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Child of Destiny 78 Kill Stealing Some Monster Bosses

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"How about you hunt some monster beasts for me?"


System: Congratulations! You have successfully found The Phantom Swordsman 'Kentas'.

System: Quest initiated. You are now undergoing a basic trial to take the right of getting the Phantom Swordsman Inheritance.


Quest Name: Loffy Beggar's Test

Quest Type: Monster Extermination Quest

Quest Difficulty: S Grade

Quest Details: Kentas is acting as beggar with an alias of Loffy to find a suitable candidate for his Trial.

Quest Conditions: Loffy Beggar is asking you to prove your strength by hunting down some monster bosses in the vicinity around the Forbidden City.

Quest Progress (0%):


Scarlet Salamander King 0/1

Shadow Wolf Commander 0/1

Dark Crown Lion 0/1

Quest Reward:

Right to proceed to the next Trial

Quest Penalty:

Failing your Phantom Swordsman Inheritance Quest


Shin raise one of his brows before thinking to himself. 'It is an easy Quest at first glace, but base on the names of the monsters, I can tell that they are either a King Class Monster or an Overload one at the very least. What's more, I'm currently in my enemy's home turf, so killing these monsters might become a little bit troublesome.'

Shin raise his head to look at Loffy, but before he manage to open his mouth, he discovered that the beggar that is eating in front of him earlier suddenly disappeared without leaving any trace behind.

Shin can't help himself but to curse out loud. "D*mn It!!!!"

When the players walking along the streets saw Shin's action, they can't help themselves but to ridicule him.

"Look! Another victim by the scammer beggar!"

"Tsk, didn't you see him giving that beggar a bunch of money? Tsk, That was a huge lost"

"What more, he didn't get anything in return."

"Hahaha.... That way of wasting time and money is sure beyond idiocy!"

"Is that guy for real? Did he believe that that beggar will transform into some kind of fairy or something?..... Hahaha....."

Shin ignored them and search on the online forums to find the location of the monsters that he needed to kill, and sure enough, those monster bosses are in the maps that are being controlled by the HeadHunter Guild.

"Tsk, so how am I going to hunt these monsters down if I can't even enter their territory." muttered Shin to himself as he walk along the streets.

After few moments of careful thinking, Shin decided that he still going to those places. "Heh, I am already enemies with these guys so there is nothing to lose if I wreck more havoc with them."

Shin check the time on his digital clock before putting an alarm on when the monster bosses will respawn base on the informations that he got from the online forums. Then he went outside the City to grind some EXP.


On Shadow Stone Forest there is a group of 200 elite players fighting against a huge wolf.

"Second Unit, get ready to replace the First Unit. Third Unit get in position!" An Archer Dark Elf that looks like the leader of the group is currently busy giving out orders as he pull back the string of his bow together with an arrow. Then he channels a lot of Mana on it before releasing it.

'Archer Skill (Tier 2): Magical Power Shot'



The giant wolf release a enraged howl as it was hit by that powerful arrow shot.

The intense battle reach its critical point. The originally 200 Elite Players were reduce to 20 players only. At the same time, the giant wolf's HP fell on 10% and enter its critical stage.

"Go all out! We are almost there!" shout the leader as he release a bunch of skills consecutively, targeting the giant wolf. The remaining player of the group also started to throw all the skills that they can.

Unknown to them, there is a swordsman watching all of that to happen from the dark. When the giant wolf's HP reach 3%, a silhouette suddenly jump from the grass before disappearing once again.

Then a bunch sand started appear out of nowhere, blocking the other group's field of view. The Archer Dark Elf leader is gotten confused at what is happening, then he ordered his subordinates to step back a little. From what he had remember, the Shadow Wolf Commander don't have this kind of skill.

The sand screen settled down, and the Archer Dark Elf's group saw the headless corpse of the Shadow Wolf Commander laying lifelessly on the ground. As for the item drops? Well the is nothing left behind.

It took some time for the group to process what had happened. "F*CK!!! Someone Kill Steal the Monster Boss from us! Contact all the Units in the vicinity! I want you to find the culprit no matter what!"
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Then all the HeadHunter Guild members at the Shadow Stone Forest were mobilized to hunt down the so called culprit, even though they don't have any idea on who exactly is it. But base on the description that their colleagues have told them, it is a swordsman that can use a bunch of sands as a smokescreen like skill.

And when their higher-ups heard about that, a single person enter their minds. The Nameless Swordsman!

"F*CK! That guy really have some guts. Don't tell me that he honestly believe that we can't do anything to him?"

"We should send some of our Hunting Groups to teach this innocent guy a lesson."

"Looks like we have gone too easy on him. Should we teach him a lesson that he will never forget?"

"It looks like that this guy become too full of himself just because he defeated Sorrowful Leaf and his group. Let us show this kid that he shouldn't mess with a Powerhouse Guild."


On the other hand, the man in question have no idea on what those guys are thinking. Well, he don't care even if he knew about it anyway.

Shin is currently walking towards his last and final target. He use different methods when Kill Stealing the first two monster bosses at his quest.

