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Shura is Wrath Chapter 807: Godchild (3)

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Ling Chen was utterly furious, and he felt as if the fury in his chest was going to set his entire body alight. King had said a very shocking and terrifying truth, and Sha Sha had even admitted it with her own mouth…

But so what?! Was it Sha Sha’s fault?

After knowing Shadissika for so long, how could Ling Chen not know what sort of girl she was? Her heart was even kinder and purer than anyone else’s. Perhaps she had been born and had grown due to those countless deaths, but did she take their lives herself or ask for it to be done? No! Of course not! This had been forced on her. Just how painful would it be for such a pure and kind-hearted girl to know that this was the way she had been born and grown up, and just how much did she blame herself? At night, Ling Chen often felt Shadissika tightly clutching onto him, her body trembling… only now did he realise that she was having a nightmare! Not only that, it was most likely related to these feelings of guilt that she had!

What she should have received was gentle comforting, mercy, and guidance, helping her walk out from the shadow of that evil and helping her understand that it was not her fault. She should be living happily and without worries, because she really wasn’t at fault. The ones who were at fault were the ones who had killed those humans… King, the mastermind behind all of this, despicably and mercilessly heaped his sins on Sha Sha, and he had ripped open the truth that Sha Sha didn’t want exposed right in front of him…

The instant Shadissika sealed herself away, Ling Chen could almost hear her heart shattering.

“You demons… you’ve committed crimes that you should be destroyed by the heavens for… and yet you’ve used these crimes to harm an innocent girl… you deserve to die… you deserve to die!!!”

The lights of [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] simultaneously blazed on Ling Chen’s body. In an instant, a cold killing intent turned the summit of the Godchild Peak into an icy hell, and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared in Ling Chen’s hand. Ling Chen shot towards King like a bolt of lightning amidst his boundless fury and hatred.

“Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation!”

Facing Ling Chen’s fury, King was just about to mock him… from the previous attack, he couldn’t help but admit that Ling Chen’s attack power was indeed quite astounding, but no matter how powerful a human was, a human would never be able to threaten him in the slightest. However, when Ling Chen activated [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], King’s expression flickered, swallowing the mocking words he was about to say. The aura that this human gave off was now more than 100 times stronger than before!


The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear stabbed into King’s right shoulder, the berserk Shura’s power exploding out from it, releasing blinding light and a deafening explosion.


Blood spurted from King’s right shoulder.

When a drop of blood flew across King’s vision, his eyes widened, and he pressed his hand against his shoulder.


It was blood!!

I’m… bleeding because of a human’s attack?! Wait! This spear… could it be…

“Lunar… Scourge… Divine… Spear…” King muttered those 4 words, staring at where he was bleeding from as if he could not believe that he was bleeding and that the wound would be so deep. “So you have the Lunar Scourge… you’re the Shura… created by Yue!!”

“But no matter who you are… anyone who makes me bleed… must die!!”

The King became furious – he had been injured by a mere human… even though Ling Chen had only stabbed his shoulder and had not even pierced it, nor had any part of his body been destroyed, to King, who looked down on all humans, this was an incredible failure and disgrace. The spear had not only stabbed into his body but also his pride. As he spoke, he suddenly swung his left hand towards Ling Chen.

Boom!! Boom!!

2 energy lights suddenly blasted into Ling Chen’s body. These 2 lights seemed to explode from within Ling Chen’s body, wanting to blow apart his entire body!

“Ding… the [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Soul] has been activated, the damage you have received has been nullified.”

“Ding… you have suffered fatal damage, and the damage has surpassed the scope of the rules. [Evil God’s Mask] cannot take effect. The [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Spirit] has been activated, and the fatal damage has been nullified.”

“What?!” After launching 2 terrifying attack in a single instant, Ling Chen wasn’t blasted into pieces as King had expected. Ling Chen hovered there completely fine, and his silver amour had flashed twice.

“So it’s… the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour!!”

“Shattered Moon!”

When King noticed the strange armour on Ling Chen’s body, Ling Chen once again raised the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear and swept towards him with an even greater power.


The Lunar Scourge Divine Spear heavily smashed into King’s outstretched arm, the explosion many times more powerful than the one from before. King’s boulder-like body violently trembled, then leaned back greatly… the powerful energy continued to tear at his body, causing his grey clothes to be annihilated, revealing a golden body… and King’s true features.

