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Child of Destiny 56 Rescue Part 8 : 'Shin' versus David

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After that shout, 'Shin' release a very powerful oppressive might, trying to suppress the new arrival. And that was not your typical oppressive might, because it have a combined powers of Internal Qi and Mental Energy.

But David is not a pushover either, he release an oppressive might of his own, which is equally strong if not stronger than the one that is coming from 'Shin'. And this time, the Mental Energy from David transformed into an alternating silver and golden color one.

If a Mentalist refined their Mental Energy to the fullest, they can change the nature of their Mental Energy to the one that is more favorable to them. And that newly transformed Mental Energy can rival the 'Natural Force' of an Ethereal Opening Stage Expert, Martial-Artist.


Sparks were created in between of the two, because of the collision two opposing oppressive mights.

After that brief standoff of powers, 'Shin' gathered a bunch of Mental Energy on his right hand, before clenching it into a fist. Moments later, 'Shin' thrust his right arm forward, sending a powerful spiral Mental Energy wave towards David.

'Eh!? That Skill is similar to mine. OK, let is see whose attack is stronger.' David clench right hand fist and pulled it backwards, while gathering his Mental Energy on it. Then, he swiftly throw a straight punch, sending a spiral Mental Energy Wave of his own.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Haymaker of the King Beast'



The two opposing spiral Mental Energy waves collides with each other, creating a powerful explosion and shockwave outwards.

Then, 'Shin' suddenly disappeared from his previous location leaving zero traces behind. But even though David can't see his opponent's movements, he can still feel it through his Mental Energy perception range.

David calmly move his left hand in counterclockwise direction, while covering it with his Mental Energy.


The back of David's hand deflected Shin's right hand fist, who is suddenly appeared in front of him. Then, the later use his other fist to strike his opponent's face, but David is fast enough to respond. He use the same method with his other hand, and also deflect that incoming fist on the same manner.


After defending, it is time for counterattacking. David clench his left hand into a fist, before thrusting it forward straight to Shin's face.

Shin swiftly pulled back his left arm, while moving the hand of his other arm in circular motion, and in counterclockwise direction. Then, he use the bottom of his palm to hit the top of David's fist, and redirecting it outwards.


David use the momentum of his strike to do another straight punch with his other fist. On the other hand, Shin use his left arm once again and strike with a straight punch of his own, greeting the incoming fist with the same force.


The two fist collides and create a bunch of shockwaves, and send a violent ripples in the air. The basic exchange of fist was quite brief, but it was enough for David to assess about Shin's current strength.

'Strong. This guy is strong. He should be at least have a High Class Martial-Arts, before turning into his current state. But how the hell did turned into a Semi-Demon? His Martial-Art Level is still too low the have a mischief, and turned into one.' While David is thinking about that, their battle continues.

Both of them throw a barrage of punches with each other, trying to suppress their opponents with it. And as the battle escalates into a higher degree, their fists were joined by their feets and legs, and making the battle to become a little more intense.

And as the battle progress, David started to feel some pressure from Shin's attacks. At first, he thought that it is just his imagination, but as he battle more and more against Shin, he discovered that it is not the case. "F*ck my life, Are you kidding me? This guy is at least a Battle Genius before turning into this one. An Evolving Demon? Yik! That is going to become even more scary."

Being clear about the situation, David need to do something to escape his current predicament. He took a deep breath, before swiftly crossing his hands in front of him, blocking the incoming fist from 'Shin'.


David was hit and was sent flying backwards, but didn't get any kind of injury. He just use the force of impact to put some distance from Shin, and to have some breathing space.

But that is just what David wants to do, and unfortunately for him, the moment his feet touches the ground, he is greeted by a bunch of flying Mental Energy to wave that are coming after him. All David can do is wave his hands left and right, blocking all the incoming attacks.

And before he take a breather after the last energy wave, Shin fist is once again upon him. David immediately took a half-step backwards, putting a little distance from Shin. And when the later's fist is about to reach him, David swiftly ducked forward, barely avoiding the attack.

After that, David immediately throw a dual palm strikes straight to Shin's chest. Because of the momentum of Shin's previous attack, and together with David immediate counter, the later have no time do dodge. "You are quite stubborn, aren't you?"



Shin was sent flying backwards, finally giving David some time to breath. *Huu~* "Now it is clear to me. This guy is not an artificial Demon and he didn't encounter a mischief in his practice either. There must be some sort it of 'Seed of Hatred' inside is inner heart or something similar. That 'seed' just want to evolve, that is why he become like this."

"Tsk, Whoever this guy's Master I'm sure he very strong and smart. To think that he is aware about his disciple having a 'Seed of Hatred' and teach him a Martial-Art that can suppress a Demonic Possession. And what's more, the moment that 'seed' become triggered, this guy's properly nurtured Internal Qi will fight the Demonic Qi. That mindset was beyond being brilliant!"

"Eh!? Hmmm... Maybe this is the same guy that I had saw before, the one that might be a military agent. Maybe he is also here to do something, but while he is fighting against someone, that 'seed' inside his inner heart become triggered for some unknown reason. Yeah, that's it. That maybe the case." And while David is discussing with himself, Shin finally get out from a pile of boulders, that buried him because of the previous attack.

Huruu~. Huruu~. Huruu~.

After standing up, Shin breathed in and out some gray colored smoke together with some hoarse and scary sound.

*Whistle ~♪* "Creepy! That sound is quite hard to bear." muttered David before retaking his battle stance. "OK, let us start Round 2!"

Then, he thrown multiple punches in the air, sending a bunch of Mental Energy waves at Shin.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Air Fissure Cannons.'

When Shin saw the incoming barrage of attacks, he opened his mouth and shoat out loud, sending a powerful energy wave forward.


