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Child of Destiny 62 You are Underestimating him too much

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'Guardians? What the hell are those? Eh!? Wait! Didn't she have five kinds of lights around her? So there are still three more kinds of strange creatures with her?' Shin broke out with a cold sweat when he realize that.

It is because base on the pressure that this two strange creatures that are giving him, they should be at least stronger than all of the monsters that he had faced so far.

"It is quite obvious that you are only in Tier 1 Class. So it is too unfair if I fight you personally. And I don't like fighting weak people." said the elven girl in cold tone.

The corner of Shin's mouth twitch she he heard the girl's remark. 'Am I that weak to be underestimated to this extent? Or is this girl too strong to treat anyone like this?'

The elven girl don't know and have the intention to know what's running on Shin's mind, she wave her left hand while ordering her guardians to attack. "Go."

Crackle! Tsst! Tsst!

Swoosh! Whoosh!

Raiko the humanlike creature transform into a lightning as it rush towards Shin. Garuda the half-human half-eagle creature on the other hand, didn't move even an inch. It just stand there and watch the former to charge towards Shin.

Even though Shin is in stealth move, Raiko is still able to pin his location down. And when the lightning arrived right in front of Shin, Raiko transformed back into its 'original' form and swing its fist downward, like a decending hammer.


Shin clicked his tounge as he hopped backwards, dodging the incoming fist. But Raiko stops its action right away when it saw Shin is hopping away. Then, it use its other fist to throw a straight punch at Shin!


'The heck? What kind of battle awareness was that? It is already comparable to an Elite Player!' that was Shin's quick thought as he kick his right foot to the right, sending himself to the left, and barely dodging that attack.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Jump'



Tsst! Crackle! Crackle!
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Shin's body was frozen for a brief moment from being shocked by some residual lightnings created by the explosion of Raiko's attack.

'Combining physical and magical attacks?' thought Shin as he force himself to move. And before Raiko manage to throw another attack, Shin manage to force his legs to kick the ground, sending himself forward in a diagonal manner.

Raiko tried to throw a left hook at Shin, but the later manage ducked forward, dodging the attack. At the same time, Shin pulled the [Yamato] out from its sheath, before slashing it to Raiko.

'Class Fighting Style: Quick Draw'


This is the strongest single target skill that Shin currently have, and it managed land cleanly. But even though that was the case, and even though Shin felt that he hit something, he still can feel that there is something wrong.

And sure enough, after the [Yamato] slice through Raiko's body, the later suddenly turned into a bunch of lightning and circled around Shin, before attacking him.

Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz.

-5 000

-5 000

-5 000





A series of damages pop-up above Shin's head, as the lightning around him are continuously devouring his HP in a rapid pace.

Then, Shin's body suddenly shines with a bluish-white glow before turning himself into an illusionary figure, and transforming it into a stick of light that pierce through the cage of lightning.

'Slayer Skill: Moonlight Steps'


As Shin is moving backwards, he swiftly put his sword back to its sheath before taking an Intermediate Health Potion from his inventory space bag, gulping it in one go, and returning his health back to full.

Raiko is quite persistent and manage to catch up with Shin in no time. Even though that the later just managed to escaped his previous predicament recently. Then, it throw another punch, but this time the strange lightning creature gathers a bunch of lightning on its right hand fist before thrusting it towards Shin.

'What the!? Did this guy just mimicked a Martial-Art Skill in Real World!!??' Shin was startled at what he saw before doing his counter move.

He channels the Power of the Sun towards his sheathed sword, before pulling it out and slashing forward, sending a crescent shape sword Qi towards Raiko.

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'



Crackle! Crackle!

An explosion was created when the two sides clashed. Lightning and Fire are intervening with each other as they create a continuous crackling sounds.

And after sending that attack, Shin immediately follow it up with another move by channeling the same power on the sword, before slashing it downwards, sending another fiery fire crescent sword Qi.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'



Then, Shin swiftly sheathed back his sword, planning to do a continuous barrage of Skills. He channels another power at the sheathed sword, but this time it is the power of the moon.

