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After a few minutes of waiting, a man wearing a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a dark green coat, and a scarf covering the lower half of his face came into the cafe and sat opposite Han Xiao. He placed the metal suitcase that he was carrying on the table, looked at Han Xiao, and did not say a word.

The seller knew that the buyer was Black Phantom, but Han Xiao was using a different face.

Han Xiao and the seller stared at each other for a while and confirmed the other party's identity in silence—strangers would not have stared at each other for this long without saying a word. The seller entered the passcode and turned the open suitcase toward Han Xiao.

Inside the suitcase was a doughnut-shaped small device with its wires exposed outside. The exterior was coated in metal, with an intruding cylinder in the cross section and dim red lights flashing through the gaps. This was the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace, an energy core that was able to generate electricity automatically from solar and condensed fuel. It was also a piece of superhuman equipment as energy could be turned into fuel as a power source.

A rechargeable battery was a core material for mechanical suits; it eliminated the need and trouble of battery supplies.

Just imagine having to change batteries in the middle of a fight.

Han Xiao confirmed it was the real thing with his hands, took out his laptop, sent the money to the seller in a flash, and immediately said, "Run!"

Without waiting for the seller's reaction, Han Xiao shoved the Mini Bonfire Reaction Furnace into his backpack and stood up suddenly, he took out his Berserk Eagle and shot many times at the people that he had previously confirmed to be monitoring him.

Ordina agents took action as soon as the deal was completed, but Han Xiao was a second quicker, he had the upper hand!

The firepower within ten meters from a gun with such high caliber was comparable to a sniper, so all the monitoring agents who got shot flew backwards.

Although the agents were well trained and wore bulletproof vests, they were just normal soldiers. On the other hand, Han Xiao was a LV 55 Mechanic, so his guns were strengthened, and he had all kinds of skills that further increased their power. One shot was enough to make the agents lose their fighting ability and put them in a critically injured state.

Without any hesitation, the seller broke through the floor-to-ceiling window and ran with all his might. He was a superhuman, too, as he covered a few meters each step he took.

To divert the numbers of the enemy, Han Xiao ran in another direction.

"Damn it, who is this buyer!" The Ordina mission commander burst into a rage as he did not expect the buyer to be strong enough to notice the danger beforehand. This had caused the plan to be interrupted. He ordered the agents and the soldiers to split up to chase them separately.

Han Xiao splashed water across the streets as he dashed across the puddles with high speed.

As countless footsteps closed in on Han Xiao, agents appeared from the streets around and started shooting at him. The people on the street ran away screaming.

The magnetically-controlled retractable armor that Han Xiao had just equipped reflected the bullets away. He slid across the battlefield with a gun in both hands and shot at any agent who exposed their head. Naturally, he did not miss a single shot.

Suddenly, Han Xiao felt a pull on his feet. He looked down and saw something water-like wrapping around his calf, slowing down his speed.

Glancing at the information of the enemy on the interface, Han Xiao saw that it was an Esper around LV 30.

As Han Xiao's speed slowed down, two Pugilist agents used the opportunity to dash out from the roadside and started attacking him with energy covered fists and legs.

The flames vaporized the rain and created a white fog, which obstructed the view of the agents.

Han Xiao has no intention of fighting in Ordina against their own agents, so he tore apart the water wrapped around his calves by turning his Electromagnetic Hover-boots to full capacity and backed away from the enemy Esper controlled area as quickly as he could.

It was at this moment that he heard the sound of engines as two enormous black police vehicles dashed out from the intersection. The vehicles splashed the water in an arc with a drift and stopped in front of Han Xiao, facing him sideways and blocking the path.

High caliber guns extended out from inside the windows as they rolled down and shot Han Xiao at the same time. The firepower was so strong that it created sparkles out of the muzzle for an astonishing half meter.

As the bullets expanded in his sight, Han Xiao got hit head-on. These guns were high caliber assault rifles, and some of them were shotguns that had knock-back effects. Although he had armor on, he still stumbled from the bullets.

Information of the enemies appeared on the interface; they were Ordina's Special Operations Unit.

