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Shin spend a total of 45-minutes in the Military Training Ground. And in the span of that 45-minutes, Shin managed to 'test' all of the training equipments in the Training Ground.

And when Shin walked out the training ground, all the soldiers training in there are looking at Shin as if he is some kind of monster.

"What the!? Is that kid really a kid?"

"Maybe he is some kind of monster youngling."

"The Heck!? He practically broke all the records on each of the equipments on this place."

"Six hundred and fifty kilograms for his arm strength, and seven hundred and fifty kilograms for his legs! That was crazy for a person on his age!"

"Eh!? He even broke the record on the five hundred meter sprint on the gravity room. He did it in the span of 10-seconds only, and that was averaging in 2-seconds per a hundred meter! Tell me, are his legs have some kind boosters?"

"Then how about that insane reaction speed? He defeated.... No, No, No. He practically beaten up the 'Reflex Improving Machine' one-sidedly! He didn't even miss a single 'flying disc', all the way until the machine stopped throwing anything at him!"

"Yeah! And what's even more crazy about it; is he managed to hit all of those without problem even with their increasing speed and irregular pattern."

"You are wrong about that! The most crazy thing on this is he didn't even use his Internal Qi or Mental Energy while taking on those Training Equipments."

"With those kinds of records, he is already qualified to enter a special action force. What do you think? Is he some kind of 'secret weapon' trained by the military?"


Shin went straight to Nathan's office after his 'brief training'. "Hey, Uncle! I'm done adjusting with my strength. Where the guys that I'm going to beat up? My time is limited. And another thing, you should change the equipments on the training ground, they are too easy to deal with."

Nathan is currently reviewing some files when Shin arrived. He raise his head to look at the later and said. "Kid. I'm a High Military Officer, and you can't just burge in my room like that."

"As for the equipments on the Training Ground, those are only for ordinary soldiers on the military. So of course, they are too easy for you. If you want the really hard ones then go to the Training Ground specialized for the Special Action Force's members."

"And speaking of it, I thought you are always acting low-key? Then what was that? Breaking all the records of all the training equipments? If it is not showing off, then I don't know what is it."

Shin release a helpless sigh before saying in an innocent manner. "I just got carried away earlier. Because it has been awhile since I have my proper physical training."

Nathan look at his Advance Watch to check the time before pulling back his seat, stood up and walk towards the door. "It's time. Those guys are about to arrive. Let's go to the battle square."


In front of the Military Headquarters, a foreign military vehicle entered the Military Camp. It stopped at the 10-meter tall building, before a muscular man in a military uniform of a foreign country get off from it.

After that, 10 more persons get off from the vehicle. Then after disembarking, everyone of them formed two lines with five person on each group. These ten new guys are all young. Their ages are ranging from 17 to 20 years of age.

The new group was welcomed a person with a lieutenant rank in the military. "Welcome, Captain Alfredo. Commander Nathan is already waiting for you inside. Please follow me closely."

The muscular guy nodded his head and follow after the lieutenant guy. And the bunch of teens follow him while murmuring with themselves.

"What an arrogant guys. We came here with Captain Alfredo, yet they only send a lieutenant to receive us? Are they mocking us?"

"Yeah! So what if their Military Force is one of the strongest force around the world? Didn't we also belong to that rank?"

"And they are not the only force in this Continent, I guess it is better if we go to the Military Force under the jurisdiction of 'Howen Family'."

"And why do we need to go to this place? Aren't we challenging the strongest youths on their ranks? Isn't it our purpose on coming on this Continent? We should be going to the 'Top Military School' instead! I heard that all of the students there are quite strong."

"Heh, I wonder if that was true. Didn't they already refused our challenge, earlier? And they even made some lame excuse of being in exam season. I bet those guys are just scared of us."

Captain Alfredo let the youths to say whatever they want to say. He only stop them when they are about to enter a spacious room. No, to be more precise, it is a battle arena used for sparring matches.

And when they arrived in there, all they saw is a very spacious room with a size equivalent to football field. There is nothing on it. And it is pretty much similar to a gladiator's arena of the ancient times, it is just a 'little' bigger.

There are two men standing the middle of that room. The first one is a blonde haired handsome middle-aged man with a lean body and semi-mascular built. Beside him stood a young man with an ash-gray colored hair. His physique is quite lean and well build too.

When the new arrivals saw the two, they started complaining once again. But Captain Alfredo immediately tell them to shut their mouths up before they say something more insulting.

Then they walk towards the two, before Captain Alfredo greeted Nathan. "I didn't expect that the 'Dragon King' himself will oversee this sparring match."

When the young men heard the words of their Captain, they can't help themselves but to trembled in fear while looking at Nathan with a fearful gaze.

Nathan ignored the kids and slightly nodded at Captain Alfredo. "Well, I don't have much choice. The other guys are quite busy dealing with their current missions so I'm the only one available for the time being."

