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"I'm providing the resources and the manpower, yet you just want me to only have 30%? At least make it fifty and we can call it a deal." Shiella objected, but she still lower her original price since Shin had some point.

Shin shook his head and rebutted to what Shiella had said. "I'm buying the materials from you. You are going to get some profit on it, right? And since I'm also providing the place and land, I can only offer you 40% at maximum, nothing more."

Shiella is still hesitating to accept the offer, but she can't take herself to bring it up yet.

Saint Heaven Kingdom is a neutral Kingdom, so there are a lot of players here. After all, different kind of Races can live in this place without being hindered by opposing functions. And there is also no Powerhouse Guild that can completely monopolize the resources of a neutral Kingdom yet, since those Powerhouses are always fighting with each other for those resources.

There are a lot of major forces fighting for hegemony in Saint Heaven Kingdom. After all, the location of this Kingdom in the Atlas World is quite special. The Kingdom have three neighboring Kingdoms on its North, and another two Empires on its West and South respectively. Its Eastern borders have costal Cities that are connected to the to Sea of Beginning, Forsaken Islands and lot more high level neutral maps. The potential of this Kingdom is endless in her prospective.

These are the main reasons why Shiella is eager to take a deep root in this Kingdom. And this Calderock Village is a very good strategic place for the start of her plans.

The Village have three leveling maps, the 'Dark Swamp', 'Shadow Forest', and 'Black Iron Mountain'. The first map was quite famous leveling spot during early stages of the game, now it become famous once again because of the Village. The other two maps are new grinding spots. And they can level in this place until they reach level 70. What's more, the 5-piece {Ruler's Equipment Set} dropped by the Monster Bosses here had become famous too.

There is also a new Open Dungeon few kilometers away from the Village, the 'Corrupted Ruins'. Players only need 30-40 minutes travel from the Village to that place using their mounts.
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Shiella is in deep thought when she sudden think of something. She raise her head and look at Shin while saying. "Do have completed the blueprint plan for the promotion of the Village?"

Shin look at his sister suspiciously before throwing a bluff. "Actually, I'm currently in the middle of finishing it when you came."

"Can I see it?" said Shiella calmly.

The more Shin saw Shiella becoming calmer, the more tense he become. He want to refuse at first but he suddenly remembered something, so he show her his blueprint plan after.

Shiella study the whole blueprint plan for few minutes before asking Shin. "What are your plans for the vacant parts on the Northern side of the Town?"

Shin is still suspicious at her but he still tell her some of his plans. "I'm planning to build an Auction House beside the Office of Currency Exchange System. The Northwest Part of the Town is for the Battle Arena. The remaining parts are for the other Facilities that might become available after the promotion."

Shiella suddenly get a glimpse of hope after hearing that. "If you want to build a Battle Arena then that might become a problem. Battle Arenas on the other Towns are quite famous because of the high Mana density on their Towns. And that was mainly due to their Mana Towers, so do you also have Mana Towers of your own?"

'Sh*t! I don't know about that. I haven't did my research about that one yet.' Shin is cursing to himself inside after hearing that, but he still manage to hold onto his facade outside. He raise his head and replied at Shiella in a nonchalant manner. "So are you also going to offer me a couple of Mana Towers too?"

The corner of Shiella's mouth suddenly twitch after hearing that. "Do you think that Mana Tower Blueprints are like cabbages that can grow everywhere? What I want to say is I can help you to look for it."

"And in exchange, you are going to increase the shares that you want?" said Shin in a playful tone before adding after. "How about if I give you a piece of land inside the Town for your Trading Firm, instead?"

Shiella frown her brows while saying in a discontent manner. "Hey! You are offering the shares but I can't manage and have the land? What was that about?"

Shin cross his arms in front of his chest and said. "What I'm offering you is the profit shares of the Village/Town, you can get 40% on all the income that the Town is going to produce. But the land is still mine."

'What's a cunning b*st*rd!' Shiella look at the swordsman in front of her with a fierce glare.

Shin ignore her look and said calmly. "If you don't like the setup then we can still call this deal off."

If only this Village is not a strategic place for Shiella, then she was really tempted not to close the deal. But she can give up yet. "Forty Five! Give me the 45% of the Village profit shares! And I want you to not get involved in my Trading Firm once it is build. You can't also take any other Firm aside from mine. Or unless they are approved by me."

"As for the Guilds and Adventurer Teams that want to garrison in the Town, they also need to go through my assessment and approval before you can take them. Do my demands and I'll take your offer."

'*Sigh~*, Big Sis is really hard to deal with. But I guess I have no other choice but to accept her offer, or else I might lose a really good and reliable business partner.' thought Shin for a moment before agreeing to her. "Then let us form a contract."

