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Chapter 933 – What Does the Old Fox Want

End of the 8th month, unrest rose in China.

Stone City's one warfighting, as well as the Leopard Legion Corps 4th legion, moved toward the border of Zhangwu Prefecture, pointing right at Handan City.

Fallen Phoenix City, apart from leaving one War Fighting Legion to defend the city, one was housed at the border shared with Handan City, and the other three moved to the west and pointed at Asura City and Fallen Leaf City.

West Chu's army went down south toward Blood Red City.

Jiangchuan Province, with Black Lion City's War Fighting Legion as the main force, went up north toward the Pill Sun City border.

The Tiger Legion housed at Minnan Province faced off against the King City Army.

The Leopard Legion Corps under the leadership of Han Xin was housed at the north border of Great Xia; they were monitoring the two city-states. Adding in the Dragon Legion Corps that was going up north, Ouyang Shuo had used all his ally troops for this battle; he was determined to cut an arm off the Yanhuang Alliance.

To invite West Chu to help, Ouyang Shuo had used up a lot of gold. In terms of equipment alone, there were 50 thousand sets, and there was a lot of grain too.

Along with the various armies being moved, the entire wilderness was on alert.
8th month, 25th day, Handan City.

Along with all the members of Shanhai Alliance moving their troops, the situation was getting clearer and clearer - a huge war was about to break out. Di Chen and the others could not sit easy, so they gathered for a meeting.

"What is that old fox trying to do?"

The most panicky one was Xiong Ba, and he paced up and down the meeting hall. For someone like him, being unsettled like this was rare.

However, it was no wonder.

The ones truly connected to Great Xia were King City and Swordsman City.

Swordsman City was located in the Shu Lands, where the mountain roads were narrow. It also had the Shu Han dynasty to rely on, so they had nothing to fear. Even if Great Xia went crazy, they would not try to attack Swordsman City.

If that really happened, Great Xia would not have stopped when it took down Steel City.

Thinking on that path, Great Xia's target was obvious this time. Thinking of which, Xiong Ba could not keep his calm anymore.

When Zhan Lang saw that, he tried to say some calming words, "Brother Xiong Ba, you don't need to be so worried. They might not be targeting King City. Shanhai Alliance is acting at the same time, so they might start a war at any place."

"That's right; the old fox is trying to confuse us." Di Chen followed.

They saw the Shanhai Alliance moving their troops, but they did not even know who their target was. Hence, it was expected that they were anxious.

Chun Shenjun said, "Let him do what he wants; let's just move troops to face off against his. No matter where war starts, it's not like we are afraid, right?"

So shameless.

Pill Sun City was only facing the threat of Jiangchuan Province. The province had not totally merged into the Great Xia plan, so it was also hard to teleport the army in. Hence, they could not form much of a threat against Pill Sun City.

As a result, out of all of them, Chun Shenjun was the calmest.

Xiong Ba looked at Chun Shenjun. He was a little furious, but he still suppressed his emotions and solemnly said, "If it were a face off, we would not be afraid. Even in terms of numbers, we are at a slight advantage."

Xiong Ba was naturally really clear about the number of troops the Yanhuang Alliance possessed.

Handan City, Pill Sun City, and King City had an average of four War Fighting Legions. As Blood Red City's Donghai Province was small, and there was also an imperial city there, it only had three War Fighting Legions now.

The remaining Swordsman City, Asura City, and Fallen Leaf City all had two legions.

Be it in the Battle Map or the wilderness, Yanhuang Alliance had been losing generals and troops. Unlike the Great Xia, whose power was increasing after every victory.

Due to the deep foundations of the Yanhuang Alliance, they were able to maintain such a scale despite the numerous defeats they faced.

Their overall strength was equal to the five legion corps of Shanhai City, as they had a total of 21 legions.

However, Great Xia was facing the threat of Chuanbei City-State and Xiangnan City-State, and they also had to defend the Capital City. They also had Dali and Quanzhou in their borders, so they could not deploy too many of their troops.

A big business was hard to manage.

The other allies did not dare to move all their troops to the borders either. Like Fallen Phoenix City, who had left behind a War Fighting Legion in the city.

In terms of head to head, only Swordsman City was at a disadvantage.

Feng Qingyang was not anxious. Like Xiong Ba had guessed, the Feng family had a deal with the Shu Han Dynasty. If they were attacked, they would seek protection.

