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Shin leave the managing of the City to Ribbit after confirming that everything are going well.
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Now that he is free from the System curse, Shin is free to do anything that he wants. After restocking his inventory bag with HP and MP potions, Shin think on what to do next. "Alright! What should I do now? Hmm... Let's collect all my earnings in the Auction House first."

Shin rip a return scroll of Holy City and appear at the Teleportation Hall of that City. He immediately go to the Auction House to see how much money did he earn this time. And when he finally saw how much is it, he almost got a heart attack.

The the four set of six-piece level 75 silver rank {Avenger Warring Set} were sold at 30,000 gold coins each set. The six-piece level 90 gold rank {Avenger Warring Set} was sold for and total of 60,000 gold coins. And all the materials that got in Corrupted Ruins were sold at the price of 50,000 gold coins in total.

All in all, Shin earned 230,000 gold coins in total. He now felt that he become rich once again. But when he remembered that he need to buy a bunch of materials for the upgrade of his equipments, he suddenly become dejected. "*Sigh~*, Earning money in this game is quite easy, but it is also burning too much of money too."

Then Shin take out the Sub-Class quest scroll that he got from Faker. After some hesitation, Shin finally rip the scroll off, what followed it is a system notification and an additional quest that appeared at Shin's Quest Window.


System: You have initiated a Sub-Class Quest. Your Sub-Class will be determined base on you Primary Class.


Quest Name: Phantom Swordsman Inheritance

Quest Type: Special Sub-Class Quest

Quest Difficulty: Default

Quest Details: The Phantom Swordsman 'Kentas' was looking for a suitable successor for his skills and techniques.

Quest Condition: Go to Forbidden City and look for 'Kentas' to pass his trial and become a Phantom Swordsman.

Quest Progress(0%):


Quest Reward:

Phantom Swordsman Sub-Class

Quest Penalty:

-5 Levels


"Oh... Why do I feel that this Quest is something special, and not as easy as it looks?" muttered Shin to himself as he walk along the streets of the Holy City.

Then Shin suddenly become troubled when he take another look at his new quest and saw that the place that he needs to visit is Forbidden City. "The Heck!? That place is the home turf of the HeadHunder Guild, right? Tsk, looks like this quest is going to become a really tricky one now."

After some hesitation, Shin decided to visit the Forbidden City regardless. He is wearing the [Nightwalker's Cloak] after all, and ordinary ocular skills can't see through this cloak, what's more if he added the [Nephilim's Gemini Mask] underneath the shadow of the hood, no one can see his details anymore.

And speaking of the mask, Shin upgraded this mask using the item that he got from the Royal Wearhouse. And its new stats are as follows.


Item Name: [ Nephilim's Gemini Mask ]

Item Type: Head Gear

Rank: Special (Race and Class Specific)


+200 to all Stats

Details: This item is especially created for Nephilim, if a Nephilim equip this they can completely hide their identity and information to other beings.


Can only wear by a 'Slayer Nephilim'

Additional Ability:

1. Split Release: You can release 2 copies of yourself where each is wielding the power of the Sun and the Moon and have 100% of your Stats.

Note: Clones will last until they depleted their healths or until the user unsummoned them.

Cooldown: 6 hours

2. Spirit Fusion: Fuse the Sun Clone and Moon Clone with each other, creating an entirely new 'Eclipse Clone'. The fused clone will have 150% of your current stats and will have all of your skills, including your item skills.

Note: The Eclipse Clone will only last until its HP were depleted or until the duration is up.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Cooldown: Default

3. Spirit Possession: Fuse the Eclipse Clone with your body increasing all your Stats by 100% and Movement Speed by 150%.

Duration: 20 Minutes

Cooldown: Default

This item is bound to player 'Sickarius'


After making sure that he didn't forget about anything, Shin finally go to the Teleportation Hall and pay some gold coins to teleport himself to the Forbidden City.


Shin appeared at the Teleportation Hall at the center of the City plaza of the Forbidden City. Shin observe the plaza for few more moments, and discovered that there are not many players in plaza unlike the one on the Holy City.

Aside from the players that are coming in and out of the Teleportation Hall, and the ones that are walking on the streets, there are no other players in the vicinity. There are even no vendors around.

Moments later, Shin finally know the reason why. Not far from the Teleportation Hall is a Guild Residence of the HeahHunter Guild. "Tsk, no wonder the independent players don't have the nerve to sell their stuffs in here. With this arrogant and unreasonable guys having their main turf here, I'm sure that those independent players are afraid that the items that they want to sell might get rob from them."

