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What Shin saw is humanlike creature with purple skin hanged in the wall. The overall features of this creature is almost the same as human, aside from its purple skin.

And from the looks of it, this creature is an Old Man, given the wrinkles on his face. But despite that, he still have a lean body with a semi-mascular built. His long white-colored mustache and goatie both extends all the way his bellybutton, while its hair is being tied in a pigtailed manner.

This humanlike creature is currently being hang on the wall by silver-colored chains tied on each of his wrist.

The humanlike creature clicked his tounge and said to Shin "Tsk, What is with that reaction? Didn't you already met an Elemental Spirit, earlier?"

"Of course I know that. I just gotten some unpleasant experience, earlier. So it is normal for me to react this way." replied Shin while looking at the humanlike creature cautiously.

"Tsk! Idi*t! Don't put me on the same level as those younglings. The eyes of Otherworldly Individuals like you are quite special, aren't they? Why don't you just use it to me, so that you can see what kind of creature I am?" said the humanlike creature as he is looking at Shin mockingly.

The corner of Shin's mouth suddenly twitch when he heard that remark. He then rebutted after. "What do you know? These eyes of ours are not that amazing, it is not like what you are expecting. There are multiple times that they failed us. We can't see everything with these eyes. These eyes are not Omniscient after all."

But despite saying that, Shin still use is 'Scouting' Skill on the humanlike creature. Unfortunately, aside from its Name, Race and Life Rating, all he got is a bunch of question marks.

Earlier, he also use his 'Scouting Skills' on the elven girl's Elementals. But because of some unknown reason, he can't see any of their details at all.


Name: Hanzo (Weaken State)

Race: Void Spirit

Life Rating: Ancient Elemental Spirit





"Heh!" Hanzo the Void Spirit smirks at Shin, before giving the later another mocking remark. "Kid. Don't blame your eyes if they can't see the details of others, you should blame yourself for being too weak."

*Cough!* *Cough!*

Shin suddenly choke with the words that he intended to say after hearing that. 'What the!? This Elemental Guy hit a sore point.'

Bullseye! That should be the perfect word to describe that remark. In fact, Shin felt how weak he is, when he get a glimpse of a portion of the elven girl's real power, earlier.

'This is starting to get hurt, Huh? A lot of people keep calling me an idi*t, recently. I wonder how are the readers thinking about me, now?' Lost in deep thought, Shin still don't know how to reply at the Void Spirit in front of him.

Hanzo stared at Shin for few more moments, before asking a question, he can't take it anymore. "Hey Kid! Are you just going to stand there and do nothing? It looks like that you turned into a stone statue for moving at all. Didn't you want to get that Chalice?"


Shin took a deep breath to calm himself down, before sitting on a lotus position on his current spot. He then raised his head and said. "OK, I got you Old Man. Just get on the point, what do you want from me? There is nothing free on this world, everything is always exchange with something with the same value."

"It is clear that I need to get my hands on that Chalice, but I know that I can't take it just like that. And I guess, you know something about this place. How about tell me something regarding that?"

Hanzo was startled at Shin's sudden change of attitude, before bursting out loud. "Hahaha.... I didn't expect that I bump into an interesting young man. I really admire that straightforwardness of yours. But how about asking me why am I in this place, first?"

Shin give his reply almost instantly. "Nah~♪, I'm not interested with your problems. I have some problems of my own."

Then, he added on his mind after. 'And I know that I will not get any kind of Quest from you, since you are not an NPC after all. I am not interested on wasting some time with you.'

Half of Hanzo's face twitch when he heard that reply. "Hey young Lad. Don't you have any idea of who I am? I am The Great Hanzo, The Strongest Ancient Void Spirit!"

"Yeah, Yeah. I got that. You are a remnant of the past, alright. But did it have anything to do with me? I guess not." said Shin in an uninterested manner.

"Lad, Don't you know how to read the mood?" said Hanzo irritatedly.

"Come on. Let us go back to business. How am I going to get that Chalice, so that I can leave this place already." said Shin.

Hanzo release a helpless sigh, before saying. "Then how about help me removed these chains first?"

Shin stared at the void spirit for a moment before saying. "Old Man, didn't you already know that I have some unpleasant experience with your Kin earlier? How am I going to be sure that you are not going to attack me too."

"Hey young Lad. Didn't I also told you to not level me with those younglings. And those two are only doing what they are told by their Master. What's more, you already killed them to enter their rebirth right?" said Hanzo. He then added after. "And why would I tell you how get that Chalice, if you didn't help me in return?"

"What I'm saying is, how can I be sure that you are not going to attack me if I help you first?" said Shin with a doubtful expression.

"Then, how can I be sure that you are not going to go back to your words, after saying what you need?" rebutted by Hanzo.

Shin nodded his head and said. "That means, we are not trusting each other. So how are we going to deal with this?"

"Tsk! Of course I can't trust you! Humans are sly in nature, so I can't trust anyone from your race! What's more, humans are the reason why I am locked on this place!" said Hanzo furiously.

