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What Shin saw on his front is a pretty much devastated Church surrounded by corrupted monsters. From Shin's point of view, those monsters are almost overlapping with each other. And all of those monsters are either Lvl-80 Chieftain Class monsters or Lvl-75 Lord Class monsters.

But.... That is not the thing that surprise Shin. It is the small figure in the middle of the pack of monsters. Because in the middle of those three meter tall creatures, that small figure is blasting off those monsters left and right.

Shin went on a high ground to have a clearer view of the battle, before activating his ocular skill, the 'Scouting' skill.

Shin's eyes shine with a golden glow as he look at the ongoing battle. And what he see surprise him even more.

That little figure that Shin saw is a girl. No... to be exact, it is a White Elf Elementalist Girl. The girl is wearing a white dress that is pure as snow, which is showcasing the perfect curves of her body. On her shoulders hangs a cyan colored mantle that extends on the back of her waist.

Her perfectly straight and exceptionally smooth silver hair is tied in a ponytail. While her face is currently covered by a white veil, hiding the lower half of her face. But even though that was the case, Shin is still able to guess that this girl is a beautiful lady. And a very exceptional one at that.

Her right hand held a two meter long scepter. On the tip of that scepter floats a fist size crystal glowing with a seven color radiance. Around that crystal, orbited a smaller pieces of crystals that are glowing with the same radiance as the bigger one.

At the same time, there are five colors of glowing lights orbiting around the female elf's body. Those lights have the size of a fingernail of a child which is almost negligible, but the glows that are being release by those lights are quite eye-catching, same goes for their movements.

The colors of those lights are different from each other. The first two are the purple and green lights, there are moving in a fast manner as they revolve around the female elf's body. Their movements are also irregular and unpredictable.

The next one is the blue color light. This one is moving in a calm manner while orbiting around the elf's body, while its speed is slightly slower than the two. Another one is the yellow colored light. This one is moving very slowly but in a steady manner.
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The last one is the red colored light. Its movement is even more irregular than the first two lights. Sometimes it is slow, sometimes its fast, sometimes it is moving in an precise direction but sometimes it is moving with no direction at all.

One look at this female elf, and Shin will know that she have a Special Race and a Special Class just like him. What's more, it is a very powerful one at that.

And the proof is right in front of Shin. This female elf is currently slaughtering all the monsters that are surroundings her. Every time she swing her arms, a powerful spell is being sent to the enemy. Sometimes, she is simultaneously casting two different spells, sometimes there are three.

Sometimes, she is inta-casting some spells and sending it the corrupted monsters consecutively. She is like a machine-gun in human form in that insane casting speed.

"Whoa!? This girl sure knows how to act grand. At first look, you will see a Celestial Fairy. While on the next one, you will be seeing a Goddess of War." muttered Shin as he observe the battle.

"OK, that's enough for watching the show. I need to get back on work, now. I shouldn't disturbed her grinding, and find another way around to get inside that ruined church. I'm not like some kind of young master that will hypocritically offer a helping hand on this girl. It's quite obvious that she can handle herself alone." said Shin to himself as he jumped down from that high ground position.

Shin took a detour to the other side of the church, opposite to the place where the female elf is grinding. This way he can avoid some misunderstanding, and they can mind their own business undisturbed.

Shin look at his gang and said. "Alright BOYS! This guys are way tougher than those monsters before, so we can enjoy this party even more! Now, It's showtime!!!"


Blackie and Whitie simultaneously release a deafening roar before sprinting towards the corrupted monsters at their front. The former suddenly disappeared during the dash, while the later suddenly increase its charge.

Following behind Whitie is the trio of Shin and his clones. And when the two sides clashed, an intense battle broke out. And the intensity of this battle didn't lose on the battle at the other side of the ruined church.


Fourteen hours (In game time), that is the time that Shin and his gang have spent just to wiped out the monsters on this side of the ruined church. And that is not a one-sided massacre anymore, it is a super intense battle that almost taken Shin's life out of him.

Good thing that he is clever enough to sacrifice his clones, escaping that fate with a a very small margin, and that happened twice. Since if Shin failed to pull it off, then he might lose a single level because of that, and the EXP that he had painstakingly grinded for these past few days will be gone to waste.

