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The third 'Furious Shadow Kong' took its last and final breath before falling on the ground lifelessly.

Level Up

Shin manage to Level Up once again, while his EXP Bar continue to rise up until it reach 10.4% of the experience pool. That was not bad, given the fact that leveling up become so hard, every time they hit the 25 level mark. His current level now is Level-60.

Shin then immediately dissect the corpse of the Kong after killing it. The body parts of a King Class monster are very rare type of materials, so Shin can sell it with a very satisfying price.

As for the his overall harvest? Well that was not quite bad either. He manage to get two levels after killing three Kongs. He also get a six part Level-90 gold rank equipment set, and from the looks of it, this set is the upgraded version of the {Avenger Warring Set} that Shin had gotten earlier.

And it is quite obvious that this set is even more better than his {Ruler's Equipment Set}. It is just too bad, because this equipment set is not suitable for him.

Shin also gotten three pieces of Intermediate Enchantment Stones. Unfortunately, Shin can't use those to upgrade his equipment anymore. It is because upgrading an equipment set from gold rank to platinum rank are different from upgrading an individual equipment. It now requires other materials, and all pieces of the equipment set needs to be upgraded all at once.

The System did that to prevent others from keep upgrading their equipment sets unrestrictedly. Since if the system let it happen, then the powerhouse guilds can easily raise the battle prowess of their army.

And base on the notification system he got, Shin can't can't also upgrade his [Yamato] to platinum rank because his Level is still too low to handle the sword. He needs to at least reach Level 75 to upgrade his main weapon.

He can't also upgrade his [Nephilim's Mask] and [Shadow King's Regret] ring, since there are specific enchanted stones for them. Aside from those, he also gotten a bunch of gold coins.


After securing the loots, Shin finally walk towards the last wall, that is where Hanzo is currently being hanged. But Shin didn't crack the 'rune formation circle' yet. He stared at the Void Spirit and asked. "Be honest with me old man. Are you trying to commit suicide?"

Hanzo didn't reply at Shin, and just look at the later calmly. For Shin, that silence is more than enough for the answer that he is looking for.

He look at the Void Spirit and said. "You are not going to ask me, how did I know? Well, that was a quite obvious, isn't it?"

"Each wall had a monster that will appear every time someone manage to crack the formation. So this wall is going to have a monster of its own. And even an idi*t can easily figure it out that you will be that monster, after I crack the formation of this wall."

"But even if that was the case, you can't still attack me because of the contract that we have been agreed. And if you do that, you are going to die. Unless, you will lose your mind and go berserk once I crack this rune formation circle. But once that happened, the Heaven(System) will wipe your existence because you didn't comply with the contract. Are you sure that you want to die just like that?"

Hanzo sighed helplessly when he heard that. He then look at Shin and said. "But that outcome is still better than being locked here for the rest of my life."

Shin look at Hanzo with a calm gaze while saying. "Actually, there's still a way to save you from that fate."

Hanzo thought for a moment before saying. "Let us hear it out."

"Actually, that was quite simple. Let us change the condition of the contract." said Shin while sheathing his sword.

Hanzo replied on it almost instantly. "Then what will be the conditions, now."

"Become my ally, instead." said Shin calmly, but deep inside himself, he is expecting something. 'If that elven girl can subdue an Elemental Spirits, then why can't I?'

Hanzo was taken aback at first, before laughing out loud and sneering at Shin. "Heh, You want me to become your 'Reaper's Retainer'? That was not a bad try young lad. Unfortunately, you are still too weak to become my Master."

'Eh!? So it is real? But what is a Reaper's Retainer? I'm pretty sure that that elven girl addressed her Elemental Spirits as Guardians.' thought Shin before asking doubtfully. "Ahm... Can you tell me what is a Reaper's Retainer?"

Hanzo stared at Shin with astounded gaze before asking. "You! You don't have any idea what was it?"

After seeing Shin nodded his head, Hanzo release a helpless sigh, before saying. "You really an odd young lad. You are a Transcendent Being yet you don't know about your rights of having an Elemental Companion?"

Shin knitted his brows, before taking a seat on the floor and asked. "How about you explain it to me clearly? Stop beating around the bush."

"Tsk! Tsk! Lad, how did you become a Transcendent Being then? Don't tell me that your Predecessor didn't tell you anything at all?" asked Hanzo when he saw Shin's innocent reaction.

Shin tell Hanzo how he become an Nephilim, making the later to come into a realization. "So that was it. If that is the case, then that explains a lot. If you became a Transcendent Being through passing the Trial set by The Supremo, then that means you haven't seen your real Predecessor yet."

