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Child of Destiny 50 Rescue Part 2 : Planning

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Shin is currently sitting in a lotus position and entered a deep meditation state, while feeling the flow of energies inside his body.

After grasping the energy flow inside his body, he circulate his internal Qi in an even faster way while guiding and gathering it towards his dantian.

As more and more Qi accumulated inside Shin's dantian, a mini-whirlpool started to form in the middle of it. Few moments later, that whirlpool's spin turn faster before becoming bigger and bigger until it covered his entire dantian.

After some time, Shin's liquefied internal Qi inside his dantian started to solidify itself until it transformed into a small globe.


A silent explosion explode inside Shin's body, then the small globe started to devour more and more internal Qi, while the Force of Nature around Shin are being absorb by his body in a rapid manner.


Shin exhaled a bunch of white smoke few moments later. He then opened his eyes and muttered himself. "That was quite a pleasant feeling. Now, all I have to do is to get familiar with my newly improved strength while waiting for John to find something about the other side."

Shin looked at the digital clock on the wall and saw that it is already pass 4:00 a.m., since he is doing his usual training routine at 5:00 a.m., there is nothing to lose if do it in an hour earlier.

Shin do his usual training, one and a half hour for Martial-Art training and another one and a half hour for Mentalism.

Then, after taking breakfast, John finally contact him. Shin ask immediately after he answered the call. "How is it?"

"Not bad but not that good either. I've got the whole blueprint and the complete and detailed map of the entire lab. But we got a problem, while I'm checking the security details of the lab, I've discovered that it is going to be tough sneaking inside, what's more getting out in it." said John with a serious face.

"Fill me the details." said Shin.

John replied of it in a detailed manner while sending an image of a map. "The entire lab is being monitored by a lot of cameras, even all of the corridors have their own camera, we can't exploit a blind spot since it didn't have one. And even if we are able to disable all of those cameras, they still have a bunch of motion detectors as backup."

"But that is not our biggest problem, instead it is their security personnels. They have at least a hundred and thirty Peak 'Qi Refinement Stage Experts', group in five members in each team and scattered around the entire lab. And each team are being lead by a 'Core Formation Stage Experts'. And aside from all of that there are also three 'Ascension Realm Experts' in the early phase of 'Ethereal Opening Stage'."

"So diving inside that lab is practically a suicide Young Master Shin, especially with you current strength. I advice you to report it first to the local police or to the military directly. That organization is something that you can't fight alone."

Shin process all the reports for a few moments, before taking a deep thought. Minutes later, Shin come up with a conclusion. "This may be tough alone, but we can't involved the local police in this matter because their might be a mole inside their ranks. With the strength of this Organization, that should be possible, especially since they manage to build a huge experiment lab under this City. Same goes for the military. So we might alarm our enemies if we ask for help on those two."

"For now, all we can trust are the Special Forces on our side, but I can't contact Uncle Bernard, same goes for Grandpa. How about you? Can you contact your father?"

John shook his and replied helplessly. "I can't either. But from what I've heard, the entire Brutal Special Force are currently under an special assignment. Which is why we can't contact them."

"Now it is troublesome." muttered Shin as he put his right hand under his chin, while supporting its elbow with his left arm. Then he ask after. "Then how about on Big Sis side?"

"Ahm... From what I know, The Young Miss is currently occupied with the matters on the Golden Paradise Resort, since they are going to receive a very special VIP guest in there." said John after some thinking.

"Then how about calling some help on your School, the Top Military School? After all, most of the students there are from military families or subordinates of my family." said Shin.

"I'm afraid we can't young master. The school is currently at critical times, so all of the students are busy preparing for their upcoming exams. After all, our curriculum is a little different than the regular schools. Our vacation is in next month, not like yours. I can only help you now since my course is in the line of IT Expert of the military, I can also treat this thing as a practice or an actual activity." replied John.