"Huu~♪, that was close. I wonder how much time it will take me if that elf girl didn't clear the other side. Tsk, at first, I just want to get near to the church door and enter it. Who would have predicted that there is a barrier that will not open until I cleared up the monsters on this area. *Sigh~*." Shin is sitting on a huge rock while waiting for his HP and MP to recover.

And there are also good things that Shin had get during the previous battle. It is equipments, the monsters that he killed finally dropped some equipments, and those equipments formed a set. It is a Heavy Armor Equipment set called 'Avenger Warring Set', a set perfect for Knight and Berserk related classes.

It is a Lvl-75 silver equipment set, composed of six parts. Shin will be not using this set so let's not show the equipment details. Let's just say that Shin manage to complete four sets of that equipment set and he can sell it with a very good price.

And other than that, Shin also managed to gain a lot of EXP. He manage to raise his experience pool to 98%, so he is only one step away from leveling up.

And while Shin is resting, he also take a look at his quest progress to see how much time is left to him to finish this quest.

A little over three hours, that is all the time that is left for Shin. "*Sigh~*, I guess I need to rush things up. I don't know how much time it will take me to take down the Boss of this place. And I wonder what Class of monster is it, a King Class or an Overlord. But if I use my Cheat Equipment skill, then it will only take me 20 minute at the very least. Hahaha.... I want to see what kind of loots will I get this time!"

After recovering his HP and MP back to full, Shin jumped off the rock and walk towards the ruined church. And what greeted him inside is a sight that is completely opposite on what he had expected.

If the outside of the church is pretty much devastated, then the inside of it is quite intact. There are few damages on the walls but other than that there is nothing else.

After taking a quick glance at the place, Shin immediately proceed to where the secret chamber is. He don't have much time left so he need to finish this quest as soon as possible.

The secret chamber where the Royal Chalice is being held is located underground together with some dungeon prisons, so Shin took some time to find it.

And when he arrived at that place, Shin is taken aback once again. The female White Elf Elementalist that he saw outside is currently standing in front of the secret chamber, and observing the metal door in front of her.

The female elf felt Shin's arrival and turned her body around. She stared at Shin for a moment before knitting her brows because of confusion. Despite having a high level observing skill, she still can't saw Shin's details.

'Odd. This guy is odd. I can't see any details of him. Not even a name. But base on the runes engraved on his equipments, they are at least in gold rank while that cloak is quite special, a platinum one maybe.' thought the elven girl as she observe Shin. She then said after. "Are you the first pioneer of this place?"

While the elven girl is observing Shin, the later is also observing her. And the result is the same as the former. But aside from that, he also discovered that this elf girl's equipments are all higher in quality than him. In short, this elven girl is much more stronger than him.

Shin responded at the girls question by nodding his head.

When the elven girl saw Shin's actions, she extend her left arm while saying. "Hand it over."

Shin knitted his brows at the girl's actions and asked confusedly. "Hand over what?"

The elven girl frowned her brows and impatiently replied. "You know what I mean. The key! The key to open this door."

"Hey! Aren't you being unreasonable here? That key is mine. So why would I give it to you?" said Shin in a displeased tone.

"What are you talking about? You just got lucky that you stumbled upon this place. Me on the other hand is doing a quest here. So immediately hand it over while I'm still being polite." said the elven girl as she really getting impatient.

'I guess this girl have a lot screw loose on her head.' thought Shin to himself before replying. "Heh, are you the only one that is allowed to have quest here? Excuse me miss, but I'm also doing my quest here. If you want, you can try finding a key of your own."

The elven girl's eyes suddenly become fierce and glared at Shin while releasing a fearsome aura. "Are you handing it over or not?"

Even though that he is aware that this elven girl is much stronger than him, Shin is still looking at her fearlessly. "You know, I really don't like fighting girls. But if they are forcing me to do it, then I don't have much choice but to comply."

Shin put his left hand at the hilt of the sheathed [Yamato] while releasing an aura of his own, and this aura didn't lose too much to one that the elven girl is releasing.


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