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The next day, Shin was discharged from the hospital. Since the hospital were done running all the test that are needed, Shin is now free to go anywhere that he want. Of course, he still can't do any kind of intense physical training due to the burden that his body got from Demonic Possession.

He arrived at the hospital lobby together with his small luggage containing some of his clothes and his flexible sword. Shin wait on the lobby for few more minutes before a person from Springfield Family arrive to fetch him up.

When they arrived the Springfield Mansion, Shin immediately went to his room to put down his luggage, and to check out the VR Gaming Pod and that had been delivered earlier today.

Shin was shocked to the core when he saw what kind of Gaming Pod is it. "What the heck!? This is a Diamond Class Gaming Pod! Just how much money did Big Sis spent to buy this one?"

Shin went to find the instruction book of the Gaming Pod. And when he saw the price tag on top of it, Shin can't help himself but to shout out loud. "What the F*ck! A Hundred and Fifty Million Federal Coins? Am I going to slave myself just to pay this debt?"

Then Shin felt shivers on his spine as he tried to picture out what will happen to him in the future. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva before saying to himself. "Looks like I will really regret this for the upcoming days of my life."

After calming himself down, Shin think on what will he do for now. The Server will be back later this day, so Shin still have few hours to do something.

"Hmm... I still have some free time before the game can become available. So.... What should I do to burn this free time?" Shin fell in deep thought as he think about what he is going to do next.

After some careful consideration, Shin finally come in a decision. "I should skip practicing 'White Dawn Boundary' for now. Since it still put some slight burden on my body, it is not a good idea if I train this one repeatedly with the current state of my body."

"Hmm.... Should I train my Spiritual Avatar then? I can also feel that my Mental Energy is about to achieve a breakthrough after the fight in that Secret Lab. If I'm lucky enough, then I might even form my 'Niwan Palace' in the process."

Then Shin went to his bed and sit on it in a lotus position, before regulating his breathing and emptying his mind. When he finally entered a deep meditation state, he direct his mind to dive inside his sea of consciousness.

In there, he saw his Spiritual Avatar floating in the middle of it while sitting in lotus position. Then he collect all the scattered Mental Energy in this place, and turn it into a drill-like form before sending it towards his Spiritual Avatar.

Even though the process is quite painful, Shin can still tolerate it since he is already used to it. He repeat doing that quite some time until his Spiritual Avatar was exhaust. He rest for few moments so that his Spiritual Avatar can recover itself, before repeating another process of tempering it.


A silent explosion exploded inside Shin's sea of consciousness. Shin's Spiritual Avatar is in the center of it that explosion! Moments later, that Avatar suddenly open its eyes, and stand up before spreading its arms powerfully.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Another explosion was created, and this one is much more stronger that the previous one. Together with that explosion are gusting Mental Energies that are coming out from the Spiritual Avatar's body.

Shin who is watching this scene few distance away from his Spiritual Avatar muttered to himself. 'Heh, I succeed on breaking-through my Spiritual Avatar's limit! All I need now is to take advantage of this time to create my Niwan Palace, and I'll enter the late stage of Grandmaster Realm after that!'

Shin then wave his arms left and right while chanting out some syllables base on what is written on the first chapter of 'Four Symbol Scripture'.

Whoosh! Swoosh! Whoosh!

Few moments later, all the gusting Mental Energies that were sent in all direction during the explosion earlier were suddenly sucked in single location! It is around the Spiritual Avatar!

Shin continue waving his hand, and the Metal Energies around the Spiritual Avatar suddenly spin around its body bit by bit, until it transformed into a huge tornado around the Spiritual Avatar's body.

And because the Spiritual Avatar is continuously releasing a bunch of Mental Energies, the tornado around it turn even more bigger and fiercer. But during this time, Shin suddenly clench his right hand into a fist while shouting out loud.


Then the wild spinning tornado around the Spiritual Avatar's body suddenly compress itself until it turned into a huge spherical object. The surface of that sphere is like an army of Mental Energy that are moving like roaring waves of water on the surface of the ocean.

After making sure that the huge sphere become stable, Shin finally release a sigh of relief. "Huu~♪, Heh, I succeed creating my basic Niwan Palace! All I need for now is to temper this sphere properly, so that I can transformed it into a real Palace!"

Then he get out his sea of conciseness and bring back his thought on the outside world.


Shin exhaled a bunch of white smoke before opening his eyes. And when he is back at his main body, he suddenly get a huge surprise. His senses become even more sharper than before, it is as if he can feel all the small movements inside his room. Even the dust that are floating in the air can't escape Shin's newly improve senses.

