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Gren finally developed it--the ticket to his happy marriage: condoms. He wasn't sure which type was the best so he created a couple of each of the three types just to be safe. The system could tell him whether or not they would be able to handle friction and protect against diseases but it couldn't tell him how they'd feel when wearing them. It was unclear how many test subjects he'd need to find out which one was best. He decided to go to the only place in Adierton that would allow him to hire as many as he pleased.

The place he was headed to was in the slums but that's not why he hid his looks. He already dealt with his enemies and he looked like a proper man so he didn't need to hide his face anymore. No, he disguised himself so that his wives didn't find out that he was headed to a brothel. Their response to his actions would be nothing sort of mutilating him.

The last time he had seen this place was back before his kids were born and he never went inside. Going inside, there was a sweet smell; flowers mixed with the pheromones of women in heat. There was a beautiful woman that came down the stairs and greeted him, "Welcome to our palace, master. It's not every day that we get such a treat for our eyes in here." She approached him and wrapped her body around him, locking her arms around the back of his neck and whispering into his ear, "Even if you try to hide yourself, I can recognize that aura."

Her eyes sparkled like the stars in the night's sky. He wasn't sure just what effect they had but those had to be the magic eyes that he had been hearing about. She mentioned an aura but that was such a vague term to use that he wasn't sure what kind of aura it could be. "You know me?" Gren would know if he met a woman as attractive as her. He didn't recognize her at all.

"I know your aura. I see it almost every time I stare out my window. You give off such a raw and powerful magic." Gren didn't even know that he was giving off magic so that was news to him. "You seem displeased by this. Fortunately, you've come to the right place if you want to seek comfort from your problems."

Gren was used to being around women but none of them were as flirtatious as her. "And you would be the one giving me comfort?"

"For the right price." She pushed away from him while using her other hand to trace his jawline, ripping off his fake beard in the process. "I must warn you, I'm quite expensive." Given that her dress was made from Arachne silk, Gren wasn't surprised by that. The guild's Arachne silk clothes sold for a high price even though they weren't as well-made as her dress. The other women in the lobby were wearing dresses made of sheer cotton and linen so it was clear that she was important here.

"As much as I'm interested in you, I'm not here today for comfort." She didn't seem happy to be rejected by him. "I'm looking to test a new type of contraceptive and I was hoping that your women could help."

She didn't seem too interested. "Contraceptives aren't necessary. Most of our women can only get pregnant for a short amount of time each year and the rest can only get pregnant one week each month. We're not interested if you're trying to sell us something."

"You misunderstand me. I just want to test them out here. I plan on using them myself and maybe selling them in my store. It might be the only way for me to save my marriage." She seemed more interested now that she knew he was a customer. "I'm going to need a few women to help me test them out."

"Follow me. I've got the perfect room for you." The starry-eyed woman gently pulled at his arm and led him to the basement. At the end of a hall was a large room with stairs leading down to a massive bed. There were red and pink strips of lace decorating the walls. "This place is used for our more... social guests. Usually it costs just to use the room but, since the only ones joining you are our flowers, I'll make it free for you. Make yourself comfortable, I'll go bring you a nice bouquet."

This was Gren's first time in a brothel so he didn't know what to do. Did she mean that he should take off his clothes? Just in case he was wrong, Gren kept on his clothes and sat down on the stairs at the far side of the room. The woman returned with several other women following close behind her.

"Ladies. This here is your master for the evening. He's quite special, so make sure to show him a good time." The first woman that got Gren's attention was almost completely naked except for a veil and a thin piece of cloth connecting to her nipple piercings and wrapped around her lower body. Her hips were swaying as she got closer.

As she got next to him, Gren could smell lavender coming from her body. "Do you like what you see? I'm all yours for the night." She helped strip him of his clothes, starting from his upper-body. When she removed Gren's pants, there was a collective gasp from the women all around him which helped to stroke his ego.

