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Child of Destiny 72 Is This Still Calderock Village?

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Kriring!!! Kring!!!

Shin wake up and stretch his body on his bed. After few seconds of it, he finally get off on his bed before going to the bathroom in his room to take a quick warm bath.

Then Shin put on some comfortable clothes before finally getting on his VR Gaming Pod. After running some system setup, and making sure that there is no problems on it, Shin wait for few more minutes for the Server Start-Up.

"Initiate Login."


Shin is back in the game and appeared in front and of the Royal Palace of Holy City. And the first thing that Shin notice when he is back in the game is his perception on his surroundings.

After first, he thought that it is because of his Diamond Class VR Gaming Pod, but the more he perceive his surroundings the more he felt that it is not the case.

"Maybe this should be because of 'Freedom Mode'." said Shin to himself as he try to feel his surroundings more.

He can now perceive some energy silently floating in the air. And when he shift his attention back to his body, he discovered a similar energy is flowing inside his body too.

"Hmm... This should be the so called 'Mana'. Heh, this is interesting! This game is really based on Real World. The 'Mana' surrounding me should be equivalent to the 'Force of Nature' in Real World, while the 'Mana' inside my body is the same as 'Internal Qi'." muttered Shin to himself as he observe more.

Then he went to a blacksmith shop to repair all of his items, before going to Auction House to register all the items and materials that he got from Corrupted Ruins.

After making sure that he didn't forget anything to register, Shin went outside the City to try testing the new battle mode.

Outside the City Shin saw a lot of players trying use their skills or casting some spells. Most of them are doing it in a awkward way, while the others took some time just to execute a basic skill.

As Shin walk pass them, he can't help himself but muttered on his heart. "Looks like there are a lot of complaints that are going to be raise in the Forums once again."

Shin went to a secluded place for his practice, and after making sure the there are no other players around, he started executing his skills one by one.

"Hmm... Executing Skills become easier now. It is as if I'm in Real World, this is amazing." said Shin to himself as if it is just some kind of easy feat. What he didn't know is that he can only do it because he is a Martial-Art Practioner in Real World.

Then he try doing against some monsters in the vicinity. It looks like he is quite lucky this time because he bumped into a Mini-Boss immediately after deciding that. Shin use his 'Scouting' skill on it out of habit.


Monster Name: Black Mark Rabbit(Chieftain)

Rating: Rare

Level: 35

HP: 700 000

Basic Defense: 15 263

Skill Defense: 30%


"Hmm... I'm currently in a weaken state, so all of my stats are halve, and on par with a player that is in Level 35 at most. This guy should be a perfect sparring partner I guess." muttered Shin as he pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath. Then he transformed the sheath on his left hand into a semitransparent longsword.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

After that, Shin sprinted towards the giant rabbit while thrusting the [Yamato] forward. While executing the skill, Shin suddenly gotten an unexpected system notification. He ignored it for now, and continue rushing forward.

'Extra Skill: Sword Rush'

-36 717

Shin stopped the dash right behind the giant rabbit, before using 'Moonlight Steps' to put some distance away from the monster. Then he finally have a time to take a glance at the notification that he got earlier.


System: Congratulations! You achieved 85% Completion Rate on executing your 'Sword Rush' skill, giving you additional 30% bonus damage.

Shin knitted his brows and muttered to himself while dodging the rabbit's dash. "Completion Rate? What was that? Is it the reason why did I'd dealt a whole damage? It canceled out the monster's Skill Defense?"

Then Shin try using another Skill. He channels the power of the Moon towards the [Snowstorm Edge], before swinging it rightwards, sending a crescent shape chilling Sword Qi at the giant rabbit that is pouncing towards him.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

-38 073(Slowed)

Shin take another quick glance at another system notification and saw that the skill execution is in the same completion rate as the other one.

To make it sure, Shin use another. He set the [Yamato] ablaze before swinging it to the left, sending another crescent shape Sword Qi, but this one is blazing with a fiery fire.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

-37 717

-1 886(Burning Damage)


- 20 000(Bonus Damage)

The completion rate of this skill is also the same as the other two. Then he use all of his skills consecutively as he battle the giant rabbit.

He make sure that he used all of his skill before finishing off the rabbit. He even purposely control some of his skills to change their trajectories, enough to graze the giant rabbit so that he can't kill immediately.

After killing off the giant rabbit, Shin didn't get anything not even an EXP. He gathered some usable parts of the giant rabbit, before finally analyzing the information that he got earlier.

"Hmm.... This Completion Rate should be how I execute my skill. The higher my Completion Rate is, the more bonus damages that I can deal. Looks like I need to re-study all the fights of Peak Experts of this game, and see if I can get any idea on how high are their Completion Rates."

