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Child of Destiny 10 'Quick Draw'

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Monster Name: Wild Boar

Rating: Normal

Level: 8


MP: None

Stamina: Default

Physical Defense: 90

Magic Resist: 90

Attack Power: 70 - 80


1. Charge: Rushing forward with an extreme speed dealing 200% damage and stunning the target for 2 secs. cool down 30 seconds.

Note: If it fails to hit the target and the user collided on a wall or something similar then that user will suffer a backslash damage and stunning them for 2 secs.

2. Hard Skin (Passive): Increase the defence by 50%.


After inspecting the wild boar, Shin prepared himself and enter the monster's aggro range.
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The moment Shin step in 7 meters away from the boar he is notice by it. The boar exhale a bunch of air from it's nose, when it see that Shin have no plan of stopping, the boar directly use it's first skill.


Shin smirks when he saw the incoming boar. He take a large diagonal step to the right while simultaneously drawing the sword on his waist and swing it in an upward-diagonal motion.

- 51

The boar shriek because of the sudden attack, and it stumble on the ground from the momentum and it take a backslash damage because it fails to hit the 'Charge Skill'.

- 100

Shin takes the opportunity and attack the boar with 'Triple Slash'

- 132

- 149

- 166

The boar got enraged because of the strings of damage. It get up hurriedly and run away from Shin to gain some distance to use another Charge.

But how can Shin let that happen, he run closely with the boar while swinging his sword from time to time. And every time his skill cool downed he will use it immediately.

When the boar's HP is almost in the empty, Shin pays for his reckless attacking method, he get exhaust and is thrown by boar's strike.

- 50

A red number pop-up on Shin's head and he is send flying backwards. He struggle to regain his balance.

As if the boar expected it, It used Change once again.

Shin panic at first, but he still manage to regain his composure very quickly. 'I came across a lot of battle already do you think I will let you do all you want.' said Shin in his heart while forcing himself to dodge the attack.

Even though he manage to move his body away from the path of Boar's Charge to avoid the stun effect of the skill, he is still been hit by the boar's tusk.

- 300

He endure the damage and swings his sword downwards with all the strength remaining in his body.

- 90(Critical)

The Boar cry in agony before taking it's last breath. At the same time a golden light enfold Shin together with strings of Level-up notification.

Level up!

Level up!

Level up!

Level up!

Shin HP and Stamina is recovered back to full. Then he sat down and tell to himself. "That was close. I should be careful on using skills next time and also pay attention on my stamina control, since I can't control my body here as well as in the Real World."

Then he look at his status window and said. "Base on what read on the game introduction, it is easy to Level-up in the early stages and it gets harder and harder as the Level goes higher. I should not waste 'my X2 EXP Boost'."

*(For more information about the Level-up procedures please look at Author's thought below.)

"A Human can have a 10 'Undistributed Stats' every level. Even though a Human don't have any Multiplier on their main stats they still get 5 more 'Undistributed Stats' than the other races."

"Since I have a lot of bonus stats from the training I should not spend any 'Undistributed Stats' for now and save it for emergency purposes." said Shin while he is criticizing his last battle.

A 'Multiplier of Stats' is a bonus on main stats that other race gain in every level. For example if a human can have 5 points in their every stats for every level they gain then an Elf can have 5 points in every stats and +3 more in AGI and INT in every level.

After that he gather the boar's skin and tusk, and pick up the loots. He got a little unlucky this time because the boar only drop a few pieces of bronze coin.

Then he look for his next target. He do the same approach, he wait for the boar to charge at him before a diagonal step while doing a draw attack and then continue attacking while paying attention to his stamina.

Few hours later. A boar is Charging at Shin at great speed, when the boar is near him he do the same diagonal step while drawing the sword from his waist but this time it is done with an extreme speed and precise timing.

Then a system notification ring on his ears but he ignore it and follow his attack with his typical combo. After he kills the boar he then take a look at the system notification.

System: Congratulations you have created a new skill please give a name for your skill.

'So it is really easier to create a skill in combat, sometimes it is good to listen to Arthur about the game. I wonder what level he is or how good is he?.' said Shin to himself before naming his new skill. "Let's call it 'Quick Draw'"

System: Congratulations you have created a Rare skill 'Quick Draw' you have been granted 10 Fame as bonus.


Self Created Skill (Personalized)

Skill Name: Quick Draw

Rank: Rare

Details: Draw your sword with a quick motion and dealing (10% damage)•AGI.

Consume 50 Stamina

Cool Down: 25 sec

Note: This skill can only be use when the sword is sheath.


