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Child of Destiny 90 Breaking some Bones? Part 1

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"Ke Ke Ke Ke, You don't have to worry about that. Because if you die, so do I." said the voice laughingly.

Then a brilliant white light suddenly appeared few distance away from Shin. The voice sounded once again after that. "Did you see that light? All you have to do is walk towards it until you reach that light. Quite easy, isn't it?"

Shin is still quite suspicious, especially that he can't completely trust an inner demon. "Of course I can see that, I'm not blind after all. But how about you show yourself first, before I do what you want me to do."

"I already told you that I will do no harm to you. And if you really want to see me, then pass through that light and you will reach where I am." replied the voice before disappearing completely.

Shin still want to say something, but no matter what he do, the voice didn't reply at him at all. It is as if that voice didn't exist in the first place.

Left with no choice and since he don't have anything better to do, Shin walk towards the light. 'Tsk, Why do I feel like this is something that a dead soul will do. Walking towards the light to get on the afterlife? Am I going to die once again?'

Then Shin walk and walk and walk and walk towards the brilliant white light. But as the time goes by, he started to feel that there is something amiss. No matter how long he walk or how many step he take, he still can't reach the white light.

But even though that was the case, Shin still persevere on walking forward. He don't know why, but he keep having a feeling that he need to continue doing this.

Hours turned days, days turned weeks, weeks become months, then months become years, all the way until Shin forgot how much time have passed.

During the process, Shin felt a lot of things. Hunger, thirst, loneliness, dullness and many other things. Shin almost gone crazy during this time. He even forgot why he needs to reach the shining light.

Some more time have passed, Shin started to feel that he is getting near at the shining light. But at the same time, another light appeared not far from the previous one. And this new light is much more brighter than the one that Shin was 'chasing'. The previous light looks like a small firefly beside the brilliant white lamp when it is compared at the new one.

But even though that was the case, Shin ignored the new light and continue walking towards the previous one. And when he do, a lot of brilliant white lights started to appeared everywhere. Some are near, some are far but a lot more brilliant than the others, some are attractive and seducing as if they are calling him.

But Shin didn't get blinded and confused by them. He continue walking towards the first light that looks too dull compared the others. A moment later, Shin finally reached the light that he was chasing from the start.

When his right foot stepped on that light, everything around Shin started to change. The previously world of endless darkness suddenly transformed into a world of a never ending light.

Shin close his eyes as he raise his right hand, blocking the sudden appearance of the blinding light. Then he suddenly heard the familiar voice once again.

"You are finally here."

Shin took some time to adjust himself at the sudden change of the environment. And when finally adjusted himself, he tried to look for the owner of the voice.

"You are looking for me?" said the owner of the voice.

Shin immediately turn his head at the source, and when he do, what he saw is a floating mass of black smoke. Shin knitted his brows and asked. "Is that your real form?"

"Maybe or maybe not." replied by the voice as it started to form an outline of a person."So what are you going to teach me now?" asked Shin.

"There is no need for that. You already passed the test after all." said the smokey figure in a nonchalant manner. Then he continue after the slight pause. "But I'm going to tell you are pair of good and bad news."

Shin didn't say anything and just wait for the smokey figure to continue.

"Tsk, Tsk, I knew that you are such a boring person, but still can you at least keep up with the suspense on the atmosphere? At least ask me what you want to hear first." said the smokey figure with an irritated tone.

"But you didn't ask me about it earlier." said Shin while shrugging his shoulders. "Alright, let's go with the good one first."

The smokey figure touch his smokey chin with his smokey right hand while saying. "Hmm... Well that was not really a good news now that I think about it."

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that, but he didn't interrupt the smokey figure and wait for it to continue.

"Since you already already passed my test, you already conquered your first inner demon which is me. And that also means you can now use the power of my 'Seed of Hatred'." The smokey figure pause a little to take a look a Shin's reaction before continuing. "Unfortunately, your Internal Qi conflicts with the Demonic Qi that are coming from my 'seed'."

"So if you want to use my powers properly, you only have two choices. First is to give up with the Internal Qi produced by your Martial-Arts. The second is to look for a way to make them compliment with each other, so that you can use both of them in battle, but that was close to impossible."

