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Inside one of the VR Cabin Rooms of the Hospital, Shin just logout the game while having a huge smile on his lips. He stood up and get out the 'Gaming Pod', before stretching his body.

"What should I do now? Hmm... Nah, I should start practicing the new calming technique that master had gave me." muttered Shin to himself as he walk along the hall way of the hospital as he go back to his room.

And when he arrived at his room, he immediately went on his bed and sat on it in lotus position. Then he open the scroll that Nathan had gave him, earlier this day. After reading the whole scroll, he memorized it first before digesting all the information that he got from it.

Few moments later, Shin regulates his breathing while calming his mind. After that, he change the rhythm of his breathing base on the technique written on the scroll.

Huu~ Haa~ Huu~ Haa~

While doing the breathing technique, Shin started to erase all the useless thoughts on his mind. At the same time, his senses are turning sharp. He even can feel the movements of his surroundings more clearly.

Moments later, the Internal Qi flowing through his meridians are started to gain some speed as they move in an even faster way. It is as if they are currents of roaring water that are flowing through a huge wild river.

Few minutes have passed and Shin started to feel the pressure from this state. His forehead is now sweating like bullets as he continue to hold on this state.

Huff~! Huff~!

Shin is gasping hardly as he release that state. He can't help but say himself as he try to stabilize his breathing. "That was a very strong calming technique. No, that was not an ordinary calming technique anymore. It is an even more profound state that can affect both body and mind."

"Even with my monstrous willpower, I still failed to hold on that state thoroughly. Looks like this 'White Dawn Boundary' is not as simple as it seems."

"Alright! Since I can't do any kind of physical training for now, let's just try to hold this state for as long as I can. And I can also change the breathing technique that I'm currently using with the breathing technique of this state."

After resting for some time and regaining his peak mind condition, Shin start another round of training for 'White Dawn Boundary'.


The World Gaming Corp Headquarters.

The main Developers of «Destiny's Fate» online are currently having another emergency meeting.

"What the heck? Why did you let the Expansion Pack that is scheduled for few more months to happen now?" Yelled Miguel on Carlos who is sitting across him.

"Why are you blaming me? 'AI Chronos' is that one that decide to let it happen, not me." replied Carlos while raising both of his hands, and having an innocent expression on his face.


Miguel slam one of his hands on the table as he glared at Carlos, while saying. "You dared to deny it? You and your people are the ones that is responsible for monitoring the game events! So of course, you should know in advance that this will happen!"

Carlos smirks at Miguel and said. "So you are telling me that I should know what all the players inside the game are doing? Do you have any idea how many players are playing this game?"

Miguel chokes with his words and failed to reply on that. But this time, Benjamin who is sitting beside Miguel is that one that reply on that. "But the are some exceptional players that you should paying your attention more, right?"

Carlos replied on it in a calm manner. "But is he one on the list? He is not even a real Ranker yet, what's more being a Godlike Player that I need to pay attention to."

The people on the other side of the table shut their mouths and failed to reply on that rebuttal. After few seconds of silence, the other side started to pinpoint other things once again.


The entire conference room quiet down when a middle-aged man entered the room. He walked straight towards the long-table and sit on the head seat. "So what are your problems this time?"

Miguel raise his concern and explain why they need to delay the Expansion Pack. Carlos and his group on the other hand didn't open their mouths and look at it in a calm manner.

The middle-aged man on the head seat nodded his head before saying. "So you are saying that we should delay the Expansion Pack that is already been announced on the public?"

"Eh!? T-That was n-not what I mean, S-Sir." replied Miguel stutteringly.

"What then?" asked the middle-aged man almost instantly. Then he tap his right hand index finger on the table multiple times, before continuing. "Since the expansion pack scheduled for the next few months is going to be release early, then you should work your *sses down to create a new one in exchange for that! Simple as that! And aren't that your main job? So if you are just lazy to create another expansion pack for the future, then please don't drag us with you. Anything else?"

The whole conference room quiet down even more after they heard that. Miguel even bow his head, staring at the table blankly.

"If that was all, then meeting adjourned!" said the middle-aged man before pulling back his chair, stand up and walk out the conference room.

The main developers of the game started to take their things too and walk out the room. Miguel is keep glaring at Carlos until he walk out the room.

Carlos on the other hand ignored him and walked out the room calmly. When Carlos arrive on the monitoring room, he is greeted by his personal assistant Marcus.

Carlos nodded his head and asked. "How is it?"