"Another Rare Skill? Looks like I'm quite lucky with skills huh." said Shin because even if he didn't get any items from the boar's drops he still manage to get two basic skill books.

What Shin didn't know is that creating as skill is really hard for other Players specifically Rare Rank and above. He can only created a skill easily because he is a Martial-Art Practitioner in real world.

And the dropped rates of weapons and armors are very low, that's why he didn't find any weapons that have been drop.


Skill Name: Destructive Slash

Rank: Basic

Details: Hit your enemy with a powerful Strike dealing 20% more damage and stunning them for two seconds. Consumes 20 Stamina

Cool down: 10 sec.


Skill Name: Charge

Rank: Basic

Details: Dash onto your Target in 7 meter range and dealing 30% more attack damage while stunning them for 1sec.

Consume 50 Stamina

Cool Down: 15 sec.


Even though the 'Charge Skill' is weaker than the boar's, it didn't have any backslash and easier to control. Then he take a look at at his 'Status Window' to see the fruit of his labor.


Name: Sickarius

Level: 7

EXP: 1600/12 800 (12.5%)

Race : Human

HP: 1700 (+ 28.3 regen/sec)

MP: 1700 (+ 28.3 regen/sec)

Stamina: 3400 ( + 28.3 regen/sec)

Physical Attack :

173 -173 + (85 - 85) + (20 - 30)

Magic Attack : 170 - 170 + (87 - 87)

Physical Defense: 86

Magic Resist: 85

Major Stats :

STR - 85 +(3)

INT - 85

AGI - 85 +(3)

VIT - 85

Minor Stats :



Special Stats : (Not yet available)

Title/s : I Know It All (can be evolve)

Fame : 70

Skills :


- Equalizer


- Triple Slash

- Destructive Slash

- Quick Draw

- Charge


- Mining

- Gathering

- Scouting (Active/Passive)

Undistributed Stats : 70

Available Skill point : 5


"The 'Equalizer Skill' gives a lot of bonus damage. Hmm. I guess I should learn some Skill that uses mana so that my MP will not go to waste. I have a lot of stamina now so I can do a lot of things now." Shin analyze his stats while take some mental note about his future plans.

"OK, since I have collected more than enough boar materials I should go and find the cave now to mine some Iron metals. I should take advantage of the Beginners Village benefits for now. In here I don't need to concern about weapon's durability and it is also a good place farm a lot of skills, once I get out of this Village the drop rate of skill books will detoriate. But I also want reach Level 10 earlier so that I can have my class change." said Shin while leaving his spot to find the cave but before he get too far away, he heard a large and heavy steps coming from his back.

He turned around and look what is it. And what he see is a golden boar three times larger than a Wild Boar. He then activate Scouting to see it stats.


Monster Name: Golden Wild Boar(Mini Boss)

Rating: Chieftain

Level: 15

HP: 20 000

MP: None

Stamina: Default

Physical Defense: 200

Magic Resist: 200

Attack Power: 120 - 150


1. Charge: Rushing forward with an extreme speed dealing 200% damage and stunning the target for 2 secs. cool down 30 seconds.

Note: If it fails to hit the target and the user collided on a wall or something similar then that user will suffer a backslash damage and stunning them for 2 secs.

2. Hard Skin (Passive): Increase the defence by 50%.

3. Stamp: Stamping on the ground resulting to a shockwave and Dealing 300% damage in 5 meter radius.


"Are you kidding me with that kind of stats, this monster can trample any average Player especially with that kind of defense. Well I can easily kill this guy if I use my Undistributed Stats but I have decided that I'm only going to use it once I've done my class change." said Shin while looking at the Golden Boar cautiously.

Then he look at his surroundings to see if there is anyone in the vicinity. "All Clear! Now I'm going to use you as a testing subject for my Skill." Shin wet his lips while holding his sword's sheath with his left hand and putting his right hand on it's hilt, then facing the 'Golden Boar' sideways in a squatting position.

When the 'Golden Boar' see Shin's action, it get enrage because it thinks Shin is provoking him. It scratch it's front foot before using 'Charge' just like the other boars.

Shin smirks when see this happens. "What a predictable guy". When the 'Golden Boar' is almost in front of him he use 'Quick Draw'.

- 2063

When that damage is dealt Shin whistles and said "Rare Skills sure are scary, with that kind of damage I can even one hit someone."

As him and the Boar is passing each other, he try to swing his sword normally.

- 0

"And yes with that kind of defense, I can't deal any damage with my 270+ base damage. Looks like I can only depend on my skills this time around." said Shin when he see that he can't deal any damage. Then he chase after the boar.

When the boar turns around Shin is already upon it and using a 'Triple Slash'.

