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Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World 24 Chapter 24 - Nicked

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Estella didn't get enough sleep yet and Thomas was still basking in the afterglow of having sex. Thomas had to admit that Estella's breasts made a great pillow. However, good things can't last forever and when Thomas shifted his head he saw a somewhat homely woman that looked to be around thirty years old staring in. The two locked eyes and Thomas quickly thought to hide what he had done. Thomas tried to cover Estella's breasts back up but the lower part of the robe couldn't be covered back up. The two of them were still connected at the hip.

Thomas brought his hips back revealing his large member. The feeling of Estella's honey pot gripping it caused some blood to flow back into it. The mature woman blushed as she saw the size of his half-erect beast covered with Estella's fluids. It was too late to hide what they were doing now so Thomas carefully fixed Estella's clothes and greeted the woman as if nothing was wrong. "How can I help you?"

The woman was still staring down at his crotch since everything was in full view. Thomas didn't mind giving such a captive viewer a show. The woman gulped before answering Thomas. "I was told that there was a boy that needed a place to stay by one of the guards." Thomas turned his hips left and right and found out that her gaze was following the tip.

"That would be me. The name's Gren. I look forward to getting to know you." Gren reached out with his clean hand to grab the woman's hand and kiss it. "Are you going to be my guardian?"

The woman nodded and Thomas released her hand. Thomas fixed his robe and covered himself up but the fluids were sticky so it felt uncomfortable. The woman finally snapped out of her daze with the object of her obsession disappearing from view and spoke out. "I decided to take you in because I need a helping hand around the shop. My daughter and I can't do everything on our own and my son moved away after getting married. You'll get your own room and as for your companion there she'd only be allowed in when the shop is closed. Keep such intimacies confined to your room and I'll turn a blind eye." The woman was clearly embarrassed but remained professional. Thomas was impressed by her attitude.

The guard finally reappeared and asked if Thomas was ready to leave. Thomas decided to wake Estella up and let her know where he was going so that there wouldn't be a repeat of last time. After the two said goodbye to one another and shared a kiss, Thomas turned around to leave.

The woman had waited for Thomas and when he got next to her she started walking. The guard escorted Thomas and the woman to the outside of a small room that had a barred window. Inside there was a woman wearing glasses and she was looking through a document. "Is this the one being released?" The glasses woman had a nasally voice.

"Yeah, this is the one. He's being released into this lady's custody. The name should be Gren, right?" The guard looked at Thomas while asking that question so he nodded.

The glasses woman was looking for something as she picked up different pieces of paper. After finding what she was looking for she turned back to the trio. "Here we are. It says that you're to be released with no fines and that you are to be given back a list of items. The items are a dagger, a bow, a quiver full of arrows, and a wagon? Who filled this out? There's no name written there either. There's no item number next to any of these things. I'll deal with that later so, is that all?"

There were a few things missing and it shouldn't be considered a wagon so Thomas was a bit worried if he'd get his stuff back. "There should be a chainmail vest, a helmet, and a shield. Also it's more of a cart than a wagon. You pull it by hand and it doesn't have a roof." The glasses woman wrote down what Thomas said and then brought out another two pieces of paper.

"This is the form for your release which just needs your signature and the other form is to get a new identification. Usually I'd ask for five coppers at this point but the captain has already paid the fee. We just need your signature, the signature of your guardian, and an address to send the finished identification." The glasses woman passed the two papers through a gap beneath the bars and prepared two quills for them. Thomas had never used a quill before so it took a while to write his name.

By the time Thomas finished with his signature on the release form his new guardian had already written down the address and signed her name. Jessica Flours was written in very neat letters. Thomas signed his name yet again--both just being Gren since he didn't have a last name.

After the paperwork was finished, the guard brought Thomas and Jessica to the place where they kept confiscated equipment. The cart was still the same with robes and blankets being kept in it but it looked weird without Annie in it. The armor was misplaced but after a bit of searching they found all three parts--the vest, the helmet, and the shield. The problem was with the weapons. Thomas's original dagger could easily cut through the cheap dagger that someone had replaced it with. The bow was also replaced with this one being clearly shorter and the wooden part looking like it was carved by an amateur. The quiver was left empty and the arrows were just gone.

"Those aren't my weapons. My dagger was sharper than this and the bow was longer." The guard couldn't do anything and said that he'd report it but that Thomas likely wouldn't see the weapons again. If someone took his gear then there'd be no way to prove it was his without some unique marking.

Thomas sighed and gave up. He still had the shorter bow that Estella could use and there was another quiver with fifteen arrows. Thomas just hoped that whoever stole his weapons would use them to earn him some points.
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