While thinking about this and that, Shin finally realize the main problem on his quest. "F*ck me! Now I know why I have a strange feeling when I saw the Quest! How and where should I start finding that 'Kentas' guy in this huge City?"

Shin was caught in a dilemma on what he is going to do next. Left with no choice, Shin is force to look blindly around the City. But after few hours finding, Shin gave that idea. "D*mn! The City is too big for me to look for whoever that guy is. And what's more, there are a lot of NPCs here."

As Shin is getting restless about his quest, he suddenly remembered about something. "Hmm... If what Arthur had said is right about this game being the new battlefield for the Superpowers of Real World, then there should be a lot of secret organizations here too. For example, some organizations that can sell different kinds of informations."

After some thought, Shin contacted one of his most reliable source of information inside the game.

Sickarius: Hey! Brother Lawless, do you know a place where I can buy different kind of informations.

The reply immediately came after.

Lawless: Oh! It is quite rare for you to contact me for some help. What? Is it urgent?

Sickarius: How about you just answer my question then?

Lawless: Tsk, you really are such a boring person. How about have some chat before asking some favors?

Sickarius: I just don't want to waste my time.

Lawless: Alright, Alright. What kind of information do you want to buy, so that I can recommend an organization that is more skilled at the area. (A smoking bear emoji)

Sickarius: I'm looking for an NPC, and maybe a special or a hidden one at that.

Lawless: Do you have any idea where you can find him or her? Any major direction might be helpful.

Sickarius: He is somewhere inside the Forbidden City.

Lawless: (A Surprised Dog Emoji) Are you in that place? Tsk, Going to your enemy's home turf alone? You really is someone that have some insane amount of guts!

Sickarius: You are going off the topic. (An Emoji of Irritated Dog)

Lawless: Boring~♪. You really is a party popper. Alright, since you are already in there, all you have to do is just find a restaurant called 'Secret Recipe'. Don't ask me where is it, I also don't know its exact location.

And when you arrive in that place, just say that you are going to order what's their specialty. If a staff approach you, just tap your right hand index finger on the table three times, then your transaction is going to take place.

Sickarius: Thanks.

After sending that last message, Shin make himself to appear offline on his friends' friend list, so that no one can chat or call him unless he contact them first.

Then Shin open the online Forums to look for the place where the so called 'Secret Recipe' Restaurant is located. But moments later, he suddenly slap his forehead because of his idiocy. "D*mn! What am I thinking? It is a secret organization, so it is impossible for me to see its information in online forums."

He then proceed to find all the Restaurants inside the Forbidden City instead. And sure enough he didn't find any restaurant that had a name of 'Secret Recipe' on the forums. But even though that was the case, Shin still mark all the locations of those restaurants on his personal map.

Shin spend a whole natural day(an In Game Time) to explore the whole City while visiting all the restaurants that are marked on his personal map one by one.

Shin walk out the last restaurant with a dejected expression. "*Sigh~*, It is the same. Maybe it is better if I just look for 'Kentas' on myself."

While Shin is walking along the street of the City, he suddenly walk pass an intersection with a secluded alley. He stop his tracks and turned his head to take a look on the alley way. He knitted his brows for a moment, before walking towards that alley.

After walking through the alley way, and when Shin arrived at the other end of the alley, he is greeted by a 2-storey building that is made of wood, which is not common sight on a prosperous place like Forbidden City.

What's more, Shin discovered that there are no players walking on this street at all. He look at his personal map to check if he is still in the City. 'Odd. This place is still part of the City, but why are no other players walking here?'

The wooden building is as simple as it is, there is no signboard hang on its front or any design around it. Shin walk towards the building as he observe it a little more.

Then he noticed that the main door is slightly open. Shin push the door slightly to take a peek inside, but looks like the person inside is aware of Shin's presence. "A costumer? It has been a while since we have gotten one."

After hearing that slightly aged voice, Shin walk through the door completely and entered the building. The interior of the building doesn't differ much from the design outside. What Shin only saw are rows of chairs and tables that are made of woods. And from the looks of it, this place is a restaurant too. But want attract Shin's attention is the signboard that is hang at the counter where an old man is sitting.

Shin take a random seat at the middle part of the room, before saying with a voice that is not too loud but not too soft either. "Can I order what is your specialty?"

Then the old man sitting in the counter suddenly become interested and said. "Oh.... So you really are a costumer."


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