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"Are you talking about the Calderock Village? I'm currently here to run some errands." said Shin as he make it sound normal as possible.

"Then that's good too. Now go find who is the Village Chief and contact me after. If you manage arrange me a meeting with whoever is it, then I'll even less it more to your debt." said Shiella.
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Shin is still not contented yet, so he said. "We are still not done discussing about the payment, Big Sis."

Shiella raise one of her brows and said at Shin with an intimidating look. "Looks like you are getting greedy, Huh?"

Shin do his utmost to not get intimidated and said as calm as possible. "Come on, Big Sis. We both know that you still have your subordinates in this game, so you don't actually needed my help. Unless, they can't investigate who is this Village Chief, that is why you are asking me personally, am I right?"

Shiella tried to read Shin's expression, but unfortunately this guy is quite skilled at hiding what's in his mind currently. "Looks like you are getting better at talking about business, Huh. Do you want to work under me then?"

Shin ignored Shiella's remark and said. "Nah, I'm also busy on my side, alright? Now, back to business, What's your new offer?"

Shiella thought for a moment before saying. "Five. I'll make 5% of your total debt."

Shin nodded his head and said. "Now, that is being sincere. Then how about if a arrange a meeting with you?"

The corner of Shiella's mouth suddenly twitch after hearing that. She wants to scold this rascal for being too greedy, when she suddenly saw the calm expression on his face. Shiella squinted her eyes as she said to Shin suspiciously. "Hey! Do you already know who is the Chief of Calderock Village?"

'She is always been sharp.' thought Shin as he got tensed inside, but he still manage to held on his poker face outside. "Nah, I don't know who is it yet, but I have some idea on who is it."

Shiella raise one of her brows and and look at Shin coldly. "Looks like you are swindling me, Huh?"

Since Shin already reach this point, there is no backing down anymore, and it is better if he go all the way. "Big Sis, I'm saying that I have some idea who is the Village Chief, but I didn't say that I'm sure that he is really the one."

Shiella sigh helplessly and said. "I guess you learned some skills in bargaining then. OK, I'll give 8% to less on your total debt. And arrange the meeting as soon as possible, I still have a lot of work to do."

Then Shiella ended that call, leaving Shin staring blankly at the blanked Virtual Screen. Seconds later, Shin burst out laughing loudly. "Hahaha..... Who would have thought that this day will come where I'm in the upper end of bargaining with Big Sis. What's more tricking her. Hahaha..... I wonder what will be Arthur's reaction after hearing this. Hahaha..."

Shin took some time to calm himself down, before finally thinking on what he is going to do next. "Hmm... I can't contact, Big Sis immediately. She will get suspicious if I did that. And if I I'm going to go in disguise, then it is better if I become two different people completely."

"If I'm going to use the 'Nameless Swordsman' persona as the Village Chief, then I can't use all the skills that I showed with that persona when I'm 'Sickarius'. Ah! That is right! I can just use Hanzo when I'm Sickarius, that way I can disguise myself into Swordsman Summoner or something."

"Looks like I need to rush things up so that I can promote myself into a Tier 2 Class."

While thinking all of that, Shin suddenly remembered something. "Wait! Didn't Faker gave me a Sub-Class Quest Scroll?"

Shin look for it inside his inventory bag and found it almost immediately. After some careful consideration, he give up the idea of tackling the quest for now. "Nah, I can't finish this quest at my current state. Then I'll do it first thing after recovering myself from the Systems Curse, I guess."

"And I also can't go to the Church with the evidences that I have, since the 'King' might have some people eyeing me in the dark. I can only go there if I'm going to have my Class Promotion Trial. That way I have a strong alibi on going there."


Shin release a helpless sigh before muttering to himself. "Looks like I can't do anything good for now aside from managing the Village."

Then he open the Village 3D map to study it further. Then he create a blank virtual 3D map, before starting to draw some plans there. This opinion become available for him since he manage to complete most of the requirements to upgrade his Village into a Basic Town.

First he drew an outline for the Town. He drew it with four entrances available, he name it as simple as it it, and they are the North, East, South and West gates. Shin divide the four Blacksmith Shops on each gate while positioning the fifth one on the town's center plaza. Then he position the three Alchemy Shops beside the Blacksmith Shops at East, West and South gate respectively. He is also planning to build another one for the North gate.

He positioned one of the Restaurants beside the Blacksmith Shop at the Plaza while he put the other three randomly at the Eastern part, Western part and Southern part of the Town respectively. Then he scattered the twenty Inns around the Town, but still leaving he Northern part empty.

Then at the Northern part of the town, and slightly near the Town's center plaza, Shin put the Town's Mayor Office there. He still have some plans for the vacant lands for the Northern part of the Town, so Shin let it empty for now.

