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Child of Destiny 7 Entering the Game

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The sky is already dark the moment Shin exits the 'All Gamers Shop'.

He is too exhaust because there are a lot of procedures that he needs to be done. What is more is that this is his first time playing a game, more specifically a VR game.

Therefore he didn't have any records on the main server of the 'World Gaming Org.' so he need to fill up a lot of forms that is needed for the necessary procedures.

What is even more annoying is that his VR Helmet is going to be finished after two days and going to be delivered after another day because they are going to run a system checking before bringing it to him.

When Shin arrive at the parking lot he see a group of people flocking in front of his car.

He frowned while walking towards them.

He don't have energy entertain these thugs, all he want to do is to get in his car then go home and get some rest. And as he get near them those thugs notice him.

"Hey kid! This is not your business so don't involve yourself". one of the thugs said to him while giving him a vicious glare, while the others are trying to surround him.

The frown on Shin's brow turned even higher when he heard that guy. 'I'm not in the mood to play with this guys'.

Shin continue to walks towards them while says "I'm not going to involved on what you are doing I just want to get in my car and you are blocking my way."

A guy with spike earrings and have a black Mohawk haircut walk out the group, he is wearing a black leather jacket and gary camouflage pants with military boots. He has a fierce looks in his face and have a black eyeliner in the corner of his eyes.

He has a skull ring on his right hand index finger. One look at him and you can tell that he is a delinquent. He also looks like the leader of the group.

He stared at Shin while smilingly said "Oh? So you are the owner of this toy? How about you lend it us and we will let you go? Don't worry we will take care of it properly."

Shin is getting annoyed so he galre at him and said. "I don't have a time to play jokes with you so get the hell out of my way or I'm going to break your bones."

The corner of the smile of the Mohawk guy twitch when he heard Shin. He look at Shin as if he is saying 'your a dead meat'.

Shin ignored his look and continue walking forward as if he don't care about the thugs, well actually he really don't care about them.

One of the thugs with a baseball bat agitated because of Shin attitude. He ran towards Shin while swinging the bat at his hands, he is targeting the back of head of Shin.

The other thugs are laughing as if they know that Shin's head is going to be blasted. But they stop when they see what really happened.

Contrary to their expectations before the bat it their friend's hands manage to land on Shin's head, he is already leaning forward barely dodging the swing, it is as if he have eyes at the back of his head.

While Shin is leaning forward his left leg is simultaneously kicking backward in an upward motion. The kick land to the chin of his assailant, resulting for the guy to be thrown in the air.

The 'Baseball bat guy' is still in the air when Shin throw a roundhouse kick at him and then he is send flying towards a tree in the parking lot.

Then other thugs only recovered their senses when the guy already hit the tree. They then look at Shin as if he is some kind of a monster. But few seconds later they shout and pull their weapons while throwing their-selves at him.

Shin dodges left and right while throwing some random punch and kick at them. He didn't even have to use some kind of martial-art techniques to take care this kind of opponents.

Few moments later the thugs are rolling on the floor while weeping about their bodies.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Then Shin heard a clapping sound behind him. When he turn around he see the 'Mohawk Guy' is looking at him.

"So you have some skills huh? But it is only enough for these small fry's. How about show me what really are you made of?" said the Mohawk guy before suddenly disappearing.

In a blink of an eye he already reappears on the left side of Shin while throwing a powerful right punch.

'Fast' Shin is gotten surprised at first but still able to deflect the punch by using the back of his left hand. But before he manage to counter attack his opponent disappeared once again and the reappearing to the other side.

Shin frown his brow because of the sudden shift but able to dodge the attack by taking a step backwards.

He is about to kick his feet when the same thing happens once again. He is doubtful before but this time he is sure about the technique that his opponent is using.

' Assassination Arts : Shadow Waltz '

It is a martial skill that can help the user to repeatedly change his direction while they are in an extreme moving speed, it can also use to confuse ones opponent.