"Now I know why the developers added the Skill Resistance to the Monsters. It is to cancel out some damage from the skill that the players are using through Freedom Mode."

"And d*mn this system curse. A weaken state, and a decrease in drop rate couple with decrease of EXP gain? I can't get anything good for the next week(In Game Time)."

"It is going to be a waste if I start farming now. So what should I do then? Increase my Completion Rate? Hmm... I can execute all of my skills with at least 85%, should I raise it to 90% then?"

If other players heard what Shin are saying, then they might strangle him to death. Most of the players that can properly play in Freedom Mode can only achieve 75%-79% Completion Rate, and they are Veteran Players at very least. Elite Players on the other hand have 80%-84%, while Rankers can execute their skills at 85%-89% at most.

The players that can execute their at 90% and above are exceptional players, and most of them are Title Rankers or even Godlike Players.

While Shin is thinking about what to do next, he suddenly remembered something. "Ah! Sh*t! I forgot about my Village!"

Shin immediately summon Whitie after realizing that, then he jump on its back before ordering it to rush towards Calderock Village. And once he arrived at Village, he thought that he went on a wrong place.

There are a lot of players coming in and out the Calderock Village. The Village's walls also change from being wooden into a concrete one. The wooden barricades around the walls also change into the ones that are made of metals. And the most obvious change of the Village is its size.

"What the heck happened here!!??" muttered Shin to himself before opening his Village Management Window. And when he do, both of his eyes almost fall from their sockets. "Is this for real?"


Village Name: Calderock

Rank: Advance

Economy: Very High

>Blacksmith Shops 5 (Basic)

= Income: 15,000 gold/day

>Alchemy Shops 3 (Basic)

= Income: 4,000 gold/day

>Restaurants 4(Basic)

= Income: 6,000 gold/day

>Inns 20(Basic)

= Income: 40,000 gold/day

Security: Moderately Safe

> 30 Elite Guards(Level 90)

= Hiring Cost: 7000 gold/week each

> 5 Special Elites(Level 100)

= Hiring Cost: 10,000 gold/week each

Population: 990,890/1,000,000

Total Village Income: 195,000 gold/week

Current Village Funds: 1,289,987↑

TAX: 20,000 gold/month


"Since when did this Village change this much? And what's with that population rate? It is almost equivalent to the one that a Basic Town have. And that was an insane rate of earning money." muttered Shin to himself as he walk inside the Village.

What Shin didn't know is this rate of earning is still too slow on the eyes of Powerful Guilds of this game. Well he doesn't care about it anyway.

Then he went directly Village Chief's house, but when he arrived in front of it, he almost can't recognize the house anymore. The house is currently on par with a Mini-Mansion in Real World with its size, while its gate is being guarded by Captain Jack that he had met before.

There are a lot players that are waiting outside the Village Chief's house, trying their luck if they can talk with the Village Chief. Unfortunately for them, the one that they are waiting just arrived on the Village.

Shin pull down the hood of [Nightwalker's Cloak] to hide his face further, before proceeding towards the House. And when the crowd saw him, they can't help themselves but sneered at him.

"Look! There is another guy that wants to try his luck!"

"Heh, I bet he is going to get slice into two by Captain Jack's sword."

"Twenty gold coins, that he will blast by a single punch."

"Thirty gold coins that he will be imprison on the underground prison."


But opposite on what they are expecting, Shin went inside the Village Chief's house unhindered. In fact, Captain Jack is even treating Shin kindly and humbly as if he is some kind of a high official of a country.

Naturally, the crowd was shocked after seeing that! Some players are even try to mimic Shin, thinking that Captain Jack is currently in good mood today. Unfortunately, they were sent flying by the Captain's fist when they tried talking to him.

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Inside the Village Chief's House, Shin went directly to the conference room. There are already some people waiting around the roundtable at center of the room.

Shin tried using his 'Scouting' to see their details, but he fail to do so, and some system notification ring on his ears instead.


System: Congratulations! You had met all the requirements to have an special observation skills specialized on reading NPC potentials and details.

System: Congratulations! You had successfully learned 'Leader's Sight' ocular skill.


Skill Name: Leader's Sight

Skill Rank: Special

Skill Details: A real Leader have discerning eyes that can observe other people intelligently.

Skill Effect: After activation, you can see the potentials and details of any NPC, as long as their levels are not thirty levels more than you.


Then Shin immediately use his new ocular skill without further ado, and once he do, he was shock by the details of all the NPC sitting around the roundtable. He then form a satisfyingly smile with his lip before muttering to himself.

"Heh, Looks like I'm really in luck this time."


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