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Child of Destiny 80 A Rising Star Against A Potential Titled Ranker

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'VJ Miss Bunny', she is a famous online blogger, live streamer and commentator. Before, her topics are about traveling around the world. Famous places, well-known tourist spots, beautiful and attracting places, and others. But when VR Games started to become a huge hit, she also started to focus her blogs on it too.
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At first, her blogs are more focus on famous maps and beautiful places inside the game. But she notice that her popularity is started to detoriate, and some of her remaining fans are only watching and supporting her blogs just because of her looks.

And because of that, she changed her approach. She do a research on what types of videos are more famous and more attracting at the major populace of the game. Then, she discovered that those are battle videos, it can be either a PvE or a PvP battles. And both of those are quite famous online.

She then studied how to become a VJ of this battles. As the time passes, she become a famous live streamer and commentator online. Her comments regarding the battles are always detailed and on point, and most of all, they are not bias. She even became a guest commentator at some huge online battle events of some famous games before. She created her name in this gaming industry.

When «Destiny's Fate» was launched three and a half month ago, she immediately join the game so that she can become more familiar on this game earlier than others.

And for now, she is looking for a suitable material for her next video that needs to be uploaded on her channel. And just recently, she received a report that there is an insane guy that have the guts to provoke the HeadHunter Guild in their own territory. She become interested on whoever this lunatic is, especially that he have the gal to pick a fight with a Powerhouse Guild.

Her class in the game is a Twilight Dark Elf, a perfect class for spying, especially for her Real Life Profession. And currently, she is in 'Dark Rock Jungle' where the so called 'Nameless Swordsman' was last spotted battling with the HeadHunter Guild people.

And while she is walking stealthy at the woods, she suddenly noticed a hooded figure scanning is surroundings. When she saw the guy, she thought that he is the one that she is looking for. She release a bunch 'Spying Stones' to see what's is happening. These Spying Stones are like some Spy Drones in Real World.

Moments later, 'VJ Miss Bunny' suddenly saw a huge gorilla descending towards the hooded figure. The hooded figure just take a quick glance at the gorilla, before resuming to scan his surroundings.

That scene almost made 'Miss Bunny' to shriek because of fright. But before the huge gorilla manage to reach the hooded figure, a huge black tiger with a scorpion tail suddenly pounce at the gorilla out of nowhere. Then the two monsters started to engage in battle.

At the same time, the hooded figure suddenly transformed into a stick of light and charges forward. Then a Specter Assassin suddenly materialize out of nowhere, as the stick of light suddenly chase after that guy.

Then the hooded figure and the Specter Assassin pause for a moment, and that is the time when 'Miss Bunny' realized the identity of the Specter Assassin.

"Huh!? Isn't that guy is the 'Berserk Thief' Honkey from «Global Online»? He also joined «Destiny's Fate»? A potential Titled Ranker against a Rising Star that can beat a party of Potential Rankers by himself. He he, this is a perfect material for the next video release of my channel."

Then the hooded figure and the Specter Assassin started another round of battle.


Going back on the side of the battle.

Klang! Cling! Cling! Klang! Cling!

Shin and Honkey are exchanging blows in a swift and rapid manner. Shin's right arm is keep turning into a blur as he brandish the [Yamato] left and right. Honkey on the other hand is swinging both of his arms as he throw a bunch of counterattacks with his twin daggers.

Honkey is disappearing from time to time, and reappearing at Shin's blind spots to throw some lethal attacks. Unfortunately, Shin have a 'Sensing Circle' that can detect his enemies' movements. At the same time, Shin is using the sheath of his sword to block some of unexpected attacks from Honkey.


The two were separated from each other because of the impact of their previous attack.

"Heh, Looks like you have some skills to back yourself up, Huh?" said Honkey as he stretch his neck left and right, and creating some cracking sounds.

"Alright, the warm up is done, so let us finish this up already." Then Honkey's body started to flicker.

'Advance Combat Technique: Spectral Steps'

After that he charges forward as he throw multiple of slashes with the daggers in his hands while circling around Shin.

'Advance Combat Technique: Sonic Assault'

At the same time, the sword-sheath on Shin's left hand suddenly transformed into semitransparent longsword as he change his reverse grip on it into a forehand grip.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Immediately after that, Shin swing both of his swords, warding off the lethal attacks that are coming his way.

'Quasi Epic Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'

Clang! Klang! Cling! Cling!

Honkey's movements are fast and unpredictable, but Shin is still able to respond on it perfectly. And that is mainly because of the combination of his 'Immediate Response' personal trait and 'Sensing Circle' special skill.

At the same time, Honkey started to feel the slow effect of Shin's [Snowstorm Edge], and the pressure given by the speed buffs given by [Yamato]'s special effect. So Honkey use another offensive skill when he gotten the chance.

He took a slight step backwards as he cross both of his arms in front of his chest. Then he dashes forward while swinging both of his daggers at Shin horizontally.

'Assassin Skill: Twin Ghost Strike'

Shin suddenly jump backwards while doing a back roll in the air as he dodge the twin horizontal swipe thrown by Honkey.

And when Honkey is about chase after Shin, the later suddenly kick his right foot in the air, launching himself towards the Specter Assassin below.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'


At the same time, Shin swing the [Yamato] towards Honkey as he descend at the later.


'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'

-37 121

Once Shin's foot landed on the ground behind Honkey, he immediately turn his body around while throwing a sword thrust at Honkey's back.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

Honkey was gotten off guard by the sudden change of development, but he still manage to regain himself almost instantly, and use an escape skill in time.