- 256

- 395

- 534

When the 'Triple Slash' hits, a large chunk of the boar's HP is gone. Then it release a loud roar while raising it's front feet.

When Shin saw that he hurriedly use a 'Destructive Slash'

- 34

The Golden Boar's movement pauses for a second before continuing to Stamp it's front feet.

Even though Shin failed to cancel the 'Stamp' he still managed to get away from it's effective range using his own 'Charge'.


While Shin is busy dealing with the 'Golden Boar', a party of five Players is moving towards his direction.

" Boss, this is the direction where I hear that roar. I'm sure it is from the 'Golden Boar'." said by an Elf from the group while playing with his dagger.

"Let's hurry up, we can't let other guy steal that boss from us." a middle age Lionkin Beastman command to the others.

If Shin is here he will recognize them because these players are the group of players that mock him when he is accepting the 'Training Quest'.

When they arrive at the site, what they see startled them.

"Look that guy is fighting that Boss solo." said a Human guy of the group.

"Boss isn't that guy that we saw in the Village? How come he is already Level 7? What's more fight a Boss solo". said the Elf when he recognize Shin.

" Could it be he got lucky manage to find a powerful weapon?". said by a WolfKin

"Look that guy sword is shinning with blue light maybe he really have rare weapon, from the looks of it it should be at least a Bronze rank weapon because those are the only items that have that kind of effects" said by the Human once he saw Shin's attack.

"Yeah, and look at those kind of damage the 'Golden Boar' has at least 300 defense because of it's 'Hard Skin Skill' but he still able to deal a lot of damage, especially that drawing skill it deals more than 2000 damage it should be the additional skill of that weapon.

But contrary to these guys expectations, the real reason why Shin's sword is shinning is because of his 'Equalizer Skill'. His sword is coated with blue light because some of his Magic Attack is being converted to Physical Attack.

While his 'Quick Draw' is a 'Personalized Rare Skill' which is a lot more stronger than basic skills. Even though it is a possibility they disregard it because they don't believe, that Shin can create an 'OP Skill' like that.

"That's enough chit-chatting, spread out and surround that kid. We are going to show him what will happen to those people that refuses to join us." Said the Lionkin Beastman.


As the Boar's health drops, the more Shin feel that there is something wrong so he look at the surroundings and notice silhouettes moving under the shades of the trees. "So that was it". said Shin to himself while slowing down his rhythm and taking some precautions.

Then 'Dan' shows himself while saying " We meet again kid. Do you want us to lend you a hand?"

Shin give him a side eye glance before replying. "Thanks for the offer senior, but I can handle this myself."

Dan smirks before saying. "That's OK, but we didn't asked your for your permission."

At the same time the Boss Health reaches 20%, Then the Elf charge at Shin's back with extreme speed and use a CC(Crowd Control) Skill.

But when Shin felt the killing intent coming from Elf's dagger, he instinctively move his body sideways barely dodging the attack. After that he turn around and use a 'Destructive Slash' on Elf. Followed by a notification ring on his ears.

System: You've attacked another Player. Classified as an act of self-defense so you will not get a 'Sin Points'.

The Elf got startled at what happened, what's more he can't even move because of the two seconds stun. Then the 'Golden Boar' ram at him resulting to send him flying.

At the same time Shin uses 'Charge' at Dan who is standing not far from him.


- 290

Dan got stunned for a second, and when he recovered from it he immediately raise his sword and swing it to Shin. But Shin already jumps on his right smirking at him while sheathing his sword.

Dan didn't even manage to know the reason of that smirk when he is hit by the Golden Boar's Charge and instantly killing him.

The other three is rooted at their place because of the sudden turn of events. Then they look at each other before charging at Shin.

When the Human and WolfKin Players are almost at Shin, they want use their offensive skills but Shin is faster, he use 'Quick Draw' on the Human guy followed by a Triple Slash to the WolfKin and a normal attack

- 3000(Critical)

- 566

- 705

- 839

- 280

They followed the footsteps of their Boss. The last guy stops his tracks when he see his comrades died tragically. He look at the Elf guy that is sent flying by the Boar and when he see the Elf is already running away, he want to run away too but Shin is already attacking him.

When Shin killed the third guy, the 'Golden Boar' is already charging at him. He circled on a tree trying to block the Boar's path, but the Boar is in 'Berserk State' so tree got blasted when the Boar rammed at it.

When the Boar speed is slowed down by the tree, Shin continued to circled around on the other trees waiting for his skills cool down.


After few more minutes of battle the Golden Boar taked it last breath resulting for Shin to level-up once again.

Level up!

Level up!

And then Shin's eyes shines when he see the Golden Boar's drops.


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