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The 'Shadow Magic General' suddenly exploded after being killed by the 'Hell Execution' Skill. Then a bunch of items fell on the ground.

At the same time, a series of system notifications sounded at Shin's ears.

Level Up

Level Up


System: Congratulations! You have successfully cleared the 'Tiger's Altar' Instance Dungeon in Chaos Difficulty.

System: Congratulations! You are the first person that cleared this dungeon, giving you the highest reward!

System: Since you had cleared the Highest Difficulty of this Instance Dungeon, clearing the other difficulties will not give any kind of bonus rewards.

System: You will be banned for entering the Instance Dungeon in the span of 24 Natural Hours(In game time) to give others a chance for the 'Time Attack'.

System: Do you want to publish your achievement? YES or NO (You only have 10 seconds to decide. If you didn't select within the time limit, the system will take it as YES.)

Since Shin is trying to catch his breath his breath, he failed to notice the last notification. In fact, he didn't even have the time to read the previous notifications.

And before Shin manage to do anything, a regional announcement is broadcasted to all the players based on Holy City.

"Oh~♪. F*CK!"

Regional System Announcement: Congratulations to player 'Sickarius' for solo-clearing the 5-man Instance Dungeon 'Tiger's Altar' in Chaos Difficulty! He will receive a reward of +2 Levels, +20 SP(Skill Points), +10 LP(Legacy Points), +500 Fame, +20,000 Reputation Points, 1,000 pieces of 'Superior Mana Stones' and an item specialized for his class.

Regional System Announcement: Since the Highest Difficulty of the Instance Dungeon was cleared, other difficulties will not give any kind of bonus rewards.

Regional System Announcement: Congratulations to player 'Sickarius' for....

Regional System Announcement: Since the Highest Difficulty...

Regional System Announcement: Congratulations to player 'Sickarius' for....Regional System Announcement: Since the Highest Difficulty...

The system announcements was broadcasted three times making it hard for other players not to notice it.


"What!? That guy again!?"

"Whoa! Solo-Clearing a 5-man Instance Dungeon in a Chaos Difficulty this time? Tsk, I wonder what is the Level Limit of that dungeon?"

"What the heck!? If this guy wants to show off can he just stop overdoing it? Because of him we can't take any kind of bonus reward on clearing the other difficulties."

"Can you look at yourself before saying that? You are just a Level-25 Newbie Player, yet you want to clear a dungeon of that level?"

"How can you know that that guy cleared a high-leveled dungeon?"

"Tsk, Idi*t! That guy already solo-cleared an Open Dungeon that have an army of Level-75 to Level-90 corrupted monsters. He even initiated a System Update at the same time."

"Oh~♪, Then he should be a powerful and skilled player if that was the case."

"Hmph! So what? I'm going to beat him up if I bumped into him."


The Higher-Ups of the powerful Guilds in the Region of Holy City are doing their best on locating Shin's location. It is because they are planning to monopolize the benefits of the Dungeon.But too bad for them, a cunning fox is already trying to contact their target.

While Shin is organizing the loots that he got, a sudden call from Shiella interrupted him. "Eh!? Big Sis? What is it this time?"

Shin do a quick swap of his equipments before answering the call. And before Shiella managed to scold him for not answering the call more early, Shin beat her into it. "Please don't scold me now, Big Sis. I'm still tired for clearing the Dungeon."

Shiella swallowed back the words that she is about to say, before going straight to the topic. "Hey Brat, can you let me handle the management of the dungeon? We can divide the profits shares at 50% each."

Shin look at Shiella with a confused expression before asking. "Ahmm... What do you mean by managing the dungeon?"

Shiella look at Shin for a moment before explaining a little. "The management rights! The Token like item that belong on the final drops. It is one of the bonus rewards that you got from clearing the Chaos Difficulty of the Dungeon."

'Oh... That item. If Big Sis is interested on that item, then that means that item can produce a lot of money.' thought Shin to himself while forming an evil grin inside. "About that? I'm sorry Sis, but I already have an agreement with a friend of mine."

"What did you say!? Are you telling me that you are going to do a business partnership with an outsider instead of your own family?" said Shiella while throwing a fierce look at Shin.

Shin shook his head before depending 'his friend'. "It is not like that, Big Sis. The truth is he is the one that managed to discover this Instance Dungeon, and he let me cleared it since he have something important that he needs to do."