As a result, Feng Qingyang was as calm as Chun Shenjun. Before this, when Di Chen's family tried to push out some Project Z to the Feng family, the discussions ended really unhappily.

This time, he was really happy to see Di Chen and the others face problems.

Currently, Shu Han was moving troops and getting ready.

Last time, after being humiliated by Great Xia, followed by rumors spreading in the city, Liu Bei was furious and wanted to fight Great Xia, "Vengeance and hatred will be settled altogether."

The debt of Great Xia killing his brothers was something that Liu Bei had not forgotten for a single moment.

As for those chambers of commerce that were tempted by Great Xia and wanted to leave Shu Han, Liu Bei had killed several of their heads.

Due to historical restrictions, Liu Bei did not show mercy to the merchants. If they forced his hand, he did not mind wiping them all out.

Not to mention Liu Bei, but even Zhuge Liang and the others felt that it was expected, and they did not oppose it.

Being influenced by way the Lords' thought, the wilderness position and environment for chambers of commerce had changed. In Great Xia, merchants shared the same status as others, and it was common for them to get titles.

Liu Bei's killing had given rise to a huge problem for the Shu Han dynasty.

It looked like everything was calm with no signs of chaos. However, that was because the Shanhai Guards had secretly come out to calm things down.

In the not too distant future, a huge storm would wrap up the entire Shu Han Dynasty.
Xiong Ba changed his tone and continued, "The problem is that the Great Xia has a Guards Legion Corps and a City Protection Legion Corps. If they release this trump card unit, it would be enough to decide the battlefield, much less their navy."

After engaging the Great Xia so many times, Xiong Ba had a clear idea of their combat strength. If not, why would they say that your enemy is the person who understands you the best?

Zhan Lang nodded, "Brother Xiong Ba makes sense. We must keep our eyes out for the Guards Legion Corps. Where this force attacks will be their true target."

Di Chen shook his head; he was not as optimistic as Zhan Lang, "It's difficult."

The Great Xia Guards Legion Corps was housed in the imperial city, and the spies totally could not enter. If they were to leave, they would use the teleportation formation.

The moment they appeared on the battlefield, it would be too late.


Everyone kept silent; the atmosphere was really unbearable.

Last time, they used chess pieces to fight Great Xia on other people's chess board. At most, they lost some troops, and it did not really affect them.

After a short rest, they healed up their wounds, and they recovered like nothing had happened.

As a result, Di Chen would still disturb and provoke Great Xia, even after suffering many loses to them.

The sudden strike by Great Xia let them feel the true pressure caused by this enemy of theirs.

The current Great Xia was a true giant. If this battle went slightly wrong, the land of the Yanhuang Alliance would be in flames, and they would face the risk of being occupied.

Hence, it was not hard to understand Xiong Ba's anxiousness as well as Di Chen's regret.

Seeing the atmosphere being so down, Xiong Ba took a glance at Di Chen, "If we want to blame someone, we should just blame a certain person for asking for trouble." In his tone, there was an undeniable blaming voice.

Everyone was smart and knew who Xiong Ba was targeting with those words.

Seeing which, the eyes of Chun Shenjun, Feng Qingyang, and Sha Pojun all swept Di Chen and Xiong Ba. On the other hand, Wandering Magic and Zhan Lang could not help but frown.

Being scolded by Xiong Ba, Di Chen was furious, and the regret in his heart instantly disappeared. He said loudly, "I did it for our good; it did it to try to let Great Sui stop Great Xia. It's better than you not doing anything."

The two of them were rivals, and one spark made both sides furious.

"Good intentions?"

It was okay if Di Chen did not try to argue, but his attempt infuriated Xiong Ba. He stood up and pointed at Di Chen, "Even if it were out of good intentions, your actions have to be smarter. Now, look at what happened? Great Sui sent men and sent money; all they are not doing is sending their kids."

Di Chen was furious, but he did not know what to say. He did not expect the Great Sui emperor to yield so easily.

"Everything is uncertain." Di Chen was still feeling really depressed about that matter.

Seeing Di Chen and Xiong Ba blow over, Zhan Lang stood out to calm things down, "Let's not blame one another; let's just focus on how to settle our current problem."

Di Chen waved his hands, "What can we do? Settle our own problems and move troops to face off against Shanhai Alliance? Let's wait for the old fox's next move."
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