This time, Shin is caught in a dilemma, he can't ask for help on anyone, he is all on his own this time, well aside from John. If it is just a fight against a 'Core Formation Stage Expert', then he is confident that he can beat anyone in a one-on-one battle. Or if it is just a group of Peak 'Qi Refinement Stage Experts', he can still beat them black and blue, especially with his current strength. In fact, he is also confident holding himself against an 'Ethereal Opening Stage Expert' with the help of his Mentalism Techniques.

But the current situation is not like that, he need to fight a 'Core Formation Stage Expert' with a group of five Peak 'Qi Refinement Stage Experts'. He don't think he can take those guys alone, he is not a Main Character on a novel, manga or anime after all.

'Wait! I forgot about something. Didn't my main purpose here is just to rescue Leo? If I focus my job on rescuing that guy alone, then that may still be possible. I'll think about how to deal with the lab after I'm done rescuing him.' thought Shin before discussing it with John.


"Base on the map, the wall of the southern part of the lab is connected on an underground channel. We can use that as an escape route, since according to the blueprint, even though the walls of the lab is extremely sturdy if is attacked from the outside, it is too fragile if it is break from the inside. They maybe design it this ways so that they can also use it as an escape route." said Shin as he analyze the whole map and blueprint of the lab.

"That might be a difficult job but not an impossible feat. But still, our main problem for now remains as how to sneak inside." said John with a troubled expression.

Shin is also with a troubled mind, after few minutes of consideration, he decided to stopped thinking about it for now. "Hey John, let's forget about that for a moment. For now, help me find the exact location where they hide Leo, while I'll scout the area to perfect my escape route plan. Then, I'll think of a way to get inside later."

John nodded his head before hang up the call. Then, he get back to work.


David arrived at the Main Region, from the information that he have got from his master recently, his junior martial brother is in this Region. But the main problem is where he should start looking, even though the Main Region is the smallest Region of the Soaring Continent, it is still the most developed Region.

Each Region currently have four major districts, and each district have 7-8 Major Cities, and that exclude the numerous Minor Cities scattered around each district.

Since he can't do anything about it, all he can do is start with the border City of the nearest district, the Michigan City of the Red Lightning District.

"Ahh!!!.... Master clearly knows where to find my Junior Martial Brother, why in the world did she don't tell me the exact location so that I don't need to work my *ss just to find him." said David to himself frustratedly.

And as he walk on the street, David come across a teenage boy with an ash-gray colored hair. The moment they brushed pass each other, David felt something unusual.

David stopped his steps and thought. 'Huh!? Could it be!?' He hurriedly turn around to look for the boy, but too bad for him, the boy is already lost in the crowd. He try to look for the young boy a little more, but can't find him anymore.

"Could it be just my imagination?" muttered David. He forget about it immediately when he failed to find the boy. Then, continue walking forward to explore the City a little more.

And when arrived at the outskirts of the city, he felt that there is something off. He went to a secluded corner to observed the place a little more.

"Sure enough, this part of the city is not something simple as it seems." said David to himself after few moments of observation.

Then, he spread his Mental Energy to increase his perception range. Moments later, he discovered something. "Huh!? An underground secret lab? And it looks like it is something owned by a powerful organization."

He fell into a deep thought and grinned mysteriously. "Heh! I didn't expect that I'd come across something interesting. Looks like my time here is not going to become a boring one. To think that I'll found this type of playmate? Let's see what you are hiding here."

David is about to go to the one of the establishments controlled by the other group, but before he make his move, his perception range discovered someone in a secluded alley. "Huh!? I'm not the only going to cause havoc in this place? And that Kid is also in disguise with his Mentalism Technique, and a very high Technique at that. He can even fool my perception range for quite some time. Maybe an agent from military? Hmmm.... I guess I should wait for him to make his move before doing mine, since I might disturbed him if he is currently in an operation."

After that, he went to nearest café to get some coffee, while planning to observe a little more.


Meanwhile, the 'Dragon King Nathan Springfield' arrived at the residence of the Stuart Family, and was received by the greatest genius of the Stuart Family, the 'Warrior Sage Elias Stuart'. "This is an unexpected visit, Nathan. What did my family owe you for a visit of the Dragon King?"