"And we already formed a contract stating that he is going to let me try clearing the Instance Dungeon first, while I need to give him the Token if I managed to become successful at clearing it."

And from the looks of it, Shin's acting and laying skills are quite effective since Shiella don't know how to reply after hearing that, especially when Shin brought up the topic about the System Contract.

And since she knows that she can't get the thing that she wants on this call, she throw another fierce glare at Shin before while saying. "Then sell all the loots that you don't need to me. You don't have to worry, I'm going to buy it on the market price."

Shin nodded his head confirming that he will comply at Shiella's request. Then Shiella ended the call after seeing that."Sigh~, Looks like I need to be careful the next time I cleared an Instance Dungeon." Shin release a sigh of relief after the call. Then he exit the dungeon after confirming that he didn't forget anything.

When he got outside, he immediately take the token from his inventory bag before crashing it with his right hand. Then a group of five Level-115 NPC Guards appeared in front of him together with the System Notification.


System: Congratulations! You earned the management rights for the 'Tiger's Altar' Instance Dungeon. You can now collect an entrance fee for entering the dungeon. Ten percent of your total earnings will be collected as a payment for the TAX.

Then another panel was added on Shin's Management Window. He set the entrance fee for Normal Difficulty at 7 gold coins per teams entry, and additional 3 gold coins for every increase on the difficulty.It is quite cheap and acceptable for the most of the players, since they can earn more than that if they farm at the Dungeon.

The Calderock Town is currently housing a population of 3,000,000 players, and if even half of them entered the Instance Dungeon once, Shin can still earn 1,890,000 gold coins per teams' entry on the Normal Difficulty alone if the TAX was subtracted.

Now, Shin didn't need to worry himself about the 2,000,000 gold coins that he need to pay for the construction cost of his Town.

"Tsk, Now I know why Big Sis wants to have the management rights. This Instance Dungeon is literally a money printing machine. Hmm... Then how much money did the Powerhouse Guilds earn if that was the case? Tsk, so that is why even the Government and Underworld Organizations entered the game. They can earn an easy money in this game." muttered Shin to himself as he took out a Return Scroll of the Calderock Town.

When Shin was teleported at the town, he immediately went to the 'Hand of Midas' Trading Firm to sell the equipments that he got from the Dungeon as promised.And when Shin arrived at the Firm, someone is already waiting to received him their. Shin started to hesitate when he saw who was it. He also felt that his blood are running cold. He can still recognize the player even though she is wearing a black cloak to cover her body and hide her identity.

"B-Big S-Sis." greeted Shin stutteringly when he arrived in front of the Firm.

"Hmph!" Shiella turned her body around before walking towards the Firm.

Shin followed behind her while having a bad premonition on this. 'I hope that Big Sis will not kill me, leveling up is hard at my current level, especially that I'm a Level behind before I reach Level-75.'

Shiella lead Shin at a VIP Room before asking. "So what are your gains?"Shin showed her all the loots the he got from the dungeon. Thirty Sets of Level-85 Silver Rank Equipment Set suitable for Knights and 25 sets of the same set suitable for Berserkers. Fifteen equipment sets of the same rank and level suitable for Shamans and Twelve set for Magicians.

There is also a Level-90 Gold Rank Equipment Set suitable for any Warrior related Classes, and another Level-90 Gold Rank Equipment Set that is suitable for any Magical Related Classes. These two equipment sets are dropped by the Monster Bosses of the Instance Dungeon.

Shiella nodded her a little before asking. "Is this all? Nothing else?"

Shin shook is head and said. "Big Sis, you said that I sell the items that I don't need. As for the materials, there are none. The monsters inside that dungeon didn't drop any."

Shiella raise one of her brows and said. "OK, then I should be taking these then."

"Ahmm... Sis can I exchange these items with the materials that I need instead of gold coins?" said Shin after some hesitation.

"What are the materials that you need?" asked Shiella.

Shin send a list of materials that he need for the upgrade of his {Ruler's Equipment Set} while saying. "I'll pay for the extra if the value of these items are not enough."

Shiella take a quick glance at the list before saying. "That shouldn't be need. These equipment set are more than enough for the materials that you are asking. It's just I need some time to collect them through the other branches of my Trading Firm, but it should only take me two days at most."

"Alright, I'll just contact you once I completed the materials on the list. Same goes for the Intermediate Training Ground that you are looking for. That's all, you can go now."

After saying that Shiella took all the equipment sets that Shin had sold and went out of the VIP Room.

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