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\"Let's make this quick.\" muttered Shin as he slowly walk towards the troll warlord, trying to gauge the aggro range of this troll.

And when he reach the 30-meter mark, the troll warlord suddenly turned its head towards his direction

.Shin immediately jumped at the back of the tree to hide. The trolls are fast and agile so the moment it saw Shin's silhouette, it immediately charges at him like a rocket.

But Shin is used on fighting trolls already, so he know how to trick them a little. He use the tree to hide himself from the sight of the troll warlord.

The troll warlord throw some axes towards the tree where Shin is hiding, and it was immediately taken down when the axes hit the trunk of the tree. And it started to fall at the troll warlord's direction.

Trrk! Trrk!

The troll hop to the side trying to avoid the falling tree. But the moment it hop sideways, a brilliant white light suddenly fall from above with a way faster speed than the falling tree.


'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

-12 040


The troll was smashed and bounced on ground when Shin's falling slash landed on its body.When he landed on the ground, Shin swiftly flicked his wrist to change his grip on the sheath of his sword into a forehand grip.

'Heh, I read this scene on one of the novels that Arthur was reading, so I just want to mimic it a little since I think it is cool.' muttered Shin to himself before he thrust sheath forward while targeting the chest of the troll warlord.

'Dual Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Attack'

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-12 890



-50 000

Because of the sword-sheath have no sharp edge or a pointed end, the troll warlord was just sent flying backwards after being hit. But the tree already falling on that direction, so the warlord was smashed by that falling tree.

Then Shin enfold the [Yamato] with a blazing fire, before swinging it leftwards, sending a crescent shape fiery sword Qi towards the fallen tree.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'



-15 789

-185(Burning Damage)



-60 000

-200(Burning Damage)

The tree was set ablaze when the burning sword Qi ignited the tree leaves. And in just blink of an eye, the troll warlord's HP was cut in half. Then it immediately gone berserk, making its regeneration rate to become doubled. At the same time, it jump out the burning tree and rush towards Shin.


TShin can see that the troll's HP is regenerating at a visible rate, but he didn't get panic. Because he knows that a troll will receive much more damage when it gone berserk.

Shin hop backwards while putting the [Yamato] back on its sheath, before channeling the power of the Sun towards the sheathed sword.

And when the troll reach the 7-meter mark, Shin quickly pull the sword out from its sheath before swinging it rightwards, sending a blazing crescent sword Qi.

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'



-20 925

-546(Burning Damage)

The troll warlord ignore at the massive damages it taken and continue charging towards Shin, and it succeed reaching its target in just a span of second. Then it swing each of its arms while holding the battle axes on each of its hands.

\"Whose afraid of a melee battle!!!\" shouted Shin as he activate the 'Meteor Form' of the 'Mondi's Style' before swinging his swords at the incoming axes.

'Quasi-Epic Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'

Cling! Cling! Clang! Clang!

Cling! Clang! Clang! Cling!

Shin tried to exchange blows with the troll warlord, unfortunately the later's strength is still a little stronger than him, so he still received some damage every time he redirect the battle axes of the warlord.

Good thing that the overlapping burning effects of the consecutive flame attacks suppress the regenerative ability of the troll warlord a little.

But that deadlock will not take long and Shin knows it. So immediately take a few steps backwards, giving the troll warlord to throw a large swing together with a powerful skill.

The troll raise its right arm before swinging the battle axe that he was hold with his right hand towards Shin.

Shin calmly wait for the battle Axe to descend upon him. And when it is just few centimeters away from his head, he suddenly transformed into a bluish-white light that pass through the body of the warlord.


'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'



'I need to end this with a quick single cycle of one of my skill combos.' He stops at the back of the troll warlord before throwing a powerful downward slash.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-16 720(Stunned)

Then he do a consecutive basic attacks with each of his swords, followed by a strong three consecutive slashes with the [Snowstorm Edge]. After that is a blazing horizontal cut with the [Yamato]. And what comes next are six consecutive stabs with both of his swords.

And immediately after executing those stabs, both of his swords suddenly release a purple colored lights as he swing them diagonally in an opposite direction, and sending a purple cross shaped sword wave.

-3 680

-3 680

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-3 790

-5 685

-7 580

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-13 809

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

-2 200

-2 200

-2 200

-2 200

-2 200

-2 200

'Combined Skills: Eclipse Cross'

-30 320(Critical)

Then the troll warlord's regenerative ability failed to carry the burden of those consecutive attacks. But it still managed to survive the barrage of skills as it barely hanging on its final straw of life. And its HP is rapidly regenerating itself at an insane rate.

Unfortunately for it, Shin have no plan to extend this fight any longer. He quick release the 'Meteor Form' after throwing the the 'Eclipse Cross'.

Then he swiftly put the [Yamato] back to its sheath while taking two consecutive steps backwards. After that, he immediately took another two consecutive steps but this time it is towards his front.

The first step is with his left foot while the next step is with his other foot. And while taking the second step, Shin quickly pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath before slashing it at the back of these troll in an upward motion.

'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'


-30 5890(Critical!) (Killed!)

System: Congratulations! You have successfully cleared the second stage. Calculating your final score.

