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Child of Destiny 82 Round 2: Two-Zero

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Shin don't know what to do next. 'Kentas' asked him to graduate at an Intermediate Training Ground, but where can he find that kind of place? From what he got online, Intermediate Training Grounds are some kind of special instance dungeons that can only be cleared by a single person.

And since these are Instance Dungeon perfect for training players and grinding some bonus stats, the Powerful Guilds of the game sealed off these places to monopolize the benefits.

There are only one Intermediate Training Ground on each City. And a player can only enter a Training Ground once per its rank.

Some of the Major Cities of the Saint Heaven Kingdom are being controlled by major Powerhouses of the game. So the Intermediate Training Grounds of those Cities are already occupied by those Powerhouse Guilds.

As for the Cities that can't be controlled by the Powerhouse Guilds yet, are the heavenly places for independent players and Adventurer Teams, just like the Holy City. And the Intermediate Training Ground of these Cities are haven't been discovered yet.

Shin went to the Teleportation Hall and return to the Holy City, leaving the HeadHunter Guild people to circle around the Forbidden City while trying to find him there.

Once he arrived at the Holy City, the first thing he do is to go to the Calderock Town to check how is the town going. He went to an Inn to swap his equipments once again before going to the Town's Mayor Residence.

When he arrived at the Mayor's Office, he saw Ribbit busy checking out a lot files. And when Ribbit noticed Shin's arrival, he stood up from his seat and said. "You are back Mayor. Have you finished all the things that need to do?"

Shin nodded his head and said. "It can still be considered good so far. Anyway, how is the Town. Any problems that you bumped into?"

Ribbit hesitated for a moment before saying his concerns. "The Town is running good so far, but we have some problems regarding the Town security. The population capacity of the Town is 3,000,000 at maximum, while we only have 300 Patrol Guards, 3,000 City Guards, 30 Elite Guards and 5 Special Elites. It is too little compared to the what we need. From my estimate, we should be needing additional 2,000 Guards at the very least."

Shin knitted brows as he fall into a deep thought. 'Tsk, I already expected this, but I didn't expect that will reach this extent. Three Million population? That can already rival the population of an Intermediate Town. This town must be really special compared to others for having a population capacity that exceeds its rank.'
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'As for our current problem, the town's current funds can't keep up if I recruit another batch of NPC guards. Hmm... Should I ask for some help from the church then? If I build a branch of the Church of te Sun and the Moon here, they are going to assign a group of Paladins, Priests, and other personnel that are going to manage the branch here.'

After some thought, Shin write a letter requesting for Archbishop Ronald that he want to build a branch of the Church is his Town. After sealing off the letter, Shin summon Felix and ask him to deliver the letter personally on his behalf. He can't go on the Church for the time being after all.

Shin stayed on the Mayor's Office for few more hours to check the Town's progress. And once he is done with that, he went outside once again while thinking on what he is going to do next.

"What's next now? Hmm... I only have two choices to finish the task given by Kentas. First is to ask some Powerhouse Guild to borrow their Intermediate Training Ground which is close to impossible. The second choice is for me to find the Intermediate Training Ground of the Holy City myself, but that is easier to said than done."

"As for asking for Big Sis help.... Nah~♪, I'm not going to ask for that sly woman's help unless I have no other choice left."

"Ahh!!!.... Let's forget about that for the time being, that quest don't have a deadline after all. I should focus on reaching level 75 for now, so that I can tackle my Class Promotion Quest. I'm currently in level 70 after all."

While Shin is thinking about all of that, Shiella suddenly contacted Shin. And she calling his 'Sickarius' identity. "Eh!? Big Sis!?"

After a slight pause, Shin went to an Inn once again and rent a room, before swapping all of his equipments once again. Then he finally answered the call.

"Hey! Why are you always answering the call late? Don't tell me that you are on a quest again, I can already see that you are in a private room." said Shiella immediately once the call connected.

Shin choose to ignore Shiella's question and said. "Big Sis, don't scold me for now, OK? I'm quite drained because of what happened this day. Just tell me what you want, so that I can have my rest."

