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"Eh!? I've defeated them?" This is the first thought that entered Shin's mind, when he return back to reality from being in Enlightened State.

Then, he stared blankly at the shattered ice that are disappearing into particles of light.


And that is the time that the elven girl opens her mouth.

Shin turn his body around and look at the elven girl that is standing at the other end of the corridor.

"Looks like I've won. So, you are not going to bother me anymore, right?....." is what Shin want to say, but he swallowed it back when he saw the aura coming out from the elven girl.

"Hey! Are going to go back to your words?" said Shin instinctively as he broke out in cold sweat.

The elven girl raise one of her brows before replying coldly. "Going back to my words? Pleased, don't get me wrong. I not going the demand you to hand over that key, but I'm just going to kill you instead! I never said that I will not going to kill you, right?"

The expression on Shin's face become a little weird under his [Nephilim's Mask]. "Just because I killed your Guardians. Don't forget that you are the one that tell me to defeat those strange creatures."

"Just because you killed my Guardians? Yeah, that is because you just killed my Guardians! And I only told you to defeat them not to kill them!!! You don't have any idea, how much time, effort and resources I have spent just to get them!!!" said the elven girl as her voice become colder and colder.

'Why is it my fault now? Am I the one that sent them to their deaths? Tsk, did this girl hit her head or something? She really looks like someone who have some loose screw on her head.' thought Shin as he look at the elven girl cautiously. "Hey Miss, we can still talk this out, right? A-And you can't finish your quest if you kill me now. You can't get your hands on my quest key anymore, if you do that!"

"Heh, Trying to threaten me with words? Actually, If not because of that Stup*d Door being too troublesome to open, then I'm not going to bother myself with you! But since you are annoying me too much, then I'm going to do my original plan." said the elven girl.

'Hey! Why am I the annoying one here? I'm just doing my quest peacefully, earlier. And you are the one that keep saying unreasonable thing, right?' Thought Shin, as he refuse to reply this time. If he say something more, then it is no different from adding oil on fire. What happened next shook Shin to the core.

The elven girl is currently casting three spells simultaneously. She raise the scepter with her right hand, making the crystal on its tip to shine brightly. Her left hand on the other hand, is swiftly drawing some runes in the air with great accuracy. At the same time, her mouth is chanting out some elven syllables with a great speed.

'Intermediate Combat Technique: Triple Casting'

Then, multiple frost spears materialize on the elven girl's left side, while a bunch of wind blades appeared on her other side. At the same time, a group of fireballs started to form above her head.

'Elven Sage Skill(Tier 2): Glacial Barrage'

'Elven Sage Skill(Tier 2): Gale Stom'

'Elven Sage Skill(Tier 2): Infernal Shower'


That is the single word that is running through Shin's mind. Where? Where else? Of course towards what's inside the door behind him.

Suddenly, the elven girl casted two consecutive Blinks together with the three spells around her.

'Advance Combat Technique: Quadruple Layers'

(Casting a fourth spell while holding three other spells the at the same time.)

Shin jumped because of fright when he saw that. 'WHAT THE F*CK!!! IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!!!???'

Shin didn't wait for anything more and immediately retrieve the key given by King Cassius from his inventory space. Then, he spun around and insert the key on a keyhole in the middle of that door.

"You think you can run!!?" yelled the elven girl as she send the army of frost spears, wind blades and fireballs in Shin's direction.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

'Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Come onnn..... Open up already.... They are coming!!!' Shin started to panic as keep twisting his wrist left and right trying to open the door.

And when he try to look behind him, what he saw is a downpour of spells that are raining down at him.

'F*CK MY LIFE!!!' Shin felt an uncontrollable shiver on his spinal column when he saw the barrage of spells. And due to that, his right arm suddenly push forward, inserting the key on the hole a little more deeper.
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'Eh!?' When Shin felt that, his wrist instinctively twisted clockwise, creating a clicking sound.

Then, an invisible energy swept through Shin's body. It starts from his right hand and enfold his entire body, like some sort of membrane.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

That invisible membrane protected Shin from the incoming magic spells. At the same time, Shin suddenly felt a pulling force coming from the keyhole. 'Come on. Not again!'


Shin was sucked by that keyhole, and sent into his most hated trip in this game, being in a void while spinning like his is inside a washing machine.


At first, the elven girl thought that Shin is dead for sure. But when she saw what's happening, she was taken aback at first, before becoming even more furious. But before she manage to do anything, Shin is already disappeared from her sight!

Then, she become even more frustrated and swear. "I promise you that I'm going to hunt you down no matter where you are!!!"

"*Sigh~*, Looks like I can't take the Elemental Spirit of this place anymore. Two of my Elementals are dead just like that? Ahh... Why am I so st*pid!" After calming herself down, she decided to logout the game since she still have something to do in real world.


