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Child of Destiny 93 An Odd Dual-Practioner Part 2 : Relearning One by One

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Cedrick is currently checking his body to see its changes. He look at his hands while clenching and unclenching it. 'So this is the power created by our Military. And I feel that I can beat anyone with this.'

Then he shift his attention to Shin, and look arrogantly at the later. He formed an evil grin with his lips before taking a basic boxing stance. The green colored Internal Qi around him on the other hand suddenly gone berserk while having some shades of black color on its surface.



Meanwhile, Shin is regulating his breathing while taking his usual battle stance. Then he let the Mental Energy surrounding him to spin more wildly around his body.

Just to make sure, he is planning to fight Cedrick as a Kaleidoscope Mentalist since he want to confirm some things. And the other reason is he keep having a bad feeling that something might become triggered inside his heart if he use his Martial-Arts in this battle.

The two of them stay standing on their place while looking at each other's eyes. For ordinary person, they are just staring at each other without doing anything. But in the eyes of an expert, they are already exchanging blows inside their minds.

Even the slightest bit of movements of their muscles stands for a move that they are about to use, so the each of them are carefully looking for the right opening to make their real first move. And whoever made a mistake will be the one that is going to be left behind by a single step.

After few more moments, that time immediately arrived. Cedrick's concentration slipped for a little, making for him to lose some focus and made a mistake.

Shin grab that opportunity and propel himself forward by kicking the ground and pushing his back with his Mental Energy.


Shin arrived in front of Cedrick almost instantly. Then he thrust his right hand fist forward, targeting the later's face.

Cedrick tilted his head a little to the left while pushing his left hand to the right, redirecting the direction of Shin's incoming fist.

Pak! Bang!

Shin use the momentum of his previous punch to turn his body around in counterclockwise direction while throwing a low kick with his right leg. He is planning trip Cedrick on the ground.

Cedrick on the other hand take a half step backwards with his right foot, and lift his left leg upwards dodging the low kick.

Then he immediately stomp his left foot on the ground, while lowering his center of gravity and raising his left arm to guard his head at the incoming attack.

Shin use the momentum of the spin to throw a rotating high kick at Cedrick's head. But the later is already anticipated that.


Cedrick's trembled a little after receiving that attack. Then the two of them stay at that position for a brief moment, before continuing their physical exchange.

Punches, palm strikes, hand blades, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and kicks. The two of them continue to throw different varieties of these strikes while attacking each other for quite some time.


But the deadlock was broken immediately when Cedrick was hit by a powerful elbow strike! And the Round two immediately came after that.

Cedrick disregard that pain he is suffering before throwing a powerful punch in front of him. Accompanying that punch is the spinning Internal Qi on his right hand.

'Dark and Shadow Arts: Grave Encounter Fist'

Shin was able to react at the sudden counterattack. He gathered a bunch of spinning Mental Energy on his right arm before throwing a palm strike at the incoming fist.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Raging Dragon Impact'


Shin is in a slightly disadvantage position at that exchange. And that was because Shin's Metal Energy is slightly weaker than Cedrick's unusual Internal Qi.

And because of it, Shin took a half step backwards, giving Cedrick a small window. He immediately grab that opportunity to snatch the rhythm of the fight and get the upper hand.

Cedrick pulled his left arm while gathering his Internal Qi towards his left hand. A second later, his left hand shines with a deep green chilling glow while releasing a threatening feeling. Then Cedrick formed a hand blade with his left hand before thrusting it powerfully towards Shin's chest.

'Dark and Shadow Arts: Thrusting Shadow'

Shin have don't enough time to counter that attack. He also don't have a time to block it, so he was force to dodge to his left side, trying to avoid the incoming thrust.


Cedrick's hand-blade managed to graze Shin's chest and leaving a horizontal wound on it.

Shin ignored the pain caused by the wound on his chest to do a counterattack. Then he gather a bunch of Mental Energy at his right leg before throwing a powerful kick towards Cedrick's belly.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Frenzied Tiger Strike'


Cedrick was directly hit by that counterattack and was sent flying backwards. But Shin didn't stop his attack, he put the bottom of his palms together while pulling them backwards and positioning them at right side of his waist.

Then a portion of the Mental Energy surrounding him gathered in between of his palms. And when the Mental Energy reach its peak, Shin push his palms forward, sending a powerful Mental Energy wave that chase after Cedrick.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Flying Dragon Takedown'


Cedrick do a back-flip in the air to lessen the burden of the impact that he received. But when his feet landed on the ground, he was greeted by a raging Mental Energy wave that is coming after him.

Cedrick immediately cross his arms in front of him while gathering all of his Internal Qi towards them. At the same time, the surface of his skin suddenly change into a metallic jade in color.

'Qi Reinforcement Skill: Jade Metal Skin'



Cedrick slide backwards while leaving a long mark on the ground. But Shin is not done yet.

"If I can't beat you in terms of Quality, then let's do it in terms of Quantity." Thought Shin to himself after throwing the 'Flying Dragon Takedown'. Then he swiftly pulled his arms backwards while positioning them on both sides of his waist.

