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Shiella Springfield is looking at her little brothers that are standing in front of her with pale faces.

Their Mother's Business trip was been canceled because of a sudden emergency from the Company, so she thought of going home to give her little brothers a visit.

But the moment she entered the Villa and announced her arrival, she saw that the two of them is trying to hide from her as if they are running for their lives.

At first her is going to forgive them but the moment she heard what they are saying as if they don't want to see her she changes her mind and plans to teach the two of them a lesson.

"Looks like the two of you is not happy to see me, Huh?" said Shiella while smiling at them.

" Of course not! Big Sis we are just doing a racing match. Whoever loses is going to treat the winner for a meal later" said Arthur in one breath as if he already practice it for a thousand times while looking at Shin with a 'Help me brother look' on his face.

But before Shin manage to open his mouth Shiella already open hers. "But that is not what I heard earlier."

The moment Shin heard that he look at Arthur with a 'I'm sorry brother face' before saying to Shiella " Actually Big Sis I happened to learned a new dish yesterday, let me prepare it for you". And after that he hurriedly turned around and run to the kitchen without looking back.

Arthur want to go after him but before he even turn his body around, he already felt that he have been grabbed at the back of his neck and being dragged at the center of the garden. All that he can do is shout a word followed by his cries of agony.

" TRAITOR!!!!! "

"Sis wait! AH! Let me explain! UGH!"

" It is Ugh! not Pa! "

He didn't even manage to finish a sentence before accepting his fate.

Shin is already outside the corridor when he hear Arthur's cries, he then muttered to himself "I'm very sorry Brother, I will make sure that your sacrifice is not for vain. And I will also pray for your soul".


While Shin is preparing a meal for three the door of the kitchen suddenly opens, followed by Arthur's entrance with a swollen face and bruises on his forehead and other parts of his body, even his clothes is in rags.

When Shin saw him he almost burst out laughing and asked. " Still alive?"

Arthur threw him a vicious glare before saying "D*mn you! I thought we were brothers? Why the hell did you abandoned me there?"

Shin rolled his eyes at him before saying "Isn't it obvious? I don't want to get beaten up like you!" He continue preparing food while saying. "After all we can't beat her even if the two of us combined forces".

He can't help reminiscing about the time three years ago, when the both of them is sparring beside the lake when they accidentally destroyed the sand castle that she was building.

Then what happened next is an unforgettable disaster. Both of them is razed to the ground completely, even if the two of them gang up at her they didn't even manage to land a single hit on her body.

Every time Shin remembered what happened at that time his whole body shivers. And starting that day he promise to himself that he will never provoke his Big Sister ever again.

But life is so cruel, starting at that time they become personal slaves of their Big Sister.

" Actually I still can't understand why the hell is she so strong even though she always skips training. " complained Arthur while planning to take a bite on the food that Shin is preparing.

Shin smacks Arthur's hand that trying to reach the food while saying. "Well I also don't know. And are you sure that Big Sis always skips her training?"

" I actually agree to Grandpa when he always says that 'Don't be scared on someone that is more talented than you, You should be scared at someone that is more talented than you and more hardworking than you". Shin pauses when he is adding the finishing touches of their meal before continuing. "So I believe that Big Sis is always training secretly, since it is impossible for her to defeat the both of us if she don't."

"Bah! Acting to be a smart-ass again? Do you think you are the only one that see that?" Arthur rolled his eyes at Shin before helping him put the prepared foods on the tray.

Suddenly he remembered something and asked Shin. "Oh! That's right you need to repay me for betraying me earlier."

Shin look at him skeptically. "Is this food not enough for repayment?"

"Come on! You prepared this food for Sis and and make some extra because the leftovers are going to be a waste if you don't". Arthur rolled his eyes at him as if he is looking at some idiot.
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" If you are going to invite me play that game then you are just wasting your time. OK?" said Shin before Arthur even suggest what he wanted.

" Come on Bro, that game is not just your typical 'VR(Virtual Reality) online game'. It is the new battlefront of the world."

"Since it is impossible for 'Real World' to go in a war, then some organizations dragged it into the game".

" There are a lot of influential groups invest in the games since Forty years ago. That is the reason why the gaming industry become a huge hit now."

"Even the 'World Government' is supporting now. And that that is the reason why all of the 'Gaming Organizations and Developers' around the world joined forces and become The 'World Gaming Org.' three years ago."

" They have created the biggest and most successful '*VRMMORPG' of all time called the « Destiny's Fate »".

"This world become the second reality of our generation, you can also fight all of the other talents around the world. There are a lot of strong peoples too. Sometimes a nobody in real world becomes a big shot in virtual world"

"The are also a lot of powerful organization in this virtual world. If here in real world the only powerful figures are those in the government, financial groups, business industries, noble families and underworld organization. Then in Virtual world they are just one of powerful guilds."

"And those organization used this stage to train and hone the skills of their younger generation".

Shin got hooked at what Arthur is saying he then asked. " How can you confirm that this game is not bias and cannot be cheated? "

"Simple they have created a *'Super AI' that monitors the game world. No one can intervene in the game aside from the AI. All of the developers can only do is make a design of their storyline and upload it to the AI and then AI is the one will conduct it in the game. They can also monitor the AI from time to time so that they can know if there is some malfunctions in it".