Shin got a little more interested when he heard that so he asked to know more about that strange statue guy. "Eh!? You know who is that Supremo Guy?"

Unfortunately, no matter what method Shin use, Hanzo refuse to disclose any more information regarding that guy. After giving up the idea of knowing that guy, Shin get back to the original topic. "We are getting off the topic. Now tell me what is a Reaper's Retainer?"

Hanzo become silent for a moment, before starting to talk. "If you want to know about them, then let us start at what are the Elemental Spirits first."

"We Elemental Spirits are from the collection of pure elements that came from Nature. If an element reach a certain point on a single place, that place will give birth to an Elemental Spirit."

"The strength of Elemental Spirits varies from how much Elemental Energy they got when they are born, how pure that elemental energy is, and how long they live on this world."

"Elemental Spirits are pretty much immortal." This phrase gotten Shin a little confuse, but before he raise his question, Hanzo already answered that. "Every time an Elemental Spirit died, they are going to enter their rebirth almost instantly."

"Since we are born from elements of nature, then we can consider be a part of nature. At the same time, our souls are almost inextinguishable. Every time our physical body were destroyed, our souls will immediately go back to the place of our birth, and going to wait to be reborn once again."

Shin nodded his head and said. "Oh... That was quite interesting. You are almost the same as us, Otherworldly Individuals."

Hanzo shook his head and contradicted it. "That would be nice, if that was the case. Unlike you who can die as many as you want, our 'deaths' still put an immense burden on our souls. So if we die immediately after being reborn, then our soul might failed to endure that burden and threatens our existence."

Then, Shin go back to the main topic. "Then, what is a Reaper's Retainer?"

The corner of Hanzo's mouth twitch after hearing that. "Lad. Aren't you being a little too excited here? How about you let me finish what am I saying first?"

'Tsk, come on~♪! Let us finish this discussion already. I really want to finish this quest, so that I can start improving my battle performance already. (And the readers are also starting to get bored)' Is what Shin wanted to say, but he choose to stay silent this time.

Hanzo resume to what he are saying, when Shin remain quiet. "OK, let us discuss what is the relationship between Elemental Spirits and Transcendent Beings now."

"During the Repelling Era, when Demons tried to invade this world, We Elemental Spirits also joined the fight. At first, we are at the winning end, mainly because of our rebirthing ability. But when the Demons discovered our weakness, they started attacking places that have pure elemental energies."

"That time almost become the time of our extinction. So the leading figures of Elemental Spirits entered a contract with the heroes of other races of that time."

"We are going to lend our strengths with the Transcendent Beings of that time, while they are going to defend our birth places."

"Each kind of Transcendent Being give different names for their Elemental Companion. Elemental Guardians for Ancient Elfs, Sword Servant for High Human Swordsmen, Dragon's Companion for DragonKins, and many more."

Shin then come to realization and said. "As for us, Nephilims. We call it Reaper's Retainer."

'Then, that means I can take this guy as my Retainer. And base on his Stats.....' Shin's eyes suddenly turn bright and asked. "So are you going to take my offer?"

Hanzo smirks and sneered at Shin. "Keep on dreaming young lad. Like I said, you are still too weak to become my master."
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Shin clicked his tounge and said. "Hey, Isn't it better than committing suicide? Being punished by the Heaven(System) is completely different than being killed by someone. Your existence is going to be wiped completely if you received the Heaven's Punishment."

Hanzo is still not been swayed. "*Sigh~*, Lad. Even if I become your Elemental Companion, I still can't lend you my strength. There is a rule that an Elemental Companion can't surpass the strength of its master, since the body of its host will not be able to endure the burden of taking that powers."

"Then how about you just seal a portion of your strength and match it with mine. And you don't have much choice here. Either you experience and existence wipe or become my Repear's Retainer. Stop being choosy here." rebutted Shin out of instincts.

Hanzo stop what he wants to say and look at Shin with astounded gaze. "So you are not a total idi*t after all."

'You are the only one that keep calling me idi*t since earlier.' thought Shin before saying. "So should we change the condition of the contract."

Hanzo nodded his head after some hesitation. But before he summon the contract, he added some more words. "Let me remind you first. Even though I become your Reaper's Retainer, you can't still summon me on battle. If you want me to lend you my strength, you should enter a second awakening first."

'Second Awakening? Maybe that is my Tier 2 Class Promotion Quest.' Shin nodded his head and summoned the contract. Same goes for Hanzo.

They change the condition on the contract. If Hanzo start attacking Shin, after he was released by the later. The Void Spirit going to become Shin's first Reaper's Retainer.

After altering the contract, Shin finally resume on cracking the rune formation circle.


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