After charging both of his fist with Mental Energy, Shin throw multiple consecutive punches in the air, sending a bunch of Mental Energy waves on Cedrick's direction.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Savage Tiger Cannons'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On the final punch, Shin focus a lot more Mental Energy at his right arm while letting them to spin more wildly around it. Second later, Shin send that spinning Mental Energy at Cedrick's direction.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Savage Tiger Onslaught'



Cedrick continue to took one step backwards every time he was hit by Shin's Mental Energy wave. And when he was hit by the much bigger and much more powerful spinning Mental Energy wave, Cedrick was sent flying once again and collided on the wall at the end of the battle area.

Shin took a deep breath after throwing those consecutive assaults. But before he relax himself, he felt some small movements at the pile of boulders where he sent Cedrick. He squinted his eyes as he observe the pile of boulders few distance away from him.


Moment later, the pile of boulders suddenly exploded, sending the rock boulders and stone fragments in all direction. Then Cedrick walked out from the settling dust while tapping his clothes.

He look at Shin's direction and said. "Is that all you've got? Tsk, so much for talking too big."

Shin put both of his hands on his waist while taking a deep breath, and ignoring what Cedrick had said. 'Sigh~, so I can't beat him with my Mentalism alone? Nah, maybe that is because I'm not too familiar at battling someone with my Mentalism Techniques.'

'Well that should be understandable since I've just become a Mentalist not too long ago, and I haven't gotten a chance to engage in an intense battle using it against someone of the same level and talent.'

'And compared to my accumulated experiences with my Martial-Arts, my Mentalism Techniques are hundred miles apart. Yeah, that should only be the case. Let us try another round then.'

While Shins is in deep thought, Cedrick taken Shin's silence as him being at his wit's end. He smirks at the later while saying. "Heh, What? Suddenly becoming mute? Where did your arrogant nature go?"

Shin still didn't react at that because he is trying to recall his battle against Alice. 'That is right! I can also use a calming technique when I'm using my Mentalism Technique. I forgot about that because my senses are already sharper when I'm releasing my Mental Energy.'

He close his eyes and regulates his breathing, before emptying his mind. A moment later, he entered the 'Deep Meditation' State. He didn't use the 'White Dawn Boundary' because he is not use on being in that state yet, and he is afraid that something might go wrong if he force himself on using it.

When he reopened his eyes, a very calm expression appeared at Shin's face. He can feel his surroundings more clearer than before, while his mind is in a focused and tranquil state.

This version of 'Deep Meditation' state is even more better than his previous one. That is because of his continues practice of the breathing technique of the 'White Dawn Boundary'.

"You!!!..." Cedrick become infuriated when he saw Shin's actions. He now realized that Shin is just ignoring him earlier, and still not putting him at the later's eyes.

Cedrick charge towards Shin while gathering his Internal Qi at his right arm. When he arrived in front of Shin, he swing his right hand fist powerfully towards the later's head.

'Good timing! I want to try some things out. First, let us focus on a single technique.' Shin move his left hand in an upward-circular motion and counterclockwise direction. At the same time, the Mental Energy around him chase after his left hand forming a curve line on its path.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Turtle General's Pounding'

Cedrick formed a smirking smiled when he saw Shin's actions. 'You still don't learned your lessons, didn't you? My Mutated Internal Qi is stronger than your Mental Energy.' Is what Cedrick wants to say.

Unfortunately, his right hand fist was deflected backwards when it collided with the back of Shin's left hand.

And Shin didn't just stop there, he continue moving his left hand and pulled a little backwards, before pushing it forward, throwing a palm strike towards Cedrick's chest. He is using the same technique, so his left had is being followed by a line of Mental Energy behind.

Cedrick hurriedly pull his left arm as he cross it in front of his chest together with his other arm. At the same time, the surface of his skin transformed into metallic jade color, indicating that he activated his 'Qi Reinforcement Skill' once again.

He managed to hold his ground when his arms collided with Shin left hand. But when the Mental Energy following behind Shin's left hand caught up, Cedrick's entire body trembled uncontrollably as he felt that it is being continuously pounded by the raging waves of the boundless sea.

Cedrick gritted his teeth as he force himself to throw another Martial-Art Skill at Shin. But the later counter the incoming skill with the same Mentalism Technique that he was using.

Then the two of them continue exchanging blows; as the battle return back to its deadlock. The only difference this time is Cedrick using different kind of Skill as he try to suppress his opponent, Shin on the other hand is still sticking on using his single technique.

Captain Alfredo frowned his brows as he take a look at Nathan beside him and said. "This kid is quite daring, isn't it? Using Cedrick to train his Mentalism Technique? Heh, That was pretty much like you, Dragon King."

"Watch closely, that is only the beginning." said Nathan as he form a mysteriously grin on his lips. 'Hmm... Maybe I should contact Old Fatty Benn and inform him that this rascal student of his is possessing that kind of special body.'

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