Han Xiao made a sharp change in direction and slid over the roofs of the two vehicles with his Electromagnetic Hover-boots. The soldiers in the vehicles alighted hastily to fire at him, but the bullets could not catch up to him and left a trail of holes on the walls of the building. Han Xiao took out a sonic grenade, pulled out the pin with his teeth, and threw it in between the vehicles.

The soldiers split out hurriedly, trying to find cover, but the sound waves from the sonic boom were not obstructed by their cover. The force spread out, and the entire special units fainted immediately. Han Xiao burst their tires and left at a stroll.

Ordina had a lot of men around the area. No matter how Han Xiao tried to get rid of the pursuit, there will always be another car at the front of his path. He shot down the traffic cams, took detours, used his Electromagnetic Hover-boots to climb over walls and buildings, outran the soldiers time and time again, but there were always cars stopping him.

How were they able to always find me? Han Xiao thought, then suddenly, he realized something. As he turned back to look up the sky while sliding, he discovered three drones that were following him. No wonder they knew where he was!

He took out Red Falcon and shot them down with one bullet each.

Ordina's mission commander bashed the table in anger. The other team had already lost the seller. Han Xiao was the only target left, but he was too difficult for his men to catch.

"Mag, take him down!"

Having successfully escaped from the last few cars, Han Xiao jumped across the gaps between buildings and looked for a hidden place to change his face and clothes. Suddenly, bullets from a shotgun exploded on his back as smoke and flames broke out.

Han Xiao got knocked straight into the wall, and shattered bricks fell to the floor.

The close range explosion had made Han Xiao lose his hearing for a little. He got rid of the dust on his head and looked up with a frown. A man was standing at the top of a building. He had all kinds of equipment on him—a bulletproof vest, waterproof clip belts, four handguns around his waist and thighs, a sniper rifle and two different assault rifles hanging behind his back, and a shotgun in his hands with smoke coming out of the muzzle.

The damage from one shot exceeded the damage of common firearms. Han Xiao looked at the interface, and surprise appeared on his face.

A Cannon Master?


You have entered combat. You have received the following information.


Mag · Lesley

Level: 56

Class: [Agent Lv10], [Elite Agent Lv9], [Eagle-Eye Shooter Lv11], [Novice Mechanic Lv10], [Cannon Master Apprentice Lv10], [Cannon Master Trainee Lv6]

Attributes: 54 STR, 131 DEX, 65 END, 146 INT, 17 MYS, 11 CHA, 13 LUK.

Health: 1900/1900

Stamina: 940

Energy: 1230


- Well Trained: +100 Health

- Strengthened Body: +400 Heath, +4% Abnormality Resistance

- Sharp Eyesight: Increased field of vision, +20% Accuracy, +13% Ranged Critical Chance

- Mechanical Professional: +18% Damage When Using Mechanical Weapon

- Gun Master: +1% Ranged Damage per 5 Dexterity


[Explosive Shooting Lv5]

[Moving Snipe Lv4]

[Cannons and Flames Lv2]

[Pouring Ammunition Lv3]

[Basic Shooting Lv10]

[Accurate Shooting Lv8]

[Suppressed fire Lv5]

[Eagle-Eye Target Lock Lv1]

[Intermediate Machinery Affinity Lv8]

[Extra Clip Capacity Lv5]


[RX-108 Assault Rifle]

Grade: White

Damage: 41 – 48

Fire Rate: 5.6/s

Active Range: 380m

Clip Capacity: 30

Power Output: 41

["Butcher" Assault Rifle]

Grade: Green

Damage: 71 – 85

Fire Rate: 3.4/s

Maximum Fire Rate: 5.7/s

Active Range: 350m

Clip Capacity: 24

Power Output: 49

["Tiger Claw" Shotgun]

Grade: Green

Damage: 20 – 187

Fire Rate: 1.5/s

Maximum Damage Range: 10m, damage decreases as range increases

Clip Capacity: 8

Power Output: 48

[Synthetic Ceramic Bulletproof Vest]

Grade: Green

Ranged Defense: 24 – 26

Durability: 560

[Pox Handgun]

Grade: While

Damage: 34 – 40

Fire Rate: 2.5/s

Active Range: 80m

Clip Capacity: 12

Power Output: 28

[Grappling Hook Gun]

Description: Shoots a grappling hook

Range: 20m
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