Marcus replied. "It is good so far, Sir. Everything are going smoothly, and the System is running without any errors."

Carlos nodded his head and said. "Good. Make sure that everything are running correctly. I don't want to get scold, if something goes wrong."

"Eh!? Did you got scolded in the meeting, Sir?" asked Marcus curiously

Carlos smiled at Marcus and said. "Not me, but the other team."

"Eh!? Even if you report the Cheat Skill that the player had used on completing the quest?" asked Marcus.

Carlos look at him and said. "Why would I report it? That player already got his penalty for it, so there is not needed to report it. What's more, he only used it on the first part of the quest. And he fought with an Overlord with more than thirty levels higher than him in a weaken state."

"He defeated it fair and square, and manage the meet the requirements for the next expansion pack. So there is no need to report it. OK, that is all! Go back to work now."



"Hmm... Maybe someone is praising me somewhere." said Shin to himself while rubbing his right hand index finger in the space between his upper lip and nose.

He is already been practicing the 'White Dawn Boundary' of almost three hours already. He can now hold himself on this state for fifteen minutes at most. For ordinary people this progress is can already considered monstrous. Well majority of it was all thanks to Shin's bloodline power.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

While Shin is resting on his bed, someone knocked on the room. Shin knitted his brows and muttered to himself. "Eh!? A visitor? But I didn't expect to have one."

After some thought, Shin let the person on the other side of the door to come inside the room. "Come on in."

And when the door opens, Shin saw a young man that is older than him for at least 4 years. The guy had a lean body with a semi-muscular build, while his skin was quite tan. He is wearing a plain black shirt coupled with a ripped-jean pants. He is holding something wrapped on cloth with his left hand.

"Oh... So I'm right about the room. I thought I got it wrong." said the young man smilingly, as he walk inside the room.

Shin followed the young man's movements with his gaze, before asking. "And you are?"

"Ah! Yah! Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Hahaha....." said the young man while rubbing the back of his head with his right hand.


The young man pause for a moment to clear his throat, before introducing himself. "I am David Solomon. Nice meeting you."

'Hmm.. This guy's name sounds familiar. Where did I heard it?' Shin knitted his brows as he thought of that. And the answer came almost immediately. "Ah! That is right! You are that guy! That one that prevented me from going blind rampage on that Secret Lab!"

David was gotten off guard at Shin's reply, and ask confusedly. "Huh, You still remember about me?" Then, he added on his mind after. 'I thought everyone that entered Demonic Possession can't remember anything after they regain their senses.'

And David discovered that he is just overthinking about it. It is because of Shin's reply immediately came after his question. "Not really. I just heard about you from Uncle Nathan."

The corner of David's mouth twitch after hearing that. Shin ignored that and asked. "So what did I owe you for this visit?"

David take a seat on the sofa opposite on Shin's bed before replying. "You don't have to be so formal. And what's more, our age doesn't that apart either so there is no need for that. And as for reason for my visit, it is because I want to return this to you."

David pause for a moment to unwrap the thing that he is holding and show it to Shin. The light on Shin's eyes suddenly flickered when he saw what was that item. "Eh! That is my sword! So you got it from there? Heh, and thanks for returning it to me." Then Shin jump from his bed to take his sword back and check if it took some serious damage.

David hesitated for a moment before saying to Shin. "Actually, there is another reason why I come here."

Shin look at David before asking nonchalantly. "OK, Let us hear it out."

David look straight to Shin's eyes before saying. "It is about your 'Seed of Hatred'."

The gears on Shin's mind suddenly become sharp and turn its guard up. He look at David cautiously before asking. "How did you now abou it? And What about it?"

David release a helpless sigh before replying. "Didn't am I the one that fought you on that place? Have you forgotten already?"

The half of Shin's face suddenly twitch after hearing that. 'Eh!? That is right. Sometimes I really feel that I'm also turning into a stup*d one. Tsk, maybe it is because I'm tagging along with Arthur too much.'

David ignored Shin's reaction and continue. "And you want to contain that thing, right?"

Shin stared blankly at David before nodding his head out of instincts.

David cleared his throat once again before continuing. "Ahm... It is like this. I can help you with that, since my Master happened to be an expert at containing that thing. Actually, I can even teach you the method how to contain it."

Shin look at David suspiciously before asking. "And in exchange with? There is nothing free in this world after all."

David hesitated for a moment before saying carefully. "Ahm.. Actually, it is quite simple...."

'I have a bad feeling about this.' Shin gulp a mouthful of saliva before asking carefully. "And that is?...."


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