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Bringing the Advanced Arsenal to Another World 23 Chapter 23 - 18+ Making a Mess

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Thomas and the soldier arrived at the holding cell where Estella was yelling out. Estella was kicking the bars and yelling at the guard that was standing in place--calling him and the rest of the soldiers murderers. Thomas was about to call out to Estella when the soldier with him asked the guard what was going on.

"She just woke up and then started yelling at me. I'm not sure what happened either." The guard was scratching his head in confusion.

"You guys killed him! Give me back my Gren!" When did he die? Besides that one time he got shot in the neck, anyways. That had happened before they had even met. Estella only noticed Thomas when he stepped forward. "Gren?" She took a step back from the bars. "A ghost!?"

"I'm not dead!" Thomas couldn't help but put his palm on his forehead. "What made you think that they killed me?"

Estella got closer to the bars and reached out to Thomas. Thomas extended his hand so that she could grab it. "Thank the gods. You're not dead." Thomas asked her why she thought that he was dead once again. "I had a bad dream. In the dream the guards pulled you out of the cell before forcing you into an oven and turning you into bread. I woke up and you weren't there so I started thinking that maybe the dream was real. The guard wouldn't tell me where you were."

Thomas reached through the bars with his free hand and gently squeezed her cheek. "I'm not dead and I don't think they can turn someone into bread so you can stop worrying." Estella could be silly at times but Thomas was happy that she was worried about him. He only knew her for a little less than a week but he liked being around her when the two of them weren't fighting.

After realizing that the situation was defused, the soldier told the guard to open the cell's door so that Thomas could enter. Thomas entered the cell and was soon pounced on by a worried hobgoblin--his face being buried in her abundant breasts making it hard to breathe. The feeling reminded him of the that time when she had pushed him down. The soldier decided to interrupt their little moment.

"Your temporary guardian is being contacted and we're just waiting for the hobgoblin's acquaintance to arrive to ensure that she's who she says she is. As for your injured friend, her life isn't in danger anymore. A priest from the Church of Healing Light has been contacted to help heal her burns so that they don't scar but none of the priests in this country can restore limbs." After saying this the soldier left back towards the passage he came from.

Estella naturally heard what the soldier said. "What did he mean when he said 'your temporary guardian'?" At this moment she was still attached to Thomas but he was able to breathe since her breasts were now hugging the side of his head instead.

Thomas pulled her towards the bench and the two sat down. "They said that I'll need to temporarily be under someone's custody since I'm only twelve years old. You're only considered an adult at thirteen in the eyes of the law."

Estella seemed a bit surprised. "You're only twelve? I thought you were older since you kept flirting me. Not only that but I felt that poking me in the butt at night." Estella was pointing towards his crotch. "That doesn't seem like something a twelve year old could have."

Thomas knew what she was talking about. Gren was gifted with an enormous penis. He didn't want to admit it but it was a few times larger than the one he had back when he was still 'Tommy Gunn'. This seemed like a good chance to tease Estella. "What part of it is weird? I've never seen someone else's so I don't know what you could be talking about." Thomas did his best to act innocently.

Estella was already blushing but his question made her think about the feeling of it rubbing against her butt and she became a shade darker. "The size." Thomas acted like he didn't hear her since she whispered it. "I said the size is weird for your age."

Thomas put on a face that made him seem dejected. "The size, huh? I knew that I wasn't growing as much as the other boys but I thought that it was at least close to being average-sized. I didn't know that other boys had ones much larger than this."

Estella was very embarrassed but didn't want Thomas to get the wrong idea. "No. It's the opposite." Thomas acted confused hoping that he could get her to say something erotic. "I'm saying that your dick is bigger than the boys your age. It's the biggest one I've ever seen on a person."

Hearing Estella talking about how big he was in her cute voice caused him to become even bigger. Estella realized he was getting hard and figured out what he was up to so she gripped his cheeks and pulled on them, slightly twisting them to inflict even more damage. It seemed like she was learning bad things from him.

After she let go of his cheeks he rubbed on them and had a huge grin on his face. "So, it's the biggest, huh?" Thomas got closer to whisper into her ear. "If you're ever interested in it then just let me know. I'm sure that it'll make you feel great." If this were his past life he wouldn't be so cocky but his current body gave him confidence.

Instead of the hit that he was expecting, Estella gave a small nod. "Once you're an adult." Thomas thought that she was teasing him at first but seeing that she was blushing and acting shy it seemed like she was being serious.

"I'll hold you to that." Thomas buried himself between her breasts again as they waited for someone to arrive. Estella laid back on the bench as Thomas was on top of her. Although Thomas didn't penetrate her she could still feel him pressing against her. The feeling of his breath on her exposed cleavage helped give her more pleasure.

Thomas placed his hands around her back and started exploring her body. His right hand reaching down to her butt and rubbing it before he brought it back to her front. Thomas removed his head from her breasts and undid the top of her robe which exposed her breasts to the air. Estella looked over and noticed that the guard was no longer there so she couldn't find an excuse to calm Thomas down. When Thomas kissed her breasts she gave a shutter. It felt good but she felt that it was wrong for her to go any further.

When she was thinking about a way to prevent Thomas from continuing she ended up looking into his eyes. Those green eyes felt like they were penetrating her very soul and she thought that as long as Thomas wanted to continue then everything would be okay. Estella gave up all thoughts of stopping him and instead helped him by opening her robe all the way.

Thomas became even more fervent and spread her legs apart, revealing a small bush-covered slit. He wanted to help make her wetter but after looking closer she was practically overflowing. Still, Thomas wanted to make sure that it wouldn't hurt her so he used his fingers to soften her up. Thomas stared into her eyes while gently fingering her.

"More. Faster." Estella begged for release so Thomas obliged. Sticking in another finger, Thomas sped things up. Soon Estella was panting and holding on to the bench for dear life while biting her lower lip. Soon her back arched and Thomas's hand was soaked in fluids as she moaned out loud.

Estella's eyes were watery and unfocused. Although Thomas gave her a moment to collect herself he still used a single finger to gently pump in and out of her. Estella seemed to gather herself and begged Thomas to continue. "Take me."

Thomas exposed his large rod and placed it at her sopping wet entrance. The idea of it entering her caused her to gulp. Thomas slowly inserted himself inside her to help spread her natural lubricant. She was tight and it felt like he might damage her if he was too rough but the expression on her face showed nothing but pleasure.

Thomas felt like he would explode early so he stopped moving after he buried as much in her as possible. Instead he turned to her upper-body. He couldn't reach her lips without her help but her breasts were at the perfect distance so he was able to suck on her nipple and grip on to a breast while waiting to calm down a little. After working on her breasts for half a minute he decided to move. When pulling out from her tight cave she let out a soft moan.

Thomas slammed back inside her--pumping in and out to cause her to climax again--and soon her moans were much louder. Thomas enjoyed hearing her sing out in pleasure and continued on until she released a long moan from behind her teeth and she gripped his left arm tightly. Her inner walls tightened and Thomas couldn't withstand the pleasure. Thomas's fluids were released deep inside her as the two came together.

The two of them were out of breath and Thomas just laid down on her; still inside of Estella but softening up. This was Thomas's first time in his two lives and he was completely satisfied. The only downside to sex was the mess that it had made but he was too relaxed to worry about that now.
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