Somewhere in Real World.


A beautiful 15-year-old girl suddenly get out from her 'Gaming Cabin' while messing up her smooth and perfectly straight silver hair. "Ahh!!! B*st*rd!!! I swear to god that I'm going kill that guy every time I saw him!!!" She keep cursing Shin as she stand up from her Gaming Cabin.

She is currently in loose see-through pajamas that almost revealing her alluring body and her undergarments underneath.

Moment later, a girl with the same age as the girl in pajamas entered the room. And base on the outfit that she are wearing, you can tell that she is a maidservant.

But when this young maidservant saw the frustrated young woman, she can't help but tease her a little. "Looks like you bumped into a trouble inside the game Young Miss." From the looks of it, their relationship is quite close with each other.

The silver-haired girl glared at the maidservant and said. "What trouble are you talking about? I just stumbled upon an insignificant b*st*rd!"

The maidservant giggles and reply with a teasing tone. "But you are not going to react this way if that person is insignificant."

Then, a sudden flash of memory happened on the mind of the silver-haired girl , making her to get even more frustrated. "Ahh!!! Who is not going to get frustrated with that? He killed the Elemental Spirits that I've just captured! Now, I'm back with having only three Elementals! So I need to find another pair to get back my multiple elemental buff!"

"Eh!? You lose against someone, Young Miss? Now, this is a little more interesting." said the maidservant with an interested expression on her face.

"Who said that I lose? I didn't lose to that guy! If it is a one-on-one battle, then I can kill him with no problem!" said the silver-haired girl.

"But didn't you just said that he killed your newly acquired Elemental Spirit? Then that guys should be quite strong, since you can't save your Elementals in time." rebutted the maidservant.

The corner of the silver-haired girl's mouth twitch when she heard that. Then, she said after some moment of silence. "Strong? He is just an insignificant Tier 1 swordsman! As for him killing them? He just got a little lucky that's all. I didn't manage to save my Elementals because I let them fight that guy on theirselves. I just want train them a little. But....."

"But some accident happened along the way!" the maidservant completed the sentence of her Young Miss. Then, she added after. "Actually, I think, you are the one at fault this time, Young Miss."

The silver-haired girl glare at her and said. "And why is it my fault?"

"Ahm.... I don't know what happened, but I can already picture out that you are demanding something from him, right? How many times do I have to tell you that not everyone will treat you like a princess. Not everyone is part of your household or a fan of yours." said the maidservant.

"Hmph!" the silver-haired girl didn't replied with that since she knows that it is true.

"See?" said the maidservant before asking another question. "By the way, what is the level of those two Elementals that he killed?"

The silver-haired girl thought for a moment before replying. "Ahm... The are newly born when I get them. And from what I can remember, they should be at Level 30 when they died."

Shin might puke out some blood if he heard that. He almost go all out just to take down those two, yet it didn't cross on his mind that they are just Level 30 Elementals. (As for what they are, will be discuss on the future Chapters.)

Then, the maidservant suddenly remembered something. "Eh!? I almost forgot! You should get ready for now, Young Miss. The preparations are almost ready. And Madam is also looking for you."

"OK, let me fix myself first." replied the silver-haired girl before going bathroom to take some warm bath.


On the other hand, the man in question was sent on the Secret Chamber.


"Tsk, Looks like that elven girl is still cursing me." muttered Shin as he observe the Secret Chamber a little more.

The Secret Chamber is quite simple, it is just an ordinary four-sided room with a size of fifty square meters at most. There is a stone platform middle of the room, at the center of the platform located a floating silver chalice.

"That should be the Royal Chalice, but where is the Final Boss of this place?" muttered Shin as he observe the room a little more, to see if he miss something out. 'Tsk, this is strange. Why is this place is too empty? Didn't the quest is too easy if that was the case? Tsk, Tsk, I have a very bad feeling about this.'

"Oi! Kid! Are you planning to get that Chalice?"

While Shin is in deep thought, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Shin almost jump upwards because of fright the moment he heard that. He didn't feel anything around him until he heard that voice.

He immediately jump forward while turning his body around. But when he is done turning, he didn't see anything strange. In fact, he didn't see anything aside from the wall standing there.

Shin tried to look more on his left and right, but he failed to discovered anything. "Huh, could it only be my imagination? Hmm.. Maybe..."

Before Shin manage to finish what he are saying, the same voice sounded once again. "Tsk, I didn't expect that I will stumble upon an idi*t once again. You will never be able to find me if you keep looking that way. Here! Look here! Raise your head!"

"Eh!?" Shin slowly raise his head after hearing that. And when he saw who is the one talking earlier, he can't himself but to hold the sword-sheath while jumping backwards to create some more space. "You!... You!... You!...."


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