System: Congratulations! You successful cleared all the monsters on the second stage, rewarding you a +25 STR and +25 AGI.

Shin ignored the system notifications because during the final moments of his movements, he suddenly entered a state of enlightenment. But he immediately become dejected after few moments, because he failed to grasp it completely, since it only happened in a very short amount of time.


\"Tsk, Tsk. That was close! If I just have a little more bit of time, then I can create another 'Class Fighting Style' Skill! Or I can improve the previous ones at the very least.\" And while Shin is in deep thought, the teleportation gate for the third stage challenge suddenly appeared not far for him.

Then he take a look at the spot where he killed the troll warlord and muttered. \"And I really like having a thin armored opponents. They are easy to kill with a quick cycle of my skill combos.\"

And after taking some rest to recover his HP, Shin walk towards the teleportation gate. And when he walk though it, he was teleported into a graveyard.

Whistle ~♪

\"I think I don't need to guess what kind of monsters will I face this time.\" Muttered Shin to himself while looking in a distance.In some distance away from him is a bunch of monsters. But this it is not a single type of humanoid monster but two. A zombie, and ghoul.

\"Two types of monsters? Don't tell me the last monsters are a pair of upgraded version of these two. Then they better give me four types of bonus stats if that was the case.\" muttered Shin as he walk towards the monsters.


Saint Heaven Kingdom, Forbidden City.Guild Residence of HeadHunter Guild.

Inside the conference room there are four people sitting around the roundtable. All of them are releasing an intense and dangerous aura.

This time the one on the head seat is not 'Mad God' Bloody Edge, but a Tier 2 Naga Aquamancer. This guy looks ordinary compared to others sitting around the table, but the other three are looking at him respectfully even if that was the case.

This guy is the right hand man of the Guild Leader of the HeadHunter Guild. He is called the 'Ruthless God' by ordinary players, and his name is 'Cruelty'.

Cruelty take a quick look at the other players around the roundtable before stopping to Bloody Edge and said. \"So what do you plan on doing now? Your people are pretty much useless. They can't even find a single person in a single City?\"

Bloody Edge bow his head before replying. \"Sorry, Sir. But it is not that we can't find him, it just that guy really just disappeared after the incident in the City.\"

Cruelty raise one of his brows before asking. \"Do you asked the Information Agencies already?\"

\"We already asked some, but even them have no idea where is that guy.\" replied Bloody Edge almost instantly.

\"How about asking some help from Assassin Union? I heard that they recently build a branch in here.\" asked Cruelty while knitting his brows.

Bloody Edge shook his head a little before replying. \"We tried to, but they rejected our offer. It is even if we raise price in triple.\"

Cruelty squinted his eyes before turning his to the other side and look at the Human Swordmaster(Tier 2 Branch of Swordsman) and ask. \"What do you think 'Soulless'?\"

The Human Swordmaster named 'Soulless' is another Godlike Player inside the room, and his title is the 'Savage God'. He nodded his head and said. \"Suspicious. They are acting suspiciously this time without a doubt. They usually agreed on any kind of transaction as long as someone pay with the right price.\"

He pause for a moment before continuing. \"And there are only two reasons for that. First, that 'Nameless Swordsman' is one of their people or somewhat related to them. While the other is someone already paid a high price to keep that guy's whereabouts from anyone.\"

\"But either way, one thing is for sure. And that is they know where we can find the 'Nameless Swordsman'.\"

Cruelty fell on deep thought while considering some things.

\"Should we demand the Assassin Union to give us the information that we want.\" said by a Foxkin(Exclusive for Female Players only) Tier 2 Shaman.

This woman is quite a beauty, but the males inside the room knows that this woman is a poisonous one. And she is the last Godlike Player in the room, the 'Bewitching Goddess' Helena.

\"That shouldn't be a good idea in my opinion.\" said the 'Mad God' Bloody Edge.

\"What? Are you scared of them? Where is your pride as a Godlike Player, 'Mad God'.\" said Helena almost instantly while saying the last words sarcastically.

\"Enough!\" shouted by Cruelty before saying to them. \"Let's leave that Swordsman to our Potential Rankers for the time being while we are waiting for my subordinates to investigate his relationship with the Assassin Union.\"

\"Now, let's talk about the main problem. What do you think about that 'Monster Level Player'?\"

Soulless thought for a moment before replying. \"He is not alone for sure. And they should not be an ordinary group at that.\"

\"Maybe the 'Nameless Swordsman' is one of their teammates that just joined the game, and they are protecting him while waiting for him to caught up with the leading players.\" added by Bloody Edge.

\"Not a bad guess, I think. That should be close to reality if you ask me.\" agreed by Soulless.

\"Hmm... This Nameless Swordsman is not simple. Having the support of these Monster Expert while also having the Assassin Union to protect his Identity. I'm starting to get interested on him.\" said Helena in a playful tone.

Cruelty thought for a moment before saying. \"Then change of plans. Let us do it this way. Since that Swordsman is being protected by those guys, and since they already warned us not to send some Official Rankers, then we are going to do to the opposite to bait them around.\"

\"We are going to send a bunch of Rankers after that Swordsman and wait for the other side to take the bait. And when they do, we are going to see who are these guys that dared to question the authority of our Guild.\"


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