When he KS(Kill Steal) the Scarlet Salamander King, Shin used the 'Spirit Release' skill of his [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] to make it appear like 'they' are three people stealing the boss. Then he use his Sun and Moon Clones to hold the HeadHunter Guild guys while he is busy collecting the loots.

Of course Shin is aware that he already alerted the HeadHunter Guilds Higher-Ups because of what he have done. "Looks like I need to be more careful on the next boss. I'm pretty sure that those guys will really be on guard against me now."

When Shin arrived at his destination, what he see is a party of twenty players going against an entire group of one hundred players, and not far from them is another group of one hundred players battling the Dark Crown Lion.

Shin become curious at the first battlefield, so use one of the stealthing abilities of his [Nightwalker's Cloak] and walk stealthy at the battling groups. "These guys are quite gutsy for provoking an entire squadron of elite players of a Powerhouse Guild. Well at least, they are quite skilled."

(Are you praising about yourself?)

On the other side, the smaller group of players are being force to keep on retreating.

"Captain, They outnumbered us too much. We should give up on that Monster Boss for now." said a Human Shield Warrior(Tier 2 of a Knight) of the group as he block another bunch of arrows with his shield.

"F*ck! We are the ones that found that Dark Crown Lion! What are their right to steal it from us. Let us teach these arrogant guys that they can't be a Tyrant anywhere, Captain." said by a Human Guardian (Another Tier 2 Class of a Knight) as he send the player in front of him flying backwards.

"Stop chatting for now. Just get ready yourselves, we are going to breakthrough their defense and forcefully make our way out here. As for revenge, will think about it later." said by a Tier 2 Berserker WolfKin as he brandish his saber at the Knight in front of him, and killing that guy in the process.

Shin watch what's happening in the dark as he mutter to himself. "Hmm... Should I help these guys up? At least I can deal some damage at HeadHunter Guild if I kill some of their Elite Players, right?"

Then Shin look at the other end of the battlefield and saw that the Dark Crown Lion is almost reaching its critical point. "But before that, let us deal with that big guy first."

Shin retreated at the woods, before secretly summoning Blackie there. Once Blackie was summoned, it immediately entered stealth mode by using 'Shadow Melding'. After that, Shin circle around the battlefield and position himself behind the Dark Crown Lion, where there are few number of HeadHunter Guild members.

When the HP of Dark Crown Lion reach 8%, Shin make his move. He dashes forward as he transform his body into bluish-white light. At the same time, he pull out the [Yamato] from its sheath and slash it forward as he pass through the bodies of the HeadHunter Guild members in front of him.


'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'


The HeadHunter Guild members didn't expect that there is a person that have the guts to steal a monster boss from them, so they are gotten off guard when Shin made his move, and resulting for them to have some casualties.

When Shin arrived at center of his enemy ranks, he immediately create another havoc. He summon Whitie who directly change at the enemies' back line.

Naturally, the leader of the group give an order to intercept the White Tiger. Unfortunately, those melee players that want to get near Whitie were repelled by a bunch of sword waves that are coming their way.

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

'Self-Created Skill(Combined): Ecliptic Cross'

The Bishops, Oracles and other support type players of HeadHunter Guild want to help their frontline. But before they manage to raise their wands and scepters, a huge silhouette pass through them, killing a bunch of their colleagues.

When the leader of the group notice what's happening at the back line, Blackie already killed a considerable amount of support type players.

"D*mn it. Third and Fourth Unit, focus all your attention on the swordsman! I want him dead!!! That guy should be the Nameless Swordsman!"

But when some their firepower shift to Shin, the later suddenly disappeared from his current location and reappear behind the Dark Crown Lion.

Shin swiftly put the [Yamato] back on its sheath, before pulling it out once again and slash it at the back of the giant lion.


'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'

-518 420

Then Shin immediately enfold the [Yamato] with a blazing flame, before slashing it downwards powerfully.

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

And it looks like Shin is quite lucky this time because he triggered the special effects of his 'Hell Execution' Skill.

-4 567 894(Killed)


Shin immediately activate his 'Eclipse Pulse' Skill to ward off the bunch of arrows, bullets and spells that are coming his way. Then he ignore the incoming attacks and immediately cut off the head of the Dark Crown Lion and put it in his inventory bag, together with the other loots on the ground.

When the leader of the HeadHunter group saw what Shin is doing, he become enrage even more. "Kill That B*st*rd!!!! He steal our boss and taken all the loots!!! Don't let that guy get away no matter what."

But from the looks of it, Shin don't have a plan of running away. Before the duration of the 'Eclipse Pulse' come to an end, Shin immediately use two types of movement skill consecutively.

'Slayer Skill: Sun-Ray Dash'

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'

In just blink of an eye, Shin already appeared in front of the Squad Leader. And before the later use his lifesaving skill, Shin already click his thumb and middle finger, detonating the purple barrier around him.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Counter'


The barrier made of eclipse power suddenly exploded, inta-killing all the HeadHunter Guild members that are five meters away from Shin.

Then the entire battlefield suddenly become frozen. It is as if the time is stop moving while everyone is looking at Shin dumbfoundingly.


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