The lavender woman started to lick his long shaft while he got to hold the breasts of two different women that were by his sides. Each of the women smelled like a different flower, a true bouquet. Besides rose and lavender, Gren couldn't name the other smells. They all smelled good and looked sexy with their revealing outfits.

Gren removed his arm from the woman on his left, a petite woman with enormous breasts, and put on the first type of condom. There was a large bed so it would be a waste not to use it. Gren pushed the lavender woman down onto the bed and gave a small tug on her clothes, lifting her nipples up by their piercings. The bit of pain that she felt was nothing compared to the pleasure that it made her feel.

Gren realized his own sadistic tendencies but he usually held himself back. There were things that he wanted to do that just couldn't be done to his wives. She seemed to like being handled roughly so Gren turned her around, lifting her butt into the air.

The cloth that she was wearing was connected to a nice accessory that Gren didn't expect to see. Her pussy was dripping wet and looked inviting, so Gren moved the cloth to the side and slowly pushed into her, using her natural lubricant to coat the condom. He was originally going to just fuck her tight pussy until release but there was one thing that he really wanted to do. She was pushing her hips back, like she was asking him to start pounding her but Gren pulled out instead.

There was a small handle on the accessory sticking out of her butt; pulling on it, the lavender woman made a moaning sound. Comparing the size of the butt plug to the tip of his dick, the woman was not quite prepared for his size. The condom was covered with her own love juices so Gren slowly inserted his dick into her ass, causing her to make an odd sound. She was definitely in pain from just the tip but she repositioned her legs and started pushing back against him, making pleasurable sounds yet again.

"Isn't it nice that you've finally found a man that suits your tastes." One of the women, a woman dressed like a slutty princess, held the lavender woman's hand while talking to her. She turned towards Gren before continuing, "It'd be more enjoyable to move, don't you think?"

The slutty princess was right, moving inside of her was much more enjoyable. Gren felt like his dick was being choked but the pressure felt so good. Gren slowly pushed in until he thought that it'd be dangerous to continue. He gently pulled out and pushed forward repeatedly to get her used to it before increasing the pace, slowly increasing his thrusting like a piston.

Gren couldn't fit his entire length inside of her but neither of them cared about that at the moment. This was a new experience for the both of them; Gren had never buried his dick inside of a woman's ass and she had never taken a dick as large as his in her ass before now. Gren began to twist his hips to hit her insides from different angles while slapping her ass. After her first orgasm she couldn't even bite the sheets anymore and she was still telling Gren to keep going for the next few orgasms after that.

The lavender woman's tongue couldn't be contained in her mouth anymore as she was drooling all over. Moans were still escaping from her throat and Gren didn't know how many times she came from the intense anal sex but he didn't want to stop until he came. His first time fucking a woman in the ass needed a grand finale. With one more climax, the lavender woman's sphincter clenched and helped Gren release inside of the condom.

The condom slipped off when it was half outside of her anus but the thorough pounding that Gren gave her let him pull it out without a problem. The lavender woman was down for the count and Gren decided to consider that condom type no good for now. It was the thickest of the condoms and it made him last for too long which was not good for his partner. Just to be safe, Gren healed the lavender woman.

Although Gren was tempted to fuck the slutty princess with blonde hair next, he wanted to save her for last since her looks were similar to the Duke's daughter. There were two others that needed his attention; the petite woman with massive breasts that was dressed like a slutty maid and a red-headed woman that was dressed in leathers that made her look like a slutty mercenary.

Gren liked grabbing the petite woman's breasts; they weren't really firm so his hands got swallowed by them and he could play around with them more. It was different from any sensation that he was used to. Gren lifted her up onto his lap and compared the length of his cock to her stomach. Her blushing made her seem shy but the way that she rubbed against him below proved that she was just a slutty maid that deserved to be punished by her master.

Gren put on the second type of condom and applied some dryad sap to its exterior. This woman was wet but she was small and her vagina felt tight with just two fingers inserted. The slutty maid was in serious pain as he inserted himself inside her. The starry-eyed woman realized this. "Stop for a moment. She's not ready for such a splendid specimen to be inside her without medicine to help her." After the petite maid inhaled the incense held by the starry-eyed woman, she started to get into it.

