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Child of Destiny 55 Rescue Part 7 : A Demon? and David's Potential

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The tremors and the mini-earthquake cause by Shin's sudden shout on the Secret Lab and the surface were clearly felt by all the individuals present.

But that weird shout have different feeling and more meaning to the special individuals and peak class experts around the Continent.

And of course, the first one to notice it is David. After all, he is currently engaging a battle with an Ethereal Opening Expert in the very same underground secret lab. "Huh!? What was that? Did something explode inside the Lab? Eh!? No, it is more like a roar of different kinds of monsters..... Wait!!!..... Don't tell me someone or something is about to reborn as a.... What the hell are they doing in this Lab?"

David looked at the man in tuxedo in front of him and said. "Tsk, sorry bro. I guess I don't have a time to play with you anymore."

Suddenly, the Mental Energy on their surroundings become wild and rush towards David. Then, he gathered it all on his right hand, while taking a half-step backwards together with a pulling motion of his arm.

"Condense!" David shout it out loud, making the Mental Energies on his clenched right hand fist to compressed and glows with a blinding silver light.

'Sh*t!' The man in tux felt a very dangerous feeling coming from that fist. So, he wants to do something to prevent that, or at least get out on this place as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for him, David extend his free arm and point his palm at the man while shouting once again. "Locked!"

The Mental Energy residuals that were left on the surroundings rush at the tuxedo guy, restraining him in place and preventing him from moving.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Nature's Lockdown'

"Goodbye Bro, just say hi for me, on your colleagues on the other side, OK." David bid his final farewell before sending his opponent to Hell. Then, he thrust his fist forward, sending a powerful spiral Mental Energy wave towards the tuxedo guy.

'Myriad Manifestation Method: Haymaker of the King Beast'



Everything that 'that' Mental Energy wave had passed through were razed to the ground, leaving nothing but ruins on its path. Even the guy in tux didn't even leave an intact corpse behind.

After that, David rush towards the direction where he felt that strange sound coming from.


Meanwhile, Nathan Springfield is currently busy on verifying the tip that they have got about the the spies on the Military and a Secret Underground Lab in Michigan City.

But while doing that, he suddenly felt an eerie feeling coming from somewhere and brushing pass his body.

He stopped what he were doing and try to look for the direction where it was coming from. But he failed to pinpoint the real source. That feeling was very brief, so he don't have enough time to feel it more clearly. All he can do is stared at the general direction that he think is the source of that weird vibe, and muttered to himself. "Could it just be my imagination? But that was not possible. That feeling was very distinct to become an imagination."

Since he failed to locate it, Nathan brushed it off almost immediately before continuing what he were doing. "Hey! Lieutenant Lang! Have you already verified the information about the Underground Secret Lab at Michigan City?"

The reply came almost immediately. "Sir! Yes Sir! That tip that we got was authentic and real. But there is something weird happening in there. Sir"

Nathan knitted his brows and asked. "What was it?"

The Lieutenant hesitated for a moment before replying. "Ahm.... It looks like that Secret Lab is under attack by someone. Even though we can't see what is really happening in there because of some weird frequencies blocking our satellite, we are sure that it is under attack base on the reports that we got from our men over there."

Lieutenant Lang pause for a moment because he don't know whether he is going to tell something or not.

Nathan notice that and said. "Whatever is it, tell me right away and don't waste our time. We still have a lot of things to do."

The Lieutenant brace himself and said. "Sir previously, when we are checking what's happening in the Michigan City, we detected a signal coming from Young Master Shin's Advance Watch. But.....But..... But that was very brief so we don't know if it is real or not. The signal lasted for a least a second only and disappeared again very quickly, so we are unsure what to do. Sir."

Nathan's eyes brighten for a moment when he heard that. If he connects the mysterious tip that they've got, and what's happening on the Michigan City, and if he add that sudden flash of signal earlier, together with some of his suspicions previously, then everything make sense.

