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The King is Avatar Chapter 1236: Thunderclap’s Aggressive Offense

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Chapter 1236: Thunderclap’s Aggressive Offense
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The map was War Grasslands, a map divided by rocks and shrubs in a staircase-like arrangement. The spawn points were located on the northeast and southwest corner, and after each side crossed their two story high platforms, the two teams would meet on a field of grass. It was a map, where the two spawn points were relatively close together, and it was often used by teams who liked rushing their opponents. The map restricted more tactical teams to a certain extent because of the close distance. If the offense was launched fast enough, the other side might not have time to set up any tactical formation.

Pan Lin quickly introduced the map before the two teams loaded into the map. However, both Thunderclap and Happy were tactic-heavy teams. By choosing this map, who exactly was the one being restricted? The map had been chosen by Happy, and Pan Lin didn't dare try to guess what Happy was planning, so he simply stopped the subject there. After explaining the features of this match, he was done. As for why Happy chose the map, Pan Lin let the viewers guess, he himself wasn't going to open his mouth. Out of consideration, he also didn't toss this hot potato to Li Yibo. Li Yibo noticed his good intentions and gave Pan Lin a smile.

A map suitable for a fast offense.

As a result, as soon as the teams loaded in, the viewers looked at the two teams spawning, wanting to know which team would take the initiative.

"We'll rush them!"

It was Thunderclap. Xiao Shiqin immediately gave the order.

Everyone was surprised.

Even though Pan Lin and Li Yibo weren't analyzing the situation out loud, anyone who understood Glory would have their own thoughts. These two were just afraid of getting their faces slapped. They certainly had their own viewpoints in their mind.

From their view, Happy had chosen this map, so the one to rush the opponent should be Happy. However, it was Thunderclap who decisively gave the order as soon as the match began.

Thunderclap's players didn't have any objections towards their captain's orders. They immediately went into position and started moving as a whole.  

Thunderclap had spawned on the northeast corner. This map was split into three-story platforms. Two of these six three-story platforms made up the spawn points, while the other four were support zones, lined up symmetrically from east to west. The two starting points were linked to their respective east and west support zones by two-story platforms. The three-story support zones of the northeast corner and southeast corner were directly linked together by large slopes that met in a grassy area in the center. The six three-story high platforms were not directly connected to each other and could only be traveled to through two-story or ground regions. As a result, the fighting often took place in these two-story or ground story regions.

Thunderclap wanted to rush, so they didn't take a roundabout path. The team charged out from their three-story high spawn point directly down towards the grasslands.

How close were these spawn points? The answer could be seen right now. As soon as Thunderclap leaped down to the grasslands, they saw Happy also leaping down. The two sides could already see each other.

"Yo, nice rush!" Ye Xiu typed in the public chat.

"Same to you," Xiao Shiqin replied.

"No, we're moving strategically," said Ye Xiu.

"That's a bit of stretch, don't you think?" Xiao Shiqin replied.

Moving strategically required at least a little bit of covertness. In this map, if one walked along the two-story high platforms, the rushing opponents would not be able to see them so quickly. But Happy charging directly towards the grasslands? How was that moving strategically? Unless they thought Thunderclap wouldn't do the standard rush.

"Rushing isn't your style. Shouldn't you guys be waiting and watching first before coming up with counter strategies?" Ye Xiu said.

"We can't wait and watch because you guys would also wait and watch," Xiao Shiqin replied.

He hit the nail on the head...

Waiting and watching was a part of combat. Another part of it was pre-match preparations, studying the opponent and coming up with countermeasures beforehand. These two teams both had the same tactical style, so when the two confronted each other, it became awkward.

To put it simply, the two teams were used to waiting for their opponents to act before they acted. If neither side acted first, then there would be no fight.

"So?" Ye Xiu asked.

"So we can only fight," Xiao Shiqin said in the public chat. This wasn't a bluff, because in the team chat, he clearly gave the order: "Go!"

Thunderclap set out and charged at their opponents.

Everyone was shocked. Team Thunderclap had been watched closely this season, but they had never taken the initiative and attacked aggressively. After all, their players and characters weren't that great. A direct clash often relied on each individual player's own skill to be effective.

But against Happy, Thunderclap unexpectedly launched an aggressive attack! 

No one would regard Happy as a weak team anymore. The return of Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng, the class-changed Fang Rui, these three All Stars had proved that their skills were still at the peak. In terms of individual player skill, even Xiao Shiqin, who was the best in Thunderclap, didn't seem a match to any of Happy's top three. However, Thunderclap had bravely rushed at Happy, an unprecedented aggressiveness. They had never done this against any other team.


Every person who followed Thunderclap this season asked this question.  

While no one else in the Alliance dared to underestimate Happy, Thunderclap did the very opposite. Was this… a psychological tactic?

