim but he couldn't tell if it was rising or setting.

"You slept through the night. Myself and some of the girls made some food for you to eat. Even if you go to the healer you'll still need to eat some food to help you recover. Healers can't restore the blood you've lost." Gren noticed a small bowl on his table when Jessica got up. She returned holding the bowl and helped him eat the soup inside of it. It was a bit cold and didn't taste as good as the creamy stew he had on the first night that he stayed in Jessica's house.

After feeding him, Jessica unwrapped the bandage on his foot after warning him that it might hurt. "It looks infected. You'll either need to see a healer or find an alchemist to be safe. It'll be expensive but I recommend going to the Church of Healing Light and seeing a healer. There are also the independent healers but they're not as good."

Gren didn't know how much it would cost to go to the Church but he could afford it even if it was expensive. There were just two things he had to do first. "I still need to give you the money for the fine and give Ahk her axe before we head out. I need to keep my promises."

Gren thought about it and decided to show Jessica his power. She needed someone to rely on with her main source of income gone and he didn't think she would tell anybody. The only one of his women that he couldn't tell yet was Estella but that was because he didn't know enough about her status and not that he didn't trust her. There might come a time when she needs to leave to protect her people.

"Hey, Jessica. Lock the door. There's something I want to show you but I don't want you to freak out. Okay?" Gren would tell Jessica now and after returning from the Church he would let Jasmine know.

Jessica misunderstood what he meant and gave him one of her signature head chops. "I don't mind helping you with your problem but it still feels a bit sore down there from the other day." She gave him a little smile. "Want me to call one of the girls up?"

"I want to talk about something else. It's a bit more serious than that." Gren couldn't let himself get distracted. "I'm going to give you the money to pay for the fine but I want to show you where it's coming from."

Gren didn't wait for her response before making three gold coins appear on top of his open palm. "Magic? You can make money?" Jessica was staring at the money. "Is there a limit?"

Gren wanted her to know the truth. "It's not magic or at least not what most people would call magic. I can store items..." Gren didn't know if she would understand if he mentioned the pocket dimension. "...it's like having a bag that's bigger on the inside but I don't have to carry any bag. I just have to be close to something and I can store it inside. The money I've got is all real, I don't think I can make it." Jessica seemed amazed by Gren's ability.

Gren needed to ask Jessica to do something for him since he couldn't move on his own right now. "Can you go grab a sack? I'll give you the one hundred gold coins now and some extra to hold on to just in case you or the girls need it."

Jessica went downstairs and grabbed the sack while Gren waited. "I'll leave you with three hundred gold and enough silver and copper to help pay for whatever you and the girls need. I'll still pay for everything when I'm able to but it's best to be safe."

Gren only had one more thing to do before he could leave. "There's one more thing that I want to show you. It's not sexual, if you're wondering." Gren decided to tell her now before she misunderstood him again.

{Show axes}

Gren could see that they did have a large axe but it was only large for a regular person.

{Can I make it bigger?}

<A larger weapon would not be structurally sound>

<Master must customize the weapon in the customization menu>

Gren didn't know that there was a way to customize things. He wasn't good with physics but the system had a simulation that showed how much stress each part of the axe would be under while being swung and colliding against objects at a high speed. Just making the handle longer with a larger axe head would cause it to break under its own weight.

Gren wanted to make the axe as strong as possible so he replaced the wooden handle with solid iron; making it thicker while he was at it so that it would better fit Ahk's hands. The head of the axe was made thicker to match the handle. The final price for the axe was 5,675 points. It was an insane price to pay but it would quickly earn those points back in the hands of a Minotaur.

Gren accepted the price and the weapon started to materialize in his bedroom. Jessica backed away from the axe as it hovered in midair. "It's flying."

"This axe is for Ahk, the Minotaur. She wanted a big axe and I don't think they get much bigger than this." Gren seemed proud of the axe, even though it was the system that did most of the work. He stored the axe so that he could leave it somewhere on the first floor for Ahk before leaving.

"Now, do you think that we can go to the Church? My foot is really hurting and I would like to have it healed soon." Gren wanted to be back on his feet as soon as possible so that he could form a group of warriors to clear out the rat infestation.

Thinking about the rats, Gren thought of something. "I just realized this but I could have just removed the rubble by storing it." With that thought in mind, he was helped to the first floor where he placed the axe against the wall and prepared to leave.
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