Shin is gotten confused at some points that the smokey figure have said, but he don't have enough time to point them out because the later continue talking without caring about what's running on Shin's mind.

"Meanwhile, the bad news is that I'm the weakness and the easiest to conquer among your inner demons. I am an implanted one after all. The other two are much more harder to deal with, and not as friendly as me."

"Alright, that's all. Your time is already up, and you need to go back to the outside world now." After saying that, the smokey figure suddenly exploded and fuse with Shin's body.




Then Shin felt that his body suddenly shot upwards with an incredible speed and unstoppable force. It is as if he is being pulled by a powerful hand that is coming from the the heaven.


In Real World, Military Laboratory.

Shin who is currently inside the cylindrical container suddenly start convulsing.

Tut! Tut! Tut! Tut!

Then a sudden alarm alerted the personnels monitoring Shin. "Sir! Young Master Shin's vitals suddenly become unstable! Especially his pulse rate! It keeps rising at incredible speed."

The doctor that injected the blue colored liquid at Shin arrived beside the person in front of the monitor and asked. "What happened? Did something went wrong? Are there some problems with our equipments."

The person replied almost instantly. "I don't know, Sir. Everything is going smoothly just recently, and our equipments are running without problem since we have started, but it suddenly become like this."

And when the people in the Lab are panicking, a powerful force suddenly exploded from Shin's body.


Then the glass wall of the cylindrical container were broken by the impact of the sudden burst of the power that came from Shin's body.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Immediately after that, all of the apparatuses that are connected on Shin's body suddenly become broken one by one.

"What the hell is happening!?"

Because of the sudden chaos on the Lab, no one notice the bunch of black smoke that are being emitted by Shin's body. The black smoke only appeared very briefly, before disappearing once again and sunk down at Shin's body.

Shin removed the oxygen mask that is covering the lower half of his face. Then stood up and removed the wires-with-patches on his body. After that, he tried to feel the changes on his body.

Shin knitted his brows when felt that there is nothing wrong. "Huh? Strange, nothing changed at all, aside from my body regaining its peak state. Then what kind of power did...."

But before Shin managed to complete his thoughts, Nathan suddenly arrived at the scene while radiating with a powerful aura.

He appeared beside Shin and put his right hand index and middle finger at later's pulse to check the state of Shin's body.

Nathan release a sigh of relief when he confirmed that there are nothing wrong at it. Then throw some military clothes at Shin, before appearing beside the doctor in charge at monitoring Shin.

"What happened? Didn't you said that everything is alright?" asked Nathan while still releasing his aura.

"I don't know, Sir. We are currently investigating what really happened." replied by the doctor while lowering his head.Nathan suddenly squinted his eyes as he look at the doctor.

"You don't know what happened? Are you playing a joke with me?"The doctor don't know to reply at that, especially with Nathan's current mood. He just continue lowering his head, not daring to look at Nathan at all.

Shin just finished putting on the military clothes and walk towards Nathan and the doctor. "Uncle, what's happening?"

Nathan take a quick glance at Shin as he remember about something. He turned his attention back to the doctor while saying. "Clean up this mess for now. But remember, I'm still not done with you."

After that, Nathan grab the back of Shin's clothes before disappearing at the Military Lab. Then they reappeared at the Military Training Ground.

Nathan throw Shin on the ground while saying. "Do some training here for few minutes to readjust yourself at your newly regained strength."

"But do it quick. Some guys from the Military Force of Dark Continent are looking for a suitable 'sparring' partner for their younglings, and they are about to arrived."

"There are no available young ones on our ranks since the Top Military School are currently in exam season, and the students there are too busy to accept this 'sparring match'."

"Arthur on the other hand is currently in his special training. Same goes for Leonard who is in Eastern Sea Region. All in all, you are the only one that is available for this. So you have no other choice but beat those guys up."

After saying all of that, Nathan disappeared once again not giving Shin any time to react. Shin stared blankly at Nathan's previous location for quite some time before he finally regain himself."What the heck! Are my feelings not important? Tsk, I still have some things that I need to do inside the game, so I can't waste my time on these unimportant guys!"

"They better brace themselves for I'm about to break some of their bones for destroying my work schedule." muttered Shin to himself as he clench and unclench his hands to create some cracking sounds.

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