Then the deal is finally close. Shin give Shiella the 45% of all the profit shares. He also give her one million gold coins for the promise materials, and together with it is a piece of land at the Northern part of the Town once it is promoted from being an Advance Village. He added that he will give her another two million if the construction cost exceeds their expected limits. But he is only going to give it after a month of the Town's opening.

Shiella on the other hand, will handle all the blueprints and manpower needed for the entire construction. She also promise that she will do her best to find a Mana Tower Blueprint as soon as possible, so that they can build a Battle Arena before the construction end.


The next day(In Game Time), the Calderock Village suddenly become close for all the players, causing to a huge ruckus for the players that want to enter the Village. But when they discovered that the Village is undergoing an massive reconstruction because of its promotion, the players outside become delighted.

If the Calderock Village is going to become promoted into a Basic Town, then that means it is going to have a more huge population capacity. They don't need to worry about the players' traffic for the time being.

What's more, it is also going have another advance facilities that are going to become available, especially the Teleportation Hall. They don't need to travel back and forth when they are farming outside. All they need to do now is to mount on their pets when they are going to grind, and just use a return scroll to get back at the Town.

And another one is the Adventurer's Alliance Office Building. It is a place where they can get a bunch of quest everyday, which also give them a good amount of EXP and some generous additional rewards.


Shin spent an entire week(In Game Time) on overseeing the construction. He also become surprise at the additional facilities that Shiella added for the Town. She added another 20 basic Inns and scattered them inside the Town, as for what she have upgraded? All the Blacksmith Shops, Alchemy Shops and Restaurants that the Calderock Village originally have were promoted into Intermediate Rank.

'As expected to Big Sis, she really is going to do her best just not to lose a single profit from her property. After all, this place is a massive gold mine for her. But it also looks like that I need to find some time to look for the two million gold coins for the promised additional payment in this coming month.' as Shin is overseeing the reconstruction, he suddenly received a report from one of Shiella's subordinates that they managed to find a Mana Tower Blueprint. And they are planning to build it immediately.

'She really is fast at dealing with these kind of things.' Shin approved it after some slight hesitation. Then the Architects under Shiella resume back to their works. At the same time, some of them started building the Mana Towers and Battle arena.

When the Mana Towers were constructed a vast amount of Mana were attracted towards the Town, making its Mana density to improve drastically. Shin is gotten a huge surprise after discovering that. He felt that his entire body suddenly become light, while all of his senses become even more sharper.

'So this the real reason why Battle Arenas become popular at the other Towns. While in this state, anyone can improve significantly after some battles against someone.' Thought Shin as he observe his body state more.

After some thought, Shin followed Shiella's suggestion to take only Mana Stones for the payment on training in Battle Arena.

Mana Stones are strategic resources that can be only drop from special types of monsters. It had many kinds of uses. It can be use as a power source for Mana Towers and other similar strategic things. It can also be use in Blacksmithing, Alchemy and other lifestyle classes. It varies from 20-70 gold coins depending on its type or size.

After confirming that everything that they needed are complete. Shin finally open the Calderock Town to the public.

And when the players saw the Town they were gotten a massive shock on their body.

"Is this still a Basic Town that just advance from being an Advance Village? Why do it looks like an Intermediate Town to me?"

"Yeah, it size is the only one that it is lacking. The rest is looks similar to some of the facilities from Intermediate Towns."

"Hey, look! There are four huge pillars standing in four parts of the City!"

"Yeah! Are they Mana Towers? So that is why the Mana density here is quite thick and pure."

"Just who is the Village Chief of the Calderock Village, to get his hands on those? Eh!? No. He should be a Town Mayor now."

"Whoa! Look! There is also a Battle Arena here! A Basic Town having a Battle Arena? The Town's Mayor should really be influential!"

Because of the massive sensation cause by the Calderock Town had reached the ears of the Higher-ups of the powerful Guilds, they release an order to investigate about this matter. Some even planning to raid the Town, so that they can capture it and take it as their own.

But when they discovered that the 'Hand of Midas' have a branch of their Trading Firm in the Town, then they started to get rid of the plan on raiding the Town. As for the idea of investigating who the Town's Mayor? They also started to consider to forget about it. Once the 'Hand of Midas' is involved, anything complex will become simple. Whoever this Town Mayor is, he is either one of the subordinates of 'Hand of Midas' or someone that is going to become a subordinate of the mysterious Guild Leader of this powerful Lifestyle Guild.

Well that is what they are thinking, and what they believe at the very least.

On the other hand, the other Powerhouse Guilds are going to observe a little more, before making their move.


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