Honkey's body suddenly exploded into a bunch of black smoke when it was pierced by Shin's sword thrust.

'Assassin Skill: Shadow Escape'

Naturally, Shin will not get trick by the same skill twice. He focus all his senses at scanning his surroundings, then he feel a sudden fluctuations of Mana in the air inside the perception range of his 'Sensing Circle'.

Without further ado, Shin suddenly disappeared at his current location and reappear right above the place where he felt the Mana fluctuations in the air.

'Equipment Skill: Wolf King's Hunt'

After that, he raise his right leg before swinging it downwards at the empty space below him.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'

Honkey is about to release sigh of relief when he suddenly felt a threatening presence above him. It is too late to dodge or use an escaping skill, so all he can do is to face it head-on. He cross his arms on top of his head while focusing a dark power on it.

'Extra Skill: Shadow Guard'

Unfortunately for Honkey, his defensive skill is a counter for offensive skill. While Shin skill is a perfect counter for these types of defensive skills.



Even though Honkey nullify the damage of the 'Paralysis Bite', he is still stunned by the paralysis effect of the skill. But he still have another anti-CC skill.

'Extra Skill: Gale Steps'

Honkey disappeared once again, and this time he didn't leave any kind of obvious traces behind.

Shin frown his brows as he landed on the ground. He try to find Honkey through his 'Sensing Circle' but he still fail to do so. 'He is already outside my perception range?'

Shin is observing his surroundings when he suddenly throw a horizontal cut to his right with the blazing [Yamato] in his right hand.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'


Sparks were thrown in the air when the [Yamato] collided with a dagger that suddenly materialize out of thin air.

After that, Shin jump upwards while doing a corkscrew flip in the air. At the same time, a bunch of shadow needles brush pass his body.

When he landed on the ground once again, Shin immediately use 'Moonlight Steps' to dash at a certain spot.

But before Shin reach that spot, he felt that Honkey is rapidly moving backwards. So when 'Moonlight Steps' ended, Shin immediately followed it with 'Sword Rush' to chase after Honkey. And that chase is extended once again as the two continue to use their movement Skills.

One is keep on retreating while the other is keep on chasing. From time to time, the two of them pause their movements to have a contest of offensive skills before resuming the chasing game. But some people with keen observation can tell that Honkey is in the losing end, especially since he can't shake off Shin from his tail.

And this sight surprise even 'Miss Bunny'. "What the? A Specter Assassin is being overwhelmed by a Swordsman in a Chasing Game? And that Thief related Class can't even shake off his pursuer despite being a Titled Ranker on his previous game."

Then Miss Bunny form a satisfied smile with her rosy lips before muttering to herself. "Looks like this is going to become a big hit once I publish it on my Channel. Heh, I knew that my instincts are never wrong regarding these kind of matter."


On the side of the battle, Honkey suddenly become tense as he started to feel some pressure from Shin's assaults. Especially when he notice that Shin is starting to grow as the battle progress.

Moments later, the pupils in his eyes suddenly contracted when he felt that he lost his connection with his 'Metal Armor Kong' pet. And that cause him to become distracted for a moment, causing for his movements to pause a little. And that slight distraction sealed off his fate.

Shin grab that small window to throw a barrage of skills. He thrust the [Yamato] forward, targeting Honkey's heart.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'

-38 090

-12 374(Stunned)(Bonus Effect)

After stunning Honkey, Shin immediately pull the [Yamato] backwards before using it again to throw a consecutive stabs towards the former, together with the [Snowstorm Edge] on his left hand.

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stabs'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-6 190

-6 190

-6 190

Sha! Sha! Sha!

-6 190

-6 190

-6 190

Honkey started to panic when he saw that a large chunk of his HP were devoured by Shin's initial barrage. He use another 'Gale Steps' to escape, but when he distance himself from his previous location, Shin is already behind him throwing a powerful diagonal slash with the [Yamato] on his right hand.

'Equipment Skill: Wolf King's Hunt'

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'

-35 268(Stunned)

Honkey was immobilized once again for three seconds. Then Shin swiftly use the [Snowstorm Edge] in his left hand to throw three consecutive slashes.

'Self-Created Skill: Triple Slash'

-12 289

-19 560

-25 747

Next is a combo of a blazing horizontal cut, followed by a consecutive crescent sword waves of two different energies.

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

-36 546

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-39 120(Slowed)

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-37 624

-1 237(Burning Damage)


-50 000(Bonus Damage)

Honkey survived the skill barrage because of the Specter's Racial Trait, that he will become invulnerable on any kind of damage for 5 seconds when his HP fell on 1% of his total Health.

Unfortunately, his fate is still been sealed off when Shin use the blazing [Yamato] at his final attack, which is an unstoppable vertical slash that splits Honkey's body in half.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

System: Special effect of the skill was triggered!

Instant Kill!

"What The!..." Honkey wants to say something but his body is already starting to turn into a particles of light, before disappearing at Shin's sight while dropping a pair of daggers on the ground.

Shin pick the daggers up before putting them in his inventory bag without checking their attributes. After that, he immediately unsummon Blackie before taking out a return scroll of Forbidden City.

In few distance away, when Miss Bunny saw that Shin transformed into a stick of golden light and return to the City, she immediately retrieve her Spying Stones before looking for safe place to logout.

"Looks like I have a lot of things that is need to finished this night. I can't let other steal this material from me."


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