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While Shin is busy cracking the rune formation circle, Hanzo is currently sealing off some of his powers. Moments later...


The wall exploded almost instantly after Shin cracked the rune formation circle on it. And immediately after that, Hanzo's eyes turned bloodshot, while he is also starting to lose control on his emotions.


Bang! Bang!

Clang! Clang!

Hanzo shout out loud while pulling his arms forward. Both silver chains that were restricting Hanzo's arms were broken and ripped off from the wall, freeing him from being hanged on it.
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After landing on the ground, Hanzo exhaled a bunch of white stream while looking at Shin with a fierce gaze. But when a slight thought of harming Shin flash on Hanzo's mind, and bunch of golden chains appeared out of nowhere, restricting Hanzo once again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!


Then, a shining golden light descend from the heaven and pierce through the roof, and enfold Hanzo's body with its sacred aura. Moments later, Hanzo transformed into a small purple light that is blinking on and off, similar to the light that was being produce by a little firefly. But this light is much stronger than the later.

At the same time, a series of System Notification ring and appear at Shin's ears and notification window.


System: Void Spirit 'Hanzo' didn't comply with the contract, and going to be restrict by the System.

System: Base on the contract agreement, Hanzo will become Player Sickarius' first Elemental Companion.

System: Hanzo is much stronger than you to become your Elemental Companion.

System: Hanzo had sealed off some of his true strength to match yours.


System: Congratulations! You had successfully turned Hanzo into your first Reaper's Retainer!

System: Congratulations! You've gotten your first Reaper's Retainer! You now have an access to Elemental Companion Window.


System: Your Tier is too low to have an Elemental Companion. Hanzo's abilities will be sealed temporarily until you reach Tier 2.

"That was quite a lot of notifications. But that was not bad I guess." Shin took a quick glance at the System Notifications, before turning his attention at the blinking purple light that is revolving around him. "Hey Old Man, it looks like you are enjoying yourself on the freedom that you regained, Huh?"

Hanzo replied at Shin a cheerful manner. "Heh, of course! You don't have any idea how long I have been imprisoned in this place!"

"You have enough time for that later. For now, tell me what should I do next to get that stup*d Chalice. I had already destroyed all the rune formation circle on the walls, but I can still feel the barrier around that stone platform." said Shin impatiently.

Hanzo on the other hand just replied at him nonchalantly. "Tsk, you are not listening at my instructions earlier, aren't you? I had told you that the barrier around that Chalice will weaken enormously once you cracked the formations. All you need to do now is to attack that barrier continuously until it break!"

"Ohh... That's all? Then, that's quite easy then, I guess. Alright! Let's finish this quest already!" said Shin on an eager tone.

But before Shin manage to do anything, Hanzo immediately destroy the mood. "Lad. Let me finish first. You keep interrupting me on the crucial parts of what I'm about to say."

Cough! Cough!

"Hey Old Man. Don't tell you had another bad news? Tsk! Tsk! Why all the good things that are coming from your mouth are always followed by bad ones almost instantly?" said Shin irritatedly.

Hanzo ignored Shin's side remark and said. "After you destroyed that barrier, the real Warden of this place will appear and is going to kill you, before taking that Chalice away from this place."

'Hmm... Now all the pieces are started to take place.' Shin fall on a deep thought, thinking about something.

When Hanzo saw that, he can't help but asked. "Are you not curious about this place and why am I being imprisoned here?"

Shin raise his and smirks at the void spirit. "Heh, that shouldn't be needed, Old Man. I can already picture it out. I already have some suspicious on this quest since I had accepted it before."

"First, why would a place like this suddenly received an attack from a Monster Horde, and the monsters of that horde are all corrupted beings!"

"Second is why would a Royal Chalice is in a secluded place like this."

"Next, why would the King dispatched his Royal Army here. Can't he just release an order to all the adventurers under his city to wipe these monsters out?"

"Then, why are there some corrupted creatures guarding this secret chamber?"

Hanzo interrupted Shin and said. "Lad. Those are just some questions of your own. Where are your conclusion?....."

Shin immediately give Hanzo a payback for earlier. "Tsk, don't interrupt me when I'm about to say the crucial part, Old Man."

The corner of Hanzo's mouth twitch after he heard that. But Shin ignored Hanzo's reaction and continue on what he are saying. "What I'm saying is, this place is can only be attacked by a group of corrupted creatures if there is something can attracted them here."

"As for what item was that is quite obvious already. Am I right Old Man? But why would a Royal Chalice attract those creatures? The answer is this item was corrupted by someone or something."

Hanzo raise a question at this point. "Then who do you think is it?"

Shin smiled mysteriously and said. "Who else if it is not the King? Or should I say the impostor that is pretending as King Cassius? He is the only once that have some access on the Royal Chalice."