She didn't seem entirely focused which was a bit of a turn off to him. Gren wanted to skip her pussy and just fuck her tits but she began to beg him for his cock due to the medicine's influence. He couldn't fit more than a quarter of his dick inside of her and, without a natural reaction to keep him going, Gren found it difficult to stay fully-erect inside of her. Only after he had scratched her itch and made her climax was she satisfied. Gren took off the condom and used her breasts to his desire, painting her face in his color. The breasts did feel nice but without her being into it, the experience was completely hollow. That test was inconclusive so he'd need to use that type again.

When Gren grabbed the slutty mercenary, the slutty princess got offended. "Haven't you left me waiting long enough?" Gren ignored her begging for his dick and put on the second condom type for the second time.

"I'm saving you for last." Gren pinned the slutty mercenary down and slowly began to violate her. "You're a nasty little scout, aren't you? You like being fucked from behind." She looked a little like Annie from behind so Gren decided to play pretend with her.

"My little scout pussy is no match for your scary warrior cock." Hearing her play along made him get a bit harder. "Ah. There. Harder." Gren continued to punish her for being a slutty scout until she came. After her first orgasm; Gren turned her towards him, grabbed her ass so that he could lift her up, and pushed her against the wall.

Fucking her against the wall wasn't so easy so Gren brought her back to the bed after her second orgasm. It was another two of her orgasms before Gren finally came and, when he pulled out, the woman lost all energy and collapsed on the bed. Gren tossed the spent condom to the side and aimed his cock at the final woman that would be accepting him tonight.

The slutty princess was still waiting for him. Gren was close to his limit but there was one more type of condom left. The way that she gulped when he had his dick in her face was a huge turn on. "Clean it." She hesitated before licking the tip of his head. It didn't seem like she was used to oral sex. "Enough. You're bad at this."

She looked down as Gren made fun of her skills. "Instead of using your mouth, let's do something that both of us will enjoy." Gren bent over, raised her head, and kissed her forehead. His actions helped her feel better, judging by the look on her face.

The slutty princess proved to not be so slutty. "It's her first time. Don't move quickly until she's used to it." The starry-eyed woman held on to the princess-like woman's hands as Gren was lining up. "Do you think you can be gentle with her? If not, I can give her some medicine to prepare her."

"I'll be gentle." Gren didn't like the way that the other woman lost focus during sex. If she lost focus because his cock made her feel too much pleasure then it felt like an accomplishment but that wouldn't happen if he used drugs on her. Gren dripped some dryad sap on the wannabe princess's genitals before gently spreading it inside her with his fingers. "What's your name?"

"Jade." Gren inserted his dick inside of her while she was distracted. Jade sounded like she was in pain so he didn't move immediately.

"You're so beautiful, Jade." Feeling her insides tighten up at the compliment revealed a good way of making the two of them feel better. Gren kissed her on the forehead again before nibbling on her ears. "Let me know if it hurts when I move." She didn't seem to be in pain now like she was earlier so Gren slowly started to thrust in and out of her.

As Gren gently attacked her most sensitive area, Jade started to grab onto the sheets behind her and bite onto her bottom lip. The starry-eyed woman left their side when she realized that Jade was enjoying it. Gren only sped up a little bit when Jade's breathing became more labored and she seemed to be getting close to her first orgasm. He pressed his body against hers and brought his mouth to her ear as she was just on the edge. "You're the most beautiful woman in the world."

Gren's constant attacks on her G spot and her tightening caused her to finally hit that breaking point. Although she bit into Gren's shoulder to hide her moan, that did little to stop the sound from coming out. Although he didn't get to ejaculate from her, Gren didn't want to continue having sex with someone that wasn't so used to it. If he continued on then he wouldn't be able to control himself.

"Did you like being with her? I think that she liked being with you very much." The starry-eyed woman was stroking Jade's head and looking at her with affection. "Isn't that right, Jade?"