'Too bad you picked a wrong guy to mess with' said Shin in his heart while he is dodging he calm his mind and regulate his breathing.

He is entering the 'Deep Meditation State' since it is the best counter in this kind of skill. Even if his opponent is moving an extreme moving speed, he can still estimate the moving trajectory of his opponent.

The moment Shin feel his opponent trajectory he read the timing and uses a martial skill of his own to greet his enemy's attack.

'Yin-Yang Arts : Reversed Flow'

When Shin's palm collides with his opponent's fist, Mohawk Guy feel as if time stops moving then he sense that all of the force that he put on his attack is being send back at him and together with the impact of his extreme speed.

Yin-Yang Arts is a Martial-Art style that focuses in balance an counter attack. Fighting a force with equally strong force and Returning a force together with your own force.

Mohawk is sent back flying. Shin wants to go after him but he changes his mind because he is too tired for it and the other things that happened for the entire day.

Even though he is suspicious about the guy's real purpose. He is not in the mood to interrogate the guy, he just going to tell Captain Bernard on what have happen, and then his adopted father is going to handle the rest.

As for it being a coincidence? Well there is no way that Shin is going to believe that a street thug just happens to learn a high leveled assassination skill.

He get on the car and drive it home so that he can have his rest.

In an alleyway not too far away from the parking lot a slim guy saw what all have happened.

Once Shin's car is out of his sight he pick up a cigarette from his pocket and light it, then he dialed a number on his 'Advance Watch' few rings later the person on the other side answer the call.

A hologram appear above the watch and show a silhouette of a guy he then ask "How is it?"

"Not optimistic sir, our guy didn't even manage last for more than two minutes, What's more get a blood sample from the target." said the man with the cigarette.

The person on the other line nodded before saying "Hmm. Dispose that useless trash and the come back here. Those guys are going to investigate what happened, if they are not an idiot."

"Roger that Sir" said the man with a cigarette before hanging up and taking a puff. He walks toward the parking lot while folding the sleeves of his shirt revealing a black serpent tattoo on his right shoulder.


It has been three days since Shin ordered his personalized VR Helmet. He and Arthur just finished their daily morning training and sparring.

"Are your so called preparation is done" asked Arthur before dinking a bottled water.

"The hell with that! there are a lot of things the need to be consider. I can't even decide what race should I pick." Shin replied

"Haha. So much for being a studious type student. Let an expert like me give you an advice, if you can't decide on which race you want then go for the random selection function." said Arthur while laughing, then he added "Even though Nagas and Human race don't have a subraces they still have a lot of advantages that can be use. And if you go with the random selection you can have a certain chance of getting a special race or hybrid race."

Shin brow turned upward before asking "What is your character race?"

Arthur smiled mysteriously and said "Me? well it is a secret, I tell you once you catch up to me. But I can tell you Big Sis character race, she is a 'Half-Elf' a hybrid race."

Shin got surprise before saying " Big Sis is also playing the game?"

Arthur look at him with an 'Are you an Idiot' face while saying "Do you believe that everyone is 'a shut in' like you? What's more the game is a huge 'money printing machine' how can a business minded like Big Sis not play?"

"And if you know who is Big Sis in the game you will be shocked to death." Added Arthur before going inside the house.


The VR Helmet Shin ordered is delivered in the Villa. He hurriedly write his signature on the holographic form before taking the helmet in his room.

The helmet is colored black like what he is requested, he run the necessary setups before putting it on his head. He lie on the bed and close his eyes, then he said " Initiate System Login"

Then Shin felt that he is being pulled by a vacuum while he is hearing the system notification.

SYSTEM : Initiating System setup

SYSTEM: Checking User's Identity

SYSTEM : DNA Confirmed, Identity Confirmed

SYSTEM : Scanning Brainwaves

SYSTEM : No Injury detected






After a few moments Shin finds himself inside an empty White Room, he feel that his head is spinning because of what happened.