"Tsk, still acting that way? How about inviting me inside, for us to have a chat." Nathan clicked his tounge with that greetings. Then, he walked pass Elias and find a sofa to take a sit.

"Hah! Still acting bossy anywhere you went? Are you not afraid getting beaten up by someone due to your arrogance?" said Elias helplessly before fallowing his friend and taking a sit across Nathan.

"What? Are going to beat me up? I like to see you do that. After all, it has been a while since our last battle. So wanna give it a try, to see who is gonna win this time?" ask Nathan in an arrogant manner while crossing his legs on top of the tea table, and putting his hand at the back of his head.

Elias rolled his eyes at Nathan while replying. "And why should I do that? I don't want for our house to turned into a ruin, just to see the result. Let's do it on some other time instead. After all, I need to look for my daughter for her upcoming Bloodline Ceremony."

At this point, Elias remembered something. "And speaking on it, I also want to visit your Household to have a chat with your family's adopted son."

Nathan raise one of his brows and ask. "Shin? And what about with him? Why should a peak class expert like you need to chat with a younger generation like him?"

Elias clench his hands into fist and said. "That should be none of your business. I just want to see what is his relationship with my beloved daughter. I heard from Peter that 'that kid' invited my daughter to his room one time, and they stayed on it for quite some time. I can't get anything from Alice so it is better if I ask him directly."

The corner of of Nathan's mouth twitch when he heard about that. 'What the heck? I thought that kid is just a shut-in? Then how in the world did he manage to hooked with the little princess of the Stuart Family?'

Then, he immediately regain his composure before replying at Elias. "If it is just a casual chat, then that should be still fine, I guess. But I should warn you. If you are planning to do something funny, then forget about it. That is only if don't want to get beaten up by his 'real father'."

Elias is taken aback for a few moments before asking. " His real father? You already know who is his parents? "

"Nah... Not yet , but we have suspicions on who they are. After all, they resembled Shin too greatly." said Nathan nonchalantly.
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"Huh!? Then who is his suspected father? Well that doesn't matter, I will still beat him into pulp no matter who is he." said Elias with a determined tone.

Nathan look at him mockingly before sneering at him. "Heh, I'm afraid you can't. Even if we combined forces to fight him, that guy can still beat us with no problem. If we include 'Eugene White' then maybe we can still stand a chance."

Elias stared at Nathan blankly before saying. "Are you telling me that that kid's father is....."

But before Elias finish his words, Nathan interrupted him. "That is why I'm warning you to not do anything funny. Though it is still just our suspicion."

"But how can that happen? It is impossible for that guy to..... Wait! It is possible if he manage to reach that realm. But... But..... I thought..." Elias mind turned messy at the sudden news.

Nathan raise his right hand, signaling for Elias to quiet down. Then he said after. "There is another way for him to have child aside from reaching 'Transcendent Realm', and that is if he manage to change his body composition by experiencing rebirth by eating the 'Heart of Nirvana'."

"Do you believe that 'that guy' managed to find that legendary fruit?" said Elias skeptically.

"Why not? That guy is always manage to flip our beliefs by doing an impossible feat every single time, so why should I not believe him." said Nathan coolly. Then he added after. "Actually, I've tried to find anything about him but failed to do so. You should know the effects of his 'Dream Heart Technique', any person that talk to him or even just see him, will forget about him almost immediately after their exchange. Only person like us or experts stronger than him can negate that effect. What's more, he can disguise into anyone without us knowing. So I will not get surprise if he suddenly pop-up somewhere around us, saying that he is disguising as one of our acquaintance."

"Tsk, aren't we friends? At least, he should tell us if he is having a good life. Especially, since he is with Evangeline. My wife is truly worried about her bestfriend." said Elias in a helpless manner.

"What we can do? You should know about their circumstances." said Nathan. Then, he go back to the purpose of his visit. "OK, that is enough for the chat. Let us discuss about the purpose of my visit."

Elias nodded his head and said. "OK, tell me about it. I'm also quite curious if you have something good for me."


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