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SYSTEM: You cleared the Special Quest: Training.

SYSTEM: You get a special reward for clearing the quest ahead of time.

SYSTEM: You have been awarded a unique title 'I Know It All'

Three consecutive system notification echoed on Shin's ears. He take the rewards from Trainer Paul before leaving.

Then he take a look at Title that he got.


Title : I Know It All (Evolvable)

Rating: Unique

Details: You have trained your mind and body, so you are ahead of your peers.


+20 to all Stats

+50 Fame


"COOL!!! My sacrifice is not in vain! Master is right, Every sufferings have a corresponding reward." said Shin while thinking. " With this my Character Stats can almost rival a level ten Player Stats."

In this game, Every single level-up of a human race increases all the available stats by 5 points. And currently Shin have 45 bonus Stats.

Then Shin look at his other rewards. An unremarkable scroll, A sword in sheath, and A purple book. The scroll is a recommendation letter for the Village Chief.

The sword is ordinary looking but have a decent stats and an Iron rarity. The items in this game are divided in 8 different ranks such as Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black Mithril, Obsidian and Stellar and it is ranked from weakest to strongest respectively.

The first five ranks are the items that can be dropped from monsters and NPCs, or a reward from a quest. While the last three ranks are the items that can only be get by crafting items using specific materials.

There are also some items that are lower that Iron rank and they are the so called trash items.


[ Beginner Sword ]

Item Type: Weapon

Rank: Iron

Details: A Sword the is specially crafted for the graduates of 'Training Ground'.

Requirements: Level 0

Graduate of the Training Ground


Physical Attack: 20 - 30

+3 STR

+3 AGI


And what is the most important reward is the purple book because it is a 'Special Skill Book'.


Skill Name: Equalizer (Passive)

Rank: Special

Details: You are a person that can train both Physically and Magically.

Effect: Convert half of your Magic Attack to a Physical Attack and Vice versa.

Requirements: Can only be learn by a graduate of 'Training Ground'.


"So the rumors are true. You can have a special skill by finishing that quest. What's more an OP(Over Powered) skill like this" said Shin after learning the skill directly.

Special Skill don't belong to any class and it can be learned by anyone as long as they meet the requirements of the Skill. And it's Skill book color is Purple which is also not included in skill rankings.

There are five skill ranks Basic, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Myth. And the color of its skill books are White, Yellow, Orange, Red and Black respectively.

The higher the rank, the stronger the skill and harder to execute. So even if you have a powerful skill and you don't know how to execute it, it is meaningless because you can't learn it or use it.

Aside from Common Skills, Special Skill and 'Self Created Skill', there is another skill that can be learned. It is called 'Legacy Skill' , this skill can be learned from Special NPCs or inherit from Hero NPCs.

Most of the Legacy Skills are learned by the Players that have 'Special Classes' but it doesn't mean they are only one that can learn that skill. As long as someone is recognized by the NPC and know how to use the skill then they can also learn that skill.

The only difference of Special Skill and Legacy Skill is that A Special Skill book can be dropped by monsters while the later is not other than that Legacy Skills are stronger, it can even rival a Myth Skill if used properly.


Shin form a very satisfied smile as he check his rewards. Then after that go to the Village Chief's house.

When he get there, he got doubtful because there are no Players visiting the Village Chief. From what he know about the game, The Village Chief should be the most visit place in a Beginner's Village.

Even though he is suspicious he still walks towards it, and the moment he stands at House entrance a group of Players is passing by, when Shin see who they are he frown because they are the same group that saw in the Training Grounds.

The group of Players also notice Shin and they also remember him.

"Hey look isn't it the Newbie that we saw three days ago? He he is still 'level 0' even though it's already been three days?" one of the said.

The middle aged man in the group walks towards Shin and said "Kid don't tell me you are still doing that 'Scam Quest'? We told you that you are just wasting your time there. How about come with us we will help you gain a few Levels?"

Shin look at the middle age man and see that he is not hiding his in information.


Name: Dan

Level: 9

Race: Beastman


'Boasting about your level on a Newbie?' said Shin to himself before saying to 'Dan' "No thanks senior I want to level myself and I'm here to see the Village Chief."

Dan frown when he hear Shin and said "Oh, is that so? What a pity then. And if you are thinking to get some quest on the Village Chief then you are going to waste your time ones again because that Old Man didn't give a quest, all he is doing is to talk for entire two hours and give nothing. So if I were you, I should go outside the village and kill some monster to get some EXP." Then he turn around and walk away having his boys in tow.

"What a 'Goodie two Shoes'. If you want to boast then do it once you become an expert player." muttered Shin to his heart before knocking on the door while saying "And if you say that there is nothing in here means I can get some from here."

After a few seconds the door opens revealing an hunchback elderly and full of white hair. He smiled at Shin and said "Oh! A young visitor come in and tell me what did I owe you for this visit."

Shin enters the house and sit opposite the Village Chief, then he give him the recommendation letter he got from 'Trainer Paul'.

The Village Chief take it and after reading it the look in his face become even softer. "So you are a graduate. It been a while since the last one leave this village and embark to his adventure."

"You came at the right time, since I have some problems that I need to solve. But before that do you want to listen about the history of this world?"


SYSTEM: The Village Chief wants to tell you about the history of this World. Do you want to listen to him.

SYSTEM: You can skip this phase since what's the Chief about to say is the introduction of the world and you can read it of the «Destiny's Fate» main page. CONTINUE or NOT?

"There is other people that managed to finished that special quest? Well I'm not he only one that can think about those things" said Shin to himself before considering whether he continue or not.

And after few moments he still choose to continue since he believe that there is a reason why the system put the introduction inside the game.

"The Atlas World is have survive a three kinds of Era. The Dark Era, Warring Era, and Repelling Era. In the Dark Era..." After Shin nodded his head the Village Chief starts telling him the history of this world.