He look at the lieutenant and ordered. "Capture all of the Military personnels on the list and lock them up on our prison cell until I got back. And make sure to do it carefully and silently, so that you can't alert the others. Remember! I want all the persons on the list, nothing more, nothing less. If I get back here and discovered that some of them had escape, I'll hold you responsible for that! UNDERSTAND?"

"SIR! YES! SIR!" replied by Lieutenant Kang.

"And tell our people on Michigan City to locked down the area from the tip. And inform them that I'm going over there. That's all. You're dismissed." said Nathan to send off the lieutenant.

Then, he pulled back his chair, stood up, before walking out of the room, and about to go to Michigan City.


At Stuart Family Residence, Elias Stuart is about to enter a deep meditation state when a sudden gust of chilling aura swept passed him.

He open his eyes almost immediately and shot up from his lotus sitting position. Suddenly, he disappeared from his room and reappeared on top of their mansion.

He squinted his eyes and look at the direction of Michigan City. He is a Mentalist, so his senses are quite keen on this kind things. Even though that chilling aura was quite brief, he can still pinpoint its exact location as long as he know the general location that it came from.

He jumped from the roof of their mansion and flew towards Michigan City, for him to see what was that chilling aura that he felt earlier.


In a nameless island on the Soaring Continent, where Arthur is having his special training.

The middle-aged man that is in charge of training Arthur is currently resting on top of a mountain. Then, he suddenly felt something unusual. He opened his eyes and frowned his brows before look at the direction were it was coming from. He stood up and about to go on the source of that unusual feeling when he felt another presence present there. "EH!? That guy is also here? If he is already there, then I guess I didn't need to get involved. Maybe he can handle the current situation."

Then, he go back to his laying position before closing his eyes once again, and take a nap comfortably.


Similar things happened around the Continent, but most of them choose not to go since they already felt that there are already capable individuals rushing over there. While the others failed to pinpoint the exact location because that feeling was quite brief or they are too faraway to feel it clearly.


Going back on the underground secret Lab, on Shin's side, The atmosphere in there become tense.

The old man is looking at 'Shin' with a very unease expression on his face. 'What in the world is this kid? Transforming into a Demon at the very young age? He don't have enough cultivation level to have mischief on it and become one.'

Then, he suddenly jump to the side barely dodging a Mental Energy wave that coming towards him.



The wall behind the old man was completely destroyed due to that sudden attack, but the old man don't have a leisure time to think about that, because 'Shin' mysteriously appeared in front of him and throwing a powerful punch, straight to his chest.

"HAh!" The old man shout out loud to use his 'Qi Reinforcement Skill' on his arms once again. Then, he swiftly cross them in front of his chest while bracing himself on the incoming attack.





Despite reinforcing his arms, the old man still felt that the bones on both of his arms were broken, and the worst part in it is he was sent flying backwards. And coming after him is another powerful Mental Energy wave, devouring him entirely.

Good thing that the old man was fast enough to cast another 'Qi Reinforcement Skill' on his entire body, withstanding that attack. And together with his powerful regenerative ability, to heal some injuries that he got, the old man manage to hold his ground.

But despite that being the case, the old man have different kind of thoughts. 'RUN! I have to runaway from here, or else I'm going to die for sure!'

But, he knows that the monster in front of him is not going to give him a chance to do so. And he was right about that. He saw that Shin's body suddenly blurred from his vision, and that makes his heart to become tense and almost jump out from his throat.

'Sh*t! An Afterimage!' that was the last thought of the old man had, when his head was blasted off by the sudden appearance of a powerful fist in front of him.


After that, the old man's body started to fall on the ground limply and lifelessly. But, how can he trick the current 'Shin' in front of him. 'Shin' formed a hand blade with his other hand, and thrust it towards to old man's chest.

Shin's left hand pierce through the old man's chest, making the later's body to trembled uncomfortably. Then, suddenly, a powerful suction force was formed from Shin's left arm, absorbing and devouring all kinds of energies that were coming from the old man's 'Lifeless' body.

