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"Dragon King Nathan Springfield!"

"Warrior Sage Elias Stuart!"

"Hundred Beast Joaquin Giovanni!"

"Sword Immoral Eugene White!"

"What the Heck? Four Peak Class Experts forming a team? Isn't it a little overkill?"

"Yeah, Brandon and others sure hit an iron wall this time."

"Provoking the Dragon King is already beyond crazy, yet they still provoke him just because they have numbers."

"Yeah, that's why the friends of the Dragon King can't take it and join him, now."

The other experts are discussing with his each other when the saw sudden development.

Nathan look at Brandon's group and smirk. "What now Brandon? Still want to try?"

Brandon glared at Nathan for a moment before turning around with a 'Hmph' sound and started to leave together with his group.

When Elias and others saw that they can't help but rub some more salt on their wounds.

"False Bravado."


"Tsk, Cowards!"

Brandon and his group almost trip on the ground when they heard that. They want to curse out loud but didn't dare to do so. What can they do? Each of those guys are terrifying when provoke. They only dared to frame the Dragon King earlier because they were paid with a good price. What's more they are also have some beef with Nathan since they were young.

But if you include the other three, then it is another story. Even of they add another ten of them, they are still not enough to deal with those four.

The onlooker experts thought that they are going to enjoy an interesting show, but from the looks of it that will be not the case. So when they saw Brandon and his group leaving, they also started to depart, afraid that the other group will set their eyes on them.

When all the other experts leave, Elias setup a Concealment Formation in the entire place to prevent others from spying at them. After that, he look at Nathan and said. "So can you explain the what's happening now to us?"

Nathan thought for a moment before opening his mouth. "This should be a classified information so I ask you to don't tell this to anyone."

After confirming that his friends will keep this information to themselves, Nathan continue. "Recently, we receive a report that there are some organization/s that are planning to revive the 'Project Genius' of 20 years ago. And from the looks of it, this place is one of their operational lab."

The other three faces become solemn when they heard that. If what Nathan said was true, then this is really a major issue. No, this should be a global issue.

During that time, this so called 'Project Genius' have good purpose, creating an artificial talent for everyone. But one day, some people discovered that they are doing a lot of immoral acts. What's more the Military also discovered that they are secretly creating an army of puppet human.

"So this is really a troublesome matter. Have you discovered who they are?" said Elias while frowning his brows.

"Do you think that the World Government will take it laying down, if we know who they are?" Nathan can't help but say sarcastically when heard Elias question.

"Hahaha.... That was right! I'm sure that those cowards sitting on that throne will not take it if someone threaten their positions." this time it is the man with slightly muscular build that opens his mouth. He is Joaquin Giovanni.

Nathan clicked his tounge when he heard that. "Still acting like that? I guess it is better for you to watch out for your mouth. Sooner or Later that tounge of yours might kill you in that future."

Then, their discussion was interrupted by the Eugene White, who is quite quiet earlier. "Then who are those little kids that are fighting below? Especially the one in the state of Semi-Demon. Is he one of the experimented children?"

The other three look below them and use their own special means to see the ongoing battle.

"Whoa!!! That was an intense battle for someone on their level. And Hmm... That young Mentalist looks familiar to me, I guess I saw him before. Hmm...." said Joaquin with an interested expression on his face.

"Oh!!! That Kid? I think he is The Wander. David Solomon of the Dark Continent, if I'm not mistaken. Then who is the other guy?" replied Elias.

Nathan is the one that respond on this question. "That kid should be our Family adopted son, Shin Kinghad. And he should be the one that tipped us about the information of this place. As for his current state....."

Nathan pause for a moment to release a helpless sigh before continuing. "*Sigh~*. That kid had a 'Seed of Hatred' since young. And maybe that 'Seed' become triggered by some unknown reason, and turning him into this state. Good thing that Professor Plum took this kid as his personal disciple, and with the Internal Qi nurtured by Yin-Yang Arts, this kid can passively negate the Demonic Qi of Demonic Possession."

"And as for him being here.... From what my subordinates have discovered, this kid should be here because he want to save a friend of his that had been abducted by the persons of this Lab."

Eugene can't help but to remember something when he heard that. "That brings back memories."

Joaquin nodded his head and added. "Yeah. I can't help but to remember that guy. Eh!? Wait. Then, if this kid also manage do the same as that man. Then, that means, it is a birth of someone with another title of 'Heavenly Demon'? No, more importantly. Is this kid somewhat related to that man?."

And while the other two are busy reminiscing about something, Elias is glaring at Shin in his vision. At the same time, he unconsciously muttered something out loud. "So this is the kid that wants to snatch my precious daughter away from me?"

The other three stopped what they are saying when they heard that. Then, they simultaneously looked at Elias with weird expression on their faces.

And after discovering that Elias is still so engrossed in his own world, the other three looked at each other for a moment, before they burst out into a loud laughing.
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Going back to the battle of the two. David is started to feel some fatigue and frustration. "This is not good. I know that it is a foolish idea to fight a Demon in a battle of attrition. But I didn't expect that this going to become this troublesome. What's more this guy is becoming stronger and stronger as the battle progress. Tsk, looks like I need to unlock another blocked meridian."

David is about to do another limit break but before he manage to do so, Nathan appeared in front of him and said. "That was good enough young man. Thanks for holding this troublemaker here. Now let us handle the rest."

Before David manage to say something, Nathan disappeared once again and reappeared behind 'Shin'. And before the Semi-Demon Shin manage to do anything, he is knocked out by Nathan.

