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After Miss Bunny logout the game, she immediately adjust her Gaming Pod and open a computer that is connected on it. She do some tapping on the keyboard and a bunch of videos appear on her computer screen. And those videos are all Shin's battle against Honkey that were captured in different angle.

Miss Bunny do some editing on the videos, and while doing it, she got a little idea of Shin's real strength. He is not that strong in her perspective, especially since she saw a lot of strong people before. And he also have a lot of flaws compared to the other geniuses that she saw at his level.

But as the battle progress, she notice that Shin is becoming stronger and stronger by fixing most of his flaws and minimizing his mistakes.

After some time of editing, Miss Bunny put some finishing touches on the final video before posting it on her personal channel online. And it didn't take long for that video to become viral, especially with the number of her fans.

And Miss Bunny discovered that Shin is already quite famous at the players of Saint Heaven Kingdom, especially at the players base in Holy City. After some careful thinking, she decided to look for more videos of Shin at the online forums of the game, before editing it once again and posting it again on her personal channel at SkyLink(An online platform of this world).


Going back in the game, Shin have no idea that he already become an famous player online.

He is currently walking along the streets of Forbidden City, looking for Loffy Beggar once again. But when he arrived at the previous location where he last saw the beggar, the later is nowhere to found.

And Shin is in hurry since the longer he stay on this City, the more dangerous it is for him. After some careful thinking, Shin contacted the old man in 'Secret Recipe' Restaurant.

Sickarius: Hey Old Man, do I need to go to your place if I need to conduct another deal?

Dark Mystery: That shouldn't be needed, our dear costumer. All we need is a contract, the money for the payment and the information that you need.

Sickarius: That is easy then. I'm looking for the same NPC. He suddenly disappeared from his previous location.

Dark Mystery: Oh... That con artist like NPC. We already found that guy. He is currently in disguise as a fruit vendor in the City plaza, and his alias this time is 'Merchant Kevin'.

Dark Mystery: As for the payment, forget about it for now. Just treat this information as a freebie of our Agency for beating up some people of the Tyrants of this City.

Shin knitted his brows as he become suspicious at the old man's generosity. But since it is a free information, he is not going to reject it. After all, he can save a lot of money with this.

Sickarius: Then many thanks for it.

After that, Shin find a secluded place to swap his equipments with ordinary ones before proceeding to the City plaza. And when he arrived in that place, he is greeted by a busy plaza with a lot of players walking in and out the Teleportation Hall, and the HeadHunter Guild people that are inspecting those players one by one.
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'Tsk, these guys are really serious at hunting me down. Good thing that I manage to slipped through them earlier.' thought Shin before ignoring those guys and act as normal as possible. He walk on the plaza while looking for the fruit vendor 'Kevin'.

And while he is busy doing his things, a group of five players blocked his path and said to him. "Hey kid. What are you doing here? If you are not going to use the Teleportation Hall, then get out of this place."

Shin took a quick glance at the emblem on their chest, and discovered that they are members of HeadHunter Guild. 'Tsk, I really hate bumping into these idi*ts.'

Shin formed a humble smile before saying to them. "Sorry brothers, I'm just here to submit a quest on a NPC here. I'll leave immediately once I'm done with it."

"Oh!.... A quest you say? Show it to us and we will help you finish it." said the leader of the group.

'Do you take me as an idi*t?' thought Shin before saying to them while maintaining his smile. "There is no need for that Bro, it is just a C Rank Quest so there is nothing much you can get."

"If it is really a low ranking quest then why don't you show it to us?" said the leader while smirking at Shin.

'Tsk, should I kill these guys then? I'm already running out of time.' thought Shin in his mind as he tighten the grip of his left hand at the sheath of the [Yamato], while slowly extending his right hand on its hilt.

But before Shin make his move, a Berserker LionKin shout at the group in front of Shin. "Hey you five idi*ts!!! What the hell are you doing? We have a lot of things to do, yet you still find a time to do some idle chats? Go back to your post and stop doing useless things."

The leader of the group look at Shin and sneered. "You are quite lucky kid. But be sure that you will not see me again or else you will regret it."

Then the started to walk away while smirking at Shin. What they didn't know is that they just saved their heads from being separated from their bodies.

Shin put what happened on the back of his head before continuing to find this problematic NPC.

After spending some time at circling around the Plaza, Shin finally found the fruit stall that he is looking for. He approach the stall and directly said to 'Kentas' who is currently in disguise of 'Merchant Kevin'. "Tsk, are you some kind of con artist? Why are you always in disguise?"

"Ah! About that? I got this habit from a friend of mine. He is also wants to cosplay, so I just mimic him a little when I discovered that it is quite fun." said Merchant Kevin nonchalantly. "Anyway, that is not important anymore. You finished the job that I asked you?"

