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The elven girl is gotten off guard at the aura that is coming from Shin's body. But her surprise expression only last for a second before she manage to hide completely. She then sneered at Shin. "Heh, you want to fight? Looks like I'm being underestimate here, Huh? This is the first time that someone is treating me like this."

"*Sigh~*, Please don't level me with those trashes. I'm not like them that are willing to lick you feet just to get a little glance from you." muttered Shin quietly to himself, as he looked at the elven girl in front of him.

But unknown to him, this elven girl have very sharp senses, so she is able to hear Shin's words despite being seven meters apart with each other.

Girls are sensitive creatures, so every man needs to be careful with their words in front of them. Unfortunately for Shin, he did the opposite. And even if it is not intentional, he still can't escape the wrath of an offended woman.


An explosion is created once the elven girl release an even more powerful aura. And together with it is a gusting wind that are circling around her just like a spinning vortex. "I'm planning to go easy on you since you are the pioneer of this place, but it looks like it doesn't matter anymore."

Shin broke out with cold sweat as he look at the sudden change of development. 'F*ck me sideways, for having this big mouth of mine. This unreasonable girl is not only stronger than me by much, she is F*CKING much stronger than me by a mile!'

'The pressure that she are giving is even stronger than Brother Faker. Don't tell me that she is at least a Titled Ranker?' thought Shin as he brace himself for the incoming storm.

A Titled Ranker is a type of Ranker that stand at the peak of Ranking list. They have titles of their own, while their strengths are a little weaker that Godlike Players. Some are even as strong as the later.


Then, a fireball suddenly fly towards Shin, flying straight to his face! And that fireball is not an ordinary one, its size is trice as the size than the common fireball cast by other Elementalist. The normal fireball of an Elementalist is the same as the size of a basketball, but this one is the same as the size of a large therapy-ball used in gyms and hospitals.



That fireball mysteriously passed through Shin's body and landed on wall at the end of the corridor.

'Eh!? An afterimage? When did he?... ' The elven girl is gotten off guard when she saw that. And before she manage to complete her thoughts, she suddenly felt a dangerous feeling coming from her back!

'From behind!? How!?' without further ado, the elven girl immediately swing her left arm to blink away from her current spot.

Shin used his equipment 'Wolf King's Hunt' to dodge the fireball earlier, and teleport at the elven girl. But before he manage to pulled his sword out, the later is already ten meters away from him.

'You are quite fast, Huh? How about this one.' Shin use the activation of his 'Quick Draw' Skill to cast another one, he dashes forward and transform into a bluish-white light, while unsheathing the [Yamato] and swinging it sideways.

'Class Fighting Style: Moonlight Splitter'



'Is that a Class Fighting Style.' The elven girl immediately brushed off that thought and swung her scepter upwards, creating a wall made of ice in front of her.


'Elementalist Spell: Ice Wall'

At the same time, her left hand is doing some hand gestures, as if she is writing some runes in the air. One second later, another fireball appear on top of her left hand, and this one is much bigger than the previous one.

'Basic Combat Technique: Dual-Casting'

'Elementalist Spell: Internal Fireball'

The elven girl use another 'Blink' and appear for another ten meters away from her previous location. The entire corridor extends only for thirty meters at most, so the moment she use another 'Blink', she is almost at the end of it.

And before her feet landed on the ground, she swiftly push her left arm forward, sending the fireball towards her previous location.

Shin pass through the ice wall, but what greeted him on the other side is a huge fireball flying straight to him, and the size of this one almost covered the entire height and width of the corridor.

*Whistle ~♪*

Shin immediately cross his arms in front of his chest, while creating a purple spherical barrier around him with the power of eclipse.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Pulse'


A huge explosion were created when the fireball hit Shin's barrier. And the aftershock of that clash sends tremors on the entire church. But the strange thing at that is that clash didn't destroyed the corridor. In fact, there are no visible damages on the walls either. Other than the tremors and dust created by the explosion, nothing else happen.

While the elven girl is waiting for the dust to settle down, she suddenly saw a flash of purple light coming from the middle of it. Moment later, a sword wave slice through the dust and tear it apart, then it continue to fly straight towards the elven girl.

'Slayer Skill: Eclipse Slash'


Talking about returning the favor, this sword wave almost covered the entire corridor too, and not giving the elven girl a place to dodge.

But that doesn't mean she can't defend from it. Her left hand draw another runes on the air, and after few moment, she swing her arm sideways, followed by a creation of crystalline like mirror shield around her.

'Elementalist Spell: Frozen Mirror Shield'


Another explosion is created, and another tremors is sent once again, making the the entire church to shake for the second time.