Suddenly he heard another system notification.

SYSTEM : Welcome to you personal Virtual Room User Shin Kinghad.

SYSTEM : Please select which Sever you want to connect.

When Shin saw that he choose «Destiny's Fate» server.

Then an Angel appeared in front of him. Then smilingly said to him "Welcome to «Destiny's Fate» please tell me your IGN (In Game Name)".

Since Shin already thought of it he said directly. " Sickarius "

"IGN available, are you sure about it?" The Angel said to Shin. And when she saw Shin nodded his head she asked another question "IGN confirmed, Now please select your character race"

Then different kind of races appeared in front of him. Their faces are the same as him. After a few consideration he said to the Angel. "Initiate Random Selection"

"Random Selection System is a lock on pick, once the system picked a race for you, you can't change it anymore" said the Angel asking for Shin's conformation.

'I don't believe that my luck is not as good as Big Sis' said Shin before nodding head for conformation.

The characters in front of him spins around him. Shin close his eyes as if he is praying to get a special race or at least a hybrid race.

The moment Shin opens his eyes his mind turned blank.

"What the hell?" said Shin he look at the Angel, he want to complain but before he even opens his mouth he is send into a dimensional rift by the Angel before saying.

"Since you Initiated Random Selection System your starting Empire or Kingdom is also going to be randomly selected."

"And please enjoy your stay on Atlas World and have an amazing adventures"


Shin is falls from the sky. His face lands first.

"D*mn Angel!" said Shin before taking a look around. He saw a lot of players walking on the street they are wearing a beginners clothes, some are wearing a slightly better clothes.

He frown his brows because what he see are players of different races. From what he know different race shouldn't be living cities and villages of different Kingdom/Empire together.

He opens his map interface and take a look at it.

Map : Current location 'Saint Heaven' Kingdom (Neutral Kingdom)

"So different races can live together in a neutral kingdom" said Shin before opening his character status window.

Name: Sickarius

Race : Human

Level: 0

EXP: 0/100 = (0%)

HP: 100 (+ 0.5 regen/sec)

MP: 100(+ 0.5 regen/sec)

Stamina: 200(+ 0.5 regen/sec)

Physical Attack : 10 - 10

Magic Attack : 10 - 10

Major Stats :

STR - 5

INT - 5

AGI - 5

VIT - 5

Minor Stats :



Special Stats : (Not yet available)

Title/s : None

Fame : None

Skills : (Currently None)

Undistributed Stats : None

Available Skill point : None

"Sh*t if only I chose other race, then I should have a special skill and racial trait" Shin curse because of his bad luck.

After calming himself he walk to the village chief's house to take some starting quest.


While is walking on the street he see a lot of people walking alongside him, while others are selling some things beside the sidewalk.

Then suddenly a signboard catches his attention. 'Training Grounds'

Shin walk towards it, when he is standing in the entrance he look though it and see a group of people training inside. Most of them are NPC(Non-Player Character) while there are very few players.

He got curious and walks inside it. The moment he entered the training grounds an NPC walks towards him and smilingly said. "Oh! a young blood! you looks like a talented young man but you look so thin, and you can't wield a powerful weapon with that kind of body. You need to buildup some muscles to be come powerful, come on in and train your body."

SYSTEM : Quest initiated do you want to accept? YES or NO?

'Ah! An instant Quest?' Shin is startled at first because of the sudden notification before accepting.

SYSTEM : Quest Accepted

Special Quest

Quest Name : Training

Quest Details :

Trainer Paul thinks highly of you so he invited you to train in his 'training grounds'. Go train your body and build up some muscles so that you can be more powerful than your peers.

Quest Conditions :

Train for a week

Quest Progress (0%):
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Training Period 0/7days

Quest Reward:


Shin's eyes almost burst out of it sockets when he saw the details of the quest. "What Kind of quest is this? Getting a Special Quest from off the bat? Is this the famous saying 'Fortune always comes after Misfortune'?"

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