"You're coming to us? Are you underestimating Happy?" Ye Xiu asked.

"Of course not," Xiao Shiqin, who was already charging over, replied.

"Then it looks like we'll need to be careful," Ye Xiu said.

"You always need to be careful in a match," Xiao Shiqin said. In the team chat, he gave another order: Scatter! 

Thunderclap had spread into a line and surrounded Happy in a wing-like formation. On the left end was Dai Yanqi's Elementalist, Firebird Messenger. On the right end was Xiao Shiqin's Mechanic, Life Extinguisher. These two were at the very tip of the wings as if they were going to escape.

Positioned in the middle was Cheng Tai's Grappler, Shattering Wind. And Zhang Jiaxing's Cleric, Returning Wind, was between Shattering Wind and Firebird Messenger. Between Life Extinguisher and Shattering Wind was Fang Xuecai's Assassin, Demon Talent.

"Thunderclap is being very proactive. They've quickly pulled apart into a formation very skillfully. Did they practice this specifically for Happy? What are your thoughts on this formation, Coach Li?" Pan Lin had restrained himself for a long time, but he was still a passionate commentator in the end. Thunderclap had chosen an unprecedented aggressive offense. This surprising choice instantly riled him up. He excitedly shouted and dragged Li Yibo into the water as well.

Li Yibo was in an awkward spot! He hadn't even figured out why Thunderclap would choose to go on the offensive against Happy, when Pan Lin directly asked him to explain Thunderclap's offensive formation.

"Uh, this… it looks like they're planning on surrounding Happy and then shrinking the circle," Li Yibo snorted.

"But Happy isn't lacking in attackers!" Pan Lin immediately answered back.  

"Thunderclap surely has a method to deal with them. Let's see what they're going to do," Li Yibo was finally able to dodge this topic.

These two could pass over it with some vague words, but Ye Xiu, who was playing on stage, couldn't be so unclear.

Xiao Shiqin's decision for an aggressive offense had surprised him. He said "being underestimated", but he knew that Xiao Shiqin wasn't that type of person. Even when facing Seaside or Bright Green, the two weakest teams practically guaranteed to be relegated from the league, Thunderclap still carefully planned out their strategy. Xiao Shiqin wasn't someone who underestimated his opponent. If he dared to attack aggressively, then it could only mean he was confident that it would work, that in a direct confrontation, Thunderclap would have a greater chance of winning than Happy.

Their chances of winning didn't come from their players or characters individually. It was publicly acknowledged that Thunderclap was weak in this area. Thunderclap's chances of winning came from their tactics. For example, their team must have spread out for a purpose.

But for what purpose?

It wasn't just Ye Xiu asking this question.  

However, no one else's judgement was more accurate than Ye Xiu's because Ye Xiu knew better than anyone else who the weak point of their team was.

Lord Grim retreated to Little Cold Hand's side.

"Group up, towards…" Ye Xiu typed. He wanted to have everyone group up and break through an opening in Thunderclap's formation, but when he swept his eyes across their formation, he discovered that he wasn't able to find such an opening.

Thunderclap's five characters were in a very simple line, but they used each of their classes well, allowing for the best possible options from any direction. If Happy tried to break through, they would be met with a lot of trouble no matter which direction they went towards. There were no clear holes or weaknesses. Breaking through from any point would be troublesome, which also meant that breaking through from any point would be the same.

"Firebird Messenger, break through!"

Ye Xiu had only hesitated for an instant. He quickly made a firm decision. As soon as Happy heard the order, their decisiveness in carrying it out was not much worse than Thunderclap's.

"Oh? We've been underestimated!" Happy's intentions were clear. Dai Yanqi, who was controlling Firebird Messenger, used Ye Xiu's own words from before. Happy had clearly chosen this direction to break through because they thought it would be easier to do so.

"But this is all according to plan!" Dai Yanqi followed.

When she said these words, everyone's hearts thumped. No one thought Thunderclap would just rashly attack. They felt like Thunderclap must have an ulterior motive. Dai Yanqi's "all according to plan" immediately confirmed this notion.

Whether or not the viewers believed in it wouldn't affect who won this match. Dai Yanqi's words were aimed as a psychological attack towards Happy. However, even if Happy believed her, it was probably too late for them to make adjustments.

That was what most people thought, but on stage were a particularly special group of people amongst the countless Glory players...

"Dang, that girl said it's all according to plan. We should find a different breakthrough point," Wei Chen said.

"Sure." Ye Xiu said.

As a result, Happy really did make a switch. Everyone turned towards Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher instead of Dai Yanqi's Firebird Messenger. 


The viewers were dumbfounded. This was a high-level pro match! You guys are just going to switch up your tactics because the opponent said a few words? Where's your determination? Decisiveness? Confidence?
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