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Shin walked out the 'Hand of Midas' Trading Firm while having a deep frown with his brows. "*Sigh~*, So what am I going to do now? Huh? Wait, I often ask myself this question since I joined the game. Is this what a VRMMORPG player looks like? Always asking yourself on what are you going to do next?"

Shin take a quick glance on his digital clock and saw that it is only 3:00 a.m. in the Real World. "Hmm... I still have 2 hours before my training schedule, but I guess it is better if I do my training routine a little early. That way, I can get back in the game earlier than usual."

After that, Shin went to an Inn to rent a room before logging out the game.


Real World, Soaring Continent, Main Region.

Central District, Capital City, Springfield Household.


Shin get up from his 'Gaming Pod' while pinching his nose. "Huwaa!!! What was that smell? It stinks."

A moment after that, he discovered that his entire body was drenched with sweat. At the same time, he also discovered that there are some changes in his body. "Eh!? That was strange. Why I didn't experience this when I borrowed the 'Gaming Pod' in the hospital? And why I didn't experience these kind of changes at that time?"

"Huh!? And My body is retuning back to its peak, while my Internal Qi improved a little? Is this the effects of the S-Rank Serums?" muttered Shin to himself as he tap some buttons on the 'Gaming Pod'.

After that, a bunch of white steams were released by the 'Gaming Pod', cleaning its inside and removing the stinking smell that are coming from it.

"Good thing that 'Gaming Pods' have this kind of feature, or else everyone will become troubled on how are they going to clean it." said Shin as he walk towards the bathroom.

After taking a warm bath and putting on his Martial-Art suit, Shin went out to the garden to do his morning training routine. But he limit his physical training into a mild one, since his body is still not back to its peak state.

After the physical training of his Martial-Art Skills and Mentalism Techniques, Shin do some mind meditation to strengthen his 'Niwan Palace' and 'Golden Core'.

Then he practice the breathing technique base on his new calming technique. Moments later, he try entering the 'White Dawn Boundary'. And this time, he managed to hold himself in this state at five more minutes than his previous try. In total, he can now stay at 'White Dawn Boundary' state in 20 minutes at most. He stop practicing when his mind and willpower reached their limits.

After doing all of that, he took another quick shower before having his breakfast. And before he go back on his room to get back in the game, Nathan suddenly arrived at the Household."Hey brat, come with me for a moment. I need you for something." ordered Nathan without caring about Shin's feelings.

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch when he saw Nathan's actions. 'I guess, Big Sis inherited her bossy personality from Uncle Nathan. Is it possible that Auntie Jane and Uncle Nathan have some kind of secret affair before, and Big Sis is the fruit of that forbidden love...'


Shin's thoughts was suddenly interrupted by the sudden pain on his stomach. He kneeled on the ground while embracing his stomach with both of his arms. Then he heard Nathan's voice while he is grieving in pain."Brat, Stop that weird imagination of yours if you don't want to get beaten up."

'Eh!? Uncle Nathan can hear my thoughts? But he is not a Mentalist.' thought Shin in his mind while looking at Nathan with astounded gaze.

"I can't hear what your are thinking, but I can read it base on the expression on your face." said Nathan before continuing to walk towards the outside of the Mansion.

'So he can really read my mind. What talent is it? 'Mind Reading' or is it something similar.' Shin follow behind Nathan while having these thoughts.

Nathan lead Shin to a Military vehicle outside the Mansion before getting inside it. Then the Military vehicle brought Shin and Nathan at one of the Headquarters of the Military Force of the Soaring Continent.

"Eh!? Why are we here, Uncle? You already gotten my statement regarding on what have happened on the Michigan City, didn't you?" asked Shin while having a confused look on his face.

"Don't worry, I didn't bring you here for that. Just shut your mouth up and follow behind me." said Nathan.

Nathan lead Shin to the Military Laboratory and explain a few things. "Remember that Datas that you and John Evans got from that Underground Secret Lab? We have gotten some things that can help us out on the Medical Field."

Nathan pause for a moment as he stops in front a three meter tall cylindrical container that is made of glass and have one meter radius. He turn his head at Shin and said. "Alright, take off your clothes and get inside."

Shin look at Nathan with widened eyes while saying. "Eh!? What!? Why would I? Uncle Nathan, I came here with you because you need my help for something. But that doesn't mean that I'm agreeing to become a guinea pig for some sort experiment. And...."



Nathan smack Shin's head to shut the kid's mouth. "What the hell are talking about? Didn't I already told you to stop that wild imagination of yours? Are you really that eager to go back on the hospital? Do you really missed the hospital bed that much?"

