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Child of Destiny 100 Intermediate Training Ground Part 3

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Shin is already on the fifth stage challenge of the Intermediate Training Ground. And he also already got all the +50 Bonus Stats on all of his Major and Minor Stats on the previous stages.

Which also made him a little confused. If he already got all the bonus stats that he needs to get, then what will he get on the next three stages?

And the answer was immediately given to him when he entered the fifth stage.

Special Stats!

He can awaken or improve a special stat on the fifth stage and above.As for the what Special Stat is it? Shin don't have to make a guess on it, when he entered the fifth stage.

Because the moment he set foot on the teleportation gate on the fourth stage, he was immediately greeted an endless darkness on the next stage.

Shin quickly activated his 'Sensing Circle' out of instincts the moment he saw that. And immediately after that, he felt a bunch of throwing knives flying towards him.

He immediately activate the 'Meteor Form' of 'Mondi's Style', and swing his swords to use his 'Parrying Stance'


Cling! Clang!

Clang! Cling!

And now, Shin is on this dark place for quite some time already. And during that time, he is pushing himself to the limit as he continue to swing the [Yamato] and [Snowstorm Edge] left and right using the 'Parrying Stance'.

At the same time, he is keeping the 'Sensing Circle' during the entire time. And due to all of that, Shin's concentration is starting to detoriate despite having his monstrous willpower.

'What kind of stage challenge is this? How can I clear it if I can't even take a single step forward.' Shin's mind is starting to become fuzzy as he have this thoughts. Then his arms are starting to become heavy.

'D*mn it. Why do I still experiencing this inside the game? Am I that weak to be in this state even here?' Shin started to question his strength when he felt that he is going to lose.

Then suddenly some memories that is buried deep inside his mind started to flash in front on his eyes


That beautiful face that I almost forgot.That brilliant eyes that always making my day turn bright.

That stunning smile that always making me hard to breath.

That charming smile that can energize everyone.

That lonely smile that saying a bitter goodbye.

And that very smile that I failed to protect




'No. Not yet, I can't stop here yet.' Then Shin push himself beyond his limit as he force himself to lift his arms and swing his swords.

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

And as Shin continue to persevere, his mind is beginning to enter a tranquil state, while his body is starting to move on its own. His mind haven't thinking about it yet but his body is already doing it. It is as if his body is moving out of instincts.

Moments later, Shin started taking steps forward while still swinging his swords. And now, not even a single flying knife manage to graze his body.

If other people saw what Shin is doing, then their jaws might fall on the ground. It is because before a incoming flying knife reached Shin's attacking range, his body is already responding to counter two more incoming knives.

After few more moments, the flying knives stopped coming on his way. At the same time, he reach at the dead-end of the place. And when he stopped to moving, a series of system notifications sounded on his ears.


System: Congratulations for clearing the fifth stage challenge of the Intermediate Training Ground.

System: Calculating your total scores.

System: Congratulations you scored perfectly for reaching the final point before the timer ends, and rewarding you +50 Awareness Stat.

System: Congratulations! You have awaken your 'Spirit' Special Stat, and you will receive a +50 Spirit Stat for clearing the fifth stage challenge


And before Shin asked himself what is the use of Spirit Stat, another series of System Notification sounded on his ears. And it almost made his brain to stop functioning, and making his mind to turn blank.


System: Congratulations! You have successfully improve you Personal Trait!

System: Congratulations! Personal Trait: 'Immediate Response' have successfully been evolved.

System: Congratulations! You have unlocked the 'Mythical Personal Trait: Ultra Instincts'


Personal Trait: Ultra Instincts

Rank: Myth

Stats:•Reflex: Beyond Godlike

Details:You body can respond on any kind attacks before they are even made, as long as they are inside your perception range.


Note: The full potential of this Personal Trait is haven't been explored.


\"FOR REAL!!!??? Recreating this Talent inside the game? No, is this still a game?\" And before Shin manage to say something more, another batch of System Notifications sounded once again.


System: You have successfully cleared the Intermediate Training Ground!

System: You can either get out the Training Ground with your gains together with the Management Rights.

Or Take on the Sixth and Seventh Challenge to take some bonus rewards.

System: Warning! You are going to lose all your gains once you failed to clear either one of those two challenges


\"Can you at least let me recover myself before asking me these kind of questions?\" complained Shin as he read the last batch of System Notifications.

Shin rest for quite some time to recover himself back to its peak. He can't logout the game after all, since it is the same as forfeiting the Intermediate Training Ground.

After recovering his mind and body, Shin finally accepted the sixth and seventh challenge. \"No pain, No gain. And it is just a matter of going home or going big. Didn't I just received an unexpected benefits earlier?\"

Then another teleportation gate appeared in front of him. And when he walk through it, he was teleported into a spacious hall.

In the center of the hall is an NPC sitting in a lotus position. He is wearing a full-body white armor with some golden runes on its surface. He is caressing the two-meter long and half-a-meter wide greatsword resting on his lap.

The NPC have a golden hair. And when he raise his head up and cast his gaze to Shin, the later felt a powerful aura that swept pass his body.

Shin's breathing started to get rough, while also feeling that his body is starting to get heavy. And that state last for a least a minute before the NPC guy retrieve his aura.