Jade's cute after-sex behavior made Gren start liking this woman even more. She was holding on to Gren's arm and rubbing it with her head as he had it next to her. The slight movements from her helped to make him feel a bit of pleasure as he was still inside of her. He couldn't take it and removed his cock from inside her, to her disappointment. "Can you stay here forever?" Her soft voice gave off a hint of longing towards him. "I'll let you do whatever you like. You liked Latoya's butt, right? I can let you train mine if you stay here. I'll let you do anything you want."

Jade was most likely going to continue making offers to get Gren to stay but the starry-eyed woman stopped her. "That's enough, Jade. He has a family to go home to. We can't keep him here forever." Gren wasn't sure what to do about the situation but he was beginning to think that Jade had fallen for him. "I'm sorry about this. Jade has always had her head in the clouds, wishing for some handsome man to fall in love with. I thought that her losing her virginity to someone like you would be enough to satisfy her but I was wrong."

Gren had a way of satisfying both of their desires. He couldn't stay here but a cute and clingy woman that promised to do whatever he wanted was attractive. As long as she passed the Mimi test then he'd love to take someone like her as a wife. Her being a prostitute changed nothing since she was a virgin before him and, even if she wasn't, Gren was confident in his ability to make an experienced woman pass out from pleasure after he had done it twice. There wasn't even a need to worry about STDs with the system's scan and his healing magic. "Do you want to come with me instead?"

Jade's face became filled with joy while the starry-eyed woman put her hand on her forehead. "Jade was raised to become the head of one of my guild's branches. I can't just let her go without significant compensation." Jade's face turned stiff until the starry-eyed woman continued. "You must leave behind a large amount of your semen."

"My semen?" That... made no sense. "Why would you want my semen?"

"There's no point in me lying about it to you. I plan on using it to create a potion that restores the youth of the women here. It's how my daughters and I stay so young." Her daughters? Now she was bringing up something that just raised more questions. "You didn't know? Every woman in here is one of my descendants. The potion keeps us young and fertile but makes it where we can only have daughters. Of course, my little Jade is too young for the potion, she's barely even twenty."

Just how old was she if her family was able to grow to such a size? It would be best not to ask that. "So, how should I go about providing you with the semen? Do I need a container?"

The starry-eyed woman laughed at that idea. "You've got a bunch of pussies that you can come inside of. My ladies will collect it later. Just don't use those condoms of yours, I don't know if that material would change the potion's effects."

Gren felt that his purpose for coming here had changed but there's one thing that he had to be strict to himself about. "I'm sorry, but if I do that then there's a chance that the woman will get pregnant. I don't want to be irresponsible and make a child that I'm not going to raise. It'd be better if you just brought out a container."

"Then it'll be fine to create a child with one of the women if you were allowed to raise them? That's the opposite of what most men say when coming in here." She looked like she found something amusing when she giggled, "And coming in here, now that I think about it." The starry-eyed woman poked at her own crotch. "I'm beginning to like you. If you're willing to be with an old woman like me then I'll give you a free ride and any child that's created from our little adventure. How does that sound?"

"No thanks, I'm fine with using a container." Gren didn't want to offend her by saying that he couldn't trust her to keep her word about the child and he wasn't going to risk having one of his children become a prostitute. It's not that he wanted to look down on the profession but this woman just drugged one of her own descendants in front of him. It would be foolish to take her words seriously.


Gren carried his prospective wife on his back as he walked to the guild. It was only after he had exited Old Town that he realized that they could probably just use his semen to impregnate the women in the brothel if they wanted his children. Even if he returned now, getting it back from them would likely be impossible. "Gren, hurry it up, it's cold." Jade was being a bit impatient but that's to be expected when he stopped in the middle of the road. The sooner he got home, the sooner he could have Mimi look into her past and figure out if he had a new wife. Gren continued walking with Jade nuzzling the back of his head, wondering how he was going to explain this to his wives.
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