And when Shin is about pull it out, and about to use another Class Fighting Style Skill, a purple hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere and push his wrist backwards, stopping his arm to pull his sword out from its sheath, and preventing him to use the skill that he intended to use.

'What!? He canceled my Skill!?' Shin's eyes suddenly turned wide at what he had experience.

Then, the elven girl's cold voice suddenly ring from the end of the corridor. "That Class Fighting Style of yours is quite strong. Unfortunately, you became too dependent on it, making you to have some mannerisms, and exposing the weakness of your Skill too much."

Shin hopped backwards as he look at his front cautiously.

And while he is doing that, the elven girl continue to talk, still in cold tone. " That skill of yours have two fatal flaws. You keep sheathing your sword before using that skill., and that is the signal for your enemy that you are going to use that skill. So all your enemy needs to do is prevent you from casting that skill and it will become a useless skill after. Or if someone prevented you from sheathing back your sword, then you can also not use that skill anymore."

"So, Why are you telling me this?" asked Shin.

"No reason in particular. I just feel like it. And since I felt like you don't have anything to show anymore, I decided to finish this now. I'm started to feel bored after all." replied the elven girl coldly. "Garuda!"

The humanoid creature that a hybrid of a human and a bird suddenly open its wings when it heard the elven girl's call. Then, it lean its body forward, before waving its wings to send him towards Shin's direction.


Shin immediately abandoned the thought of using his Class Fighting Style Skill when he saw the incoming birdman. He unsheathe the [Yamato] and reactivate the 'Mondi's Style: Meteor Fom'.

Then, he move the [Yamato] in clockwise direction, deflecting Raiko's incoming first using the surface of the sword.

At the same time, Garuda arrive at Shin's other side and throwing a fist of its own. Unfortunately for it, Shin's left arm is already moving. He twist his wrist in counterclockwise direction and use the surface of the [Snowstorm Edge] to also deflect that fist.

'Combat Technique: Parrying Stance'



Then, both strange creatures started to throw a barrage of punches on each side of Shin. But the later respond on it calmly, Shin use 'Parrying Stance' continuously to deflect the incoming attack, and redirect them to collide with each other. Sometimes, he is also throwing some counterattacks from time to time.

Moments later, Shin is able to suppress the two strange creatures in physical fight. That is not only because of his 'Battle Genius' talent, but majority of it is because of the special effects of his weapons.



1. Nephilim's Blade (Passive): Every time you hit your target with [Yamato], your attack speed increases for 6% and last for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. At Max stacks you will gain additional 50% movement speed.


[Snowstorm Edge]

1. Frostbite (Passive): Every time you hit your enemy with this sword their movement speed will decrease by 5%. (Can stack up to 5 times). Last for 5 seconds.


It doesn't matter if the stacks will disappeared every five seconds, Shin is able to re-stack it up almost immediately.

And as Shin is getting faster, his enemies are getting slower, which is why he is able to get the upper hand. And at the same time, unknown to him, Shin is starting to enter an Enlightened State.

This sudden change of development is gotten the elven girl a little off guard. 'This guy! I just want to use him to train my newly acquired Guardians, but this guy is doing the other way around!'

She don't know why but she keep having a feeling that she can't let this fight to drag anymore. She then ordered her Guardians to finish this guy off. "Raiko! Garuda!"

Then, the two strange creatures responded with using their skill. Raiko's body suddenly gathered a bunch of lightning energies, while Garuda on the other hand is waving its wings to create a tornado.

But before they manage to complete their skills, Shin is already done casting his own. He simultaneously cast two protection skill on himself. First, an armor made of ice appeared on the surface of Shin's body, followed by a golden membrane enfolded his body, protecting him from any kind of attacks.