Outside the Town's Northern wall, Shin place a barracks for his towns soldiers, and right behind it is a training ground for them. Then he setup some defenses on the walls of the town, like some Archer towers and something similar.

Shin even take a look on the official website of «Destiny's Fate» online to get some idea what will be the additional facilities that will be added on his Basic Town after upgrading it from Advance Village.

After some reading, Shin place the Teleportation Hall at the center of Town's center plaza, he want to make it like a City Square. Then he put an Adventurer's Alliance Office Building right across the Mayors Office. Beside it is an Office of Currency Exchange System. Shin want to add an Auction House on there, but he still need a blueprint to build one. Same goes for the Battle Arena that is quite famous for player on the other Towns governed by powerful Guilds.

Shin spend an entire Natural Day(In Game Time) on making a blueprint plan for the reconstruction of his Village into a Town. And it is still incomplete since he still lack some facilities on the Northern part of it.

Base on his estimations he need to spend at least 2-3 Million gold coins for the entire construction cost on this blueprint. And currently, he can't fill it up with his current funds, but that is a different story if he have a business partner that can fill the missing part. As for who is it? It is quite obvious already.

Shin take some rest to regain his peak mind condition, while reviewing some scripts on his mind. After that, he finally contacted Shiella and said that he already arrange the meeting that she want. Shiella was taken aback at first, but she still confirmed that she will come personally.

After ending the call, Shin immediately reequipped his main items together with the [Nephilim's Mask]. And while he is at it, he set a system he will block all the calls that are coming from Shiella every time he is wearing the mask. He also added that she can't see him as friend when the mask is on.

Shin wait for quite some time at the Village Chief's House before Shiella finally arrived. He already informed Captain Jack about his guest, so she arrive at the house unhindered.

Shiella is wearing a black cloak to specially to hide her appearance and identity. She immediately remove the cloak as a respect when she saw Shin who is currently in 'Nameless Swordsman' disguise, She is still wearing a veil to hide the lower half of her face though.

Shin observe Shiella for a moment while muttering confusedly inside. 'Base on her equips she must be a magical class. But the aura that she is release is quite cold, so she might an Ice Mage or something. But she is a flame user in Real World, so why an Ice related class in here?'

Unaware of what Shin was thinking, Shiella directly sat across the former and said. "So the famous Nameless Swordsman is the Chief of the Calderock Village, Huh?"

She extend her right arm and offer a hand shake while saying in a charming tone. "Hi, I'm Snow White, the Guild Leader of 'Hand of Midas'."

Half of Shin's face twitch under the mask after hearing that. 'I know that Big Sis is an insane money maker anywhere she goes, but I didn't expect that she is one of the Tyrants of this game. Is tricking her is really still a good idea? Arthur was right, I'll might have a heart attack if I know who is Big Sis inside the game.' what Shin didn't realize is that Shiella is more than that.

But despite thinking all of that, he still shake her hand and introduces himself. "I'm Nameless Swordsman, a nobody."

Shiella retract her hand after the slight shake and said. "You are not being sincere here. I introduces myself properly yet you just tell me your alias? If we want to be business partners, we should need start trusting each other first."

Shin felt that his heart suddenly skips some beats as he heard that. He brace himself and shook his head slightly. "That shouldn't be necessary for now. You just want to use my Village to earn some money right? I'll tell you my name when we really become friends."

Shiella narrowed her eyes as she observe the swordsman in front of her more. Unfortunately, this guy is quite skilled at hiding his true intentions. She sigh helplessly before saying. "Alright, let us discuss the main topic then. Give me 60% of the Village shares and I'll help you promote it into a Basic Town immediately."

'Want to swallow the Village from the get go, Huh?' Shin shook his head once again and said. "Quite greedy, Huh? I am already finished most of the preparation on promoting the Village. All I need now is to upgrade some of my buildings into an intermediate rank, and I'm free on promoting it now."

'Eh!? This guy is quite fast mover, Huh.' Shiella was taken aback at first but she still regain her composure almost instantly. Then she tried to temp Shin with resources. "I can provide you all the materials that you need in it, same goes for the manpower that are needed."

Shin try to act as calm as possible while replying. "Can't I just buy it from you? My Village didn't lack any funds, you know. If that is not possible, then I can just contact some of my friends for it."

"Mind if I ask you who they are?" said Shiella nonchalantly.

Shin look straight Shiella's eyes and said in a playful manner. "And what? You are going to suppress them through your Guild's power? Too bad, I'm quite a loyal person."

Shin raise his right hand with three fingers open while saying. "Thirty, I can only give 30% of the Village shares. You should understand he significance of pormoting this Village, right?"

From the looks of it, Shin is really enjoying toying with his Big Sis. 'It is the only way to have my make payback after all.'


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