\"It has been a while since someone visited this place.\" said the NPC guy as he observe Shin.

Then he added after. few moments. \"Hmm... A descendant of Zheptus? Interesting ~♪. To think that those guys can still find a successor despite having a very high standards.\"

\"Tell me young man from the other world, who is your Master? The one that give you the right to become a Nephilim, and I'm going to set a trail that is worthy of his name.\"

'I've got a very bad feeling about this. Every time that I asked someone about that Supremo guy, a troublesome matter follows almost immediately.' thought Shin to his mind as he consider if he is going tell the truth or not.

Shin use the 'Scouting' skill to the NPC instead.


NPC Name: Sean Eagle (Guardian of Light)

NPC Rank: Legendary Hero









'Tsk! A Legendary Hero?' thought Shin as he observe Sean.

\"Kid, my time is limited so you better answer my question before I send you back outside of this place.\" said Sean calmly.

Shin release a helpless sigh before replying. \"I don't have a Master. But I got the right to become a Nephilim from a guy who is calling himself 'Supremo'.\"

Sean is gotten off guard at Shin's answer. A moment later, he started laughing and said. \"Hahaha... So that guy is still doing that extra job. And you, You are quite unlucky for passing his trial because you are going to face an endless trouble every time you say his alias. That was a curse set by a jealous God.\"

\"Anyway, because of him, your sixth and seventh challenge are going to become a little special. But since I can feel a Legacy of an old friend of mine from your body, then I'm going to make it a little simple.\"

Shin sighed helplessly once again before saying to Sean. \"Alright, just go straight to the point so we can end this quick.\"

Sean grinned at Shin and said. \"Like I told you, it is a simple one. For your sixth challenge, all you have to do is to reach the 30-yard mark away from me.\"

\"You can do anything you can, but you are forbidden to use any kind of skills.\"

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch a little after hearing that. 'So much for allowing me to do anything.'

\"Alright, let's start.\" said Shin as he activate the 'Meteor Form' of his 'Mondi's Style'.

After that, Shin charges forward, but he is immediately greeted by an invisible sword Qi that is flying straight to his face.

But Shin's body responded on it instantly. He raise right hand while swinging the [Yamato] rightwards, deflecting the incoming sword Qi.


Shin's right arm was thrown in the air when he deflect the sword Qi. \"That was a strong one.\"

Then a bunch of sword Qi flew towards Shin, trying to suppress him. Shin immediately halt his steps and swing his swords as he execute the 'Parrying Stance', trying to deflect the incoming batch of sword Qi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shin took a single step backwards every time his swords collides with the sword Qi's. A moment later, he is back to his starting point.

And that is the time, when Sean said a remark. \"You are quite interesting. Having the 'Ultra Instincts' at a very you age? Unfortunately, your body is not familiar with using it yet.\"

Shin took a deep breath before taking another step forward, while having a determined face. \"Familiarity? Heh, That is the last thing that I'm affraid off. You might even see it as the word that is second only to either \"Battle' or 'Experience' in my favorite words. And do you have any idea on what they call me in my world? They call me a 'Battle Genius'.\"


Real World, The World Gaming Org. Headquarters.

In the Organization's monitoring team working place, Marcus is running towards his chief's office. And he entered the room without knocking on the door.

\"Sir! The Problem Miracle Player that you recently added on the list! He-He is about to cause us another trouble!\" yell by Marcus the moment he entered the room.

Carlos get up from the sofa and look at his assistant with sleepy eyes. \"What are you talking about?\"

\"Sir, that player is currently doing a challenge that might trigger another expansion pack!\" replied by Marcus.

\"What expansion pack is it this time?\" asked by Carlos while still being sleepy.

\"It is the 'Patch no.76893', Sir.\" replied by Marcus almost instantly.

\"Oh... That one? Wait, I'll ask the Chairman about it.\" said by Carlos in a nonchalant manner, before dialing a number on his advance watch.

Moments later, Carlos ended the call after he discuss the current situation with the Chairman. Then he look at his assistant and said. \"Let him do what he wants. The Chairman said that that Expansion Pack is already scheduled to be release after a week or two, so there is nothing to lose if it is release a little earlier.\"

\"And didn't he is just challenging it? So there is still a chance that he might fail the challenge. Therefore, you don't have to concern yourself about it for now.\"

\"Alright, that's all. You can now go back to your post. And make sure to close the door before you leave.\" said by Carlos before going back to the sofa to have his sleep.

\"But... Sir! He also....\" before Marcus could finish what he want to say, Carlos is already putting some earplugs to isolate the noise.

Marcus sighed helplessly before walking out the room while closing the door. \"That guy already unlocked a Mythical Personal Trait, so he is only few distance away from catching up with the other players on the list.\"

\"Ahh!!! I'm staring to have a headache because of this guy! TWO EXPANTION PACK in a row? That was beyond troublesome!\"


\"Should I give him an invitation for the upcoming 'Shadow Ranking Cup' to battle with the other candidates? He is already qualified after all.\"

\"Yeah! That's right! I should give him one. And I hope that the other candidates can beat this guy in a pulp. OK, Let's pray for it.\" after that, Marcus went to his office while having an evil grin on his face.


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