He talk about the different races the Ancient one or Hybrids, he also talks about the legend of the different Heroes of each Era and races.

Shin tries to listen carefully and try to note down the important figures and events. And after two hours of listening an unexpected system notification pop up in front of him.


SYSTEM: You learned about the history of this world your Title: I Know It All gains some EXP.

'Oh! so this Evolvable Title can improve like this Huh?'said Shin to his heart, then he heard the Village Chief said. "Thanks for listening, it has been a long time since someone listen to me like this."

"And before I forgot the defenses of our village is weakening, and it is because we are sort of supply of weapon. So can you help our blacksmith to gather some supply?"


SYSTEM: Quest initiated. The Village is running out of supply on weapons, and as a graduate of the Training Grounds the Village Chief asked you to help Blacksmith Orn. do you accept the quest? Yes or No

'So my first quest is somehow related to this one' without hesitation Shin accepted the quest

SYSTEM: Quest accepted

Quest Name: Helping the Village

Quest type: Main Quest (A Grade)

Quest Details: The Village is running out of supply on weapons, and as a graduate of the Training Grounds the Village Chief asked you to help Blacksmith Orn.

Quest Condition: Go to Blacksmith Orn for more details of the Quest.

Quest Progress: (0%)

Quest Reward:

1000 EXP



Shin walks out the house and take a look at time (Real World Time), It is about time for him to get up and do his morning exercise.

Even though the game can be played while sleeping Shin still needs to take care of himself so that he can maintain his healthy condition. What's more he is just using a VR helmet and not VR Capsule where you can use a 'S-class Serum' to replenish the energy in your body even if you didn't eat anything.

What's more he needs to practice regularly so that his strength will not detoriate. Especially since he is in the early phase of 'Qi Regiment' stage.

After his morning practice and duel with Arthur, he chat with him about the game while eating before coming back to his room and taking a shower and then logging in back in the game.


The moment Shin get back in the game he go straight to the Blacksmith Shop and look for Mr.Orn.

The blacksmith shop is quite ordinary, it looks like a simple house with a signboard in front of it. There words written in it is 'Orn's Blacksmith Shop'.

And when he enter all he saw is a furnace in the side and shelf of different kinds of tools and weapons.

Few minutes later a person enter a shop, no to be exact it s a dwarf. He is almost a meter in height, chubby face and fat belly. He is also wearing a working apron. From the looks of it he is Mr. Orn.

When Mr. Orn see Shin enters his Shop, he said to him directly " I heard from Chief that you are going to help me. Then take this pickaxe and help me mine some Iron in the cave in the forest in the south of the village. And while you are at it help me kill some boar in there and take their tusk and skins."

Mr. Orn give Shin a pickaxe and a gathering knife together with two production type white skill books


Skill Book: Mining

Description: Help you learn a basic mining method

Skill Book: Gathering

Description: Teaches you how to basically gather materials from dead animals/monsters and a knowledge how to pick some herbs.

[ Pickaxe ]

Item Type: Etc.

Rank: Common

Details: Use for mining Ores and Minerals

[ Gathering Knife ]

Item Type: Etc.

Rank: Common

Details: Use for gathering materias


Shin stared blankly on the four items in his hands and process what was just happened. Then he learned the two production skills and put the two items in his inventory, then he sank in a deep thought. "Two production skills from the get go? is it luck or...? That right the 'Fame' base on what Arthur said I can easily get a quest from the NPC if I have a higher Fame, I can even get an extra reward every time I finished a quest."

"And 60 Fame is already high in this place". conclude Shin before looking in the updated quest.

Quest update

Quest Progress (0%)

- Mining

Iron (0/20)

- Gathering

Boar Tusk (0/10)

Boar Skin (0/10)
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Shin run out he southern part of the village with his sword in his waist. When he get there he saw a lot of players busily farming for EXP, he walk pass them and enter the forest and continue going deeper.

There are fewer and fewer of Players he come across as he walk even deeper in it. He didn't get scared of the monsters since his current stats can rival a normal level 10 Players so he just continue walking leisurely.

'A Level 0 walking on Level 5 - 7 field is that noob lost or is he just an idiot or is just looking to die.' These are the thoughts of the other players when they saw Shin walking pass them.

'What a pity, there are enough monster here but I can't grind some EXP since those people will get suspicious when they saw me fighting this monsters. I'm not like Arthur that always want to be in the spotlight, I need to keep a low profile for now.' said Shin to himself when he is looking around.

After of an hour of walking he finally get at his destination. There are a lot of wild boars walking to and fro few distance away from him.

There are a lot of monsters here because the boars here are troublesome to deal with. Even though their attack pattern is simple and predictable, they still have very high defense so you have to spend a lot of time and effort just to kill one. And they also have a swift movement speed when they are attacking on a straight line.

What's more there are some monsters that are easier to deal with and give a similar amount of EXP.

Shin observe the boars carefully, their physic , movements and their habits. Then an expected notification ring on his ears.

SYSTEM: You have met the requirements for Observation Skill.

SYSTEM: Your 'Title: I Know It All' compliments your Observation Skill. Because you have read a lot of books you have learned about different kinds of plants and monsters around and village and some other palaces.

SYSTEM: Your 'Observation Skill' is upgraded to Scouting.


Skill Name: Scouting (Active/Passive)

Rank: Rare

Details: You can see your targets details by observing them carefully.


"Eh! Titles can also affect skills? I just want to learn 'Observation Skill' base on Arthur's instructions, I didn't expect that I will get an extra reward. Looks like I'm really a lucky guy." Shin got startled because of the unexpected discovery.

Then he look at his surroundings and walks towards an isolated boar. " OK, looks like it is time to work."


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