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_Night, Nanjiang Governor-General Lord’s Manor._
God Physician Bianque arrived at the manor, personally taking Ouyang Shuo's pulse and diagnosing him.
"How is it?"
The one that spoke was Song Jia.
When she heard that Ouyang Shuo got hurt in the battle map, Song Jia immediately exited the mountains and returned to the manor.
Bianque's brows were locked tight, “The poison that afflicts the lord is called the poison of Hanya. It's very rare."
"The poison of Hanya, are there any antidotes?"
"How can this happen? Even you have no way?"
Song Jia was anxious.
"The poison of Hanya is a weird poison that's very tough. It can be suppressed, but it's difficult to remove completely." Bianque was very familiar with this poison.
"Is the poison of Hanya a type of ice poison?"
"That's right."
"Then will the rhino horn antidote pill we made last time have any use?"
“Compared to the ice poison that afflicted Master Lin, the poison of Hanya is far worse." Bianque shook his head and suddenly said, “If I deduced correctly, my lord has used the inner pellet of the desolate beast?"
"That's right."
Ouyang Shuo's emotions and expression were very calm.
"If it wasn't for the inner pellet, the poison would have acted already."
"Since that's the case, is the iron armored beast's inner pellet effective in treating this poison?"
In response to these words, Bianque took in a deep breath, "If it's a normal desolate beast, it wouldn't work. It has to be the inner pellet of a king beast. Mixing it with the special grade rhino horn antidote pill is the only way we can totally remove the poison of Hanya."
"As long as there's a way." Song Jia was delighted.
Bianque shook his head, "Based on what I know, the iron armored beast is already very rare. The king beast is even rarer. To find one and even kill one isn't an easy matter."
"I don't believe that on the entire Qiongzhou Island, I can't find a single king beast."
Song Jia was adamant; her eyes filled with determination. She decided that she would personally head for Yazhou to search for a king beast.
With just a glance, Ouyang Shuo saw through her plans and laughed, "You don't need to personally make the trip. I'll just write a letter to Tian Wenjing and Sun Bin. I’ll ask them to handle it."
"No." Song Jia shook her head, "Searching for a king beast isn't something the military specializes in. It's better if I bring some of the disciples along and give them some training."
When Ouyang Shuo heard that, he stopped trying to persuade her.
Thinking about it, Tianqi and the others were still training in Yazhou. Who knows whether or not they were safe?
The matter was settled just like that.
After Bianque left, Song Jia gave Ouyang Shuo a displeased expression and grumbled, "You're so big already, yet you don't know how to take care of yourself."
Ouyang Shuo laughed and did not say anything.
Song Jia was both angry and amused.
"Oh yeah, my brother sent me a letter."
Song Jia frowned, "Our family is split up on the matter of Shanhai City attacking Zhaoqing Prefecture. The one that opposes the idea the most is my second uncle."
"Does your uncle treat Zhaoqing Prefecture as something that he owns?"
Song Jia gave out a long sigh.
Amongst her family, there were overly arrogant people.
They did not stop to think that the entire Zhaoqing Prefecture was not something that the Tianshuang County could control alone.
Needless to say, Ouyang Shuo with his title of Nanjiang Governor-General, not to mention a Zhaoqing Prefecture, the future Lingnan Province was within his target.
At that point, how could anyone harbor hidden ambitions?
They did not stop to think that without Shanhai City supporting them from behind, Tianshuang County would have found it difficult to even gain a foothold in Lingnan Province, much less have the results and glamor of today.
However, as a member of the younger generation, it was not nice if she bad mouthed her elders behind their backs.
"It's okay." Ouyang Shuo patted her shoulder and laughed, "I’ll handle it."
When he decided to attack the Zhaoqing Prefecture, Ouyang Shuo had already predicted such an outcome
The Song family was also an aristocratic family, so how would it lack ambitious players?
Ambition was just ambition, in the face of absolute power, it was useless.
After considering Song Jia's feelings, Ouyang Shuo naturally would handle the matter well.
Song Jia nodded and snuggled tightly into Ouyang Shuo's embrace.
She knew that this man had experienced a lot, and he was not the no-name from before. His methods, actions, knowledge, and magnanimity were unbelievable.
Song Jia felt really thankful, thankful that she had confessed that day.
"Oh yeah. Take some time and bring your parents over to Shanhai City."
"Why, I want to see my future-in-laws, can't I?"
"Hen, who knows what you're thinking." Song Jia did not believe that Ouyang Shuo simply wanted to meet them. If not, he would not have waited for such a moment.
"You're smart."
Ouyang Shuo did not try to deny it.
Since the Song Family had split, he naturally needed to support his future father-in-law to totally take over control of family matters.
They needed to go into the specifics of this matter.
