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The Captain of the group is the first one to recover himself, and yelled at his subordinates to get themselves together.

"Kill Him!!!"

Those are the last words that his subordinates have heard before their vision turn dark. And before the Captain made his move, his knees suddenly turn soft as they fall on the ground.

The Captain's eyes suddenly shot open as he stared dumbfoundingly at the hooded figure in his front. He push all of his remaining strength just to force himself to squeeze out some words. "W-Who are y-you?"

The hooded figure slowly walk towards the Captain guy and said. "I already told you that it is not important anymore."

"Th-Then what di-did yu-you want from m-me?" said by the Captain stutteringly.

The hooded figure suddenly kneel with one knee in front of the Captain guy and said slowly. "I don't want anything from you. I just need you to deliver a message for me. Tell those 'Top Dogs' in your Guild that they can send a group of Potential Rankers or a squad of Elite Players for as long as they want. Potential Titled Rankers can still be tolerable."

He pause for a moment to stand up once again, before continuing. "But if they cross the line, and send a group Official Rankers like yourself or some other guys that are stronger....."

He pause once again as he release a very dense Killing Intent before saying. "Then I'm going to slaughter them all."


Then the Captain's vision suddenly rotate at a very fast rate, it is as if he is inside a spinner of a washing machine. When it finally stops, what the Captain saw is his own body kneeling on the ground while being headless.

The hooded figure took all the dropped items, before walking towards the tree shades. And when his body was covered by the shade, it suddenly merge with the shadow, as he disappeared completely.


In the Headquarters of the HeadHunter Guild in the Forbidden City. All the Higher-Ups of the Guild are currently gathered at the conference room while watching a battle video.... Eh!? No, it is not a battle video no matter how they look at it. To be more precise, it is a video of a one-sided slaughter.

The video is currently being played at a 'x128 slow motion'. It is for them to see clearly the hooded figure's exact moves.

When the video ended, Bloody Edge who is sitting on the head seat open his mouth. "So what do you think?"

"He is a Tilted Ranker at the very least without a doubt. But are we really going get threaten by that guy? We can just send some people from the Main Force to put him in place."

"We can't be reckless. It is obvious that this guy is not as simple as it seems. This guy is definitely not someone that can easily killed by a few High Rankers."

"What? Are you scared of a single man? We can just send a hundred of people if ten is not enough. Or a Thousands if it is still not enough."

Then a chaotic debate broke out. Bloody Edge let them say what they want to say for few more minutes, before he interrupt them with a single word and in a solf voice. "Idi*ts."

The entire conference room quiet down when the others heard his voice. They didn't get mad at his remark, instead they are just staring at him with a fearful gaze.

"You guys better go to the hospital and let a doctor check your eyes." said Bloody Edge, making all the people sitting around the long table to become confused.

Bloodly Edge ignore all of them and said. "We are not going to send anyone that is more stronger than a Potential Titled Ranker."

And before some guys raise their complain, Bloody Edge already beat them with it. "That is for the time being. We are going to do that until I gotten a clear idea on who is this guy."

"Alright, dismissed! And remember, don't do anything stup*d without my permission. Or else I'll make sure that you will regret it for the rest of your lives."

Then everyone left the conference room one by one, leaving only Bloody Edge behind together with his right hand man, which is Crimson Tide.

Crimson Tide look at Bloody Edge and said. "What is your plan now, Sir?"
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"I'm going to wait for the Main Headquarters decision before making my move. This matter already involved some peerless monster of old times." said Bloody Edge.

"So do you have an idea who that guy in the video?" asked Crimson Tide.

Bloody Edge thought for a moment before replying. "There are very few people that can move that way. And even more fewer that have the guts to call us 'Top Dogs'. If I'm not mistaken, that guy should be belong to the 'Monster Level Players' of «True Era» online of two years ago."

"Sir, are all the players of that game that strong? I heard from others that any player that came from that game are at least an Elite." said Crimson Tide in a curious manner.