When Arthur sees that Shin become interested he strikes while the iron is hot. "And what's more the conversion ratio From In Game Gold to Federal Coins is 1:100"

The moment Shin heard about the money his eyes turned fierce and sharp as if he made a decision. 'Now I know where the hell did you get your extra allowances'.


Shin follows Arthur's suggestion to buy a 'Platinum VR Helmet' released by the Gaming Company and go to the famous Gaming shop in Central City, while recalling the other details on what Arthur said.

"The Game game is already done with the initial phase since it is already been released for three months. So you should buy Gaming Helmet released by them since it give the new players a free *'EXP' boost for a week, you should use that time to lessen the gap with the mainstream players, I can even help you if you want."

"Then after that let's go buy together The 'Diamond Gaming Capsule' that is going to release two weeks later."

"And you're a studious type right? so I will not go with the other details about the game, you should go and look for it on your own."

Shin release a sigh while driving his *'Black Panther'. Most of the people walking in the street is turning their heads every time Shin get pass them especially teenage boys like him.

Few moments later Shin park the car in a parking lot in front of a gaming shop. When Shin got off the car and looked at the shop he is startled at what he saw.

There are a lot people coming in and out the building, they varied from different genders and ages.

Shin walks toward the building, it is a five storey building. In front of it is the the sign of the shop 'All Gamers Shop' and beside it is the logo of the 'World Gaming Org.'

As he get near the building, he sees the posters of different kind of characters in the wall of the shop. They varies from different races and classes from the game.


«Destiny's Fate» world is called Atlas and it is divided in different kind of Empires and Kingdoms. Each of it have different kind races inhabited on it. And each races have different kind of classes that are unique to them.

Each race have subraces on them and each of them have their own racial traits. The main races are Elves,Beastmans, Undeads, Nagas and Human race.

Elves are the child of nature, they are very agile and close to different kinds of elements.

Their subraces are Dark Elves, White Elves and Blood Elves.

The available classes of this race are Archer, Twilight(Elven Thief), Elementalist and Druid.

Next is Beastman race, they are the kings of the jungle and the hunters of the forest. They have a powerful strength and sharp senses.

Their subraces are Tigerkin, WolfKin, Lionkin and Foxkin(Only available to girls)

And their racial classes are Berserker, Shamans, Tamer and Hunters(Beastal Thieves).

Next is Undeads they are the predators of the living and eyes of the dark. They have unlimited stamina and immune to hunger and fear. They are a very strong race but they also have a fatal weakness, they are vulnerable at Fire, Lightning and Holy magics.

The subraces are Skeleton, Zombies, Specter and Fallen.

Their racial classes are Skeleton Warrior, Assassin, Necromancer, and Sorcerer

The the Nagas also known as 'Fishman', are the creatures of the sea. They looks like a human with fish scales.They are unrivaled in water and have a very strong magics.

Their racial classes are Oracle, Spell Caster and Aquamancer.

The last race is Human, they are the weakest race but have the highest potential. They start weak but capable of growth, they are also flexible and can wield different kinds of weapon.

They have a lot of classes that are available to them. They are Musketeer, Knight, Priest, Swordsman, Summoner, and Magician.

There are also hidden races and hidden classes that are waiting to be discovered


"Quite complicated Huh?" said Shin while reading a booklet with a tittle of 'Introduction to «Destiny's Fate» .

He has been standing for almost two hours since he entered the 'All Gamers Shop'. He is waiting for his turn patiently, the queue fully occupied the whole corridor of the first floor of the building.

When Shin is in front of the counter, the receptionist sitting opposite to him is looking at his face with a great concentration.

Shin frowned because he is too tired to entertain her so he asked her about his purpose " I want to buy a platinum helmet. "

The lady receptionist snap out of her daze state when she heard Shin "Ah! A ready-made or a personalized one, Sir?"

" What is the difference? " asked Shin since he don't know that there are choices what's more their difference.

"The ready-made one is can be use anytime but it is only have a 95% realization rate since it can't synchronized with your mind properly. While personalized one is made just for you and have 99% realization rate, it can even synchronized with your mind perfectly." said the receptionist smilingly while throwing him a flirtatious look.

'Perfectly? then where is the 1% that is missing?' said Shin skeptically in his heart before saying "OK, I want a personalized one. How much is it?"

"Two Million Federal Coins Sir, It included all of the other services sir." said the receptionist

Shin froze when he heard the price and asked for conformation "Ahm.... Can you repeat it I think I didn't hear it clearly."

"Two Million Federal Coins Sir." repeated the receptionist.

'That is half of my entire savings.' muttered Shin in his heart. "OK I want a personalized one." said Shin heavily while lifting his arm with '*Advanced Watch' for it to be scanned by the receptionist.

"Noted Sir. All you have to do now is fill up these forms and wait for your turn for the necessary procedures." said the receptionist while pointing at the hall where other people is waiting for their turn.

The moment Shin saw where the receptionist is pointing, his mind goes blank and his brain almost stop functioning because what he saw is a queue three times longer than the queue earlier.

'Are all people have extra money to expend for them to buy a two million VR Helmet? or some of them robbed a bank' questioned Shin in his heart being confused where this people got their money.

What Shin didn't know is that some of these people are elite «Destiny's Fate» players that manage to earn enough money to change their old helmets, while some are from some wealthy family and others are new recruits from some powerful guilds so it is natural for it to this kind queue.


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