'Equipment Skill: Frostguard'

'Equipment Skill: Iron Scale'

Then, he exchange attacks with the two strange creatures by using the third equipment skill of the [Snowstorm Edge].

He throw multiple slashes in front of him, making both of his arms to become a blur, and creating a bunch of grid-like lines that are intervening with each other.

'Equipment Skill: Snowstorm Assault'

Swoosh! Whoosh!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Roar! Roar!

If earlier, Shin felt like he can't deal any kind of damage on the strange creatures, then this time, Shin is sure that he is dealing a bunch of damages on these two even though he can't see it. That is because of the furious roar that they are releasing.

Suddenly, Raiko transformed into lightning sparks and circle around Shin to do a pincer attack with Garuda. Unfortunately, Shin throw a back-kick behind him, the moment Raiko materialize back to its humanoid form.

'Equipment Skill: Paralysis Bite'


Raiko was immobilized for five seconds when it was hit by that kick. And before Garuda manage to help its comrade, Shin's left arm suddenly flash forward, thrusting the [Snowstorm Edge] on its chest.

'Extra Skill: Heart Seeker'


Garuda stopped its movements because of the sudden pierce on its heart. Then, Shin pulled the [Snowstorm Edge] out and shifted his position, as his right arm turned into a blur while throwing multiple stabs forward together with the [Yamato].

'Extra Skill: Multiple Stab'

Sha! Sha! Sha!

Put! Put! Put!

After that, Shin jumped in the air, spun around, forced his body to descend to the ground, as he swung the [Snowstorm Edge] downwards.

'Extra Skill: Falling Lightblade'



Garuda was knocked on the ground after being hit by that skill. And at this point, Raiko is about to recover from its immobilized state. But before that happens, Shin immediately spin his body around while throwing a diagonal slash at it, immobilizing it for another three seconds.

'Extra Skill: Destructive Slash'


After that, Shin hopped backwards, leaping over Garuda who is currently in the process of standing up. And the moment his feet landed on the ground, and Garuda is just gotten back on its feet, Shin immediately throw a powerful punch at later's back!

'Equipment Skill: Heavy Strike'


Garuda is knocked forward and collided with Raiko!

Then, a huge boar spirit appear, and surround Shin's body, as if it is protecting him. And without further ado, Shin charges forward together with that boar spirit.

'Equipment Skill: Boar's Assault'


Shin dragged the two strange creatures as he charges forward. And at the end of the dash, those two were sent flying and collided at the metal door at the end of the corridor.

Shin don't look contented yet, he charge both of his swords with different kinds of powers as he look at the two creatures in front of him.

At the other end of the corridor, the elven girl is staring blankly at the back of the man that she is treating not a worthy for her opponent. She thought that her newly acquired Guardians are more than enough to handle him, but she is terribly mistaken about that.

And when she finally realized her mistake, it is already too late. Before she manage to recall back her guardians, Shin already made his move.

He swing the [Yamato] forward, sending a fiery fire crescent shape sword wave sweeping the other two in front of him.

'Extra Skill: Flame Burst'

Then he followed it with a swing from his other arm together with the [Snowstorm Edge] who sent a crescent glacial frost sword Qi.

'Slayer Skill: Half-Moon Slash'

The elven girl failed to recall her guardians because they turned in an ice sculpture by that combo. She yelled in a panic manner when she saw what Shin is planning to do. "WAIT!!!"

Unfortunately, Shin can't hear her in his Enlightened State. He proceed on what he are doing, unaware of what is running on the elven girl's mind.

He summon a huge tiger spirit and ordered it to attack Raiko who is currently unprotected. He himself on the other hand, use his flaming swords to slash them towards the frozen Garuda!

'Equipment Skill: Majestic Bite'

'Slayer Skill: Solar Cut'

'Slayer Skill: Hell Execution'

Bang! Shatter!

Thing! Thing! Shatter!

The two 'ice sculptures' shattered into pieces and transformed into particles of light moments later.


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