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Shin don't give a d*mn at his enemies' reaction. He immediately sheathed back the [Yamato] and hop a few times forward, before pulling out the sword once again, and sending a blazing crescent shape sword Qi towards his front.

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'


That is the only time when the players on the other group regain themselves. Some of the melee players in front want to block Shin's skill by using their lifesaving skill, unfortunately the sword Qi is too fast for them to react, so they were devoured by it unprotected.

Shin flick his left wrist to change his grip on the sheath into a forehand grip, then the sheath transform into a semitransparent longsword that is releasing a chilling aura.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

What comes next is Shin running around in the middle of his enemies while brandishing his swords left and right. Sometimes he is deflecting some of his enemies' skills and redirecting it to those guys' colleagues.

'Quasi Epic Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'

Shin is like a Reaper of Death that is ripping off a bunch of life in the battlefield without making much of effort on it. In addition to that, both Whitie and Blackie are like killing machines that don't have any plan to stop until they kill into their hearts' content.

Those two pets are Legendary Pets that have the Life Rating of Sacred and Demonic creatures respectively. Together with that is the growth rate of these two tigers are in worshiping 110 points, so even though the levels of those two tigers are only in 60s both of their stats are almost the same as a Level 80 King Class Monster.

That is also reason why the HeadHunter Guild guys are having trouble at holding of the two gigantic tigers. And to add in the fact that their Squad Leader just have died, it is natural for the enemy ranks to currently fall in a state of panic and chaos without someone that is capable of giving out orders.

And when the second-in-command on the another battlefield discovered what's happening on the other side, he can't help himself but to become shocked at what he saw. Immediately after that, he send some of his men to help out their guild-mates.

The sudden decease of the number of the enemies is immediately noticed by the Captain of the team of 20-players. He take a quick glance at the other side of the battlefield and discovered that Dark Crown Lion is nowhere to be found, and what replace it is a pair of gigantic tigers that are slaughtering the members of the HeadHunter Guild left and right.

Naturally, some of his teammates discovered what is happening too. At first, they thought that those two tigers are new monster bosses. But when they look at the battle more carefully, they notice a swordsman killing off a bunch of HeadHunter Guild Elite Players in an effortless manner.

"Eh!? Who is that guy? Have he gone insane? Going against the HeadHunter Guild alone?" said the Human Shield Warrior.

"Tsk, don't you see what's happening? He has the strength to back it up, so what's the deal?" rebutted by a the Human Guardian.

The Captain of the group observe Shin a little more before saying to his team. "Alright, put yourself together. We are going to breakthrough these guys now."

"Eh!? Are we really going to leave that guy here?" said by a Female Human Bishop (Tier 2 Class of a Priest) of the group.

"Don't get carried away, Maple Leaf. That guy will be fine even if we don't help him." said by the Female White Elf Elementalist of the group which is also in Tier 2.

"And we can't stay on this place any longer because this guys reinforcements are going to arrive here anytime now." added by the Captain of the group.

Moment later, they started to charge through the HeahHunter Guild members that are surrounding them. And successfully break through them.

The second-in-command of the HeadHunter Guild people ignore the 20-man team and focus all of his forces on attacking Shin. He didn't even bother to send some of his troops to chase after them.

And because of that, Shin started to feel some pressure. 'Tsk, these guys are really not easy to deal with. And they are starting to get annoying.'

Shin took a quick glance at where the 20-man team is battling and saw that they have already broken though their enemies' encirclement. 'Oh... So they are already out. Then I guess I also need to get out of this place too. If I continue to linger here for a little bit more, these guys' reinforcements might arrive here.'

Then Shin release a bunch of sand that surrounds him and extends up to 5-meter radius around him.

'Equipment Skill: Sandstorm'

Then he do some silent chants to unsummon Whitie, while Blackie use 'Shadow Melding' and disappeared at the sights of HeadHunter Guild members.

After that, he channels the power of Eclipse at the [Yamato], before brandishing the sword forward, and sending powerful sword wave towards his front.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Slash'


All the HeadHunter Guild members in the path of the sword wave are devoured by it. The second-in-command guy become even more enrage after seeing that. He gave an order to the range players to throw all of their skills at the sand screen.

And when the sand dust settle down, what greeted the entire group is an empty space. No corpse and no items, there is nothing there at all.

"F*CK!!! We have been tricked! Contact the other groups, and tell them that the Nameless Swordsman is here!"


Shin is dashing in the woods under the 'Undercover' Skill of his [Nightwalker's Cloak]. He look for a secluded place, before taking out a return scroll for Forbidden City.

But before Shin manage to rip the scroll, he suddenly felt that there is someone enters his 'Sensing Circle'. He immediately disregard the idea of using the scroll, as he take a cautious look at his surroundings.

'Hmm.... A Thief related Class? What race could this one belong to?' While Shin is checking out the surroundings, he suddenly felt an intense killing intent that is coming from his back.