Shin didn't wait for anything to do his next move. He flip the sheath of his sword to hold it in a forehand-grip manner before turning it into a white semitransparent longsword.

'Legacy Skill: Mondi's Style: Meteor Form'

Then, he channels the power of eclipse on both swords before swinging them diadiagonally with opposite directions, sending a cross shaped sword Qi towards the elven girl's location.

'Self-Created Skill: Eclipse Cross'


After throwing that Skill, Shin immediately disabled the 'Mondi's Style: Meteor Form' and return the sheath back to its original form. Then, he release his clones and send them forward, before using the dust around him as cover when he enter stealth mode.

'Equipment Skill: Undercover'

Shin knows that this elven girl is much stronger than him so he needs to continue grabbing the change to take the initiative before this girl manage to steal the tempo of the battle. And if that really happen, then he is really done for.

On the other hand, the defense of the elven girl's 'Frozen Mirror Shield' is already exhaust when it was hit by Shin's 'Eclipse Slash', and it will also not be able to take another head-on attack.

So when the elven girl saw that there is a follow up attack coming after the previous one, she immediately chant a series of elven syllables with a quick speed but accurate diction. Seconds later, she wave her scepter upwards, creating a thick wall of ice in front of her.

'Elven Sage Spell(Tier 2): Frozen Rampant'


The 'Frozen Rampant' didn't even budge when the 'Eclipse Cross' collides with it. When Shin saw that, he controlled his clones to use their own version of 'Eclipse Cross', and planning to destroy the wall of ice in front of them. Unfortunately, same results happened.

'D*mn! That is definitely a Tier 2 Spell!' Shin cursed on his heart when he saw that. Then, he controlled his clones to back off a little while sheathing their swords.

He then control the Sun Clone to make the first move. The Sun Clone channels its power on its sheathed sword before pulling it out, and slashing it sideways, sending a fiery fire crescent sword Qi.

'Class Fighting Style: Solar Flare'




Crack! Crack! Crack!

Visible cracking started to form on the surface of the the 'Frozen Rampart', which gotten the elven girl a little off guard.

'That is definitely a Class Fighting Style.' thought the elven girl as she chant another spell. And before the Sun Clone manage to use another skill to destroy the wall of ice, the voice of the elven girl suddenly ring on the other side of the all. "Explode."

'Elven Sage Spell(Tier 2): Frost Explosion'


Her voice were calm but the result is completely the opposite. The 'Frost Rampant' suddenly exploded, sending different sizes of blocks of ice towards the clones.

The Moon Clone immediately arrived beside the Sun Clone and combine their powers, transforming it into the power of Eclipse. Then, they use that combined powers to create their own version of 'Eclipse Pulse'.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every time a block of ice land at the purple barrier, the later trembled uncontrollably and started to have some cracks on the surface. Well that was understandable, the clones 'Eclipse Pulse' is only a Tier 1 Skill while the 'Frost Explosion' is a Tier 2 Spell after all.


Shatter! Shatter! Shatter!

The purple barrier of Shin's Clone is destroyed after few moments of resistance. And before Shin manage to do anything, the elven girl's voice sounded once again.


'Elven Sage Spell(Tier 2): Lightning's Wrath'


Both of the Sun and Moon Clones are devoured by pillar of lighting that is coming from the ceiling. Moments later, that pillar of lightning dissipated together with the disappearance of Shin's Clones. The only traces that are left behind are the residuals of lightning that are crackling from time to time.

Shin is frozen in place as he gulped a mouthful of saliva while staring at the scene with a dumbfounded expression. 'Is that even possible? Summoning a pillar of lightning despite being in this kind of place.'
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Then, the elven girl look at Shin's direction despite being in stealth mode. "Don't think that you can hide from me using an invisibility skill of that level!" said the elven girl with a cold tone.

At the same time, she swing her left arm while calling up some name. "Raiko! Garuda!"

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The purple and green lights stopped orbiting around the elven girl's body and fly towards her front. Then, their forms started to change.

The purple light transformed into a humanoid creature with purple colored skin and pitch-black sleeveless armor. The tip of the straw-hat on its head have some snakelike lightning dancing around it.

The green light on the other hand, transformed into a humanoid creature with eagle wings on its back. Its upper body is bare and the same features asa human, while its legs and feet are the same as the ones that the birds had.

'F*ck me! What are those!? I don't think that they are personal NPC Guard! They don't look like pets either.' thought Shin as he looked at the strange creatures summoned by the elven girl.

"I'm quite curious about your special class, so I'm going to give you a slight chance. If you manage to win against these two Guardians of mine, then I'm not going to demand you to give me that key on your hand." sneered the elven girl at Shin coldly, as if she is confident with her 'Guardians'.


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