Hanzo nodded his head with satisfied expression and said. "Looks like you really are not an idi*t after all, young lad."

Shin ignored that remark and said. "As for what he want to achieve in this place, let us say that he want to make this place as the nest for corrupted monsters secretly. Unfortunately, someone discovered it and ruined his plans."

"So all he can do now is to abandon his original plans and raze this place to the ground using a so called 'Monster Horde', so that he can silenced all the witnesses."

"And since he used a big move this time, some Churches will discovered about it, so he spent the 20-days that he gave to sealed off the news as long as he can. While I'm working my *ss here to prevent these monsters from going anywhere."

"And once he is done with his side, he is going clean up this mess using the Royal Army on his arsenal. While I'm going to become the sacrifice for the so called 'Warden' of this place."

"As for you being here. Hmmm.... Whoever that fake King is, he should be wanting to turn you as his Elemental Companion. Unfortunately, failed to do that. And since you are just going to be sent on your rebirth if he killed you, he decided to just imprison you here to suffer for the the rest of your life."

"At the same time, he robbed some of your powers to isolate this place from outside, so that no one can enter this place without his special Key. What do you think about my deduction, Old Man?"

Hanzo keep nodding his head as Shin explaining what he have discovered so far. After some moment of silence, he finally open his mouth. "Looks like it is the right choice that I took you as my Master. And all of what you had said are true and correct."

And once Hanzo confirm Shin's assumptions, a system notification ring Shin's ears, together with an appearance of new quest on his quest information window.


System: All of the conditions have been met. You had initiated a quest, and received a Special Hidden Main Quest.


Quest Name: The Fake King

Quest Type: Special Hidden Main Quest

Quest Difficulty: SS Grade

Quest Details: You had discovered from Hanzo that the 'King' of Holy City is an impostor and a member of a Corrupted Cult. And as the Envoy of the Sun and the Moon you are responsible to expose and capture him.

Quest Conditions:

1. Expose the true colors of the impostor secretly, so that the Churches eyeing the Corrupted Cults will make their move.

2. Find the real King Cassius secretly, while exposing the impostor King secret deeds in the dark.

Quest Process (0%):

- Expose the secret deed of the impostor King without being discovered.

- Rescue the Real King Cassius secretly.

Quest Rewards:

+3 Levels

+2 Legacy Points (LP)

+200 Fame

+10 000 Reputation Points


Quest Penalties:

-5 Levels

-400 Fame

-20 000 Reputation Points



Shin's mind suddenly run wild when he confirm his assumptions. 'Hmm... This game really is a mess. It keeps overthrowing all the things that I had studied regarding VR games so far. Didn't the developers imitating the Real World too much!? No wonder that the war against Corrupted Beings never end even in this 'New World Era', even the NPCs are keep tricking the players to do some dark jobs, Tsk. Looks like I really need to be extra careful on all the quest that I'm going to receive. Hmm.. Maybe not completely trusting anyone is even better?'

Then, Shin's gaze turned to the blinking purple light that is revolving around him and said to himself. 'And I really didn't expect that I will received a quest through this Guy. Hmm... Maybe special existence like him can really give some quest. I discovered new things once again. I should keep an eye on this special existence in the future.'

After that, he turned his attention on the platform where the Royal Chalice is located. 'OK, for now, let us deal with what is in front of me. I can still finish my current Main Quest without affecting this new quest, Right?'

Shin then sprinted towards the platform, before pulling out the [Yamato] from its sheath. At the same time, he swing it to his right, sending a chilling crescent shape Sword Qi at the invisible barrier.


'Class Fighting Style: Lunar Flash'


After that, Shin followed it up with a series of attacks.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

'Slayer Skill: Crescent Cleave'

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'


The invisible barrier immediately exploded after receiving that barrage of skills from Shin. And he Royal Chalice is now fully expose to Shin, but before he get near it, the ceiling above him suddenly collapse, forcing him to dodge and retreat backwards.


Dug! Dug! Durug! Dug!

Shin can see a large silhouette inside the flying dust in front of him. And when the dust settled down, he finally get a clear look on what kind of monster is it.

It is a creature with a body and arms of a human, but have a head and legs of an Ox. Its hands are holding a massive double-edge Axe.

'A Minotaur!' Shin's eyes turned saucers for a second before using his 'Scouting' skill.


Monster Name: Corrupted Minotaur (Overlord)

Rating: Demonic Being

Level: 90

HP: 40 000 000


After the brief moment of being shocked, Shin suddenly formed a grin with his lips and looked the Minotaur greedily. "My Oh My! Looks like I'm going to have another bountiful harvest this time."

But before he manage the make a move, another system notification ring and appear on his Notification Window, making Shin to be frozen in place and curse out loud.



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