Shin immediately hop forward before spinning his body around midair, as he throw powerful kick with his right leg at whoever is coming. At the time, he hold his sheathed sword in a reverse grip manner as he raise it in front of his chest.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'


-2 987
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'Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Defend'

(First appearance Chapter 38)


Shin's kick successfully landed at his assailant's body, while the sheath of his sword blocked the dagger that is targeting his heart.

'What the!?' A male Specter Assassin suddenly materialize right in front of Shin, as he look at the later with astounded gaze. Then he immediately use an anti-CC skill to remove the stun effect of the 'Paralysis Bite', and escape his current predicament.

'Assassin Skill: Shadow Escape'


The Specter Assassin's suddenly exploded into a bunch of black smoke. Shin on the other hand, jump backwards as he trying to locate his assailant.

And while Shin is busy scanning his surroundings, a huge shadow cover Shin's body from the sunlight that is coming above. When he raise his head, what he saw is a huge gorilla descending towards him.

After the brief disruption, Shin continue looking for the Specter Assassin. Which also made the later to become confuse. 'Is this guy out of his mind? Did he think that he can withstand the impact when my 'Metal Armor Kong' descended at him?'

But when the huge gorilla is about the descend at Shin, a Black Tiger with a body size that didn't lose to the gorilla suddenly appeared out of nowhere and pounce at the descending Kong.


The Specter Assassin that is waiting for a right time make his move failed to hold his breath when he saw that. And that slight mistake is enough for Shin to pinpoint that guy's exact location inside his 'Sensing Circle'.

"Got you!" Shin immediately transform into a bluish-white light that dashes towards the Specter Assassin.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


When the Specter Assassin saw the stick of light coming his way. He immediately use another retreating skill, since from the information that he got, this stick light is very dangerous.

Well unfortunately, this guy is unaware of the complete skill set that Shin have.

The Specter Assassin disappeared at his location and reappeared 10-meters away. By the time he materialize on that place, he saw the stick of light pause a little before continuing to chase after him.

'What the hell was that skill? And how the heck can he pinpoint my location?' The Specter Assassin was startled at what he are seeing. Then he want to retreat more when he discovered that a number of poison needles landed on his body. "Huh!?"

'Equipment Skill: Scorpion Sting'

-7 998

Shin used this Skill at the interval of when the 'Moonlight Steps' ended, and before he use the 'Moonlight Splitter' skill.

The Specter Assassin's stealth mode is remove after being hit by that attack, but the Poison status effect is ineffective against him, since he is an Undead which is immune with these kind of dark type status effects.

He want re-enter stealth mode, but unfortunately Shin who is in a bluish-white light form is already upon him. He is forced to dodge sideways, by doing a side-flip to his right.


Shin cancel the skill and forcefully stop his tracks, before thrusting the [Yamato] towards the Specter Assassin's direction as he dashes forward.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'


The Specter Assassin spin his body as he move sideways to dodge Shin's charge. At the same time, the former also throw a horizontal slash with his dagger at Shin's belly as the swordsman is brushing pass him.

'Assassin Skill: Shadow Strike'

Shin didn't get panic at the perfect counter, he just hold the sheath of his sword with his left hand as he position it diagonally in front of his belly.

'Dual-Wielding Style: Sheath Wielding: Defend'

The sword-sheath and the dagger collide briefly with each other.


Shin immediately turn his body around to prevent the Specter Assassin to enter stealth. The later on the other hand, didn't recklessly use a Stealth Skill in this distance, since he can already guess that Shin have some kind of sensing skill or ability.

"Are you alone? Do you think that a single Potential Ranker is enough to handle me?" said Shin as he look at the Specter Assassin cautiously. From what he can observe, this guy is not simple as he seems.

"Heh! Don't put me on the same level as those guys that you have defeated. I am not an ordinary Ranker like them." sneered the Specter Assassin.

Then he pause for a moment to take a battle stance, before looking at Shin fiercely while saying. "On the other games, other people call me the 'Berserk Thief', so you should prepare yourself for I am not afraid of a head-on melee battle."

Shin smirked at the Specter Assassin and said after noticing the crimson skull emblem on the left side of his chest. "Heh, You HeadHunter people really like to talk a lot before having a fight. How about you ask us if we are interested at what you are about to say first, before taking about it? Well, I still don't care about it either way."

After saying that, Shin swiftly swing the blazing [Yamato] leftwards, creating a crescent shape sword Qi that is made of fire and fly towards the Specter Assassin direction.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

"Heh, cheep tricks." sneered by the Specter Assassin as he spread his arms to the side, before swinging the both of them forward, sending a crescent shape energy wave of his own.

'Special Assassin Skill: Soul Breaker'


After the explosion, both Shin and the Specter Assassin simultaneously jump forward, planning to engage a melee battle with each other.


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