"Heh, Strong? And Elite you say? Let me tell you, that game is the hardest and the most successful game that have been created during that time. That is also the reason why all the players of that game are very strong." said Bloody Edge before pausing for a moment to stand up from his seat.

Then he continue talking as he walk towards the door of the conference room. "And when a lot of games were released after that game, most of the leading figures from «True Era» become famous players when they shifted into those games. Even the most average player from that game become an Official Ranker at the very least when they join the other games."

"So now tell me, are the players that from «True Era» online can only be leveled as strong people?"

Crimson Tide stared at Bloody Edge back with astounded gaze. It took him some time to regain himself and thought to himself. 'Then how strong is that hooded guy in the video if that was the case?'


Holy City, Heavenly Resto-Bar, VIP Room 7

Lawless is currently drinking a mug of beer while waiting for some guys arrival. His entire being took a massive change, and that is mostly due to the [Demonic Saint TigerKin Bloodline] that he got from Shin. His level also caught up with Faker. He is now at Level 90 Expert.

Few moments later, Ravier and Ember entered the room. Ravier directly sat across Lawless and take a mug of beer before saying. "Hey, why did you call us here? We are quite busy you know?"

Lawless give him a sidelong glace before saying. "Busy my *ss. Aren't you two are just dating before coming here?"

The corner of Ravier's mouth twitch after hearing that. "Are looking for a fight?"

Lawless form an evil grin and said. "So what if I want? Do you want give it a go?"

Ravier want say 'yes', unfortunately he can't. Because he know that he no match against this guy anymore, especially with his current strength. He take a quick glance at Ember and saw that she is not a bit interested at what they are saying. 'Come on... At least help your Boyfriend when he is in need.'

Then the door of the room suddenly opens followed by the entrance of a Male Human Gunslinger(Tier 2 of Musketeer) together with a Female Human Bishop (Tier 2 of Priest). The level of the two are also comparable with the people inside the room.

Ravier and Ember were startled when they discovered the identity of the two.



"Why are you here? I thought that you guys are based on 'Lumpei Empire'?" asked Ravier while having an astounded expression on his face.

The Human Gunslinger named 'Morgan' take a quick look at Ravier and said. "Our original plan is to develop on that Empire, but when we heard that Commander is playing again, we hurriedly went to this place."

"Don't call me Commander, since I'm not your Commander anymore, and I'm not planning to become one for the second time around." Interrupted by Lawless.

'Stephanie', the Human Bishop on the other hand went to Ember's side and whisper a few words on the later's ears. Moments later, they started giggling and enter an isolated world of their own.

After few more moments, Faker is the one that entered that room. Lawless give him a sidelong glace before saying. "It is quite rare for you to become late. Did something happened?"

Faker took a seat at the corner of the room before replying. "It is nothing. I just dealt with some pest along the way."

Lawless smirks and said. "So they really did send some Rankers? Maybe I should pay a visit on their place to give them some warnings."

"I told you that they are some pest. And don't worry, I already sent a message to those guys. And that should be enough for them to become more cautious before making some decisions." said Faker in a nonchalant manner.

"So what this meeting is for?" said Ravier as he interrupt the conversation of the two.

Lawless shift his attention to Ravier and said. "Oh~.... About that? Well it is not that special. We are just going to Raid a World Boss."

If other players heard what Lawless have said, they might strangle him to death. Raiding a World Boss with only five people? That was something that is impossible to do. What's more, he said it like it is just a trivial matter.

And what make it even more weird is that the other four inside the room treat what he said as a normal matter. It is as if raiding a World Boss is nothing special for them.

"Is it for announcing that you are coming back to the gaming world?" said Morgan as he check his magic pistols.

"You can put it that way. So what I want for you now is to rush things up, and reach Level-100 as soon as possible. Then we are going to greet them with a BANG!" said Lawless before gulping down the beer on the mug.


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