Ling Chen’s [Shattered Moon] caused the layer of ice on the summit to decrease by 300 meters, and it completely tore King’s grey clothes. A baleful look appeared in King’s eyes, and he swept out his arm, blasting Ling Chen away with his boundless strength.

“Ding… you have suffered fatal damage, and the damage has surpassed the scope of the rules, [Evil God’s Mask] cannot take effect. The [Lunar Scourge Divine Armour]’s unique skill [Star Spirit] has been activated, and the fatal damage has been nullified.”

With the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, there was a 50% chance that any damage that Ling Chen took would be nullified, and even if he took fatal damage, he would be left with 1 HP if his HP was above 50%, and if his HP was below 50%, that damage would be nullified 10 times. In other words, with the Lunar Scourge Divine Armour, even if Ling Chen wanted to die, it would not be so easy… even if he was facing King!

Ling Chen only landed after being blasted back 100 metres, and after looking at King, his gaze completely changed. Following this, he coldly laughed, “Heh, who would have thought that the demon that deserved to be punished by the heavens… was actually a woman!!”

After King’s grey clothes were destroyed, a golden, tightly-fitting dress was revealed, under which there were large peaks, a slender waist, and a curved bodyline. The figure had tender skin, a peaked chest, a slender waist, and a round bottom… this was evidently the body of a woman!

What’s more, her looks were also exquisite. Her magnificent and glamorous looks did not lose out to Yun Meng Xin’s at all… and were even comparable to Qi Yue’s! She looked as if a celestial goddess had descended and was so beautiful that it made one feel suffocated.

That’s right, the terrifying King was a woman! And an incomprehensibly beautiful woman at that! She only looked like she was in her early twenties.

However, when Ling Chen saw her beautiful looks, he was only shocked for an instant before his gaze became as cold as knives, and it was as if he wasn’t looking at a peerlessly beautiful woman but a horrifying demon!

No! That’s exactly what she was: a demon!!

Moreover, this beautiful, demonic woman seemed a bit familiar to him. However, Ling Chen immediately cast that thought out of his head because he was sure that he definitely had not met King before. Perhaps she just reminded him of someone he knew.

“Hahahaha… what a spectacle. Xing, who would have thought that you would be left in such a state by a human you look down on so much, hahahaha…”

An incredibly soft and bewitching voice sounded out from the air. Hearing this voice, Ling Chen suddenly raised his head, “Qi Yue?!”

After entering the game, he had immediately called Qi Yue many times, but she had not replied. At this moment, he suddenly heard her voice… but it was not within his mind.

This voice also caused King to look over and say calmly, “Come out, Yue.”

After her grey clothes were destroyed, King did not fake her voice anymore, and she used her real voice. Her beautiful voice was quite pleasant to listen to, but it contained a deep coldness and arrogance.

As King spoke, Qi Yue’s body slowly appeared in mid-air. She calmly glanced at Ling Chen, but this glance caused Ling Chen’s heart to tremble. Normally, whenever Qi Yue looked at him, her gaze would be flirtatious, aggrieved, provocative, or calm. Just then, when Qi Yue looked at him, there was a hint of unfamiliarity… as well as mockery.

No! Impossible! It was definitely a misperception!

At the same time, Ling Chen realised why King looked so familiar to him… King’s looks were extremely similar to Qi Yue’s! The only difference was that one was charming and flirtatious, while the other was cold and arrogant.

Qi Yue faintly smiled, her tone lazy and relaxed. “Xing, I almost forgot to tell you that he’s not the Shura I’m creating, but a Shura that has already taken form. However, his mental energy is very strong, and he was able to suppress the violent thoughts that came with the Shura’s power, so he not only obtained the Shura’s power, but he also retained his consciousness. As such, don’t treat him like a normal human. However, seeing you look so flustered is simply priceless.”

A cold smile appeared on King’s suffocatingly-beautiful face. “Hmph! So it’s like that. However, it looks like the Mad Scientist didn’t have time to tell you that the Shura Plan had been cancelled, so this ‘fake Shura’ you’ve created is useless. Moreover, he has made me bleed, and has seen my face… if he is useless to you, I’ll destroy him with my own hands!”
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