The expression on Captain Alfredo's face suddenly turned gloomy after hearing that. 'I know that you are one of the persons in the World Heavenly Expert List, but that doesn't mean you can look down on us.'

While the Captain is busy about his thoughts, Shin suddenly interrupted them and said to Nathan. "Uncle, can we start the sparring now? I still need to do some things after this."

The corner of the Captain's mouth twitch when he heard Shin. He shift his attention at the later while saying at Nathan. "Dragon King, are your Military Force is lacking in some young bloods? Are you sure that you are only going to send a single person? Even the weakest one on the young men behind me is enough to beat this kid."

Nathan just sneered at those words while looking at Captain Alfredo with a mocking face. "Heh, you better remember what you just said, because you are going to eat all of those words later."

At the same time, the young men behind Captain Alfredo release a very intense battle intent. After that, Captain Alfredo lead his young soldiers to put some distance away from Nathan and Shin.

"Uncle Nathan, I can break some of their bones, right?" asked Shin when he saw that the other group already put a certain distance away from them.

Nathan's lips suddenly curved upwards after hearing that. "As long as restrain yourself for not killing them on the spot, then everything is fine."

After that, Shin slowly walk towards the other group and said with a calm voice. "So are you going to come at me together or one by one?"

The other group was gotten infuriated at Shin's words and look at him with a fierce gaze.

Captain Alfredo and Nathan are standing few meters away from the group while watching the entire process.

"This kid is quite arrogant, Dragon King. Did he honestly believe that he can take on the young special unit from our Military Force alone?" said Captain Alfredo in a mocking voice.

Nathan just smirk at those word and said. "Don't worry, that kid can back his words up."


"Senior Cedrick, let me handle this guy. I'll teach him a lesson that he shouldn't mess with us." said by one of the guys in the group.

"Calm yourself down Yulo. Can't you see that that guy is purposely provoking us? He is making us to become agitated to cloud our decisions, that is his only way to win against us after all." said by a guy with a shoulder-length and cyan colored hair. His body structure is similar to Shin, while his eyes are quite sharp with green colored pupils.

He look at another guy and said. "Willy, you haven't gotten a chance to battle on our training camp, right? Go take on that arrogant guy and break some of his bone."

The guy named Willy is a very slim guy with pale skin. He walk out the group and stared at Shin with a fierce gaze. "I will be your opponent."

Shin make a disappointed expression on his face when he saw that. "Tsk, can you just come at me altogether? My schedule for today is quite full, so I don't have enough time for this kind of useless things."

"Arrogant!" said Willy before disappearing in front of everyone' sight.

"Oh... Looks like Willy is taking this seriously. Using the 'Disappearing Steps' from the get-go? That guy is dead for sure."

Those are the honest thoughts of Willy's teammates. Yes, thoughts, those are only thoughts, because what happened next is the reality that they are not expecting.



The moment Willy disappeared from their sight, Shin swiftly thrust his right hand fist forward at the space in front of him. Then immediately after that, Willy reappeared in front of Shin and was sent back flying towards that guy's colleagues.

Willy's teammates looked at Shin with astounded gaze after seeing that. As for Willy himself? Well they disregarded him because he already lost his consciousness the moment he landed in front of them. At the very least, they know that he is still alive because they can still feel his soft breathing.

Shin slightly twist his neck left and right, creating some cracking sounds. Then he look at the other group and said. "If you are going to ask me, then it is better to come at me all at once. That way, you can still have the slightest bit of chance on winning against me. And I can also save some of my time. That was a win-win situation for us, right?"

"This guy..." Yulo is looking at Shin in a cautious manner while getting ready for the incoming battle.

The guy named Cedrick squinted his eyes as he observe Shin a little more, before saying. "All of you, attack him together."

The other members on the group simultaneously turned their head at Cedrick while looking at him dumbfoundingly. A second after that, Yulo open his mouth to say his objection. "But Senior!!! We are going to lose face no matter what happened if we do that."

"Do you think I don't know about that!!?? At least we can still save some of our Military's dignity if we do it this way." said Cedrick as he pause for a moment to take another look at Shin before continuing. "All you have to do is to exhaust the majority of his strength when you guys are fighting against him."

"And If you managed to beat him, then that is even more better. But if you lose against him, then I am going to take him on myself and beat him in a one-on-one battle in his weakened state. That way, I can beat him and we can win some face for our Country's Military Force."

With Shin's Mentalist's senses, he can still hear them even if they are using their softest voice. But he don't care about what they are talking about. "Are you guys done discussing with yourselves? I already told you that I'm currently in a hurry. Are you all Idi*ts or what? How many times do I need to repeat myself to make myself clear?"

"And if you guys are not going to come at me, then I'm going to do the opening move."

The other group suddenly felt a sudden chill on their backs when they heard the later part of Shin's words. Then what comes next is a living nightmare that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

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