And it looks like his acting is quite effective. Shiella raise one of her brows and said. "Looks like you are quite busy inside the game, Huh? Anyways, I need your help about something."

"How much is the payment?" asking Shin instinctively.

The corner of Shiella's mouth twitch after hearing that. "Is money the only thing running on your mind every time you saw me?"

'And whose fault is that?' Thought Shin for a moment before replying. "If you are asking someone to do you a favor, then it is natural for you to give them something first."

"Alright, Alright, I got your point. Tsk, birds of the same feather really flocks together. It is about that greedy friend of yours. That guy is quite tricky to deal with." said Shiella as she become enrage because she recall about her deal with that guy.

After the slight pause, she continue. "Help me buy another plot of land at the Northern part of the Calderock Town. If you manage to brought it in a cheep price, then I'll deduct another 1% of your total debt. What do you think."

'Trying to use me to trick myself? Heh, that was a funny thing to do.' Shin acted that he is considering the offer before asking. "But you already have a land for your Trading Firm, right? Then why did you need another one?"

"It is for a friend of mine. She also wants to build an office of her Organization on the Town. It is a strategic place for us after all." Shiella didn't hide it to Shin, since she is confident that she can trust this guy.

"Mind if I ask what organization is it?" said Shin, trying to see if he can get more information about it.

"Assassin Union." Shiella only utter two words, but that almost made Shin jump because of fright.

Cough! Cough!

'What kind of circle of friends do you have inside the game, Sis?' Shin was choked by his words. Then after some thinking, he asked once again. "Big Sis, you are aware that that friend of mine is being target by a Powerhouse Guild, right? If you are planning let your friend to build an Assassin Union base inside his own Town, then isn't it a dangerous matter for him? What if they suddenly assassinate him once the HeadHunter Guild pay for it?"

Shiella glared at Shin fiercely while saying. "Do you think that I'll let that happen to a business partner of mine? You don't have to worry about that. I'll handle that case personally. And no one can touch that guy as long as he give me a lot of benefits."

'But that also means that you will abandon my other persona once you no longer need its worth. *Sigh~*.' thought Shin inside, but he still reply outside. "Alright, I'll help you with what you need, but let us change the payment terms. Instead of deducting it to my debt, just help me enter an Intermediate Training Ground."

"Intermediate Training Ground? I can help you with that, but are you sure that? If you enter a training ground that is already been explored, all you can get is just some bonus Stats." said Shiella while leaning her back on the chair.

After the slight pause, Shiella added. "In my opinion, it is better if you enter an unexplored Intermediate Training Ground. And if manage to get the first clear, you will also get an additional bonus rewards."

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch after hearing that. "Sis, I also want to do that. Unfortunately, I don't know where can I find an unexplored one, so just forget about it."

Shiella smiled mysteriously and said. "How about this? If you help me buy two plots of land on the Northern part of the Calderock Town, then I'll help you be the first person that is going to enter the Intermediate Training Ground of Holy City."

Both of Shin's eyes turned bright after hearing that. "Yu-You a-already discovered the Intermediate Training Ground of the Ho-Holy City?"

"Of course not! But once the Assassin Union established a base here, they can help me find it as long as I pay the right amount." said Shiella while rolling her eyes at Shin.

Shin knitted his brows and asked. "Then why the price suddenly become two plots of land instead of one?"

"About that? Well I'm also going to spend some money to find the Intermediate Training Ground, so it is natural if I ask for extra fee right?" replied Shiella in a calm manner.

Shin look at Shiella suspiciously and rebutted. "But you can already monopolize the Training Ground once it is discovered right?"

Shiella squinted her eyes as she observe Shin. 'This rascal started to get sharp at dealing with these kind of things.'

Shin stared at Shiella calmly while waiting for her reply. Shiella admitted her defeat when she saw Shin's calm action. "Alright, you win! One plot of land it is. Just make sure that it is in a secluded place that is hard to be discovered by ordinary players."

Shin is smirking inside while replying at her. "Alright, I'll give you your plot of land by tomorrow."

Then the call ended. After that, Shin stared at the ceiling of the room for few moments, before bursting out laughing. "Hahaha.... Sorry Big Sis, but it should be a 2-0 now."


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