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Shin put both of his hands inside the pockets on each side of his pants. Then he slowly raise his right foot to take a single step forward.

Shin's movements are too slow. The other group can clearly see Shin's every move, but even though that was the case, they can still feel an unknown threatening feeling coming from Shin.

Aside from Cedrick, all of the other guys on the group subconsciously took one step backwards when they saw Shin's actions. But something unexpected happened after that.

The moment Shin's right foot touches the ground, he suddenly disappeared from everyone's sight and reappeared in the middle of his opponent's rank. "Yo!"

"Scatter!" shout Cedrick as he rapidly hop backwards.

Shin smirks at those word and said. "Nice reaction speed, but not too fast."

Shin swiftly extend both of his arms outward, grabbing the heads of the two opponents in front of him. Then he immediately pulled them backwards before smashing the both of them on the ground.

Bang! Bang!

Shin's actions are too fast for them to react, so the moment the heard the word 'Scatter' from Cedrick, both of them are already laying on the ground with fading consciousnesses.

And that is only the time, when their other teammates reacted on what is happening. The immediately jumped backwards, and away from Shin.

Shin slowly stand up from his kneeling position, before saying with a voice that is enough for the other group to hear. "Alright, three down, seven to go."

The expression on the faces of Cedrick and his group suddenly become gloomy after hearing what Shin have said.

"Change of plans, we are going at him together and with full force." said Cedrick without removing his eyes at Shin. After that, Yulo and the others immediately release all of their Internal Qi's.


Shin release a helpless sigh before saying. "I thought you guys are going to give a little entertainment or some physical exercise at the very least since you came from the other Continent. But I didn't expect that you guys are just some unimportant extras."

Yulo and the others become infuriated at Shin's words and charge at Shin in an aggressive manner.

"Idi*ts! I already told them that he is just purposely provoking them to cloud their judgments." cursed Cedrick as he helplessly watch his teammates charge at Shin. Then he release his green colored Internal Qi, while waiting for a right chance to attack.

Shin on the other hand, look at the incoming group and said to himself. 'This guys are too easy to spell with. They looks like a bunch of mobs inside the game that are going to charge at you when you activate a 'Provoking Skill'.'

'Eh!? Why am I thinking about these? I guess I need to lessen my time playing that game. I think I'm becoming addicted to it.'

While having those thoughts, Shin hop backwards to dodge an incoming kick coming from Yulo. After that, he do a side-flip jump to his left dodging another attack. Then he turn his body around while throwing a high kick at the person who is trying to sneak-attack him from his back.


That guy managed to blocked the kick, but was still sent flying towards one of his colleagues.

Immediately after that kick, Shin ducked forward avoiding a powerful kick that is coming from behind. And immediately after that, Shin put a lot of force on his legs before forcing himself to jump upwards while throwing a flash kick at the guy that is coming on his front.


Shin's right foot successfully landed at that guy's chin, making the later to flipped multiple times in the air like some sort of flipping bottle.

After that, Shin continue dodging the attacks directed at him while doing some counterattacks in the process.

And because Shin is not using his Internal Qi and Mental Energy in the battle, most of his attacks doesn't affect his opponent that much. But as the battle progress, a fearful feeling started sprout inside the hearts of his opponents.

No matter what they do, they can't land a single hit on Shin's body. And what make it even worst; Shin is not even using his Internal Qi or Mental Energy when battling them. He is just supressing them with his physical prowess alone.

Even Captain Alfredo who is watching with Nathan can't help himself but to ask the later. "Hey Dragon King, where the hell did you find this little monster? A Mighty Chosen One of this caliber, your Country really hit a jackpot this time."

Nathan smirks and said. "Heh, I already told you that you are going to eat the words that you said earlier."

Captain Alfredo's face suddenly become solemn after hearing that, but he still refuse to admit defeat. "Don't get too carried away, Dragon King. Our Military Force also have our own geniuses, and one of them is in this batch."

Nathan just sneered at him after hearing that. "Well, too bad for you. This kid is not the only monster, even his master and teacher are also monsters in our circle."

Captain Alfredo want to ask something more since he is gotten a little confused at Nathan's words. But before he raise his question, a sudden shift happened in the battle between Shin and the other group.


'Alright, that should be enough to properly test my current physical strength.' thought Shin in his mind before releasing a bunch of Mental Energy to surround himself.

A second later, Shin strongly stomp his right foot on the ground, sending a powerful Mental Energy shockwave outwards.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Turtle General Stomp'


And because of Shin's actions are being too fast, the opponents that are coming towards him are gotten off-guard at the sudden change of development.