And that body suddenly become wild and want to escape from Shin's grasp. But unfortunately, the later didn't let him do that. 'Shin' pulled the old man's body closer to prevent it from doing more movements. Then, some strange aguish wailings sound from the headless body, ringing on the entire place.

Moments later, the old man's body started o wither uncontrollably until it become a headless skeleton with some dried skin, covering its surface.

'Shin' then throw that headless skeleton to the side like some sort of trash, well... from the looks of it, it really is a trash.

After that, 'Shin' clenched and unclenched his hands, trying to feeling something. Then, the black colored Internal Qi on the surface of his body started to devour the white colored one, trying to fight it for the supremecy of the body. Unfortunately for it, the white Internal Qi is still a little stronger than the black one and managed to hold the fight into a deadlock.

And at this time, David finally arrived at the scene. And when he saw the state of 'Shin', his nerves become numb. "F*CK ME, these guys really made a Demon here! EH!? Wait.... No.... There is still something wrong with this guy."

David observe 'Shin' more carefully using some special ocular skill to confirm his doubts. Seconds later, he come up with his conclusion. "Sure enough, this guys is not fully transformed into a Demon yet. Whoever this guy, he have a very strong willpower to hold himself up. And.... Maybe it is also because of his Martial-Arts, because from the looks of it, the nature of his Internal Qi is at least a nemesis of that Demonic Qi, if not fully its bane."

"This guy can still be save. But I still needs to look out for that berserk Metal Energy running around him, even though it didn't side on either of the fighting Internal Qi's, the berserk nature of that energy may still affect the host's mind and body."

"Tsk, F*CK ME for being a busybody. A Martial-Artist turned Demon is already a scary one, what's more a Dual-Practioner? Good thing that this guy's cultivation level is a little lower than mine. But still, it looks like I need to become really serious this time." After muttering those, David stab his right hand index finger on a meridian point on the right side of his temple.

'Limit Break: Phase One'

Then, David's aura suddenly change. He breathed out a bunch of air before releasing his Metal Energy, and that energies have become more powerful than his usual one.


'Meridian Locking', this is what it called. This is a technique created by some old generation Experts for some super talented individuals the were born every tens of thousands of years.

These super geniuses possess not only talents but they are also born with powerful cultivation since birth in either Martial-Arts or Mentalism. But that also have setbacks on it.

The main problem of those talents is because of their powerful cultivation since birth, their bodies as an infant failed to contain that power. So they died on either the overloading of their Internal Qi or overstimulation of their Mental Energy.

Because of the death of those super rare geniuses, the Experts of that time look for a solution on that problem. And that is when a genius Expert Mentalist suddenly emerge and solved it.

He proposed an idea of blocking few meridians of those kids, to close some pathways of their Internal Qi and Mental Energy flow on their bodies and minds. And due those closed pathways, they can minimize the cultivation of those kids to the limit.

And after many trial and errors, those experts finally managed to know the right meridians that they need to block without affecting their cultivation too much. And even with those close meridians, those super geniuses can still practice Martial-Arts and Mentalism without issue.

And every time they unlock those meridians, they gain an upgrade on their strength. But they can only unlock few number of meridians base on their current strength, and if they unlock more than their body can withstand, then they might die because of overloading of powers.

The Experts of that time called that method 'Meridian Blocking'. Sometimes, some people called it 'Limit Break', every time they unlock those blocked meridians.

To make that long story short, David is one of those super geniuses that only appear every tens of thousands of years.


"OK! Let's do some good deed to accumulate some good Karma. I want to see if I can save this guy, and knocked him back into his former self. " said David as he walked towards 'Shin', who is currently occupied with the matter of his opposing Internal Qi's.

And that is only the time when 'Shin' notice David appearance.


'Shin' release another deafening shout, but this time, it is less intense than the previous one.


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