"But I am not a Human, anymore. I am a Nephilim." Shin rebutted.

"Oh... So you are a Transcendent Being? But that was odd, I can't feel that at all. Anyway, that is still not important, since you still have some Human's Blood running on your veins. So I can't still trust you." said Hanzo.

Shin become upset with and said. "Hey, aren't you being a racist here? You are an Old Man so you should see things in a more open minded way."

Half of Hanzo's face suddenly twitch when he heard that. 'A youngster scolding me?'

"Then how about this one. Since we are not trusting each other, how about we enter a Soul contract? Who ever go back on his words will be punished by the Heaven(System). What do you think?" propose Shin while taking a look at his quest window.

He still have two and a half hour before he fail his current Main Quest, so he still have some time for this bargain.

Hanzo consider it for a moment, before giving his reply. "That should be fine, but you should free me first before I tell you the way of taking that Chalice, after signing the contract."

Shin didn't reply, but he directly call the system to create a contract instead. Then, two golden shining sheets of paper appeared on each front of Shin and Hanzo.

Shin immediately cut his right index finger, before putting a drop of his blood on the glowing contract. At the same time, Hanzo bit the corner of his lower lip, before spitting some of his blood on the contract on his front.

After forming a contract, Shin immediately stood up and said to Hanzo. "Alright, tell me how am I going free you. So that I can get that st*pid Chalice, and get out this place."

Hanzo then explain the details at Shin, after hearing that. "Each wall of this room have a 'rune formation circle' of its own. Crack each of them base on the instructions that I'm going to give you, to lessen the powers of these chains. But remember, every time you crack a formation on each wall, a powerful monster will appear."

Shin's brows were locked into a frown after hearing that. "Then, isn't it better if I just take the Chalice directly? That way I can save myself from taking the trouble of dealing with those monsters."

Hanzo clicked his tounge and said. "Tsk, Let me finish first, Lad. And if you do that, you are going to get burn to death by the invisible barrier around that Chalice. And If you want to remove that barrier, you still need to fight the Master of this place after you kill the four guardians."

"So you are saying that I still have no choice, but to fight those powerful monsters? *Sigh~*, Fine! I get it. Just tell me the instructions already." said Shin frustratedly.

'Aren't you the one that keep interrupting me?' thought Hanzo before continuing to give Shin some instructions.

Few moments later, Shin manage to memorized all the instructions given by Hanzo. He then went on the wall on his left side.

After finding the 'rune formation circle' there, Shin immediately started rotating the rune circles according to what Hanzo have instructed.


-31 000!

After cracking the formation, the wall in front of Shin suddenly exploded, sending him flying backwards and taking more than tenth of his HP.

After regaining his footing, Shin immediately use his 'Scouting' Skill at the monster that come from the other side of the wall.


Monster Name: Furious Shadow Kong 'Rocky' (King Class)

Rating: Corrupted Monster

Level: 90

HP: 25 000 000


The monster is a Black Gorilla with the height of five meters. The surface of its furs are releasing a bunch of black smoke.


The Kong release a deafening roar while hammering its chest with its fist, trying to intimidated the puny swordsman in front of it. But unfortunately for it, it encountered Shin.

Shin sprinted forward before disappearing from the Kong line of sight, and reappearing behind that gorilla.
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'Equipment Skill: Wolf King's Hunt'

This time, Shin didn't use his signature moves since he is trying to get rid his mannerism of using his Class Fighting Style too much,

He then raise the [Yamato] in the air, while putting some of his life-force on it, before swinging the sword downwards.

'Equipment Skill: Savage Bite'

-15 000(Self Damage)

-2 500 000

-2 500 000(Bonus Pure Damage)

-125 000(Burned Damage)


The Kong cry in agony after taking that kind of massive damage!

Shin on the other hand, immediately use 'Moonlight Steps' to put some distance between him and Rocky.

And while doing that, he took a quick glance at his equipment skill window and Title status window.


Savage Bite(Active): Sacrifice 5% of your HP to Attack your enemy with a powerful strike, devouring 10% of their HP.

Cooldown: 2 minutes


Title: Pursuer of Corruption

Rating: Special

Detail: You have become a nemesis of all Corrupted Beings.


+500 Fame

+100 To all Major and Minor Stats.

+100% Pure Damage on all Corrupted Beings.


Rights from Corruption: You can take another monster with Dark Attributes as your extra pet.


A 'cheat skill' and a 'nemesis title' of corrupted beings? Of course! Shin will become confident on clearing this quest.

Even though the Kong have an insane regeneration rate of 20,000/second, Shin can still kill this monster in span of 20 minutes at the very most. And if he add the time of cracking the 'rune formation circle', then that will take him a total of 25 minutes.

Shin look at the Kong with greedy eyes while licking his upper and lower lips. "Looks like I have more than enough time to finish this quest now."

As for the penalty for taking advantage of the Cheat Skill? Shin will think about it later. After all, who can refuse the temptation of getting the drops of a King Class monster. What's more, the room have four walls, that means there are four King Class monsters in all.


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