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Child of Destiny 95 Adamson Kinghad and Evangeline Rose Part 1

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It is already dusk when Shin arrived at the Springfield Household. And when he arrived in there, the first thing he do is to go on the kitchen.

"Uwaa... I'm starving." Muttered Shin to himself as he walk towards the kitchen.

"Eh!? Big Bro Shin?"

Shin suddenly heard a cute little voice when he entered the kitchen. He turned his head at the source of the voice and saw a cute little girl with red curly hair wearing an oversize apron.

"Laura? What are you doing here?" Asked Shin.

"I'm cooking! Can't you see?" Said Laura proudly while spreading her arms, showing her outfit.

"Of course I can see that. What I'm saying is 'Why are you the one cooking' You can always ask the maids to do that for you." Said Shin while having a frown with his eyebrows.

Laura pouted her lips and said. "But I want it better if I'm the one that made my meal. Aren't you the same?"

"And Grandma Luz let you do that?" Asked Shin while squinted his eyes.

Laura nodded her head while saying proudly. "Of course! I told them that you have my back after all."

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that. "You even used me as a 'Shield'?"

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying to Laura. "OK, OK, move aside. I'm going to make our dinner."

Laura's eyes suddenly turned bright when she heard that. "Really!? Yay! I can eat another meal made by a Master Chef!"

Shin knitted his brows and asked. "Where did you hear that?"

"From Big Sis Cloe. She is always saying I that you are a Master Chef. She is also always telling me that the meals made by you are much more better than all the best Chef that she knew." Said Laura.

Shin release a helpless sigh while thinking to himself. 'That girl really likes to exaggerate everything.'

Then Laura added after some thought. "Ahmm.... Big Bro Shin, can you teach me how to cook as skilled as you?"

Shin look at her weirdly before teasing her a little. "Why? Do you want to be a good housewife in the future?"

"No. I just want to learn how to cook a meal as good as yours, so that I can make my own in the future." Said Laura while blinking her eyes in innocent manner.

Shin shook his head a little while smiling bitterly. 'This little glutton. All she think is food.'


Meanwhile, In a nameless island in the Soaring Continent.

A 15-year-old young man is currently sitting in a lotus position beside an inclined chair where a handsome middle-aged man with a long black hair is laying.

The young man have a blonde hair while his handsome looks have gotten some touch of maturity. His body is quite slim but its muscles are properly shaped to perfection.

Obviously, the young man is Arthur. But the atmosphere around him totally change compared to the first time that he arrived on this place.

But unfortunately it change for the worst. If he is only a mischievous kid previously, now he is little rogue that is going to cause a lot of trouble anywhere he go.

The middle-aged man observe Arthur for a little more before saying. "I don't know how am I going to explain myself to your Uncle for how did you turn out this way."

Arthur smirks at the middle-aged man and said. "Heh, If I didn't become a little more evil, then how am I going beat the 4-star Monsters on this island. And I also can't hold myself against a Cunning Wolf like you if I didn't learn your methods."

The middle-aged man sighed helplessly and said to Arthur in a lazy manner. "Alright, Alright. The military chopper is already outside to fetch you up. Go now, so that I can finally have my peaceful and goodnight sleep."

Arthur thought for a moment before suddenly becoming deferential and asking with a respectful voice. "Sir, It is almost been a month, but I still haven't know your name yet."

The middle-aged man give Arthur a sidelong glace before saying. "Heh. Kid, I already told you my name for more than a hundred times already. Unfortunately, you keep on forgetting about it almost instantly. So it is useless to keep asking me about that."

'And you are going to forget about me once you leave this island anyway.' added the middle-aged man in his head before asking Arthur. "Anyway, what is your next plan after this? Are you going to challenge your Brother once you return to you place?"

Arthur shook his head a little before replying. "Actually, that was my original plan. Unfortunately that is going to wait for a little more. After my training here, Uncle Nathan arranged a Bloodline Ceremony for me."

"So I need to go to my Ancestral Land before going home. And that place is also where my Great Grandfather is doing his close door training."

The middle-aged man nodded his head while muttering to himself. "Hmm... The Dragon Valley. That was a perfect place to awaken a true dragon's blood."

Arthur barely hear anything from the middle-aged man's words so he disregarded it almost immediately. Then he stood up from his previously sitting position before giving the middle-aged man a ninety degrees bow while saying. "Thanks for everything, Sir. And I'll make sure that I'm going put everything you taught me in my heart."

The middle-aged man nodded his head slightly before saying. "Alright. Just make sure that you are going to become a strong Martial-Artist in the future. The stronger, the better. And you are already familiar with the place so I don't need to escort you out."

Arthur give the middle-aged man another bow before walking out the wooden cottage.

An hour later, after Arthur leave the island, the door of the cottage open once again followed by the entrance of another young man with slightly older age.

When he the entered the cottage, he immediately walk towards the sleeping middle-aged man before saying to the later. "I finally found you 'Sir Adam'. Master is already looking for you."

The middle-aged man lazily open his eyes before replying at the youth. "Hey, David. Can you tell Evangeline that I'm currently doing some mission? And didn't I already told you that I already change my name? Call me Adamson. The 'Heavenly Demon' Adamson Kinghad."

Then the appearance of the middle-aged man started to change. His long black hair suddenly transformed into silver in color. His eyes and brows suddenly become sharp, while his pupils turned purple. His body build didn't change much, but his demeanor change entirely.

