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Chapter 1123 – Unbiased

The Imperial Court established the Governor-General houses due to Ouyang Shuo's need to promote Bai Hua and the others and also the dynasty's strategic needs. It was not solely to promote people or to establish it.

Like Beijiang, it was far from the center of the dynasty. There were high mountains and long roads, and it was located alone outside. Although it was connected by the teleportation formation, it was still inconvenient. As a result, there was a need to set up a regional organization to settle military and administrative matters.

The Governor-General House was born because of that need.

Seeing that Wufu was a little excited, Ouyang Shuo had to pour cold water over him, "Setting up the Governor-General House is a good thing, but there's something I have to say, and I hope that all of you can understand."

"Please speak!"

"The ministers in the Imperial Court has raised up to me that officials cannot spend too long in an area, which was why a three year maximum was set. One cannot be appointed at where one was rooted in. In other words, one has to be appointed in an unfamiliar land."

Hearing this, Wufu's expression was a little awkward.

Although that was the case, Ouyang Shuo made his words really clear in case he caused an even bigger misunderstanding, "In my opinion, I hoped for Wufu to be the Governor-General of Beijiang, but the Cabinet did not pass it."

"That's okay."

Although Wufu had lost some face, after Ouyang Shuo's explanation, he felt better.

"You do not have to be disappointed. Let me tell you the truth. Once we take down Tibet, we will set up the Xijiang Governor-General House, and that would be yours."

In order to prevent Wufu from thinking too much, Ouyang Shuo had no choice but to reveal the plans of the Imperial Court early.

He called the four of them together to clear the doubts in their hearts and prevent them from guessing at one another, which would give rise to unhappiness.

"Do not worry, I can understand."

With Ouyang Shuo's promise, Wufu totally believed it and had no other words to speak.

"That's great!"

Ouyang Shuo smiled brightly.

In truth, requiring them to work in a foreign land was both the intentions of the Imperial Court and himself. Ouyang Shuo believed in one point, which was that he could trust someone. However, he needed to defend against the unexpected.

It looked contradictory, but in truth, it was the right way to use people.

Wufu had spent a long time in the north. If he became the Beijiang Governor-General, who knows what would happen?

Saying that, the choice would only come out from Bai Hua, Mulan Yue, and Gong Chengshi. Mulan Yue was working overseas and temporarily could not leave, so she was excluded.

Between Bai Hua and Gong Chengshi, Ouyang Shuo chose Gong Chengshi.

It was not that Ouyang Shuo held higher hopes for Gong Chengshi. On the contrary, it was because he had better plans in mind for Bai Hua. He had planned everything out for her and was just waiting for the right time.

Ouyang Shuo looked toward Gong Chengshi and smiled, "I'll have to disturb you with the Beijiang Governor-General House."

When Gong Chengshi heard that, he was naturally surprised. In terms of experience, Mulan Yue was the most experienced, while Bai Hua was the strongest.

Since Ouyang Shuo had decided on it, Gong Chengshi could not push it away. He bowed, "Do not worry, my king, I'll try my best to help the Imperial Court defend Beijiang."

Ouyang Shuo smiled, "Of course, I believe you!"

As he said that, everyone smiled, sweeping away the awkwardness from before. Through this open conversation, the five of them had become closer once more.

Since growth was unavoidable and much needed, everyone needed to learn how to adapt to one another. Adjusting their relationship was one of the signs of maturity.

If not, it would be fake maturity.

After the group discussion, Ouyang Shuo had a conversation alone with Bai Hua and Mulan Yue to tell them about where they would work in the future. He wanted to let them prepare themselves mentally.

Ouyang Shuo was being fair to all of them.

"It is hard to be a parent!"

Ouyang Shuo, this parent of Great Xia, had to learn how to treat everyone fairly at every moment.
The next morning, Bai Hua and Mulan Yue left the capital.

Wufu did not leave as his position needed to be adjusted. If Gong Chengshi became the Beijiang Governor-General and Wufu was still working as the Beijiang Provincial Governor, he would be working under him.

To avoid placing Wufu in an awkward position, after Ouyang Shuo discussed with Wufu, he decided to move him to Jiangchuan Province to take over the empty role left by Gong Chengshi.

As for the newly appointed Beijiang Governor General, Ouyang Shuo selected Changsha Prefecture Governor Han Qi.

As a famous minister of North Song, Han Qi was a chancellor for 10 cycles and helped three dynasties. Within the court, he ran everything well and made everyone happy. In the local areas, he was loyal and hardworking, diligent and loved by his people.

Han Qi earned his name together with Fu Bi. Together, they were known as Fu Han.

With just a simple word, Fu Bi joined Great Xia and was now working as Hanzhong Prefecture Governor in the Shu Lands.

Gong Chengshi did not leave because Ouyang Shuo naturally needed to talk to him regarding the plans of Liaojin Province. Although this matter was handled by Provincial Governor Huo Guang, Gong Chengshi needed to understand a little about it to manage the situation.

The Imperial Court had three plans for Liaojin Province.

Firstly, iron ore and coal providing province.

As Jin country had limited digging and exploration technology, and they lacked artisans, they had a treasure land but did not know how to open it up.

In Great Xia's hands, the situation was naturally totally different.

The future Liaojin Province would become one of the main iron ore providers of the dynasty.

Secondly, dynasty core husbandry ground.

Great Xia only had a few ranches and breeding grounds in the south and could not form up a large scale. As such, the cavalry development was hindered.

With the vast grassland of Liaojin Province, the situation was largely different.

Great Xia developed the Qingfu Horse, Mongol Horse, Lili horse, and more elite warhorses. They would have breeding grounds in Liaojin Province to provide endless amounts of warhorses in the dynasty.

Of the million war horses that were captured, half were released to be bred to breed more elite ones.

Thirdly, a mix of nomadic and agricultural civilization.

The destruction of Jin did not mean the destruction of the Nuzhen Race. Close to six million Nuzhen people still lived within the province, and they would be the main force of the animal breeders.

The future province not only needed to breed horses but also needed to fully develop animal husbandry.

At the same time, Liaojin Province would enter agricultural civilization, and millions of Han Chinese would move over to live on the grasslands. Whilst developing agriculture, they would develop industries and mining.

The merger of races would become a specialty of Liaojin Province.

Luckily, Great Xia had amassed a lot of experience in this area and was able to manage all of this well.

Of course, to ensure the stability, apart from setting up the Liaojin Garrison Division, the Yue Fei led Beijiang legion corps would move over.

All in all, Liaojin Province was a treasure land but needed to be slowly developed step by step. The large amounts of manpower, resources, and financial investment at the start was unavoidable.

When Gong Chengshi stood up to proceed to Stone City to build the Beijiang Governor-General House there, a new round of military organization had just begun.
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