"This capsule is for medical purposes. And I told you to get inside to help your body to return back to its peak."

"Eh!? Is that so?" Then Shin immediately take off his outer clothes on the spot, leaving only his underparts to cover his private part.

The women personnels that saw Shin's actions can't take off their eyes at him, especially the young ones that are murmuring with each other.

"What a nice body."

"Not only that, he is good looking too."

"Look at those perfectly shaped muscles, especially those six pack abs."

"Is he really a teenager? If I'm few years younger, I might take his as my boyfriend."

"You can still always wait for a few more years for him to become a little more mature."

Even though they are only using their soft voice to talk with each other, Shin can still hear what they are saying since he is a Mentalist. And their words are enough to make his ears to turn bright red because of embarrassment. He is still a kid after all.

Nathan who is standing behind Shin managed to see all of that and sneered. "What? Getting embarrassed? I thought you had a think skin on your face?"

"Uncle, that was Arthur and not me. You know me, I'm always doing things in a low profile manner." rebutted Shin while keeping his head low.

Nathan smirk at him and said. "So that is why you directly took off your clothes here."

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that. "Aren't you the one who told me that?"

After that, Shin step up on the capsule. At the same time, some medical personnels in the Lab put some apparatus on his body together with an oxygen mask to cover nose and mouth.

Then a middle-aged man that looks like a doctor base on his outfit walk towards Shin. He take out a syringe from the suitcase holding by his assistant.

"Don't worry kid. This will only put you in a deep sleep state, and it will only last for 3-4 hours at most." said the 'doctor guy' as he use the syringe to take a blue colored fluid from a test tube, before injecting it to Shin.

After that, all the laboratory personnels get out from the cylindrical container, leaving only Shin at the center of it. Then the cylindrical container suddenly close, immediately after they leave.

As Shin's consciousness started to fade away, a cyan colored liquid started to pour from the top of the cylindrical container, filling its inside.

Nathan walk towards the doctor earlier and said. "Are you sure that this is safe and have no side effects?"

The doctor nodded his head as he reply at Nathan. "Of course, Sir. We already test it multiple times, and we didn't encounter anyone that suffered any kind of side effects."

Nathan nodded his head slightly while saying. "That's good then. I'll be back after four hours, just monitor him properly and make sure that his vitals are stable."

"Yes, Sir!" said by the doctor while bowing his head. Then Nathan walked out the laboratory after that.


Inside of Shin's sea of consciousness.

Shin floating aimlessly on an endless abyss once again. Few moments later, a familiar laughing voice sounded once again. "Ke Ke Ke Ke, you are back. Looks like you are really fond of this place."

Shin stay on his laying position while replying at the voice. "Heh, you again? So am I about to die once again?"

"Well, that was not the case this time. It is just because those guys outside are starting to feel that they are smart once again." replied by the voice.

Shin knitted his brows as he reply at the voice in a confused manner. "What do you mean by that? Can you speak with the language that I can understand?"

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Alright, Let's put it this way. Those guys put you on a deep sleep state. It is like putting your body on its fake death." said the voice.

"So why did they need to do that?" asked Shin still being confused.

"Hmm... When you body is in this state, all of the systems of your body are going to stop functioning temporarily." replied by the voice in a nonchalant manner.

"Then isn't it have no difference on me being dead for real." muttered Shin to himself before he felt that there is something amiss. "Hey! You didn't answer my question correctly. What I'm asking you is 'Why did they need to do that'."

"Tsk! You are so annoying. Since your body systems stopped functioning, the antibodies inside your body and its metabolism are going stop working for a moment. Then those guys put you on that state, so that they can heal your body more easy, without being hindered by those. The antibodies of a Martial-Art Practioner is quite strong after all." replied by the voice with an irritated tone.

'Whoever this guy is, he know a lot of things.' thought Shin to himself, not knowing that the owner of voice can hear his thoughts.

"Of course! I know a lot." said the voice in a proud tone, but he have a different thought deep inside. 'But that is only limited on what's happening on your body. Or everything about yourself.'

Suddenly, the voice turned serious. "Anyway, since you are already here and might stay here for quite some time, let me teach you about something. Are you interested?"

Shin suddenly become a little curious about it and nodded his head after some slight hesitation. "You better not trick me or else you are going to get beaten up by my 'Yin-Yang Martial-Arts'."

If what Shin is thinking correct, then whoever the owner of this voice, he/she is Shin's inner demon.

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