If Ouyang Shuo rushed to Tianshuang County, the Song Family people would surround him, and he might not have the chance to talk to his future father-in-law.
How smart was Song Jia? She roughly understood his intentions.
"Wait for my return from Yazhou!"
As long as the poison in his body remained uncured, Ouyang Shuo could not cultivate. Even the Yellow Emperor Internal Cultivation Technique was used to suppress the poison, so he could not form any new primordial energy.
He would have to push the Killing Sword Sword Manual he had just obtained back to a future stage.
The next day, Ouyang Shuo sent off Song Jia.
Before leaving, he reminded her that she definitely needed to bring back Tianqi and his group when she arrived there, as he had plans for them. Song Jia gave him a weird look, not saying anything and just nodding.
Mentioning this matter, Ouyang Shuo had supported the Dongli Sword Sect from the start. It was time for them to show their use.
After sending her away, Ouyang Shuo asked to meet Black Mamba.
Black Mamba was dressed entirely in black; he even had a hooded black cape.
He only removed the hood when he saw Ouyang Shuo.
After creating the Black Snake Guards, the original Black Mamba had totally disappeared, replaced with the mysterious Black Snake. Even the people of Shanhai City rarely noticed the presence of Black Snake.
Of course, Ouyang Shuo was an exception.
Ouyang Shuo nodded, "Two missions. First, send someone to search for god craftsman Ou Zhizi. Second, increase the infiltration of Caiyun Alliance, especially that Caiyun County."
Black Snake was very brief and simple with his words.
Neither of these missions were easy, but he was confident. After a few months of expansion, their influence in the China region was not something that could be overlooked.
With the nine intel stations as the core and with the huge financial support of Ouyang Shuo, the Black Snake Guards had already set up a huge intel network.
Of course, compared to Handan City's Difeng, the Black Snake Guards were still lacking.
The establishment of Difeng did not just use the resources of Di Chen's family; they also used the mysterious resources Fenghua Juedai owned.
This mysterious beauty was not just Di Chen's advisor.
Even Di Chen's family did not dare to command and disturb her.
These hidden resources were things that the Black Snake Guards could not compare to.
The strength of Difeng was due to their deep relations with the player groups. The attack direction of the Black Snake Guards was naturally toward the NPCs. In this aspect, Shanhai City held a huge advantage.
The specialty and buffs of the territory were not for nothing.
At the same time, the strength of the Black Snake Guards also made Ouyang Shuo wary.
Although he still had the confidence to control them for now, he could not be sure that they would not go around him and make other deals.
In the building process of the Black Snake Guards, Ouyang Shuo obviously would not totally let go and let Black Snake handle everything. Ouyang Shuo personally took care of some of the personnel arrangements.
Black Snake accepted the way Ouyang Shuo handled this.
Black Snake knew that if Ouyang Shuo did not make such arrangements, it would be weird instead.
That would mean the lord did not trust the Black Snake Guards.
The most effective way was to complete his original idea.
Three intelligence organizations keeping one another in check.
The problem was the most crucial Safety Division; he still had not managed to set it up.
It seemed like he needed to establish the division more quickly.
After Black Snake left, Wei Yang walked in.
"Does the Internal Affairs Department have anything to report?"
Wei Yang's expression was a little weird, "A few days ago, Meng Zi of Confucianism came over."
"Meng Zi?"
Ouyang Shuo froze. After he calculated the time, he realized that the philosophers’ debate was almost upon them.
That was interesting.
"That's right."
"It seems like he's ready to have a debate with you. Are you confident?"
"I'm totally confident."
"Great." Ouyang Shuo laughed, "Since that's the case, let's make it big. I'll hand out invitations to invite all the philosophers for a feast."
Ouyang Shuo could feel that the time to organize a philosopher debate had matured.
In philosophical studies, Confucianism, Legalism, Mohist, and Taoism were the four greatest.
Amongst them, Confucianism had many battles.
The debate of Confucianism and Legalism centered on whether one should rule with laws or with the heart. The debate of Confucianism and Mohist focused on charity or universal love. The debate of Confucianism and Taoism was on whether to act or not to act.
The Qin Dynasty had Legalism as its tradition.
The initial Han dynasty used Taoism, so it focused on ruling without taking action.
During Han Wudi's time, Confucianism took over.
Of course, each school of thought contained elements from each other.
On the surface, Confucianism was the main one, but Legalism was still used. When one needed to be killed, they had to die.
Hence, the most crucial debate laid between Legalism and Confucianism.
Meng Zi, as the representative figure of Confucianism, naturally did not come here just to sight see. Everyone knew that the representative figure of Legalism, Wei Yang, was here.
Confucianism and Legalism were destined for battle.
As the lord, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not join in. After all, he promoted was coexistence and variety.
Hence, he would use this momentum to start up the philosophers debate.

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