Then, Elias suddenly appeared beside Nathan and do some gestures with his left hand. After that, Elias point his index and middle fingers at 'Shin', who is currently laying on the ground. Seconds later, a gust of Mental Energy rush towards 'Shin', and sealing off the alternating Internal Qi that spilling out from the kid's body.

David is staring blankly at the scene with a weird expression on his face. 'That was it? I've spent almost half of an hour battling that guy, yet they knocked him out just like that? These guys are at least Peak Class Experts, I guess."

After making sure that Shin's condition is under control, Nathan look at David and said. "You must be David Solomon right? Can we invite you our headquarters to have your statement regarding what happened in this place?"

David nodded his head for confirmation. Even if he refuse to comply, he feel that Nathan is going to drag him no matter what.


Deep inside Shin's sea of consciousness, in the endless abyss, Shin is comfortably lying in there. Moments later, the voice that he heard earlier ring once again. "Oi!.... Oi!..... Prince Charming! It is time to wake up. If stay here for a little bit more longer, then you are really going to die."

Shin opens his eyes and look the direction of the voice, but too bad for him, all he can saw is an endless abyss. He knitted his brows and said. "Hey isn't it rude to not show yourself when you are talking to someone?"

The voice replied at Shin lazily. "This is not the right time to see each other. You don't have the luxury to spend more time to do little chats. So immediately get out this place and go back to your world."

Shin clicked his tounge and said. "Tsk, what a boring person. How about tell me who you are instead?"

"You don't need to know who am I, for now. The right time will come for that. Alright, that is enough with idle chats, go back to your world now, or else you will never be able to get out on here for your entire life." replied by the voice.

Shin want to say something more but before he manage to do so, a powerful suction force pulled him upwards. "Ahh!!!....."


Going back to the real world, it has been two days since the happening in the Michigan City. And what happened there somehow leaked in the public and spread around the world. And once the World Government confirm the news, the entire global population were shook to the core, and making them to panic.

And after learning that there is some kind of Underworld Organization that wants to restore the 'Project Genius', all the major powers on the surface began to make some precautions for the protection of their people.

After all, What happened back there in 20-years ago were not something that they can easily forgotten. Creating an army of puppet human? Those are no different from zombie like monsters that can't feel pain, tiredness or exhaustion.


At the same time, in the most prestigious hospital of the Capital City, and on one of the VIP rooms, Shin is already laying there unconscious for a little more than two days.

Beside the window, Nathan is currently reading a book on his hand when he suddenly heard a gasping sound. He turned his head and look at the source of the sound and said. "Awake at last?"

Shin took some time to calm his breathing, and manage to observed at his surroundings. When he saw Nathan sitting beside the window he can't help but ask. "Eh!? Uncle Nathan? What am I doi.....ng... *URGH!!!*"

Before Shin manage to finish what he are saying, a sudden pain assaulted his head because of the sudden register of informations. The feeling is like you are being stab by a millions of needles successively.

After Shin regain himself and subdue the pain, Nathan finally open his mouth. "Looks like you already regain your memories on that event."

Shin look at Nathan and about to say something but the later beat him into it. "Enough for your explanations for now. Even though almost everything happened according to what you had planned, you can't still denied the fact that you act all alone. No, to be more precise, you did it with 'John Evans'. But still, the two of you did a lot of foul things in the process."

"I can ignore the fact that you didn't directly report to the military about you going to rescue your friend since it is a personal issue, but to use the military satellite without permission? And erasing all your tracks on the database and city security cameras? For F*CK sake! You are not even an official member of the military! What's more being an officer! So, You don't have the right to access those!!!"

"And invading enemy base alone? Do you honestly believe that you are some kind of special agent? Even if you do some missions before, those are just some special cases and assignments! Do you have any F*cking idea what will happen to you if I didn't arrived in time? Good thing that 'that' kid David is there to hold you down, or else you might slaughter a lot of people there, and will cause your demise! Even the F*cking Gods can't save you at that time!"

Nathan's nagging last for at least half of an hour before finally venting out his frustration. Shin didn't dare to open his mouth even for a little because he knows it will further ignite more anger if he do. He knows Nathan very well, if he dared to rebut even for a little bit, he might get beaten up despite being a patient of the hospital.

After calming himself a little, Nathan release a helpless sigh and added. *Sigh ~* "Another thing. I already contacted Professor Plum about this matter and he and Grandmaster Benn decided to postpone you special training, for now. Especially because of the sudden eruption of your 'seed of hatred'. They are going to wait for you to contain that 'seed' before arranging another training plan."

Nathan pause for a moment to ask Shin. "You already know about it right? About the 'seed' inside your inner heart right?"

Shin stared blankly at Nathan for a moment before shaking his head repeatedly.

This time, it is Nathan's turn to stared at Shin blankly, before slapping his forehead. "You are such a failure to become a Mentalist..... You have the ability to enter your sea of conciseness freely, yet you haven't even check your own body and emotional condition? Then, what have you been doing since you learned Mentalism?"

Shin became embarrassed when he have heard that. All he do after learning Mentalism is to strengthen his spiritual avatar and practice some Mentalism Techniques. Even though he knew that there are some other applications of Mentalism, he is too lazy to explore them for now. And he become too excited on learning the Battle Techniques of Mentalism.

And even if he already become a personal student of that Grandmaster Benn, that Old Fatty didn't even teach him anything yet. All that Old Fatty have done is to passed down his 'Four Symbol Scripture' to Shin and nothing else. From the looks of it, this Old Fatty Benn is also a little irresponsible like Old Geezer Plum.


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