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Child of Destiny 52 Rescue Part 4 : Change of Plans

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Shin finished all of his necessary preparations and walk out the hotel. "Hey, John. Can you confirm if those guys from enemy camp are already outside the city?"

"I'm on it, and Yes, they are already outside the City." John replied almost immediately,while having some thought. 'And I feel to bad for them. Looking for someone unaware that their target is already on their doorsteps. Tsk, the saying is right. The safest place you can hide is still the most dangerous place.'

"Good! Find me the guy on enemy ranks that we had discussed about." said Shin as he change his facial appearance with some disguising Mentalism Technique.

"He is about to go back to the lab. You should hurry to get on the ambush point." replied John.


Moments later, Shin finally manage to sneaked in the experiment lab, using the appearance of one of the employee scientist of the lab.

And the moment he entered the lab, Shin whispered something on a hidden mic under his laboratory coat. "I'm inside. You can now send the list of moles on whoever is in command on the military base..."


Shin want to say something more but he is suddenly interrupted by a loud explosion deep inside the experiment lab. Then, what follows after that is loud alarm together with a sudden message from the speakers.




‹ Security Alert! Security Alert! ›

‹ All Units Please Rush towards SECTOR B! The Lab is under attack! ›

‹ I repeat! All Units Please Rush Towards SECTOR B! The Lab is under attack! ›

'What!? Someone is attacking the Lab?' Shin suddenly become startled at the sudden change of event. Then, responded on it accordingly, he give another instructions to John. "Hey John! Change of plans. Report to the military about this place, Right NOW! And make sure to isolate this place communication system by cutting off all incoming and outgoing massages on here. Do it as soon as possible! And while you are at it, disabled all the security cameras here now!"

"After that, You can attack their system database and extract everything that you can get in this place. You don't have to worry about them this time, the Lab is currently being attack by a certain someone, so they might don't have an extra hand dealing with you, since whoever this guy or guys are, they have chosen a perfect timing to strike, and made it a big one too."

Then, Shin rush on the corridor, towards the direction of Leonard's whereabouts, without caring about John's feelings.

And when John heard all of that, he felt like crying about it, but no tears come out. "Come on Young Master Shin. Do you honestly believe that I am some kind of cyborg that can do all of that at the same time?" Since John don't have a choice, all he can do is comply with Shin's instructions together with a double effort. His hand is furiously and rapidly typing on his keyboard like his life is defend on it.


Fortunately for Shin, the explosion is on the opposite direction of Leonard's whereabouts, the current situation is a little more favorable for him. But he forgot about something, because when he bumped into some security personnel running towards SECTOR B to make support, he immediately become a suspicious person since he is running on opposite direction and towards them.

'F*ck me. How can I make that kind of beginner's mistake?' Left with no choice, Shin is force to take action when he saw the opposite party are making their move against him.

Fortunately, the enemy defenses become a little weak because of his "little" scheme. In exchange for spreading their forces like before, the number of each group become 3 instead of 6, one 'Core Formation Stage Expert' and 2 Peak phase 'Qi Refinement Stage Experts', for Shin, that situation is still manageable.

"Hey You, Don't move and hold you place." said the leading man of the opposite group with a muscular body.

Naturally, Shin is not going to comply with the guy, he is not stupid enough to do that. He flicked his wrist to release a bunch of Mental Energy to surround him, while also releasing his silver-gray internal Qi and enfolding it on his body.

Since this Lab base is under attack and someone is creating a havoc inside this place, Shin is not afraid to attract some attention now. This time, he can take advantage of the current situation and do that with all of his strength.

"You!...." When the muscular man see Shin's actions he become enrage, since he can now confirm that this guy in front of them is one of the enemies attacking them. He is about to release his internal Qi to get ready on battle, but before he manage to do so, the guy in front of them suddenly propelled towards them with a great speed while throwing a powerful straight punch towards his chest.


Shin kick on the ground and rush forward while using his Metal Energy force to push him on his back, propelling himself towards his enemies. His speed is too great to react, the enemies on his front is gotten off guard by his speed and failed to respond in time.

Before the muscular man can do anything, Shin is already in front of him sending a powerful strike towards his chest.

'Flowing Water Arts: Boulder Smashing Fist'

"What the FU.....!?" Shin is too fast, All the muscular man can do is cross his arms in front of his chest while gathering all of his internal Qi on it, hoping for his defense to become enough to block that incoming fist.


The muscular man is sent flying backwards because of the powerful impact and momentum of the strike. The two comrades of the muscular man was frozen in place, because they failed to process the entire course of event.

Of course! Shin is not going to stay there and do nothing, since he already gotten his enemies off guard by his surprise attack. First, he immediately grab the guy on his right on the collar before throwing him towards the guy on his left, making them to collide with each other. Before those guys manage to regain themselves, Shin is already sending a rotating punch with his left fist, covered with a silver-gray colored internal Qi.

'Advance Yin-Yang Art: The Great Tiger Fist'


Both of the guys were send colliding on the wall because of that attack, they also vomited a bunch of bloods due to the powerful impact. But Shin is not done yet, he follow up his attack with a 'Hadouken'(Don't sure about the spelling though) like strike with both of his hands, sending a powerful Mental Energy Wave towards the two, who are still impacted on the wall.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Flying Dragon Takedown'



Those two were killed without putting up some resistance, and Shin manage to do it in a matter of seconds. But Shin didn't let it go over his head, since he is aware that he only manage to do all of that because he have gotten them off guard with his sudden attack.