So when the Mental Energy shockwave came after them, no one is able to react in time, and making them to be sent flying backwards.

After that, Shin lowered his hips a little while positioning both of his fist on both side of his waist. Then he swiftly throw a bunch of consecutive punches in the air, sending a number of Mental Energy waves in different direction and come after his opponents that are currently flying in the air.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Savage Tiger Cannons'

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!




After being directly hit by those Mental Energy waves, the six people that are fighting against Shin earlier failed to stood up once again.

Shin do some tapping with both of his hands before turning his head at Cedrick's direction. "Hey, you are already watching the fight for quite some time already. Do you really have no plan on helping them out? Well... That is not important anymore since you are the only one left."

"So~♪, shall we end this now?" added Shin as he walk towards Cedrick with a relax attitude; as if he is not putting the later on his eyes.

Cedrick become annoyed at Shin's attitude and look at the later with solemn expression on his face. "I admit that you are strong, but you are not strong enough to act high and mighty in front of me."

"I want to save 'this' until our annual military competition, but it looks like I need to forget about that plan to teach you a lesson." Then Cedrick release an even more powerful Internal Qi, making his previously released Internal Qi to become a little more deeper in color.

The atmosphere surrounding Cedrick suddenly become heavy, making it hard for anyone to breath if they are around him. Then he started walking towards Shin while leaving a bunch of heavy footprints on the ground.

"The Old Experts says that a Martial-Artist is stronger than a 'Psychic Metalist' or a 'Fighting Mentalist' on the same level. But 'Kaleidoscope Mentalist' is different since they are a little stronger than the former. Now I want to confirm if it is actually true." said Cedrick while walking towards Shin.

Shin doesn't care about Cedrick's words at all, but the later part of it made Shin realize about something. 'Now that I think about it, didn't that Old Fatty told me that I can't become a Kaleidoscope Mentalist?'

'And I can only become a Psychic Mentalist to become a Dual-Practioner, since the physical techniques of a Fighting Mentalist might conflict with my Martial-Arts.'

'But why can I use both Physical and Mental Techniques?.....'

Shin train of thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a glowing fist that is coming straight to his face. He calmly raise his left hand in a counterclockwise motion while enfolding it with a rotating Mental Energy.



Shin use the back of his left hand to deflect the incoming fist. After that, another bunch of Mental Energy gathers at Shin's right leg before throwing a powerful kick at Cedrick's neck.

Cedrick gathers a bunch of Internal Qi on his left arm before positioning it on the left side of his head, trying to guard it from the incoming kick.



Cedrick was sent flying, but he still manage to regain his footing when he landed on the ground. Shin didn't come after him since he is still organizing the things that he just realized inside his head.

A moment later, Shin flicked his wrist to surround his body with a bunch of rotating Mental Energies. "Alright, since you want to do it this way, then let's do it. I also want to test some things out after all."

Then Shin immediately took a step forward while thrusting his rotating right hand fist towards his front, and sending a spiral Mental Energy wave at Cedrick location.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Flying Phoenix Beak'


Cedrick focus his Internal Qi's on his right hand fist, before throwing a powerful punch at the incoming Mental Energy wave.

'Dark Continent Military Arts: Heavy Cannon'


After throwing the Mental Energy wave, Shin use of his Mental Energy to push himself in the back, propelling himself towards Cedrick's location.

So when his previous Mental Energy wave was exploded by Cedrick's attack, Shin is already in front of the later.

Shin regather the scattered Mental Energy from the previous explosion, and guided them towards his left hand. Then a transparent rotating sphere was formed on top of his left hand.

After that, the smoke-dust in front of Cedrick suddenly parted ways, revealing Shin who is currently swinging his left hand towards his way.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Raging Dragon's Fury'

It is too late for Cedrick to dodge so all he can do is to cross his arms on top of his head while focusing his Internal Qi on both of those arms.


Cedrick was smash on the ground when he was hit by that attack. Shin on the other hand, jumped backwards to put some distance away from Cedrick.

He don't know why, but he felt a familiar feeling coming from Cedrick's body when his last attack landed at the later. So he want to observe a little more.

Moments later, Cedrick started to stood up slowly while having a shades of black color on his Internal Qi.

Shin look at him calmly while supressing the unexplainable feeling coming from his heart.

Nathan squinted his eyes a little after seeing that. He wants to get involve and stop the sparring match, but he immediately disregard that idea when he saw Shin's calm action.

Nathan continue to stand at the sideline while saying to himself. 'Let us see what are you going to do this time.'

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