Shin didn't reply at him, but he directly take the head of the monster bosses from his inventory bag and put it at the back of the stall.

Merchant Kevin nodded his head before collecting the heads and put it in a space crack that appeared out of nowhere. "That is good for passing the test, but not enough for you to proceed for the next trial."

Shin knitted his brows and asked confusedly. "That is not enough for the next trial? What do you mean by that?"

"Tsk, don't act that you don't know what I'm talking about. If you killed those three monsters yourself, then I can let you proceed to the next trial. Unfortunately you choose to kill them in an easy way." said Merchant Kevin nonchalantly.

'What are you saying that I choose to do it. It is just that I have no other choice, that is why I resorted in that method.' Thought Shin as he look at the merchant.

"Alright, stop with those lame excuses." said Merchant Kevin as if he can read what's running inside Shin's head. Then he added after a slight pause. "Since you still pass the initial test, then you still have the right for my inheritance. But you still need to pass another test before taking the final one."

"Hmm.... You are a graduate of a Basic Training Ground, right? Then let us put it this way, If you manage to graduate from an Intermediate Training Ground, then I'm going to let you proceed to the final Trial."

Then a system notification sounded on Shin's ears. But Shin ignore it, afraid that he become distracted once again and giving the NPC in front of him a chance to disappear.

Shin didn't let Merchant Kevin to get away from his sight while saying. "Then how am I going to find you once I finished what you have asked."

Merchant Kevin smiled mysteriously while saying. "Looks like you know how to learn your lessons, Huh? Well you don't have to worry about that, since I'm the one that is going to find you once you finish training on that kind of Training Ground."

Shin want to say something more, unfortunately Merchant Kevin's body is already starting to fade away. And before Shin manage to do anything, Merchant Kevin is already disappeared right in front of him.

"What the F*ck! Can't you just let me finish what I'm saying first, before you disappear like that!" cursed Shin as he stared blankly at the empty spot in front of him.


Guild Residence of HeadHunter Guild in Forbidden City.

Honkey push the door of a conference room heavily as he walk inside with a solemn expression.

When a Berserker WolfKin notice Honkey's arrival, he can help himself but to tease the guy. "Hey Honkey! You are quite famous on the SkyLink. Did you already see your video being toyed by a nobody?"

Honkey throw a vicious glare at the Berserker WolfKin while saying. "Hmph! That guy just become lucky because I didn't take him seriously. And I haven't use my Berserk Skill yet."

"Haha.... Lucky? You have been beaten up one-sidedly. What's more, you didn't even manage to land a single hit on that guy's body, yet you still calling it being Lucky? And from what I can see, it is not that you haven't used your Berserk Skill yet, it is that you don't have a time to use it." sneered by the Berserker WolfKin while grinning at Honkey.

"Are you picking a fight, Jhoros?" said Honkey while pulling out the pair of new daggers that are hanging on either side of his waist.

The Berserker WolfKin named Jhoros smirks at Honkey while standing up from his seat. "Heh, What? Are you going to fight me with those thrash items? What happened with your previous pair? Dropped somewhere?"

Jhoros hit a sore spot this time, making Honkey to become even more enraged. "Yeah, these are thrash items but they are enough for me to teach you a lesson."

But before the battle broke out, an 'Ice Wall' suddenly appeared in between the two. Then the Human Magician sitting on the head seat open his mouth. "That is enough for now. You guys can fight into your heat's content outside, once we are done with this meeting. So you should take your seats now, the others are waiting for quite some time already."

The two stopped what they are doing before taking their seats obediently. And when the two of them taken their spots, the Human Magician opens his mouth once again. "Alright, since everyone are already here let us start the meeting. First we need to study all the informations that we gathered regarding our target. Honkey, you are the one that managed to have an exchange with him, what do you think about his strength?"


Honkey cleared his throat before saying. "He is not that strong, but he is skilled at patching up his weakness. And if you fight against him in a prolong battle, then I doubt that you can still beat him anymore, since he is able to grow as the battle progress."

The conference room suddenly turn silent after that. Then....

A Battle Genius!?

These are the thoughts that entered the heads of the players sitting around the long table, especially those guys that are Martial-Art Practioners in Real World.

"If that is the case, then this is becoming a serious matter. And it shouldn't be that he is not that strong, it is just because he is adjusting at the game environment." said by a Twilight Blood Elf of the group.

"Looks like we can't let this guy grow any longer, because the more battle experience he gain, the more troublesome he became." muttered by a Female Archer White Elf.

And the other players can't help but keep nodding their heads after hearing that.

"Alright, I'm going to report this to the Higher-Ups for now. And while we are waiting for their new orders, let us study more of his battle videos, and see how fast is his growth rate for the time being." said the Human Magician in the head seat while having a serious look on his face.


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