Then, he looked at the muscular man who is currently in the process of standing up. He didn't wait any longer and charge towards that muscular man, since if he didn't hurry up now, maybe some more reinforcement will come towards his place, and that situation is going to become a little more messy and troublesome.

Shin use his Mental Energy to propel him forward once again. During his dash, he gather his internal Qi on his right hand fist, before throwing a powerful rotating punch towards the muscular man.


'Advance Yin-Yang Arts: White Tiger Assault'

The muscular man has just gotten back on his feet so he don't have much time to dodge the incoming fist from Shin. He have no choice but to take the attack head-on. He gather all the internal Qi around him as fast as he can towards his right hand fist, before throwing a powerful punch of his own.

'Advance Martial-Arts: Explosion Fist'


The two fist collide and the two of them become standstill for a second, before the face of the macular man suddenly become twisted. Due to blocking the sudden attack of Shin earlier, the muscular man had gotten some hidden injury during that time. So when his fist collided with Shin's fist, that hidden injury become triggered, resulting for his right arm to become broken.

Crack! Crack!

"Ahh..." The muscular man cry in agony due to that. Naturally, Shin is going to grab that opportunity to end that fight.

This time, Shin gathered a bunch of Mental Energy towards his left hand, before sending a palm strike towards the muscular man's chest.

'Four Symbol Scripture: Raging Dragon Impact'


The muscular man want to do something to survive the incoming strike, but too bad for him, Shin's palm strike came to fast and successfully landed on his chest, making his heart to explode internally.



The muscular vomited a lot of blood due to that before falling limply on the ground.

"Tsk, The combo of Martial-Art and Mentalism are sure scary. I didn't expect that it will have this kind of result. It exceeds what I had imagined. Heh, now this give me some more confidence." muttered Shin as he took a quick reflection of his previous battle. After that, he continue dashing towards Leonard's whereabouts.


At the same time, at the SECTOR B of the Lab, David is currently wreaking havoc on that place. He is fighting a bunch of security personnels alone.


A 'Core Formation Stage Expert' is send flying on the wall, killing him in the process, and that make the other security personnels to be frozen in place.

"Is this all you've got? I'm going to get disappointed if you do. This is not enough to serve as a warm-up for me." said David as he walk forward leisurely and fearlessly, while twisting his neck a little, creating some cracking sounds with it. 'Hmm... I hope master will give me some merits with this, since I'm pretty sure that this place is a part of some underworld organization. And she really hate those guys for some sort of reason.'

Every time David took a step forward, the other guys on his front took a step backward, and that make David to clicked his tounge. "Tsk, Boring..... Is there anyone strong enough to entertain me?"

"You are quite arrogant for someone at your age, Kid." Suddenly a man in tuxedo walked forward while releasing a pressuring aura.
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But David did not get affected on it, smirked and said sarcastically. "Wow! An 'Ethereal Opening Expert'! Now this is going to become a little interesting."

That man in tux frowned his brows and said. "Kid, do you honestly believe that you can de...feat... All... of us alo...ne." the man's voice become softer and softer as he complete his sentence.

Why? It is because while he is talking, David form a gun shape with his right hand before pointing it towards his other enemies one by one. At the same time, some Mental Energy bullets were release on it and fly towards those guys.

'Myriad Transformation Method: Air Fissure Bullets'







All the Mental Energy Bullets land on all the other guys' chest, head and necks, killing all of them in the process.

After killing the other guys off, David put his fingers across his lips before blowing some air on it. "OK, now we don't have any kind of distractions."

The man in tux broke in cold sweat when he saw what had happened. No, to be more precise, he didn't saw what have happened, all he saw are the falling bodies of his comrades. 'What the heck? Who is this Kid? And where the hell did he come from? I'm sure that our Continent don't have a Young Mentalist Freak like him. He is as strong as the Little Witch from that Military Family.'


Going back on the other side, Shin just arrived where the enemies held their captives. During the process of getting here, Shin came across some more security personnels, forcing him to engage on some intense battle. Even though he manage to emerge victorious, he become exhaust because of those, so when he finally arrived at that place, he don't have much energy to spare. "Tsk, D*mn this place. I'm too tired to have another intense battle now."

While Shin is grumbling like that, an old man in a lab-gown appeared in front of him. "If that is the case, then how about you take some rest here."

"Woah!?" Shin jumped in fright because of the sudden appearance of the old man. Then, he look at that old man cautiously while saying. "Tsk, that almost scared me to death, Old Man."

"Hmm... You must be Shin Kinghad, the adopted son of Springfield Family. Are you here to save that red hair kid? Unfortunately, he is a perfect research material for us, so I can't hand him over to you. But since you are already here, how about join him here, I'm pretty sure that you are going to become a much better research material than that kid." said the Old man to Shin.

When Shin heard the words 'Research Material', his face suddenly become solemn. He glared at the old man fiercely while unconsciously releasing a berserk Internal Qi and a powerful Mental Energy in a simultaneous manner.

"Huh!?" The Old man become startled at Shin sudden reaction, but he regain his composure almost immediately. Then, he removed his eyeglasses while releasing an aura comparable to one of 'Ethereal Opening Stage Expert'. "I don't like making a move myself, since I have a bunch of subordinates to do it for me. But since you manage reach here, I don't mind giving you a little lesson personally."


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