And that energy wave is like a giant tsunami that devoured all the Mental Energy waves sent by David. And after that, that tsunami like Mental Energy wave proceed towards the later.

"Woah! That was cool!" On David's side, he formed a blade on his left hand and raise it above his head. Then, he concentrate his Mental Energy there, before swinging it downwards, sending a crescent shape Mental Energy.
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'Myriad Manifestation Method: Wind Blade of the Souring Eagle.'


Shin's Mental Energy wave was sliced into two when David's Mental Energy Blade pass through it. It is like a butter being slice by a cutting knife.

And that that Mental Energy Blade went straight to Shin.

Shin formed a blade with his right hand while pulling it towards his left shoulder. After that, he swung it sideways, in a horizontal manner, and send a Mental Energy blade of his own.



Another violent ripples were created in the air when the two mental energy blades collides. But the two didn't wait for the ripples to calm down, they exchange a barrage of Mental Energy waves with each other on that distance.

And this time, David learned his lessons. He didn't linger on that exchange much longer, to prevent Shin from improving once again. David suddenly disappeared from his location and mysteriously reappeared beside Shin.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Stride of the Grasshopper'

David then swung his fist forward straight to Shin's face. And that landed a clean hit, and also sent Shin in the air. Then, David swiftly stretch his hand that he used on that punch, planning to pull Shin back on the ground.

But before he manage to get a firm grip on the later. Shin immediately spin in the air and throw a powerful kick in the process.

David immediately pulled back his arm and place it in front of his face, trying to block the incoming kick. But that anticipated attack didn't come. David knitted his brows and try to look on his front, and that is the time a fist greeted him. 'Talking about the payback, it immediately come.'


Good thing that David is fast enough to create a Mental Energy Barrier in front of his face, blocking that attack. Then, David swiftly took two steps backward, before doing a flash kick attack at Shin, who is still in the air.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Sting of a Queen Bee'


Shin dodge the incoming kick by doing a spin roll in the air. Then, he adjust his center of gravity to force himself to fall on the ground. And when he do, his and David's position change. This time, David is in the air while Shin in on the ground.

At the same time that Shin landed on the ground he immediately do a handstand, followed by a Thomas Spin, before pushing himself upwards, sending himself straight to David with his feet going first.

Meanwhile, David use the momentum of his previous attack to do another flip in the air. Then, he use his Mental Energy to push himself downwards, and greet Shin's attack with a powerful stomp of his.


The two stand still for a second before sending each other on opposite direction. And the moment their feet landed in the ground, they immediately throw themselves on each other once again.

Then the battle escalated on a whole new level.


At the same time, different experts arrived outside, above the underground secret lab.

Good thing that Nathan is fast enough to ordered his men to locked down the place earlier, so no one dared to immediately invade the location. And since the place is currently under the military operation all they can do is wait.

After all, they don't want to provoke the military force just because they are curious about what they had felt. But even though that is the case, no one can prevent these experts from using their special methods to observe what's happening inside.

And what they had discovered shocked them to the core. This place is a huge secret lab created by a powerful organization, and they are doing some immoral research in here. If this lab operate for at least a little bit more time, they don't know how many more innocent people might become their victims.

Good thing that the military immediately discovered about this place. And from the state of the lab, it looks like it is currently under attack by 'them'.

But that is not the most shocking part. Because deep inside the lab, an intense battle is currently undergoing. One of them is a Mentalist from younger generation while the other is a....


That was the single word that entered their minds, when they saw Shin's current appearance. Their eyes almost turned bloodshot and about to make their move against that so called 'Demon'.

"I dare you to enter the premises of this place."

Suddenly, a strong and dignified voice resounded in the entire place. All of the experts stop their tracks and look at the direction of that voice, and there, they saw a slim and handsome middle-aged man with blonde hair, and looking at them in a dignified manner.

" 'Dragon King' Nathan Springfield!!! "

The experts were stunned when they saw who is it. Nathan ignored their reactions and said with a commanding tone. "We are currently conducting a Military Operation in this place. So I hereby inform you, that entering the premises of this place will mark you as a suspected member of the organization running this lab."

The experts become silent after that, not because of what they have heard, but because they are afraid of provoking the man in front of them.

Then, a two and a half meter tall muscular man arrived at the place, he walked in front of the crowd and looked at Nathan before saying sarcastically. "Oh our great Dragon King, are you using your authority on the military to protect that Demon?"

Nathan cross his arms in front of him and sneered at the muscular man. " 'Iron Fist' Brandon Monte, don't try playing words with me. If want to enter, then you can start at passing through me first." Then, he release a terrifying aura that swept pass through the crowd.

The other experts were already trembling in fear because of that. At the same time, Brandon release an aura of his own, barely protect himself. He then yelled after. "Nathan! Don't get too full of yourself! You maybe strong to bully us, but you can't beat us all on yourself!"

Then, ten more figures appeared and stand beside Brandon. Their auras were a little weaker that Nathan's individually, but combined, they are much stronger than the later. But before Brandon's team say something, three more person arrived, but this time, they position themselves beside Nathan.

"Then how about you include me in the equation?" said a handsome middle-aged man with a long black hair, and slim build but have strong muscles underneath his clothes.

"I didn't expect that this place is quite lively. Mind if I join the party?" said by a two meter guy with a built of not so muscular but not so slim either.

The last guy didn't say anything, he just stand there with cross arms in front of his chest, and with close eyes. He have an average look and height. While the hairs on his head were long curly and in deep cyan color. On his back hangs a two meter long broadsword with a width of a foot.

And when the other experts saw who are the other three standing beside Nathan, the nerves on their bodies become numb, while having the same thought in mind.

'What's with this day? Why there are a lot of Peak Class Experts gathered in this place?'


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