"Whoa! So this is how Mentalists can perceive their surroundings. Tsk, this is amazing! It is as if I have a passive sensing ability." muttered Shin as he observe his surroundings more.

"Hmm.. Now my Martial-Arts and Mentalism are on a par with each other. I'm quite excited to test it out in battle!" said Shin with expectant eyes, but he feel dejected once again immediately after that. "Tsk, too bad I can't do any kind of physical activity for now."

"Sigh~, Looks like I don't have anything good that I can do for now." After running out of ideas on what he is going to do next, Shin decided to take a nap instead. While waiting for the system to become up once again. He set an alam on his Advance Watch, ten minutes before the Server Up, before finally laying on his bed to have his nap.


Lost Soul Continent

On unknown borders of this Continent. There is a huge fortress standing majestically on it. In front of its huge gate, a man in early thirties arrive in there and walk pass it unhindered.

Moments later, he arrived on a huge building and proceed towards its main hall. At the other end of that spacious hall, stands a stone platform that have seven steps on it. On top of that stone platform place a majestic throne where a handsome middle-aged man sits on it.

That middle-aged man had a pale skin as if he is some kind of vampire from movies created by western countries in Earth. His pupils were crimson red, while his hair were pitch-black in color. The clothes that he is currently wearing are similar to the ones that the Kings of the three kingdoms of eastern dynasty time were wearing.

Then man on the throne look at the new arrival and ask. "Nigel. Looks like you had a good harvest spying on that lab. I hope you had something good for me."

It turns out the new arrival person is Nigel, Prof. Digen personal assistant. Nigel kneel with one knee and bow his head before replying at the man sitting on the throne. "Yes your Majesty. I gotten all the data from the lab and destroyed it all, before it was raided by the military."

"Oh... Really? But why do I heard from some of my sources that the Military under Springfield Family had gotten their hands on all of those data too?" said the man on the throne nonchalantly.

The voice of that man was calm and compose, but that was enough for Nigel tremble out of fear. Then he immediately took out his Advance Watch and place it in front of him, while stutteringly reply at the man on the throne. "I-I..... I don't k-know..... about it y-your Majesty.... B-But I really got a-all.... the data from that lab."

The man on the throne suddenly wave his hand, then a gust of Mental Energy pick Nigel's Advance Watch up and deliver it to him. Then he scan it with his own watch to extract all of its contents before destroying it completely.

The man on the throne shift his attention to Nigel, making the later to become tense even more. Then the former finally open his mouth. "You've done well enough, so you are finally relieve from your duties now, and have your rest."

Nigel secretly release a sigh of relief after hearing that, then bow his head to even more before replying. "Many thanks your Majesty!"

When Nigel is about to stand up from his kneeling position, his pupils suddenly become contracted together with the twisted expression on his face. He swiftly raise his head to look at the man sitting on the throne, who is currently looking at him with calm eyes.

Nigel is about to say something but he failed to open his mouth. All he can do is to listen on the calm voice that ring beside his ears. "You are right. You may rest in peace."

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Suddenly, Nigel's body exploded into a blood mist! Then another gust of Mental Energy swept that blood mist, and carried it outside the hall.

After that, a muscular man in golden armor appeared beside the throne that vampire-like man sitting on and said. "What are we going to do to the kid that messed up our plans, Your Majesty?"

The man on the throne raise his left hand while warning the muscular man. "Don't do anything stup*d for now. Just let them be for the time being. And I doubt that you might even get near that kid, no matter what you do."

The muscular man frown his brows, showing that he is disagreeing with the man's words. The man on the throne smirks at the muscular man and said. "Heh, you don't believe me? Let me tell you this. Even if you are as strong as Nathan and others, you are still no match with that kid's Martial-Art Master or even his Mentalism Teacher."

The muscular man is still not convince and said. "If that was that case, then I can still bring some of my subordinates from 'Demon Special Army'."

The man sitting on the throne raise his left hand once again, with the index finger is the only one opened. Then he said after. " 'If that was the case'! Unfortunately, it is not."

The man on the throne emphasize the first part of his words before adding more. "Even if you bring the entire 'Demon Special Army', you guys are going to be lucky if any of you guys managed to come back here alive."

The macular man become even more confused at his Majesty's words. But the later ignored him and warn him even more. "Just don't touch that kid for now. And if you do anything stup*d without me knowing, then don't blame for not be able to save you when you died unknowingly."

Then the muscular man reluctantly nodded his head before disappearing once again. When the man sitting on the throne saw that, he can't help but shake his head repeatedly while smiling bitterly. "I hope that these stup*d guys will obey me and behave themselves on their place, or else we might really alert that guy real time. I still need some time to recover as much strength as possible so that I can hold myself if he really visit this place."


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