He is still a handsome middle-aged man. In fact, he is even more handsome than his previous appearance, but other people might stay away from him as soon as they saw him from a far. That is majority because of the evil grin that he is always wearing despite having his good looks.

David release a helpless sigh after hearing that. "You couple are really weird. Master told me to call her 'Eve' since you are named 'Adam'. But you, Sir, is keep on telling me to call you 'Adamson Kinghad' since it perfectly match 'Evangeline Rose'. So who should I follow then?"

"Me, of course! I'm the head of the family, so you should be following me." said Adam without having a second thought.

Immediately after that, the pendant that is hanging on David's necklace suddenly shine brightly, blinding both David and Adam for a moment.

When they re-open their eyes, a beautiful middle-aged lady is standing in front of Adam. She is currently in spiritual form, but the perfect curves of her body is being projected perfectly.

Adam look at the woman in front of him with eyes full of love and said. "Hi, Honey. You are always stunning me every time I saw you. Your beauty is unmatched on this world."

The beautiful woman squinted her eyes and said. "So you are comparing me with the girls that you've met when you are traveling around the world?"

Adam's smile suddenly turned stiff after hearing that. "Honey, I didn't do anything. Promise! I didn't even left this island since I came here."

Evangeline sneered at that while looking at Adam sarcastically. "Of course, you haven't left this island because you are training Bernard and Jane's son in here. And you only arrived at this place at that start of his training, right? Then what are you doing before that?"

Adam suddenly started sweating bullets after hearing that. "Ahmm... Honey, let me explain a little. The thing is....."

Evangeline interrupted Adam and said. "Enough with your excuses! I need you to go back on here now! We have a lot of things to talk to, especially the arrangements that you have done."

"Ahmm... Actually, I'm not done arranging everything, Honey. I still need to..." Adam tried say something more.

Unfortunately, Evangeline didn't get swayed. She look fiercely at Adam and said. "We are not done talking about what you have done fifteen years ago. Now, you want to do another trouble? If I didn't saw you tomorrow, early in the morning, then I'm going to fly over there to fetch our son and bring him home!"

Adam raise both of his hand and admitted his defeat. "Alright, Alright, You win. I'm going home."

"Good!" Evangeline nodded her head before turning her attention to David and said. "As for you. You still haven't done what I asked you, so you are going to train in the 'Forbidden Valley' when you get back."

David suddenly felt an intense chill on his spine when heard the 'Forbidden Valley'.

Evangeline ignored David's reaction and added. "And since you are already on that Continent, stay there for a little more time and see if you can find some movements of Black Serpent Mafia and...."

This time Adam interrupted his wife. "Ahmm... About that Honey, I already arranged some things for them so you don't have to worry about that."

Evangeline look at her husband for a moment before asking for confirmation. "Are you sure? How confident are you?"

Adam replied at it almost instantly. "At first, I asked some help from our friends friends. But an Emergency Mission was issued to them when the incident on the Michigan City exploded."

"But I made a deal with Nathan so he send three reliable guys instead. As for the strength of those three, they are more than enough to flatten one of the main bases of the Black Serpent Mafia. And I already given them the tip on what base is they are going to attack, so they shouldn't have encounter any kind of problems."

Evangeline nodded her head one more time before turning her head back to David. "Then you don't have to concern yourself on them anymore. But you still need to stay there to monitor my son. If something happens to him, then you will be the one responsible for that."

After saying that, she disappeared in the room as if she didn't appear there in the first place.Then Adam give David a smack on his head while saying. "This is all your fault! I also want to join those Old Monsters to attack the Black Serpent Mafia. But because of you, I need to go back home in earlier time than I had expected."

"As your punishment, you need to kill all the 5-star monsters on this place. And you are not allowed to go back to the City if you haven't killed all of them. Don't try to trick me, I put a spiritual brand on all of them, so I know if you missed a single one."

"And if you failed to do it, I'm going to hang you upside-down on the center of Forbidden Valley for seven days when you get back."

After that, Adam disappeared from the cottage, leaving David alone.


Real World, Deep Blue Continent.

In an unknown place on the border of this Continent. There is a huge City-like Fortress standing on this place. The huge walls around the Fortress is being heavily guarded by some expert Martial-Artists.

Not far from the Fortress stands a huge mountain. And on top of that mountain stood three old men. They are observing the Fortress for quite some time already.

"Is this the place?" asked by the muscular old man that is wearing a military uniform.

The old man beside him nodded his head. "It should be. It is what Nathan have said." This old man have a lean body while wearing a traditional Daoist robe.

"How about the Concealment Formation? Is it ready?" said the first old man to the third one.

The third old man is a fatty one. He is wearing an oversize Taoist robe. "I already set the formation up around the whole place. I also set an Isolation Barrier and Imprisonment Formation together with it, so no one can enter or get out from this place without my permission."

The old man in military uniform nodded his head said. "Alright, It has been awhile since I had some physical exercise. Good thing that little Nathan give this task to us."

"Let's make this quick. I still need to see how much improvement did that little rascal made during the time of my absence." said the lean old man.

"OK, just go already. I'll stay here to be your lookout." said by the fatty old man lazily before forming a bed made by his Mental Energy and laying on it.

After that, both the muscular and lean old men release their Internal Qi.

The Internal Qi of the muscular old man is like a multicolored flame, while the lean old man have an alternating pitch-black and silver-white Internal Qi.

Moments later, those two old men jumped in the air and appeared above the Fortress. And before the people guarding the Fortress notice their presence, both of them are already descending to the ground with an unstoppable force.



A day later, a big shocking news shake the entire World!

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